Aurora observer. (Aurora, Marion County, Or.) 19??-1940, March 10, 1938, Image 3

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Our Presidents
F arm
| T o p ic s
date last night?
Alford—Well, she ate everything
in sight at two night clubs and a
“ What shall we play with now,
M a?
Tommy’s swallowed the
“ What do you do when asked to
carve a duck?”
Hubby—Darling, my income has
dropped so this last year that I
won’t have to pay any income tax.
Wifie—Oh, goody! Now you can
afford to give me the money you
had to pay for the old tax last year.
A Holdout
“ So you brought up a family of
eleven on $18 per week.”
“ Hush! I always told the missus
I only got $15.”
Calling It
Mr. Flatt—I presume that you
would be glad to have me cal]
Miss Sharp—You do.
Mr. Flatt—I do what?
Miss Sharp—Presume.
The average man isn’t as clever
as his wife thought him when they
were engaged, or as much of a dud
as she imagines now they’re mar­
That’s Why
Ruth—There goes Mikhail. He’s
an awful flatterer.
Elsie—Did he tell you that you
were beautiful, too?
Ruth—No, he said you were.
The End
“ Well,” said Brown, “ when my
wife and I have an argurrfent I
always have the last word.”
“ Oh,”
“ You do?”
“ Yes, I apologize.”
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription is a
tonic which has been helping women
of all ages for nearly 70 years.
Pride Offends
The proud are always most pro­
voked by pride.—Cowper.
If you are peppy and full of fun, men will in­
vite you to dances and parties. B U T , if you
are cross, lifeless and tired, men w on't be
interested. Men d on 't like "qu iet" girls.
For three generations one woman has told
another how to go "smiling through" with
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. It
helps Nature tone up the system, thus lessen­
ing the discomforts from the functional dis­
orders which women must endure.
Make a note, N O W to get a bottle of world-
famous Pinkham’s Compound today W IT H ­
OUT F A IL from your druggist—more than a
million women have written in letters re­
porting benefit.
W hy not try L Y D IA E. P IN K H A M ’S
fir s t d a y
Headaohe, 30 minutes.
Try “ Rcb-My-Tism” —World’s Best Liniment
Help Them Cleanse the Blood
o f Harmful Body Waste
Y ou r kidneys are constantly filtering
waste matter from the blood stream. But
kidneys sometimes lag in their work— do
not act as Nature intended— fail to re­
move impurities that, if retained, may
poison the system pnd upset the whole
body machinery.
Symptoms may be nagging backache,
persistent headache, attacks of dizziness,
getting up nights, swelling, puffiness
under the eyes— a feeling of nervous
anxiety and loss of pep and strength.
Other signs of kidney or bladder dis­
order may be burning, scanty or too
frequent urination.
There should be no doubt that prompt
treatment is wiser than neglect. Use
Doan’ s Pills. Doan’s have been winning
new friends fo r more than forty years.
They have a nation-wide reputation.
Are recommended by grateful people the
country over. Ask your neighborI
Cows Relish Grain Mixture
of Different Feeds.
B y J ohn A . A re y , N orth C arolina State Col­
lege— W NU S e rv ice .
Even the humblest dairy cow has
her own ideas about what she likes
to eat, and only palatable feed will
tempt her to eat enough to main­
tain a full milk flow.
A good dairy cbw has a tremen--
dous capacity for converting feed
into milk and to make full use of
this capacity, she should be induced
to eat all she can.
A healthy cow relishes a grain
mixture containing several different
feeds, but she usually gets tired of
a ration containing only one or two
kinds of grain.
Variety in the grain mixture not
only makes it more palatable; it al­
so insures against a shortage of
minerals and provides needed pro­
The grain mixture should not be
too concentrated. If it weighs about
one pound per quart it has the right
amount of bulk.
Such feeds as wheat bran, ground
oats, ground barley, and beet pulp
are often used to qdd bulk and vari­
ety to the mixture.
But grain is only a supplementary
feed. Cows need plenty of good
pasture when it is available or a
full feed of silage in legume hay.
Dairymen who buy feed for their
cattle will get better results if they
purchase only feed in which the per­
centage of nutrients is fairly high.
When the percentage of drude fiber
runs high, the fiber fills up the cow’s
stomach without providing the di­
gestible nutrients she ought to have.
Warm Water for Layers
Increases Production
In feeding laying hens, we usual­
ly think of the feed as the most im­
portant part of the ration. However,
numerous experiments as well as
practical observations of poultry-
men have demonstrated that when
water is withheld for any period
of time from a flock of birds in
heavy production, there is an imme­
diate and very marked decrease in
egg production and oftentimes an
entire loss of production in a very
few days, says J. S. Carver, head of
the poultry department, Washing­
ton State college.
Water plays a highly important
part in the digestion and metabo­
lism of fowl. It comprises over 55
to 75 per cent of the body and more
than 65 per cent of the whole egg.
It serves to soften feed in the crop.
It plays an important part in diges­
It is important in blood. It cools
the body by evaporation through
air sacks, lungs, and skin, and helps
to equalize the temperature of va­
rious parts of the body.
While all feedstuffs, such as mash
and scratch grain and green feeds,
contain a certain percentage of
moisture, the amount from all these
combined sources furnish but a very
small percentage of the large re­
quirements for hens in heavy egg
Ways to Stop a Fire
This is the season for farm fires.
Once started, a fire in a farm build­
ing is pretty hopeless to stop. But
there are simple precautions worth
taking, Country Home Magazine ob­
serves. A bucket of sand is use­
ful to have in case fire starts around
a car, tractor or oil stove. Every
home should have a fire extinguish­
er or two. Even a portable pres­
sure sprayer kept full of water is
useful. We read recently of a man
who makes fire grenades of old
bottles filled with salt brine. He
wires two bottles together which
break when thrown on the fire, cre­
ating a vapor which smothers the
Zachary Taylor was interred
without burial services.
President Wilson’s baptismal
name was Thomas Woodrow,
but in early life he discarded
the Thomas. During his public
career he was known as Wood-
row Wilson.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
was the first President to be
inaugurated in January.
Theodore Roosevelt (in 1906)
and Woodrow Wilson (in 1918)
were awarded the Nobel peace
Washington was the only
President to have a state
named after him.-
1. Is the North pole nearer to
the center of the earth than the
equator is?
2. Is it possible to expel a mem­
ber of congress?
3. Have the Dionne quintuplets
been fingerprinted?
4. The United States issued how
many patents in 1936 and 1937?
5. Who was the Salmon for
whom the navy’s new submarine
is named?
The Answers
1. The earth is flattened at the
poles, which are therefore nearer
the earth’s center than is the
2. Yes, with the concurrence. of
two-thirds of the house.
3. All of the children have been
fingerprinted. The prints are eas­
ily distinguished from each other.
4. In 1936 39,793 patents were
issued; in 1937 37,695 patents were
5. It is now the policy of the
United States Navy department to
name submarines for fish in the
ocean. The submarine Salmon is
named after the fish and not after
an individual.
S tran g e Facts
Trim Your Couch Cover in Contrasting Cord
TF SPRING is not in the air yet
it soon will be. It is the season
when every room in the house
seems to need a lift.
If your
couch or daybed looks as though
it has had a hard Winter now is
the timé' to giyé it a thought.
The couch of the type shown
here may be made to fit into al­
most any decorating scheme if it
has a smart and appropriate cov­
er. The one shown here is ideal
for a room with modern furniture
or for one that follows no particu­
lar period. It would also give an
interesting accent in a Colonial or
provincial room.
The cushions
match the couch cover. A rough-
Tavotite JQeclyie
c?k the
Pineapple Cream for Plain Cake.
ly/T ANY times the dessert ques-
tion is a difficult one to de­
cide upon, and there are other
times when there is some pound
cake, gingerbread,, or plain butter
cake left that needs to be made
interesting to tempt the family.
When these two situations meet,
you will find that pineapple cream
to serve over slices of any one of
the kinds of cake will be just the
trick to produce a lovely dessert.
Pineapple Cream.
8 oz. ca n crushed p in ea p p le
V2 pint p a stry c r e a m
V 4 cu p m a rm a la d e, ja m o r je lly
Drain the juice from the pine­
apple and save it to use for some­
thing else, or just drink it. Whip
the cream until stiff. Blend the
cream with the drained pineapple
and the marmalade, jam or jelly.
By varying the kind of jam used
the whole tone or flavor of the
cream can be changed, and you
will find any flavor blends well
with the pineapple. Serve the pine­
apple cream over slices of the'
chosen cake.
ly woven navy blue cotton mate­
rial is used and the seamlines are
outlined with heavy cream colored
cable cord. If you would like a
gayer color scheme, use red cord
with navy blue. Cream or yellow
cord with brown material also
makes an attractive cover.
A curved candlewick tufting
needle such as is shown here at
the lower right is good to use for
sewing the cord in place. Thread
about size 8 or 10 to match the
cord should be used. The needle
shown is really a medium size ver­
sion of an upholsterer’s needle
which is another piece of sewing
equipment that you will find use­
ful if you like to renovate old fur­
So often mystifying technical
details stand in the way of mak­
ing things that would add beauty
and comfort to your home. It is
with this in mind that Mrs. Spears
wrote and illustrated her book,
SEWING, for the Home Decora­
tor. With clear sketches and text
it explains the simplest and most
professional methods of making
new slipcovers, correctly styled
curtains, difficult dressing tables,
shades and dozens-of other things
that will give your rooms new
charm and freshness. This book
will save you many dollars. Read­
ers wishing a copy may address
Mrs. Spears, 210 So. Desplaines
St., Chicago, 111., enclosing 25
cents (coins preferred) and a
copy of the book will be sent post­
paid, by return mail.
CINCE 1906 automobile prices
^ have been reduced fully 300
per cent, values have been dou­
bled or trebled, in manufactur­
ing and selling jobs have been
provided for more than 3,000,-
000 people. Advertising created
the demand that made these
things possible.
Pepsodent Tooth Powder and Paste A L O N E contain this
thrilling new luster discovery
• It will make your eyes open wide I . . .
W h en you see your ow n smile reveal
teeth that glisten and gleam with all their
glorious natural luster . . . after you’ve
nsed Pepsodent containing Irium I
Stubborn, clinging surface-stains are
New Eyes of the
TN 1940 a new telescope will be
installed on Mount Wilson, in
California. It is believed this 200-
inch eye will show objects only 30
feet apart on the moon, and pho­
tographs taken through the tele­
scope will give us some astronom­
ical discoveries as important as
those made by Galileo. To mod­
ern astronomers the camera is
as necessary as the telescope to
“ see” the universe accurately.
The principle of the telescope
was not discovered by Galileo, but
he made use of it immediately.
On a trip to Venice in 1609—the
same spring Henry Hudson sailed
for the New\ world—Galileo heard
about a telescope. He heard that
Hans Lippershey, a Dutch spec­
tacle-maker, happened one day to
sight a wekthervane through two
of his lenses at once. The aston­
ished maker of eyeglasses saw the
cock on the church steeple grow
larger in size and turn himself up­
side down. With this news Galileo
went home to Padua and began
making telescopes. The satellites
of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and
the mountains of the moon cam e'
through his lead pipe with glass
ends. Sixty years later Newton in­
vented a telescope with a mirror.
This reflecting type has proved
the most capable of being built in
large sizes.
The camera and its use in as­
tronomy would surprise Galileo
and Newton more than the size of
our giant telescopes. The cam­
era’s eye shows no errors caused
by human excitement and visual
fatigue. All the actions and ob­
jects in the heavens—eclipses, spi­
ral nebulae, and cyclones across
the sun—are observed and record­
ed by light-sensitive chemicals
through eyes of glass.
© B ritann ic a Ju n ior.
Ruling of the Judge
Cut Both Ways
»An Irishman, in court as a wit­
ness to a shooting affray, on being
asked by the judge if he had seen
the shot fired, replied, “ No, sir, I
only heard the shot.”
The judge told the man that
such evidence was of no use. Upon
leaving the stand the m a n
laughed. The judge called him
back and told him he had a mind
to fine him for contempt of court.
“ But did you see me laugh?”
asked the man.
“ No, but I heard you,” growled
the judge.
“ But we have just been told
that such evidence is of no use,”
replied the fellow.
“ Next witness,” barked the judge.
Catapulting Airplanes
Quality Up, Price Down
To Prevent Egg-Eating
It is not good practice to feed
chickens broken eggs. They acquire
the habit of egg-eating very readily
and some birds can puncture the
shell of sound eggs. In preventing
the flock from getting started at
egg eating, says a writer in the
Boston Globe, it is best to screen
the roosts so that broken eggs will
be out of their way and that they
are not getting a taste of them,
Adequate litter should be kept in
the nest to prevent breakage. The
dark front nest also prevents egg
eating from getting started, and a
close watch can be kept over the
flock for birds that show evidence
of egg eating as indicated by yolk
m a terial on the beak.
A Quiz With Answ ers
Offering Information
on Various S u b jects
gently brushed away—as Pepsodent c<
taining Irium goes to Work! It wo:
speedily, thoroughly, t o o . . . yet is a&
J u t e ly s a fe ! Contains NO
ICE. T ry it yourself!
There are two methods of cata­
pulting airplanes off ships—the
gunpowder catapult and the com­
pressed air catapult.
These devices work in much the
same way as does a sling shot.
The plane is placed on a car
which is on a track on the deck of
a ship. The releasing of com­
pressed' air or of gunpowder at
the back of thé plane assists it to
pick up the necessary flying speed.