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    Lunar New Year
February 5, 2018
Year of the Dog forecasts
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The Rabbit
Breathe easy, Rabbit! The turmoil of the Rooster Year is
behind you and stability is in the forecast as the Year of
the Dog comes bounding in. Focus on achieving your
biggest dream. It is within reach!
n Metal Rabbit: The Year
of the Dog will present an
opportunity to spend time
with family and old friends
who may feel a bit neglected.
Create memories by trying
new things or exploring
undiscovered places together.
It is a year of possibility!
n Water Rabbit: The money woes that have been an
issue should disappear now that the Year of the Rooster is
coming to an end. The Dog Year should herald a new era of
financial stability as well as increased income. Though it’s
tempting to go haring off on a spending spree, don’t forget
to sock away some money in case times grow tough.
n Wood Rabbit: All your patience and efforts are
finally set to pay off this year, Wood Rabbit! Be sure to
jump on opportunities as they arise. Investing in
education or expanding your horizons may help propel you
to a more desirable place.
n Fire Rabbit: Practice moderation in all things this
year, Fire Rabbit, whether it be exercise or socializing.
Avoiding extremes may help you maintain a proper
balance and promote better health.
n Earth Rabbit: 2018 should prove a fertile ground for
relationships to blossom, so keep your heart and mind
open to the possibilities. Beware of others who may
interfere due to jealousy or fear of being displaced.
The Dragon
Say goodbye to the prosperous Year of the Rooster,
Dragon. The Year of the Dog will be a tough one. You can
help mitigate the year’s bite by being flexible and open to
new ideas, and willing to step outside your comfort zone.
n Metal Dragon: Listen to the thoughts and opinions
of others in your inner circle.
Though admitting you need
help is difficult, fresh view-
points may yield good solu-
tions. Opening up could also
strengthen relationships.
n Water Dragon: Take
time from your busy schedule
to assess your life, Water
Dragon, but be careful not to get hung up in past mistakes.
Self-reflection may lead to a new and better path to
n Wood Dragon: Your professional life might become
rocky this year and tempers may heat up. Keep your head
down and focus on your projects to weather the rough
patch unscathed.
n Fire Dragon: Curbing your competitive nature and
focusing instead on the small pleasures in life may help
you ride out the storms of 2018. Despite the rocky year,
your loving circle of family and friends should help create
many bright moments.
n Earth Dragon: The year may prove a tough one for
you financially, so it may be best to put off a large
purchase. Avoid impulsive decisions and take a look at all
the evidence before committing to a new course of action.
Careful planning is key to the Dog Year!
The Snake
In the Year of the Dog, opportunity will come knocking
for you, Snake. Be sure to act promptly, lest it slither
away. Others may offer negative opinions, but before
listening, make certain they are coming from a place of
concern and not jealousy.
n Metal Snake: Follow through on your brilliant ideas
and avoid moving on to new things once the work has
begun. While envisioning new plans is exciting, seeing an
idea through to completion should bring a rich sense of
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n Water Snake: It may come to your attention that
certain individuals are preventing you from reaching your
full potential, Water Snake.
Take stock of those who might
not have your best interest at
heart and consider distancing
yourself from them.
n Wood Snake: Research
all options before investing or
making large purchases,
Wood Snake. Doing your
homework before handing over your hard-earned money
will save you much heartache. Seeking the opinion of
experts might make the process easier.
n Fire Snake: Relationships should see improvements
in 2018. Coupled Fire Snakes will enjoy a harmonious
year and those who are single are apt to find themselves a
mate. Embark on new adventures and experiences and
just enjoy one another’s company.
n Earth Snake: Your creative juices are flowing this
year, Earth Snake! Use them to come up with some
innovative solutions and ideas and you may be noticed
and rewarded.
The Horse
In the coming Dog Year, it is important to focus on your
family herd, Horse. Spend quality time with loved ones
and keep a close eye on the more vulnerable members.
Relationships will deepen and strengthen, helping you to
weather any upcoming storms.
n Metal Horse: Relation-
ships should prove quite
stable this year, Metal Horse,
provided you can rein in your
impatience. Allow others to
work through their issues at
their own pace and offer
advice only when asked.
n Water Horse: Consider
volunteering as a wonderful way to harness your
passions. Efforts to help others will increase your self-
worth and may even lead to fabulous new relationships.
n Wood Horse: The Year of the Dog will be full of
opportunities to expand your social circle, as people are
drawn to your friendly and cheerful nature. In addition to
enriching your group of friends, they may also be able to
open doors to achieve goals you’ve set.
n Fire Horse: Your sound instincts may lead you to
many interesting opportunities this year. While you
should gallop after them, don’t forget to tend to your
personal life, too, and keep your inner circle in the loop.
n Earth Horse: Spending time in nature may help to
recover your energy during the Dog Year, which is likely to
have a frenetic pace. This should enable you to recharge
your batteries, making all your efforts more successful.
The Sheep
The success of the upcoming year is entirely in your
hooves, Sheep. Work hard and maintain focus on your
goals to achieve success. Impulsive actions and laziness
could lead to poor outcomes.
n Metal Sheep: In a year
of ups and downs, why not
explore new ways to get in
some “you” time? Try a new
hobby or take that class
you’ve been interested in.
You’ll earn a well-deserved
break and may even meet
some interesting people.
n Water Sheep: Learn to set firm boundaries with
others. Though it is admirable to offer help, be sure it is
not at the expense of your own happiness and goals.
n Wood Sheep: Try to maintain focus on your primary
goals. The year may be full of distractions that will pull
your attention away, but if you are able to keep your
momentum going, you may begin to see the fruit of your
n Fire Sheep: Your professional life may feel like a
zero-sum gain this year but take heart, Fire Sheep!
Though it might feel like you are going nowhere, your
dogged efforts should translate into valuable experience
that will help in the future.
n Earth Sheep: You may find yourself arguing more
with loved ones in 2018. Instead of just bleating at each
other, work on improving communication and actively
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