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American Editor at Manila Must
Leave the Islands.
' '" .
U-orjeT. Kiel Mad Serlow Charfti Ajilmf
Captain of the Port, Which War In.
veitljated and Disproved
MauII. Jau 26. General MacAr
thnr haa ordered the deportation to the
.United States of George T. Rice, editor
of the Daily Bulletin, a marine lour
nal. Hlca will sail on the Pennsylvania
Monday. The order characterise him
ae "dangerous incendiary and e
menace to the military aiioatiou."
Rice' ofienae ware pubHshlng a state ,
went that Lieutenant ttraunemewther,
captain of the port, had charged exces
sive pilotage - fee, a, percentage of
which he bad kept for himself.
The report ot Major Hill, inspector
general, who Investigated the allega
tion, completely exonerated the cap
tain of the port, end contradicted the
editor and the merchant who had
given him information, who bad been
mWled by figuring the rate upon the
ut't instead of the grove tonnage, the
latter being apecified under the Hpan
lh law. lcioe was oiuroontd to the
office of tbegwvernor-general'a military
secretary, end waa called upon to
lromie tlmt be would publish no more
euch article, lie declined to give
each ft pledge, bnt Initiated that the ar
ticle waa tiuthful, end took up a deft'
ant attitude when threatened with de
portatlon. Th deportation oruer waa
then issued, and Hice 1 now awaiting
the departure of the Pennsylvania.
When aeen in jail today he reiterated
bla statement that the charge were
true, and declared that in any event
the tevcrity of the entente wasunmer
Ited. It ice came originally from Red
Wing, Minn., waa formerly a member
of the Minnesota volunteer.
The bearing of the municipal govern
nient bill todity develojred an attempt
on the pert ot prominent Filipino to
eecure e delay of two year before tax-
ing land where the owner are nimble
to cultivate on account of the danger
na aituatton in the fighting territory.
The bill originally deferred taxation foi
year. The commissioners adopted en
amendment providing that landowners
who are not implicated in the immr
rection after March, and prove tlmti
the unaettled condition prevent work
in j laud, be exempted from the second .
: year.
,i Lieutenant Steele, with 10 men of
the Forty-third regiment and aeveu ha
tive soldier, fought a fierce half hour
engagement with a large force of Fill
pinoa at Tenaguana, Island of Loyte,
January 0, which resulted in the kill
lng of over 10U insurgent. Private
Kdward McGogle, of cotupauy M, waa
The condition of the laland of Pamar
tince the arrival of the troop hit beoa
oulet. Lukbeii' foro are hiding
Capture, arrests aud selxure of
Arm continue in the unpadded dia
trict of the Island of Luzon.
Deportation of Filipinos.
Washington, Jan. 20. A cablegram
received today at the nsvy deportment
from Admiral Remey, at Manila, an
nounce the departure of the nhip So
lace for Ouain, with 10 Filipino politi
cal pilsoners, deported by order o
General MacArthur, and charged with
having agitated and Abetted the move
ment in the Philippine.
Indian Uprising Is Becoming Serious
The Town of Brlstow Is Threatened. ,
Muskogee, I. T , J-o. 26. The
Creek uprising is growing to dangerous
.' proportions. Marshal Bennett has just
received e telegram from Brlstow, I.
T., announcing that COO armed Creek,
Dtrioned two mile from there, are pre
paring to attack the town, And plead
ing for protection from the marshal.
Marshal Ifennett and Agent Sboeufelt
are swearing in large numbers cf depu
ties, whom they are lorwardiug to the
scene of the trouble, It is now fonred
that they will reach the town too late,
and the mayor of Bristow has been in
structed to swear in all the men neces
sary to protect the town.
Soldiers Are being hurried from Fort
Reno to the sent of trouble, but they
will not renoh Biistow before tomor
row night, as they will arrrive at Hen
rietta first and go overland. Indian
Agent Shoenfelt will auk for more help,
as it is fouud that one company of
cavalry cannot hsodle the situation,
for the Indians are dividing up Into
bands of 100. Marshal Bennett, with
six deputies, are about to leave for
Enfatrla. where Crazy Snake was seen
todav. and will Attempt his oaptuie.
The Snake band Is within three miles
of Brlstow, and is reported to have
whipped two white men.
The Dawes commission is fearful lot
the city wheie the party is, headed by
Representative Uackbutd, of Leaven
worth, Kan. Nothing has been heard
; from the party for two days.
Nearly Thru Million Dollar' Worth of Prop.
erty Lett
Montreal, Jan, 25 One of tbe moot
destructive fires from which this city
.has ever suffered began at 8 o'clock
last night, and, notwithstanding the
effort of the entire fire department,
1 the oroitre of the flame waa not
checked until 1 o'clock this morning.
I By that time it had destroyed property
'estimated at between $2,600,000 end
$3,000,000, end was still burning,
though the Appearance waa that the
firemen have At lait got it under con
trol. Included in the property burned
) la tbe plendld board of trad' build
ing, which ooMt $600,000, end honaed
over 100 tenant, half a dozen large
buiinee house and two eoore of mail
er building. Tbe weather wae cold
end the firemen were greatly bumpered
in tbla respect. Outsk.0 of the board
of trade building there waa not a mod
em structure Among those burned
Crowd of people jammed the nar
row streets, end the police could not
control them. Women fainted end
their olotbeey were torn end a few
aligbtly Injured in roibe for aafety.
The fire tar ted to the promisee of
M. f'Axe & Co., wholes-ale clothier,
At Letnerne end St, I'eter itreet. Tbe
street la tbe locality were deerted At
the time and tbe lire Apparently bad
good headway before tbe fit it Alarm
waa tent In. Tbe firemen found tbe
building a three-story itone structure.
A mas of flame.
Thru Men Were Burned te Death and Several
Injured at Kewsnee, III.
Kewanee, 111., Jan. 25. -Fire early
thi morning destroyed tbe Commer
oial boose aud camel tbe death of
three men. Tbe dead are: C. C. Cot
ton, aged 22 yeara, Terre Haute, Ind.,
Advance agmt of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
company, suffocated ill bed; Elmer
i'etereou, Galesburg, HI., brick mason;
James Fischer, Walnut, HI., auction
eer. ' John C. G ruber, of Fort Wayne,
Ind., A contractorend Martin Jacobs,
ot Chicago, an expert mechanic,
jumped from the third atory windows
and were badly hurt. :
' An explosion in the kitchen aent the
flame Into every corner of the house
end cut off escape by means of tbe
stairs. The irantlo guests rnshed to
tbe windows, wbeie some hurled them
selves to the ground. Other bad to
be carried out by tbe firemen. The
loas Is $1,000.
Trstn Robbers Tried to Hold Up the Overland
Express Near Kearney.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. 25. Informa
tion was teceived heie today that a
desperate attempt was made last
night by a gang of train robbers to
hold op the overland express near
Kearney, Neb. The bandits placed a
large pile of rocks on the track in or
der to wreck the train, which is re
ported to have bad a large amomtt of
money. 'The robbers secreted them
selves behind a hill near the railroad.
A pedestrian traveling along the track
came upon tbe obstruction, was
pounced opon, severely beaten, and
robbed of all bis money, amounting to
$160. He got away from them and
ran to Kearney, where be gave the
Alarm, and A posse was at one organ
ized and orders given to hold tbe train.
The pos-e came upon the bandits and
captured one, the others escaping. Tbe
ollloers are still in pursuit.
His Naturalization Was Postponed.
New York, Jan. 25. A man who
gave tbe name of Henry Zimmer ap
plied to the naturalization bureau in
the county court heme for his final
naturalisation papenj. Zimmer said
he was an Euglisuman. Clerk Loos
started to Administer the usual oath to
Zimmer, end bad gnt so far as for
swearing "allegiance to All foreign
power or potentates," and especially
to the queen of Great Britain end Ire
land, when a messenger rushed in end
Announced that the queen was dead;
Zimmer's naturalization waa immedl
ately postponed until tbe naturalize
ion bureau is officially informed of the
queen's denth and the successor to the
throne of England formally announced.
The last British subject to forswear
rdlegiance ' in this city is John J.
FalloflT '
Big Washington flop Contract.
Taooma, Wash., Jan. 25. Pier
Bros., hop dealers, of New Yoik, have
closed a contract with eller & Mc
Cowan to operate three large bopyards
in Puyallup valley, aggregating 60
aores, on the basis of advancing 8 cents
A pound on an estimated crop of 110,
000 pounds lor cultivating and deliver
ing crop free on board cars. All above
eight cents is to be equally divided.
A Consumptive Quarantined.
San Francisco, Jan. 25. J. W.
Thompson, a consumptive,: who ar
rived here from British Columbia on
the steamer City of California, was not
allowed to land, on the ground that be
Was Afflicted with a contagious dia-
ease. Jms is tne nrst instance wndro
a person afflicted with consumption
has beon denied a landing.
Interesting Events and Gossip of the Past Week Reported From
Cities and Towns in Washington, Oregon
and Idaho.
Canyon City has a new fire bell.
Jefferson trill levy no tax for tbe
year 1901.
Tbe Toledo tax levy ha been fixed
At 6 mill.
The Eugene Military Club baa in
corpoiated, The Southern Pacific tie plant at
Latham i running again.
Baker City school electors have
voted in favor of a 10-mlll special tax.
Tbe 9-year-old eon of II. S. Filton,
of Lost Valley, was killed by A falling
There were nearly' 600 mining loca-'
tion recorded in Josephine county last
Tr--- :V.'.
Tbe receipts of the Cenyon City post
office last ear AuaouuteJ to $27,
181.99. Tbe bridge Across Traik river at tbe
Ftillwell place wae washed out by tbe
freshet.'" r .
Lumber is being delivered on the
gtoundforthe new hospital building
at Eugene. .:;"'':.?
The SUndard mill at PaVer City,
with a capacity of 40,000 feet per day,
is nearly finished.
James Yates has sold hi farm of 80
acres, near Irving, to Mr, Ilord, late
of Iowa, for About $3,600.
Local miners are einkiug a shaft on
tbe Watt bills east of Amity on the
site of a supposed gold mine.
Free-milling gold ore has been dis
covered in tbe mountains just west of
Lostine. Test show the ore literally
filled with black suphurets.
Miss Elisabeth Giesy, sn Oregon
pioneer, aged 75 years, died nt her
home in Aurora. Deceased wae a sis
ter of Dr. Martin and Jacob Giesy.
A large amount of drift lodged
Against the railroad bridge, north of
Lebanon, end 15 men have been At
work All week dislodging it.
A telephone line is being , built by
the Sunset Company from Jacksonville
to the Upper Applfgat, country, end
will probably be connected with the
Grant's pass- Williams Hue.
' J. W. Parker, who ha a rich Ap
pearing quarts ledge near Leland, un
der bond from Burnett As Hudson, is
making preparations to equip the prop
erty with en eleotrio plant.
O. A. PftTker and James Buchanan
have secured a contract to cut and de
liver poles for the telephone line which
is to be built from Pleasant Hill via
Jasper and Natron to the main line at
The long looked for English par
tridges arrived at Independence end
were taken to the O'Brien farm, a few
miles north of that city, and turned
loose. The birds Appeared, very wild.
Apparently owing to their long journey.
Reports from the country surrcind
ing Albany are geueral that tbe fall
wheat is in excellent conditiou, with
out any indication, at tb's time, of an
enemy of any kind Notwithstanding
th poor crop of last year, the acreage
is large.
After an illness of several years,
James A. Cautboru. at one time a
prominent grain dealer of Corvallis
died at his home in that cltv. His
Ailment waa rheumatism, and under
its effects the deceased had been an
invalid for several year.
An effort is being made to have tbe
mail route changed between Long
Creek and Pendleton so that the route
will go over tbe Yellow Jacket road
from Pendleton to Ukiah and via the
lower gulch road from Ukiah to Long
Creek and supply Bitter from Long
Creek. . ' '
A deal of considerable magnitude
was consummated last week At Tula
mook between C. and E. Thayer and
the Beals Land Company. About
$10,000 worth of agricultural land and
town pioperty was transferred to the
company, And will probably be placed
on the market.
Owing to the recent high water on
the Coast Fork which caused the loss
of many thousand feet ot logs, Messrs.
Geer and Rouse, the saw mill men At
A mot, are Arranging to erect a tern
porary saw mill at Cottage Grove and
will drive the logs there. The boilers
end engines of the new light plant may
be used.
The owners of the Red, White And
Blue mine, at Malheur, will push de
velopments as rapidlv as possible
There are two parallel ledges, one
measuring 13 feet aud the other three
feet, and the owners believe that de
veloimient will prove tnat tney come
tocethcr. The mine is equipped with
a three stamp mill aud a steam hoist
lng plant, ine capaoity ot tne mil
j la to be inoreased and a pump installed
I At once.
There Is Islk of a new national bank
At Elleueburg.
Work on tbe new Seattle Labor Tem
ple will begin witbio 60 deys.
Iloquim will soon bare night tele
phone service.
A creamery with a daily capacity ot
2.000 pounds of butter is to be built at
Everett.' j
Charles Neymeir has moved bis mill
from Machine to a site sear Woodin
villa Junction. j
Mrs. Julia Paden, a resident of !
Rosalie since 1880, is dead ether borne
in that city. ;,
It is Announced that A foundry and
machine shop to cost $50,000 will be
erected t Everett.
The bank of Harrington received last
week time , lock aefe which Is sup
posed to be burglar proof.
Tbe Harrington Flour Milling Com
pany ha finished ad order for 2,500
barrels of flour, wbicb is to be sent to
China.: .,!;iH
Ex-Sheriff F. W. DeLorimer, of Ten
Mile, has been appointed state land in
epetcor by Land Commissioner S. A.
Callvert. ..- .
J. M. Hall has resigned tbe office of
Yakima county surveyor, and the com
missioner have appointed 11 F. Mar
ble to succeed him. ,
George Pangburn, A pioneei of Wash
ington, dropped dead from heart fail-
ore At Endicot, 20 mUes west of Col
fax lie was 66 years old.
W. P. Dsmon was knocked down in
frout of his residence by a tough, who
struck him on the bead with club,
rendering him insensible. " '
Men engaged in working on tbe T.
J. Hewley road, south of Kent, discov
ered a vein of coal while blasting on
the side of Crow hill. It is about
four inches in diameter.
Fred Lymsn who had been
on the steam shovel on the
north of Arlington, was
killed, A landslide occurred and he
was warned, but did, pot have
time te
get out of the way.
A third interest In a group of five
claims located on lion creek, eight
miles from Keller, has been sold to A.
A. Redmond, of Republio. Tbe claims
are the Mary Mack. Luckie Four. Last
Chance, Copper King and No. 5. and
are owned. uy if. r. Mcuartny ana
Fred Beaudreau. The terms ere kept
a secret. , . , ..
The West Coast mill, at Ballard,
which bas been closed for tbe past four
weeks, bas resumed work. During '.he
time the mill waa closed many im
provements and repairs were made
to the engine and machinery, bv means !
of which the output of tbe plant will j
be greatly increased. I The mill build
ing was also repaired and a new foun
dation put under part of it. ,
The O R. & N. engineers, who have
been making surveys along the line- of
the Hwaco Railway & Navigation Com
pany, have finished their labors and a
force of men ere expeotd to begin work
. . . . m
on the coutempiaiea improvements.
Besides th repairs to the track, A new
trestle is to be built At Hwaco and
docks to be put in at each end of the
line. It is alio stated that cars for
hauling logs from Willapa harbor are
to be put on the road..
Hog cholera bas made its appearance
in tb vicinity of Moscow. ,
James Judge, of Couer de'Aleae
City, one of the best known men of the
state, 1b dead.
" George W. Hunt and Frank Pettlgo,
of Oro Fino, arrested on a charge of
cattle-stealing, have been discharged.
George R. Lubkin, a Boise mail car
rier, bas filed a homestead entry on a
valuable piece of land near that cltv,
which had been overlooked.
According to reports from Delta, the
scene of recent the placer strike, pros-
sects are excellent. ; Nuggets bave
been picked up worth $7 aud $8 and
theie are said to be lots more of them
there. .
Eight cows burned to a crisp, Jacob
Hauaer almost fatally burned, 25 tons
of hay and a fine , barn totally con
sumed, are the result of a fire on a
ranch owned by David Locke near Cal
ispell. The loss is estimatsd at about
The result of a disputed road ebotion
in Kootenai county has been deter
mined by lot. James Graham and
Noah Washburn, both of Port Hilt,
were the claimants. The com mi don
ers flipped a coin to determine the result.
Paclle Coast snd the South Show Up Best
Slijht Diminution of Exports.
Bradstreet's says: Despite some ir
regularities la reports from different
section and industries, trade, as a
wbole is of satisfactory volume for
tbis time of year. Relatively the best
reports come from tbe Pacific coast,
tbe Sooth snd the Southwest, where
the spring demand is opening well.
Unseasonable weather in some sec
tions, notably the East, has been a bar
to activity in retail trade. Special ac
tivity has been noted in some branches
of tbe iron trade end sentiment bas
been, on the wbole, belped by a clearer .
view ot tbe possibilities contained in
tbe recent "war talk." The quieting
down of business Abroad naturally
points to some diminution of our ex .
port trade, in tbe tedder form of iron
and steel, copr- and lumber, but for
finished products of these end other
staples, tbe ontlook is declared to be
still satisfactory. A feature in the
export line tbis week was the shipment
of 8,000 tons of steel billets to Glas
gow from Birmingham, Ala., the
largest shipment of tbis material ever
sent abroad from the South. Ilevya
quantities of railway material to re
place that destroyed in China may be
placed in this country. Among the
metals copper is weak end fractional
ly lower, in sympathy with a break in
prices abroad, but tin is higher, on -news
ot excited markets And higher
price in London.
Wheat, including flour, shipments
for the week aggregate 4,838,678 bush
els, against 3,336,054 last week.
Business failures in the United States
for tb week number 281, against 290
last week.
Canadian failures number 84, a de
crease of 16 from last week.
Seattle Market
Onions, new yellow, 2c.
Lettuce, hot house, $1.60
per oaao.
Potatoes, vnew, $18.
Beets, per sack-, $1 1.25.
Turnips, per sack, 75o.
Squash 2c.
Carrots, per Back, 75c
Parsnips, per sack, $1.0001.25.
Celery 50o doz.
Cabbage, native and California,
2o per pounds.
Butter Creamery, 80c; dairy, 16(9
18c; ranch, 16c 18c pound.
Cheese 14c.
Eggs Ranch, 28c; Eastern 23c.
Poultry 14c; dressed, native chick
ens, 15c; turkey, 16o.
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $15.00;
choice . Eastern Washington timothy.
$ 19.00.
Corn Whole, $24.00; cracked, $25;
feed meal, $24.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$20. "
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.40;
blended straights, $3.25; California,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $6.00; Bra
bam, per barrel, $3.25; whole wheat
flour, $3.25; rye flour, $3.804.00.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $15.00;
shorts, per ton, $16.00.
Feed Chopped feed, $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $23; oil cake meal,
per ton, $29.00.
Fresh Meats Choice dressed beef
steers, price 7c; cowb, 7c; mutton
7?4l pork, 7?'c; trimmed, 9c; veal, 11
Hams Large, 11 Mc; small, 11 H;
breakfast bacon, 13c; dry salt sides.
Portland Market
Wheat Walla Walla. 6666!c;
Valley, nominal; Bluestem, 68o per
bushel. - .
Flour Beet grades, $3.40; graham,
Oats Choice white, 42c: choice
gray, 4lo per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $15.50 brew
ing, $16.50 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $15.50 ton; mid
dlings, $21; shorts, $18; chop, $16 per
Hay Timothy,$123 12.50; clover,$7
9.60; Oregon wild hay, $67 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 60 55c;
store, 82&C.
Eggs 25o per dozen.
Cheese Oregon full cream, ISo;
Young America, 14c; new cheese lOo
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3.75
per dozen; bens, $3.75; springs,
$2.003.50; geese, $6.008.0O due;
ducks, $5.00 6.50 per dozen; turkeys,
live. Ho per pound.
Potatoes 60 60o per sack; sweets,
IHo per pouna.
Vegetables Beets, $1; tunips, 75o;
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, IHo per pound; parsnips, 85c;
"ons. l-0: earrots, 75c.
New. crop, 1214o per
pound..- ,. . . ..k
Wool Valley, 13Q14e per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 1012o; mohair, 25
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best eheep, wethers
And ewes, 8 Ho; dressed mutton, 6
7o per pound.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $5.75;
light snd feeders, $5.00; dressed,
$5.50 6.50 per 100 pounds.
Beef GroBS, top steers, $3.504.00;
cows, $3.00 3.50; dressed beef, 6
7o per pound.
Veal Large, r7so; small, 8Xa
9o per pound.