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    Thursday. March 17, 1927.
showed one of the new spring dres«- f>r0ve Into Street Light
es. She is a model for Old & King.
Qn Broadway Bridge
John Tigard is her uncle.
Multnomah, Or.
The I n d ie s’ Aid of the Evangelical
Last Saturday night F'red Tweedale
church gave a dinner W ednesday eve
ning, complimenting those who helped drove his car into a street light as
toward the improvement on the par-
" as driving off the west ap-
proach of the
About $50 worth of damage was
done to the car according to the
Friday evening the E. L. C. E. will
Multnomah Insurance company.
baNe a busines meeting
W S. Hyde, of Prinevilfc, if vlsit-
H H JF^F'FKl ES. ...Business Manager
' •
_ ,.
ing at the home of (_. E. I’echin.
S. M. B R O W N -----------------------Editor
The cement floor for the basement
of the new Union high school was
(toured Monday. On account of the
bad weather the men have been un-
to {¡„¡„h laying the root.
Published Every Thursday.
__________ _________
Members of Oregon State Editorial
. v .
Association an< • a i<«na
torial Association.
Last week several carpenter t<•<*1 -
Temporary Telephone....- — ■— .... ^ 4—5 were st< fen from the Union high
school building whii
Thc A | lar Society will give a card
covered at Hillsdale when attempt
Subscription $1.00 per year.
was made to sell the tools. Mr. Van ' Pa r , y . »"d entertam m ent at St. An-
Brugger drove to H.llsdale Monday tho,^ s hal1 on S «’ P a ,n c k » day’
T H U RSD A Y , MARCH 17, 1927
when the boys were arraigned in
Mr. and Mrs. N. DeGrace and
Monday the moon shone, the sun
family visited Mr. and Mrs Virgil
shone, it rained, it snowed, it hailed,
Mr. and Mrs P. E. Lewis were Meyers Sunday,
h II at one time, and yet Oregonians
guests at the O. H. Stewart
Clyde Edwards is staying with his
only thing that did not happen was home Sunday,
Mrs. B. G. Leedy, and
that it was UK) degrees in the shade
The three Ncdry boys are fast re is going to the Beaverton high
covering from the whooping cough.
Mrs, E. J. Johnston, of Treece, en-
W. M. Evans was able to be back
tertained fifteen friends from P o rt al ,h e bank this week.
land Saturday.
William Allen White, the Kansas
editor, recently told the New York
Advertising club that if advertising
should cease “the slow decay and
ultimatc collapse of the entire world
would follow.”
Strong words, but W hite means
, .
what he says. Advertising is so close-
ly linked with the things that we
buy as to become a very integral
part of our commence ami culture,
as welt as a source of information
and advice.
u p
T he Ladies’ Aid of the M. F.
e .a<us . i< o i t .van„» k . i cburcb will give a food an<l apron
church were entertained at the h o m e , sale Saturday, March 26, at the Schu
of Mrs. Mary Brandt Friday a fte r­
bring & Hiederman Store.
noon, March 11th and greatly ap-
preciated several vocal selections ren
Mr. and Mrs. A. Schubring and
dered by E. Lawrence Woodfin, of
daughter, Betty, Misses Helen Stiles,
fortland, where he is an in s tru c to r1
Virginia Park and Mildred Wall were
of both vocal and instrumental music
dinner guests at the N. K urth home
About 15 local Kebekuhs attended
lodge meeting at Wilsonville, March
Advertising is the greatest help a () p jvc cand~dales received the Re- I Mr. and Mrs. W Miller and daugh
sound product could have.
At the btkah deKrcc A vcry m ct |unch was er, Gladys, and Janet Hamilton, of
same time, the faulty product falls served at a late hour and all spent Portland, visited Mr. and Mrs. A.
by the same medium.
an enjoyable evening. Oswego Re- Schubring Friday.
With competition, of course, t h i n
arc bound to be evils—the evils of
untruth and exaggeration. But ihcse
are, after all, evils of the system
and not advertising. The system it­
self is the source of advertising, and
advertising helps the system to flour­
hekahs also were guests,
Betsy ROSS Troop No. 18
r -
Enjoys Outdoor Breakfast
-------- •
Multnomah, Or.
_ Twelve
Boy Helped Engineer s
Theodore (J. Hulett, who supervised
the construction of the first suspen-
*>on bridge a c r o n Niagara, relute*
that a premium of $10 wn* offered to
the first hoy who should successfully
fly over the gorge his kite string and
fasten Its ends to a tree on either side.
A boy iiunied llouiaii Walsh, a resi­
dent of Lincoln. Neb., was successful.
The following day a stronger line was
drawn over h.v the kite string and
then a rope of sufficient strength to
haul over the Iron cable. By means
of tills rope the Iron cable was car­
ried across and Its ends secured to the
goiid rock. it cro ssed th e g orge five
m iles above L ew iston.
, _
of Betsy
Quotation$ Garbled
Time was when Ellery
H. Clark was famous
as all-around ath letic
champion of America.
He was a double w in­
ner at Olympic Games.
For tw e n ty -fiv e years
he was d istin gu ish ed
on track and field, win­
ning prizes in thirty
different lines of com ­
petition, from the ten-
yard dash to the dis­
cus throw . And now
he writes a pirate story,
racing away from the
first word in a straight,
swift dash and closing
with a leap of burning
speed. He does it in
the calm , con vin cin g
manner of a champion,
always master of him­
self and his material.
_ . „
, „ _ t
•_ Kow
L ord B rpoke w ro te more th a n rn ro e
Multnomah, went h u n d red y e a rs affo. “ And o u t o f rninde
on a hike Friday morning before as goon ag out o f aljrlif.9* widt h Is now
school. E ach Kiri took bacon and rev ersed in “O ut of sljrht la out of
eggs and cooked them over a camp- ndnd."
“She «ml comparisons are
lire They saw
the flicker, chick:»- odious,” w ro te Dr. Jo h n D onne, nnd
dee, junco, varied thrush or Alaska he Is v ario u sly Interpreted. Even Ben
robin, rusty
sp arro
Jo n so n , sp e a k in g of S h a k e sp e a re s
i 11 v i v
i n w
w ,
“small Latin and less Greek,” lots “lit-
crowned kinglet, and a robin, and
. ,
tie” substituted for “small.” Milton's
heard a a meadowlark
meadowlark sing.
At the
the „hun)un fa„ )llvlne“ «ets “form” for
regular meeting in the afternoon, face and ..uM-
adopted for “nelgh-
Kuth Beasley was invested. Mrs. G boring” In the famous “the cynosure
G. Forbes passed those who are of neighboring eyes.” “T he busy bunf
working on iheir second-class test on of men” In the same poet’s “L’Alle-
ihe history of the flag. Mrs. W. B gro” has “haunts" for “hunt."
Small is going to teach the troop
Girl Scout songs every Monday aftci
Peculiar “School”
school for l(*c a piece for every les­
Describing a Tibetan school, n nnr
rutor w r ite s : "Sitting In a sunny spot
In a semi-circle cun be seen about a
dozen Mussulman hoys, each with a
G E O RG E RAYM OND C H U R C H IL L book before him. T he teacher, an or
dlnary layman, who knows little more
Multnomah, Or
than his brothers, acts as mentor. He
probably has a shop on the other side
he funeral of the late George
tbe roadi alKj keeps an eye open
Raymond < hurchill of Multnomah. f,,r t | r0y customers while listening to
was held Tuesday March 15, l <>m- j,ls pupils. He rends a phrase and all
mitment Riverview cemetery under the boys say it afte r him. Ask taught
or teacher to explain what has been
ausl‘ices uf Alb< r
A. F\ & A. M. A wife and four rend, and they will acknowledge com
small children survive, Raymond, Lil- plete Ignorunoe, and this with abso
lutely no feeling of shame.”
Straw Vote
*ia" ’ Pdna ^ ay and William. A
A straw vote la an Informal and
brC,her in P ort,and- < ,orris and s is .
He Wasn’t a Bi^ot
unofficial vote taken to test the rein
lcr> *^rs- ( , race E. MacEacham, of
Like Sir Jam es Percy, the Irishman (jve strength of candidates In certain
Wisconsin, also mother, Mrs. W. H wlm never forgets a good story that group. Straw s ure supposed to Indl-
l hurchill, of Portland.
he hears, and later gives It an extra j c, t e w hloli wuy the wind blows. Sup-
Mr. Churchill was ill only a short tw |»t of Interest through the glow of pose a group of people, a school, a
his own personality, Sir Jam es T ag ciub. H political gathering, or the like,
gurt, ex-lord provost of Aberdeen, Is takP „ vote to see how the members
among the recognized story-tellers of Btanj on candidates standing for elec-
| | r r T | ftm
n r, n Tn
the country. He is telling Just now (|on a()|iie time In the future. Such
M l ” I” I N h
of a certain man o’ the kirk who was j a ballot or expression of sentim ent
* I1 U
found lying drunk not far from bis js a s traw vote,
door by a Roman Catholic priest. The
priest picked Idm up and helped him ______________________________________
to his home. As he felt for the latch
of his door, the Intoxicated one turned
to the priestly helper and looked hard
i roop, No.
Read the Story
as a Serial *
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Stiles took
Alfred /w ie n e r made a business the “Frivilous Five” to dinner iti
trip to Seattle Wednesday, returning Portland and afterw ards enjoyed the
symphony orchestra music at the au-
ditorium. T he guests w ere: Miss Hel-I
T he Scaly Mattress company is e n ­ en Stiles, Virginia Sibley, G ertrude
larging their working force to keep Wall and Clara Bell Kinneman.
Competition destroys the undesir­ ahead of orders coming in. There are
able and advertising helps in that now 15 people employed.
J. H. Litton has resigned his posi­
process, speedingup the elimination
tion as janitor of the public schoo1
The Rcbckah club met at the home and C. FI Ramsey will take his place.
of what is unfit.—-News.
of Mrs. Elizabeth McGowan Tuesday
Mr , itt(jn has been janitor of thl
h(Kil fur years aml , hc schfM)1 a|.
A WORTHWHILE CHAMPION. afternoon. A busy and enjoyable tune
was spent. T he rummage sale last
ways looWcd neat an(1 a t t r active to
A Modesto, California, high school Friday, M a r c h 'l l , was a decided sue visilors
girl this year won the Pacific coast cess and the club takes ibis means
milkmaid championship when, at a of thanking all those who helped
Mrs. Billie Hoffman and bubv, of
dairy show she drew over five and! w>tn donations ami tne saie. *nt SaK.m „ viiilillK hcr ,,arems> Mi
one-half pounds of milk in less than club will give a 500 card party Sat- ^
j jm Kimniey
two minutes. Here is a championship ur,|ay evening, March 19, in McDon-
Met _ Saturday
nt ,,1,n- “ob' W he SH,,,• "* ^ ** X
__ _
^ ritta'..
tine:—the Catholic priest. Never mind,
worth while! It beats all the beauty aid’s hall. Cards to begin at 8:15.
mou ; I’m uo' bigoted." —■ Loudon
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bunker »»►J
contests, because a pouml of milk is All are welcome.
We 'have • the ••loan +
cuss Plans.
children of Timber, are visiting Mr
a pound of milk, while beauty de-1
, w
. . c ,•
Agency for one of the £
pends entirely on the point of view ! T he W. H. Peters place has chang- a »d Mrs. Al Salmg for a couple of
hands and
¡ weeks.
This subject could be made into a j ed
v>* »*■■'*»
-»*■ the
■■■»• new owners arc in- >
largest Life Insurance £
Tigard, Or., March 17.—A number
lengthy editorial .but our readers | lending to build immediately. They
Wrong Idea About Storms
Companies in the world •;•
'probably are already “way ahead of arc building a new driveway prepar-
1 hc 1 asc-Pcchm Nfotor company of nien lnct in ,hc office of C. W.
.......... ............................
w eather bureau
says that there
* 1 alory
bau,' nK ‘»'c lumber.
void a f o r d sedan to Henry
e Man
Saturday nigh, an(, discussed is no reason why storms should be Y and
can make tami * 1 *
! last week.
ways and means whereby Tigard nior,‘ frequent or severe on Sejitein
•£ J o ^ y jg
a n v a m o iltlt
Miss Ruby Johnston was a week­
. . . .
her 111 or 2^ (autumnal e»julnox) than ,1,
Mrs. Litton was taken to a Port-
cou,d be incorporated. A committee on September 1« or 11, say, or 21) or ' to 10 years at 6%.
end visitoi of Ml»» Helen /w iener.
land hospital Saturday. She is feeling
was appointed to make a map of Ti- 30; nor. In fact, are they. T he same
Neighborhoods grow into villages,
showing the boundary lines, ' s true of the spring or vernal equi
villages into towns, and towns into
, ,
, nox This whole notion about “equi- ..
cities as a result of cooperation, home with the whooping cough
vv iic i vvere p acci .»s .rccnbug roai noc| | a | storms" Is erroneous, and It \ REALTY COMPANY
which means people working together
to I'reece, to public school house, 40 even Is uncertain how, where, when or X
A. K. Skewis, uf Vallejo, C al., son-
C. E. H E D G E , Beaverton.
for a common purpose, l.ower Man­
rods each side of the Pacific high- by whom the Idea was started. We y
hattan, that part of New York City in-law of Mrs. Kinneman stopped
only know th a t in one form or another X
C. *J. ST IC K N E Y , Aloha.
way, a radius of one and one-ha t ..
. . . .
. .
w h ite Wall Street deals its fabu- over one night last week at Tigard,
it goes buck at least to 1 1 48.
•:-X "S s s w %“ X ,,: m X m X “X “X “K “X “;".'
miles. A petition will be made up and
inus wealth was laid out by cows, on his way to S|>okanc.
circulated for signatures, after which
tramping paths across the field Co !
operation has built there the most
Mr. ami Mrs. F^. O. Allen entcr-
it will be sent to Hillsboro for the
! ❖
magmficent sky-line of buck and
tamed the Leslie Moore Bible class
court to pass on it.
stone ami steel that the world a f ­ of the M. E. church W ednesday eve­ Will Be Used For Apart­
ments or Rooms Rented
fords. In the last five years Miami, ning.
Florida, has jumped from a popula­
Out to Transients.
« »
tion of 3>,tKK) to it city of popula-
Two «lircctors of the Grange for-
Tigard, Or.
tiou well mt.i six figures, t ircum- got , haI thc Kebekah lodge was to
Tigard, Or., March 17.—Thc Scha-
stances, you sav. is th r answer. Bui m ce| Saturday night at the
Grange moni building was sold Saturday to
The Universal Show aggregation
without cooperation riding on the han and rrlUc)| out ,h f hall for thc T . L. Horton. The Sanitary Market
in Tigard this week relieving suf
t -
, ,
crest of thc wave, no community
tire week to a medicine sh<5w. ami thc JUth Century now occupy , ■
fering 1 igars b> embalming their ^
could gather its forces and capital- y\ hen the show people found that thc store.
exteriors with Tigar salve, ami their a
i/e on its resources in a manner (hc Krbckahs had the hall
Thc buihling will be used for apart
interiors with gingseng. Their jiock- I1.
as to multiply at such enormous rate f(>r Saturday they immediately turn-
ATwater 2333
A few decades ago Los Angeles was ed over the hall to tnem and left ments or rooms for transients.
ets will be relieved of burdensom-1 . .
a small Mexican pueblo, whose prin- town Saturday morning. But says
Although the buihling Was built %l\,cr sheckcls by floods of oratory J
cipal industry was hides, whose har-1 that a poor memory was at the years ago it is in splendid condition
How many dollars did this show
b<>r was dreaded by sailors, ami b,M,f
ti cubic,
The ia lte r s on thc r»x>f are 1x0s.
take out of T igard? And how many
The building is over 100 feet deep
whose brown hills ami humming birds
did they leave in T ig a .d ?
The girls who attended the Older
212- 4th Street,
created a drowsy atmosphere forati Ci,rU Conferencc at Albany returned so ,h a ‘ alt ,ht‘ rtK>,n* WOB,d ha' c Did thc people of Tigard pay dearly
*•«*11 apiH.ny .1 goddess who dared t o 1 home Sunday night. They greatly en- outside windows.
for a few hours’ enjoyment ?
joyed the meetings.
• x ~:~>*. h .*. x ~ x ~ x ~ x - x ~ x ~:~ x - x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~X‘* x ~ x ~ x ~ x - x - x -X “X- v
predict its glorious future. Thr*
Extensive repairs are being made
but illustrations. Big cities arc taken
in the building and future plans will
The house belonging to Jim Copp
because they afford exai;.^!.-s *>f rn-
iSV .V A W .W A ^W V .V .V .'iY .'iV .W iV i'.V .V .'iW iY A 'iV ^ Y .V .V .V .V iV iV iY .V /A V A Y i,
be announced later.
is nearly completed.
operation in a big way. They were all
small once. Cooperation built thrm
M iss Tigard, whose picture a p­
Multnomah, Or.
C. A. Layman, of the Capital Fuel
Co., bought a new 1'^ ton truck last
week and incidentally lost $5 One of
his trucks broke down and then he de-
ciilcd to turn it in on another truck rath-
cr than repair it T hc company gave
him another truck to use for a
couple of days until the new truck
c uhl be delivered
While hauling
Not alone coin fort
— but luxury!
W A W A S Y lS S S S S W % Y .S S S S V A S N S % W .S % \ S S S S S S % S % V % S Y b I
W h a t Your W a n t Adv. W ill G ist
N in iib e r o f L in e s
1 Two
F’iv e
1 T h re e | F our
i T im e s 1 T im e s 1 T im e s i T im e s
O n e U n e - ....... .................. ....| $ 25
$ 75
$1 25
$ 50
T w o L in e a
— .............................|
50 ]
1 in
J T f
1 25
T h r e e L in e s —
............. ..
HU 1
1 o*
1 if)
.« T
F o u r l á n e * ..... ............................ 1
40 1
1 15
1 to
F iv e l a ñ e » ____ ___ _____ ___ |
1 1«'
5 t)j1
125 1
on 1
S ix L in e s _____ ______ ______ |
1 50 1
1 HO
i ü
S e v e n L in e s
........................... )
1 o* 1
1 40
175 j
1 iv tu L in e s
fa il
1 20
1 m f |
2 4 tl
2 n o i
O ne
A v r r a g e 6 s h o r t w n r d to th e Im e
N o ad
ta k e n fo r le s s th a n 25c
( opy mutt be in office by Wednesday to insure publication
All classified ads are cash with order or are to be paid for d u r ­
ing the current month W e do not wi«h to carry these small amounts
on the ledger.
Ì V W A Y .W A S V .S W A W .Y .V
fault that the truck company switch-
y! the license plates for two days.
m a k es stage travel as
p lea sa n t as it is
wood near Beaverton the motorcycle 5
cop stopped the car and arrested the i
driver because the license plates had %
not been shifted by thc truck com­
pany and it had no m irror to see o n ­
coming traffic. Mr. Layman had to
'pay $5 fine, and it was not his
F in e e q u ip m e n t
c o n v e n ie n t.
ro i-j n