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    Lunar New Year
January 20, 2014
Year of the Horse forecasts
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decision-making to ensure a harmonious year.
n Wood Rabbit: Your sense of adventure and crea-
tivity will draw like-minded people to you. These new
friends will be there to lend a hand when it’s most needed.
n Fire Rabbit: Your professional and social life will
flourish in the Year of the Horse. Take care not to funnel
all your new earnings into having fun, or you may find
yourself in a rocky financial position.
n Earth Rabbit: You may be feeling a lot of pressure,
Earth Rabbit, but all your efforts are being noticed. If you
persevere, opportunities will come your way. However,
when they present themselves, act quickly, lest they end
up slipping through your paws.
The Dragon
The year ahead has the potential to be great for the
Dragon, so long as you can rein in your enthusiastic
nature and tread with care. Reckless risk-taking could be
your undoing this year, so be sure to consider all outcomes
before making big decisions.
Careful consideration is the
key to a happy Horse Year.
n Metal Dragon: Your
determination and inner fire
will get you noticed this year,
but if you appear too pushy, it
will come to naught. Practice
patience and let things
proceed organically.
n Water Dragon: Let the scales fall from your eyes and
you may see that you are being a bit too optimistic with
your budget. Allow your innate wisdom to guide you into
making well-considered financial decisions and the year
will be much more relaxing.
n Wood Dragon: If you trust your logic and analytical
skills for direction, this Horse Year will be a happy one.
New acquaintances will be drawn to your generous nature
and some will become lifelong friends.
n Fire Dragon: Cut some slack for loved ones who
make mistakes; their experiences will help guide you to
make good choices in the coming year and exercising
compassion will improve your home life as well.
n Earth Dragon: Try not to be discouraged, Earth
Dragon, when your goals this year are not immediately
attained. Keep your focus, and realize that the Year of the
Horse will bring you to your desires in a series of baby
steps, rather than all at once.
The Snake
You are coming off of a fantastic Year of the Snake, but
now it is time to become alert and pay attention, as the
Year of the Horse will be a rocky one. Though the going
becomes tougher for you, the year will have its good times,
which can be maximized by
serpents who take extra care
of themselves and remain
n Metal Snake: Be careful
when purchasing luxury
items this year. Though the
item may look very tempting,
use your famed willpower to hold off unless you find you
are getting a great deal with no strings attached.
n Water Snake: You will make strides this year as long
as you do not focus on just one project to the detriment of
others. Balance is crucial, and if you can achieve it, people
will take note.
n Wood Snake: With all the frenzy this Horse Year will
bring, a relaxing vacation or extended time at home with
loved ones is needed. This, along with a healthy lifestyle,
will help energize you to face the challenges ahead.
n Fire Snake: Be extra careful and considerate this
year in your relationships and try to temper your
passionate and fiery nature, as words said in anger may
cause loved ones to pull away and you may very well find
yourself in need of their support in this tumultuous year.
n Earth Snake: Your calm and stable nature will help
tremendously in the challenging times ahead. Avoid
working yourself to exhaustion, and utilize your patience
to help slither ever closer to your desires.
The Horse
It’s your year, Horse! You can look forward to a
wonderful, wild ride of a year, but be careful not to take
others for granted, or you may find yourself without their
much-needed support in the future. Remember to jump on
opportunities when they
present themselves for a
productive and bountiful
n Metal Horse: This is a
good year to take the bit in
your teeth and gallop toward
exciting new challenges.
Whether it is in your profes-
sional or personal life, spicing things up is an excellent
motivator for achieving great things.
n Water Horse: Stop looking for greener pastures and
focus on the tasks at hand to bring yourself success this
year. New and interesting opportunities will present
themselves after you have honed your skills and gained
some experience.
n Wood Horse: The Year of the Horse will provide you
with a dizzying array of social opportunities, as people will
be charmed by your friendly and sunny nature. Though
you will meet people who may be important in your life,
try not to overdo it and make sure to take time to relax as
n Fire Horse: Your bold ideas may come to fruition this
year, backed by your intelligence and high energy. When
friends or loved ones step forward to help, be sure to give
them the recognition they deserve and you will be able to
count on them in the future.
n Earth Horse: Your cautious nature and attention to
detail will see you in good stead this year, and invest-
ments should pay off for you. While it is good to save
money for tougher times, spending money on a modest
vacation to somewhere of interest could help recharge
your batteries in this exciting but exhausting year.
The Sheep
Get ready for a year of opportunities, Sheep. If you are
feeling up to the challenge, then carpe diem! However,
Sheep who need time to recover from a tough Year of the
Snake may want to back off and enjoy life at a slower pace.
n Metal Sheep: This may
be a great year to kickstart
your professional life by tak-
ing on more responsibility. Do
not give in to self-doubt; you
are more than capable of
meeting the challenge and
your hard work will be
n Water Sheep: Romantic ties will be forged or
strengthened in this plentiful year, so long as you keep
your partner first in your busy social schedule. Your
sensitive nature will pave the way to new friendships as
n Wood Sheep: Reach out to those in need with a
helping hand or some sage advice. You will not only be
doing them a favor, but you will be bringing happiness to
yourself and opening the door to future opportunities.
n Fire Sheep: Gather your courage and take advan-
tage of the opportunities offered by the Year of the Horse
to embark on new projects. However, make certain to
think through the details before characteristically plung-
ing right in.
n Earth Sheep: Communication is pivotal to a harmo-
nious year, Earth Sheep. Talking through issues and
resolving differences in a timely fashion will smooth over
any bumps and lead to fruitful collaborations.
The Monkey
Monkeys can look forward to a good year in 2014,
provided they do not set themselves up for
disappointment by setting goals that are far too lofty.
Monkeys who remain flexible and are able to quickly
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