Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, February 28, 1901, Image 5

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flee Tfljlur, the photographer.
Dr. Louts oculo-opticUn, Eugene.
I)r Oglunhy, pbynlclun nl lurgeon,
Kfcp your optic on Juuctlon City'i
future, '
Cftli i llounton'i for dry goods ami
Alt kind of op-to-laU job work dono
id tll otilco. -
A new consignment of frenh orangei
i nouDtoiri.
Ooto Milllom Uroi. wlieu In town
for your grocerliMi etc.
J. J. Winn, of Kiitrupt killed ft coyote
ott tin place Ut wwK.
Worn To tin) wlfo of R. F. Baker,
Futunlftv, 1 ub. 23, a eon.
0. 0. Millet ihlppwl curio! of hogn
4 ilteento I'ortlaitcl mat wcuk.
Horn To tliti wife of Baxter Howard,
TueikUy, Jot). Zfl, loot, t lUugnter.
Doctor Smith, otopth!c phylclno,
LoftuftKiivinee yank wug., Migcne, vr.
The Wcatberly Creamery Company
made ft ihfiiment of eggi to 1'ortUuid
Kuttder, the column of the B"ju.m!
are open to all. bond In your comiuunl
Weather warm an 1 wlonnant. Fruit
tretn are budding and apritig i coming
on apace.
Take your laundry to fl. 6. KeeV
harbor aliop. ll haa the agoucy for the
Troy Laundry, ot l'oitlan.l
DrtnwUt Mueller and family are inov
lug Into the romdence recently occupied
, by k. r. uimweu ana wmiiy
Lost-A gold Knlghle of Pythlai
bada. tinder please retnru to Dr. w.
W. Oiriesuy and receive rowan.
In lent week'a laaue we atated timt
It. 1'. Caldwell had lived here about
twtntr year. We ahould have aaid
The Junction City Flouring Mill Co.
ehipptnU half carload of their celubrated
'White Koeo" Hour to Cottage Urove
- Dr. C. R. Holt. dentUt. can Im found
at the Junction City Hotel Tuesday and
Friday of each wee. HatUfactory work
Lous Tom: Hollo, neighbor, where
Lave vuu bwn?" " '
Lake Creek: "Why, I have been down
to Junction to seta bottle of medicine.
It'a cheaper now a I nee the Caacade Drug
Company atartea."
Representative L. T. Harrla received
a ireat ovation at the handa of the citl
ana of Junction Bunday on hie return
from tialera. All that waa lacking was
n braaa band playing, "Behold! the
Conquering Hero Cornea.
The union meeting tt the C. P.
Church are going on with growing inter
est. It la to bo hoped that they may ro
eult In great good to Junction City and
Vicinity. All well dioie.l people are
coMiaiiy invuett to aitena ineio tor
vuea every evening promptly at 7:30.
The I'oital Telograph Co. have-moved
thoir o 111 co in Portland to Third and
Washington atrecUi, and now have one
4 of the moRt eleitantly fitted otlice od the
Const. The interior ia tinixhed with
. marble and entirely furnished new
throughout. ' Manager II earn dcmirvca
'great credit for the manner In which he
tins arranged the nnw ofuce.
, The entertainment given by the Oaaia
Lodgu No. 41, 1. 0. 0. F and Ever
frriHsn Kebekah Lodtro, No. 42. Saturday
niuht wna well attended. Grand Mas-
tvr J. W. Welch, of Astoria, was prerant
and delivered an addreeson Odd Fellow
ahip, which would have boon listened to
more patiently and belter appreciated
hid it been briefer and more t; the
point. An elauaut rt;post waa partaken
ot alter (tie auareiw.
Lncullua Lodge No. 52, Knights of
Pythias, celebrated their 37th anniver
imry nsi liiuraaay eventnz. A nice
; program wua rendered. Rev. Slbcrt
. was chosen to deliver the address, but
' owing to Hlnem of his ifo waa unable
to l prercnt. Mr. J. 1), Hamlin, the
present ChnncuMor, delivered n short
oudreM on J'ythiaiurini, Aft-r the pn
gram v reutiered, a imnquet wits
'. wrved tti.tho banquet hall. About "3
jK'oplo were prenent.
ireuuuiy vtio moft luwiant man in
' town, w hen ho heard last Sunday morn
, inif who hat! boon elected Senator, was
toi. i. w , tuianm. lie wnoopcd Mtm
"hollered" and Ma eyes falrlv sparkled
with duliL'ht wheu told of the result.
'J he Colonel has taken a deep interest
in tne contest, and tins boon n Mitchell
man all t tie way through. Kvery day
about 11 :30a. m. he c.imo downtown
i and remained until he received the re
suit of the vote. His faitlfe in the final
i triumph of the .Mitchell forces never
L. Ii. Monra, who hoa been station
aiient here for several years, went to
: KoHttburg Friday to accept tho position
of Trainmuster and SUtion Agent at
K that piano, vico Oeorxe Kates, who goes
to hnn I'raiiciBco as rermanont Chair
' jnan of tho Ordorof Railway Telecm
phers. Mr. Moore will bo greatly
: misued bv his manv friends, 'esneciallv
' liU brother Odd Fellows, In which Order
i he took a deep Interest. Tho LUtllktin
t wishes him aucccHS in his new position.
Mr. Mark Montgomery, of Salem, takes
Mr. Moore's place. Mr. Montgomery
used to ba night operator at Junction
'-'nuoutfour yoarsago. Ho Is Well liked
' by all who know him, and tho public
; will find him gentlemanly and obliging.
. The .Weekly Oregon Ian mid tho Scl-1-ktin
for $2 a year.
in a
W. if.
BaWr wai In Eugene Thurs
Mra. Jamei
ltlcki went to lioaeburg
Mra. J. M.Cook returned from Fort
land Haturday.
J. R. Turnbow and Jeaa Mare were
in wwn Monday.
Postmaster A. R. Martin made a trip
to Jvugene Tuesday'
0. P. Houston was a Balem visitor
Friday and Saturday.
Mra. LUslu Clow, who has been very
aick, la now able to be out. -
W. J. Buodttrass waa registered at
Hotel Kugene last Thuraday.
Mrs. Col. F. W. Folsom returned Bat
orday from a visit In Kugene.
I. N. HetnlirM. oi rem Kidico. waa
doing some trading here Friday.
Arthur Hendurs. of Harmburg, made
it quick trip to this city lueauay.
M. 0. Warner, the well-known piano1
tuner, of hugene, waa In town Friday.
hl liailev and U. r. Houston wero
u Koseburg last week and filed timber
C, W. Washhnrno went to Rprineflcld
Saturday to visit his sister, Mrs. Rob
rta , who la in feeble health.
James Hava returned from Portland
Saturday, where ho has been for the
past three months attending the Fort
land Business College.
Mrs. Herron of Irish' Bend.' spent
fiunday In this city with her son, Emery
Herron. ghe waa accompanied by an
other son, II. C. Herron.
Dr. W. W. Oalesby returned on Bun
day morning's overland from a week'a
so foil rn at the State capital. He ex
pressed himself an well r-leaaed with the
outcome oi tne senatorial corneal,
Miss Anna Oxlesby returned Tnesdar
from a brief visit with friend at Balem
and Portland and also attended a meet
ing of the delegates of the Oregon Press
Association to the national Editorial
Association, which meets at Buffalo in
Mra. W. C. Davis, of Butte. Mont..
and Mra. Oeortre Thompson, of Albany,
sister and niece respectively of W. 11.
Baber, arrived in the city Friday on a
visit to Mr, Jiftber and family. Mra.
Davis' husband died in Butte City altout
four weeks ago, and the body was
brought to Albany for burial.
The transport Oaronne will sail from
Mauila March 15. bearing the 35th V. 8.
Vol.. of which regiment Jesao It. I-aw
ronce, of this city, ia the bugler of O.
K. The transport wilt land at Portland
and the regiment be mustered out at
Vancouver Barracks.
The first object in life with the Amer
ican people la to "get rich the second.
how to regain sool heslih. ThefirKt
Can be obtained by energy, honesty and
saving; the second (gooa heaiiti), oy us
ing Green's August Flower. ... Should
yon bo a despondent sufferer from any
of the effects of Dyspepsia, Liver Uom-
i 1 a E . 1 1 A h.ti.nlinl!j Imliwn.ltnM . .
such as Hick Headache. Palpitation of
ptniui, t I'l'vii.aiviiin, luumvDviuurTivii
the Heart, Sour Btomach, Habitual Cos-
tivenena, Dizziness of the Head, Nervous
Prostration, Low Spirits, etc., you need
not suffer another day. Two doses of
the well-known August Flowed will re
lieve you at once. Go to Mueller &
Hill and get a sample bottle free. Reg
ular also. 75 eta. Got Green's Prize
Almanac. , . .
" Notice.
A Reward of 10 is offered by the
trustees of Oasis Lodge. No. 41. 1. O. O.
F for the arrest and conviction of any
one found molesting the I. U. O. t . cem
etery or destroying tho cemetery pro
perty. 1.. It. MOORE.
Bee. I. 0. 0. F, Iodge, No. 41.
Wallaro Mator and J. I). Bole, for
merly of this place, arrived in Portland
first id the week and left Wednesday for
Kan Frauciseo, theuco 1 hey will sail for
Pianos and Organs.
We are receiving finu uo wl'ianos and
Urgattfl direct from tho factories at Bos
ton New lork aim Philadelphia. Our
pianoa are bought at special cash di
count. Wo aro the solo representatives
tor uregon. and hv these metlxxu can
sell you a fine Piano or Oritan cheaper
man any no. ;
VVe have pianos with full metal plate,
full extension duet desk for from f 215
up. All our iroous aro warranted hv
Kohler and Chaao, tho oldest and hit-gout
Mmio house onthecoait. Inatrnmenhi
sold on installment. Come in and nee
them. Moimis & Cbaw,
Oth Str, Eugene.
.. i ' ""
W. H. Baber went to Portland Tues
day to confer with a profpuct ive buyer
of hta warehouse property. Mr. It. A.
Stafford, of Albany, is the Intending
purchaser, we under6tand.
Mrs. Harrletta Smith, mother of Mrs.
J. W. Qeary, of this city, fell and broke
her hip last Saturday night, from the
effects of which sha died at 11 o'clock
Sunday morning, Mrs. -Smith was 70
oars old. She was born m Ogdensburg,
V., in 1822. and moved from New
York to Illinois, and in 1853camoto
Oregon by way of tho Isthmus of Puna-
nip, settling at Peoria. From there she
moved to Halt'ey, whete alio resided
before coming to this place.
A. L. Coon, of Junction, waa at the
dance. ..
The danca here last week waa big
Misa Henna! returned from Corval
lis Monday.
Adam Wllhelm returned from Port.
land this week. v
The railroad aurveyjna- nartv were
S 9
in lown Baiurjay.
Little Huah Porter is IroDrovina,
He ia now able to alt np.
Misa Clara Huggins. of Flat Creek,
passea liircngn won roe tasi Saturday.
The long Tom River has been out
of Us banka, but la now falling slowly.
Will Carpenter eye. that was In
Jured some time since by a gun shot, ia
aoouiweu. .
Lee Porter has been very low for
some time, and It is thought that he will
not recover.
The W. O. W. will have Prof. Meakln
with them on March 20. and a grand
time ia expected, verrbouy come.
Theodore WelNher and Ed Cum-
mings came homo on a vifit Baturday
from Corvallia. They returned Sunday.
Misa Betty Ham returned home to
Eugene Sunday, i
Ed. Ayers and Jamil y made a trip
to fcugene bunday. f
Misa Llazie Goser is on the sick list.
but it is thought that tht will soon re
Mr. Robinson and family of Iowa.
are here. He la a brother of tfam Robin
son, of Una county. He will probably
locate here.
The river overflow wl its banks last
week and has formed a drift on the rock
close to the ferry. Teams can get past,
however, as Mr. a tcuois did some work
on it. county tmmiasioner mil was
down looking up the road's lines. We
, V". J .....
hope that something will be done in re
gard to getting our culvert fixed.
, Send In Your Name. .;
If you ero going Eaut now. or contem
plate a trip at any time in tho future,
send na your name. We will enter it
on our hooka and you will be kept fully
advised from time to time of any reduc
tion or contemplated reduction In pas
senger rates to Eastern pointa or to the
old country, and will also be supplied
with advertising matter ol every de
scription as fast as it is issued. Ad
Ticket Agent imrlincton Koute, comer
Third and Stark ta., l'ortland, Or.
Have a New and Complete
Stock of -
And FUADRIES. Our Stock of
Hair and Cloth Brushes
ia vhe largest and best ever seen
in Junction City, We curry
.a large line of
School Tablets
- and Supplies.
Soliciting a share ot your patronage, we
are, yours emeereJy, t
otH and;:
Do You Know
Seattle Fruit & Produce
pay 8 tho highest cash price for poultry,
eifgn, veal and all kinds of farm produce.
Prices this wwk : Chickene,7cpor pound ;
veal, 7c; geese, 6c: ducks, 7c eggs, 20c.
Don't forget the place 8th Street, nest
door to Soap factor.
Corner Grocery
everv "Thing in the grocery line.
prOuUCC Taken In Exchange.
M PJIiliiom '--Brosm :
y Junction
J. V. Kauff man
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits,
. . $5.50 Up to $65.
Ladies Capes & Jackets,
$1 Up to $25.
Big Line Men's Clothing.
$7.50 and Up.
Mail Orders Receive
Dry Goods
Ask your dealer for
Lu S
r, .', . . - ....... , , ..... .
Cream of all Laundry Soaps
Manufactured by-sseSs
The Eugene Soap Company
Eugene, Oregn
Wo ore
Physiolan and Snrpeon.
Oflico in iIoU1 Block. Junction, Or.
Lodge Directory,
Oasis Ixhws No. 41. 1. O. O' F. meet
every iNUvmlay evonin. Visitors, iu
gootl standing are invited.
W. M. Tripp, N.O.
I... I. JIoorr, Ppcretary.
J u not ion City Camp, Na. 44o, Voxl
men of the World, meets every firs'. aJ
third Momlny niglita in tho month.
E. O. Samufi.s, Con. Com.
II. M. Wn i-ionv. Clerk.
MICULLUS LODGE, No., 62 K. of I'.
meets every Thursday gveiuo of eeeh
week at 8 Is. Knidits in good fct-uuh
ing invited to attend,
J. D. IIamu.v, c.a
C.T. llocBTo.v, K. R. of S.
City, Oregon.
Prompt Attention.
VYe carry a full 1,1 ne
jP Jg Stcugiiton Wagons, John Deere Plows
tlartdquarters for . . .
DS SAWS """" ot
ssr Logxms Supplies
A Piano?
. " If po, you will find no place
where you tan buy a first
clapa iiistrument otu lower
mice tluin nt the F. A. Kau
kin Music Store.
We carry a very large line
of Sheet Mvndc and all kimU
. of Musical GockIs, and we
priiinifee you fair dealing and
the lowest prices. -
BTAll Sheet Music sold
at half price.
Jiail orders will receive
prompt attention.
f i. mm