Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, February 14, 1901, Image 6

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This root of many evils
Glandular tumors, abscesses,
pimples and other cutaneous erup
tions, sore ears, inflamed eyelids,
rickets, dyspesia, catarrh, readi
ness to catch cold and inability to
get rid of it easily, paleness, nerv
ousness and other ailments includ
ing the consumptive tendency
Can be completely and perma
nently removed, no matter how
young or old the sufferer.
Hood's Srapimll,i was given the tlaueh
ter f Silas Vemooy, VVawaoiiig. N. V..
who hal kmiken ont'witu soivfu la sores all
orer her face ami heart. The first bottle j
helped berami when she had taken six the :
sores were alt heaiel and her taoe was j
smooth. He wriies that she has never '
shown any higu of the scrofula returning, j
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the!
promise. Auk your druggist for it
today and accept no substitute.
Different Sort.
"My daughter," remarked Mrs. Sex- i
dor, "has developed a perfect passion
for music." )
"Yet, returned Mrs. Peppery, 'I'll (
warrant it isn't as strong as the pas-1
sion vour daughter arouses in my but
band"." Stops tho Oough and
Works Off tho Gold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinin Tablets car
a cold in one day. No cure, No Fay.
Price 25 cents.
Quakers in Parliament
The Quakers are the most largely
represented community in the British i
parliament. There are only 18,000
members of the sect, and they have
eight M. P.'s.
Many complicated diseases and
much suffering result (rum con
stipation. GARFIELD TKA cures
the most obstinate case of
stomach and bowel derangements.
Jane It is always a surprise to me
what a lot of homely women get mar-1
ried. j
Bertha No doubt it is a reflection
that gives yon a great deal of encour
agement, dear. j
I.lta to a I.aij Liver! J
Lazy, leaden livers cause nine tenths of all
deaths. (jIto your liver ife with t'sscsreu
Candy Cathartic and save your own life I AU
oruggisw, loc, -toe, ooc.
Will Use PxUble School Houses.
St. Joseph, Mo., is to lollow Boston's
example, and provide portable school
bouses for the overflow from tbe regu
lar schools.
Rheumatic pains are the cries of protest
and distress from tortured muscles, aching
Joint and excited nerves. The blood has
been poisoned by the accumulation of
waste matter in the system, and can no
longer supply the pure and health sustain
ing food they require. The whole system
feels the effect of this acid poison ; and
not until the blood has been purified and
brought back to a healthy condition will
the aches and pains cease.
Mrs. Jsmes Kell, cf 707 Ninth street. N. R,
Washington. D. C, writes as follows: "A few
months ago I had an attack of bciatic Rheum
tism in its worst form. The
pain was so intense that I
became completely pros
trated. The attack was sa
nnususllr severe one, and
my condition was regard
e as being very danger
ous. I was attended by
oneef tbe mo-t aGte doc
tors in Washington, who is
also a member of the fac
ulty of a leading medical
conege here. He tola me
to continue his prescrip
tions aa would set well.
After having ' filled
twelve l Ultra wunctft receiving; the slightest
feeecat, I declined to coptime his treatment any
longer, tiavlag. heard nt 8. S. 8. (Swift's Specific!
tecommesded for Rheumatism, I decided, almost
to despair however, to give the medicine a trial,
and a Her I had taken a lew bottles I was able t
bobble around on crutches, aud very soon there,
after had no use fur them at all, 8. 0. a. having
eared ma sound sad well. All the distressing
pains have left me, my appetlt baa returned,
and I am happy to be again restored to perfect
the great vegetable
purifier and tonic, is
the ideal remedy in all
rheumatic troubles.
There are no opiates or
minerals in it to distarb the digestion and
lead to ruinous habits.
We have prepared a special book on
Rheumatism which every sufferer from
this painful diaease should read. It is the
most complete and interesting book of
the kind in existence. It will be sent free
to any one desiring it. Write our physi
dans fully aad freely about your case. Wej
make no charge for medical advice.
Don't Stop Tobacco Suddenly
It Injures nervous system to do so. BACO
CCJKO is the only cure that rrallv eures
and notifies you when to stop. Bold with a
guarantee that three boxes will cure any case.
RlRn.flHRfl is vegetable and harmless. It has
PBUU UUnU C)red tnolIg(lUiif ,t wllPre votl.
At all druyKlsts or by mall prepaid, $1 a box;
8 boxes 12.50. Booklet free. Write Kurika
CUEMior, Co., Ia Crosse, Wis.
Cooks, Walters, Loggers, Millmen, Engineers,
Bakers, K. R. men. Domestics, Clerks, Carpen
ters, Woodchopers Houxe Girls, Htels, Res
taurants, Prompt attention to mall orders.
Best Cough Syrup. Tantes Good. Use
in una, noia or aruRdi.u.
Among Anglo-Saxons Wealth Accnmn
latee, but Men Do Not Decay,
While the vast accumulation of rich
es la these days Is rejranlcU with alarm
by philosophers and statesmen who
think thy Nt-e In It slgus of the luevlta
Me uVjicncraev of' tli race, It Is luter
esulnjr to note oa the other baud how
the growth of prosperity Is hailed hi
Culm by Civil Uoveruor Jose Miguel
Guinea, of Puerto Principe. lie ha
officially rciortvil that prosperity la re
turning to the Islam! and that the heavy
cane crop ami high wage are making
the Cubans so satisfied that they desire,
nothing radical. At the Mime time hero
In the United States. Hooker Washing
tou, a practical negro philanthropist U
urging the people of his raw that the
accumulation of protiorty will uplift
them from the slough of Ignorance aud
vice Into which so large a proportion
are plunged. If thy will cease their
efforts to obtain social ami political rec
ognition and turn their energies to
maklug money, he promise that they
will grow lu grace and In the good
opinion of all their countrymen.
Without a doubt both Seuor Gomea
ami Hooker Washington art right, for
while there are great perils lu plutocra
cy the moderate accumulation of riches
U always desirable. No natlou that la
stink In poverty, be Its people ever w
gifted and virtuous, can amount to any
thing In the world. A people of thrift
not only enjoy the comforts of life, but
establish enlightened and progressive
governments, cultivate the am and
eelcnee, and lead In the oWrvance
of religion. The man ' who acquires
property has given a boud to respect hi
neighbor's rights. It Is the great com
mercial nations that are foremost In all
the work of civilization. There must
be accumulated wealth tefore art and
science can be encouraged, for without
wealth there can le no leisure suitable
to the encouragement of Intellectual or
artistic pursuits. At the same time
riches can be abused and In the pur
suit and In the use of them the worst
passions of the heart are displayed.
"Ill fares the land to hastening Ills a
Where wealth accumulates and men
Only when men decay, however. The
Anglo-Saxon race Is the leader In com
merce and Industry and gainful pur
suits, yet neither here nor In England
Is the mental or the Intellectual vigor
of the jveople Impaired. The race for
wealth Is a mad one with them, but
their devotion to liberty Is so great and
their sense of right so strong that plu
tocracy has an unequal struggle. The
love of money Is great among tliem, but
as yet It Is far from being dominant
Louisville Courier-Journal
Inventor of the KKTptlin Max Conld
Not Holve Llfe'e Pnzzle.
II. A. Mahood, of Philadelphia, the
Inventor of many puzzles, killed blm
seolf one week after be had worked two
solution to the 'Egyptian maze,"
I which experts declared waa not capa
ble of being worked out
The phywiclana who held an autopsy
on the body say tbe man bad the "puz
zle brain." Ills brain was found to be
unlike that of other men. It was twit-
111 I'J lllJl C U1DU UU1UI&4I
j knot, as if from puzzling over the
weird windings of the Egyptian maze, ;
the folds of the brain Itself had twisted
land bent In and out after the fashion
of the puzzle blocks.
Golden Carpets at Auction.
According to a Lisbon correspondent
two magnificent carpcta, presented by
the Infanta Donna Sanche to the royal
convent of St Antonio In 1500, have!
Just been sold by auction at the munlcl- j
pal chamber to pay for repairs at the
convent and church. The sale of thei
carpets, which were Persian, about j
eighteen feet square, embroidered with
real gold, caused much excitement. The j
most eager blchlers were two groups,
French and German. Bidding began
at $4,440, and the B'renchmen .secured
the nrlze for $8,540, which Is regarded
as nearly $5,000 below the real value.
Two other equally splendid carpets '
from the Eetrella convent were also an
nounced for sale, but public feeling
has become so strong that the sale has
been countermanded.
The secret terror of every woman'
life la that on her wedding day tbe I
groom vlll fall to appear. Nothing"!
could happen that would humiliate a '
woman more.
Released by Pe-ru-na Congressman How
v ard's Recovery Congressman
V Geo. li White's Case.
La Grippe is epidemie catarrh. It j
spares no class or nationality. The
cultured and the ignorant, the aristo
crat and tbe pauper, lbs manses and
the classes are alike subject to la
grippe. None are exempt all are 11a
Have yon the grip? Or. rather, has
the grip got you? litip is well named.
The original French term, la grippe,
has been shortoned by the busy Ameri
can to read ''grip." Without intend
ing to do 10,1 new word has been
coined that exactly describes the case.
As if some hideous giant with awful
GRIP had clntched os in its fatal
clasp. Men. women, children, whole
towns and cities are caught in tbe
baneful grip of a terrible monster.
l'e-rn-na for Grip,
Mrs. Dr. C. D. Powell, president of
Epworth League, also president of
Loyal Temperance Legion, writes from
Cbeualis, Wash.:
"I have nsed several remedies in
cases of severe colds and la grippe, but
none I consider of more value than
Peruna." Mrs.-Dr. C. D. Powell.
Tbe Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus,
Afrcr-KfTscts of I. a Clrlppe.
Miss Emma Jonris, president Golden
Rod Sewing Circle, writes from 40
Burling street, Chicago, 111., as fol
lows: i
' "Ibis spring I suffered severely from
the after effects of la grippe. As the
doctors did not seem to help me I
bought a bottle of Peruna." Miss Em
ma Jonris.
Congressman Howard's Letter.
Fort Payne, Ala.
The Peruna Medicine Co., Colum
bus, Ohio:
Gentlemen "I have taken Pe
runa now tor two weeks and
find I am very much relieved. I
feel that my cure will be perma
nent I have also taken It for la
grippe and I take pleasure In rec
ommending Peruna as an excel
lent remedy to all fellow suffer
ers." M. W. Howard, Member of
La Grippe Leaves the System In a.
Deplorable Condition.
D. L. Wallace, a charter member of
the International Barbers' Union,
writes from 15 Western avenue, Min
neapolis, Minn.:
Iowa the "Hawkeyc State."
Iowa almost from the date of its ad
mission has been called the "Hawkeye
State." Hawkeye was the name of a
noted Indian chief, who, in the early
days, caused no little trouble along the
western border of American civiliza
tion. ' ,
Take Laxative Bromo , Quinine Tab
lets, All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature is on each box. 25c.
Electrical Works or Germany.
The electrical works of Germany
reptesent an investment of $300,000,-
90!). :
"Following a eevere attack of la
grippe I seemed to be affected badly
all over.
"One of my easterners who was
greatly helped by Prnna advised me
to try it, and I procured a bottle the
same day. Now my head is clear, my
nerves are steady, I enjoy food, and
rest well.- Peruna baa bceu worth a
dollar a dose to me." L. D. Wallace.
Grip Causes Deafnssa.
Mrs. M. A. Hharick, chaplain O. A.
R. Woman's Relief Corps, writes from !
Iremont, Wash.:
"When la grippe was tbe prevailing
illness in this Western country I was
laid op tbe whole winter, I partially
lost my hearing, and had a very bad
case of catarrh of tbe head and throat.
"I read of Peruna, tried it and had
my bearing restored and catanh cared.
I cannot speak too well of Peruna."
Mrs. M. A. fcharlck.
La Grippe Cured In Its Hrst fttage.
, Lieutenant Clarice Mont, of the Salt
Lake City barracks of the Salvation
Army, writes from Ogdeu, Utah:
"Two months ago I was suffering
with so severe a cold I could hardly
"Our captain advised me to try Pe
runa, and procured a bottle for me, and
truly it worked wonders. Within two
weeks I was entirely well," Clarice
Congressman White's Letter,
Tarboro, N. C.
Gentlemen "t am more than
satisfied with Peruna and find
It to be an excellent remedy for
the grip and catarrh. I have
used It In my family and they all
Join me In recommending it as
an excellent remedy." Geo. li.
White, Member of Congress.
Remained In Feeble Honlth After Cured
of La Grlppa.
Mrs. T. VV. Collins, treasurer Inde
pendent Order Good Templars, of Ever
ett, Wash., writes:
"After having a severe attack of la
grippe I continued in a feeble condi
tion even after the doctor called me
cured. My blood seemed poisoned.
Peruna cored me." Mrs. T. W. Col
lins. Address The Pernna Medicine Co., of
Columbus, O., for a free book on. ca
Buy from tbe manufacturer, Price la lull rolls
2 feet wide, 1M feet long $1.64
g it m m 1 1 ( 2 47
4 " " " " " 8.80
6 " M " " " .,, 4 1
e m . on i'.ti
AU Kindt of Wire and Iron Work.
149 Front St., Portland, Oregon.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh aud
Consumption. 11.00. V Lock iiox lib,
W. H. SMITH & C0n Buffalo, U.K., Prop's
M. P. N. V.
.so. 7-ieoi.
WHJCN writing t advertisers tlase
mention this paper.
Portland SEED Company,
136 Front Street. Ported, Ors.
Annual CstaliHtna imwrfi'sily. Mailed
ire on rro u si, r ull lute o( tuillas lot
faun, uultr', bees or garden,
180 Front Street. Portland, Ore.
Tina t tUHnai aaiMt but Hal.
i.'L'WSI"1. x arwu i'r II out iwi um
(I t9 tmi ,t.l m n rl
twiriM""!. ura an'
Billion DollarOra
rrt-ol mart .1 m IU
innm of ka 7 fmt
Lwhatij it?
OSr V' tas loo ITlatsa
t i eaaaiaainrii'a Mil
S 4 IS Una
- sr e M. tm .) (Ma,
r swM r-w a.) tim.
Joan A. talsar Ceed Oe.
UCiMML tab
Yoa ean't naka a mliuka U ron cett
Mitchell, Leouis & Staver Co.
ic r,::?.:.0: pen sion
If eiCH'URii. Wsihlngiea. u. C.. tner will ra
il celvequlek rellss. H. 6th N. 11. Vols. UUfl
JiU Corps, froseeutlng claiuit since 1S7S.
ONE FOR A D08C. Cere 8leneadaiibeea4 Dye-
pala, Itemova I'traptns, fnrirr tbs Itluod, AI4 Dlcs
llaa.lTavcQtlliilmianaas. iHinotUrtneorftlrksa. Te
2J,''l."Jl'Jri,m,,'"lnP efresifullbot.itio. OK.
B08ANkOCO.,rll4aia,ra, Kuldb; Druulshs.
V m i, M what I I
r you're ilauiiua I 1
f Jr hni you 1'lani X
f f Ferry's fu-wde, If you
I bur (heap awl ymt seal 1 1
I I be auie. Take no cherwea f I
V set ferry's. Dealers evry I
X i here sell llrnia. W rile
for l&il HwkI Aaiiual f
ntaUedfrea. yr jT
0. M. FIRRY A CO., f JT
Ottrett, Jr
mum mmm0iat
iiulr r l
&MsafclfWBMaw L4ns
al - '"SjSattiL "-a"" . r ll .' V ., rl I. Ji I 1'. M 1
Tn , ii in, Him,. .ntfiiatia,iHf,
Kreamola"-A re-
tnarsable liquid cresm,
which suflcus the skin,
giving that youthful com.
pitsiun which nvaay
Itarmlrss snd absolutely
tnvisUtte. $i.o9 per hoi tie.
Bnd si cents for Illustrat
ed book."llrauly Hcreta.M
V. I). Wismks ft Co..
Suite 61 New York Bldf ,
If You Nerd a
RO 1 1 P D or any piece of Mah Inery, It
LstL.L,lt wUJ pay t0 wrUe UI fof wt
log ue and prloci.
RUSSELL & OO., Portland, Oi.
ViilHesp You Dhy
TAat No Ssnimtm",. Tsxt Catalocuc.
JUiowvies Fuci iiwe cw CftKti ahd Hats.
A.J,T0VE.R CO Brcorwsi. Mmi.
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