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DIZZY DRAMAS — N ow P la yin g “ H IS F R A U "
By Joe Bowers
I wonder wht,t you
tkink oF
And tùli tke little.
tkou§V\t5 Ive >prvm§.
Ok, gentle ret-der,
p le a s e b e k in d j
1 rrytjy im prove —
1m v e r y yovnd.
rA J
WNU Service.
H ow Often Should Your
Furniture Be Polished?
Housewives differ on the ques­
tion of “ when to polish their furni­
ture.” Some have no set time for
it—polishing when they think of it
—or when, casting a glance about,
they decide that the furniture can
“ stand it.” Others, polish every
cleaning day—which ordinarily
occurs once a week. Others dedi­
cate but one day a year to this
important procedure. And still
others, polish the furniture in
their home regularly, once a
month. This last group is the
largest—but their schedule- is not
sufficiently frequent. Furniture
can not be polished too often!
True, the outward benefit of the
best oil polish—the luster—will
last through a single week—and
more—but this same polish, with
its light oil base, preserves and
“ feeds” the furnitureC/revives it,
prolongs its life! So that every
application is highly beneficial to
woodwork and the various pieces
of fine wood in the hpme. Our
advice, therefore, for the sake of
endurance, as well as appear­
ance, of your furniture, is “ polish
up” with a good oil polish at least
twice a month!
More women use O-Cedar
Polish and Mops than
any other kind-
fot furniture,
and floors.
Joy or Grief
Contentment furnishes constant
joy. Much covetousness, constant
grief.^ To the contented even pov­
erty is joy. To the discontented,
even wealth is a vexation.
For Chest Colds
Distressing cold in chest or throat,
never safe to neglect, generally eases
up when soothing, warming Mus-
terole is applied.
Better than a mustard plaster,
Musterole gets action because it’s
NOT just a salve. It’s a “ counter*
irritant”—stimulating, penetrating,
and helpful in drawing out local con­
gestion and pain.
Used by millions for 30 years.
Recommended by many doctors and
nurses. All druggists’ . In three
strengths: Regular Strength, Chil­
dren s (mild), and Extra Strong. Ap­
proved by Good Housekeeping.
Shining Qualities
Many individuals have, like un­
cut diamonds, shining qualities
beneath a rough exterior.—Ju­
Copr. 1987. Stara» lag.
j ^ E W YORK.—Many years ago,
in South America, this writer
was always hearing somebody mut­
ter “ Perros!” (dogs), as he passed
by. It expressed
Propaganda dislike of all North
Trick Hurt
Americans. Upton
U. S. Trade Sinclair’ s
“ The J u n g 1 e,”
about the Chicago packing houses,
had been carefully mistranslated, in
a widely circulated version, which
made multitudes of South Ameri­
cans believe all North Americans
ate dogs. Even in remote jungle
towns, I found European trade
scouts and salesmen making dili­
gent use of the book. It was the
neatest trade propaganda trick of
the century.
The one-sided battle has contin­
ued through the decades. Late re­
ports are that South American ra­
dio stations are belting Uncle Sam
with everything at hand, and, to
the same degree, apostrophizing It­
aly, Germany and Japan.
«F or this reason, there appears
to be more than meets the eye
in the printed story of our new
airwave rearmament, and the
assignment of a new short-wave
channel for broadcasts to South
With Secretary Hull, Dr. L. S.
Rowe, director general of the Pan-
Àmerica» union, pleads for “ strong­
er cultural ties” in the first broad­
cast. Spanish translations follow
the English version.
While all this is in the name of
“ peace and good-will,” and official
announcements carry no hint of a
defensive propa-
Radio Aida
ganda war, it ap-
in Fighting
pears to be the an-
U. S. Smear swer—perhaps the
only possible re­
ply—to the widespread smearing
campaign against the U. S. A. in
Latin American countries.
The sixty-six-year-old Dr. Rowe
is a happy choice to head Ameri­
ca’s “ cultural,” if not propaganda,
outreach in this direction. He has
become widely known and decidedly
persona grata in South America in
his 32 years of pleading and prose­
lyting for solidarity, friendship and
understanding in the Americas.
He has fraternized with South
Americans more than any other
northerner, lecturing, writing,
evangelizing and expounding bis
doctrines of friendly co-opera­
tion—always on the high plane
of cultural and intellectual inter­
course. He has been head of the
Pan-American union since 1920,
succeeding John Barrett.
begins at forty for Gracie
Fields, English Musió Hall ac­
tress, who curtsies to the king and
becomes a commander of the Order
of the British Em-
Jane Alger
pire. It is another
Career of
Jane Alger story,
Stage Star
this tale of the
Lancashire m i l l
girl who became the highest-paid
entertainer in the world.
Her earnings from her 5,000,000
gramophone records, and from the
stage and cinema have reached
$750,000 a year.
She lives simply with her
mother, who manages her af­
fairs, and never has anything
more than pocket money. Ev­
ery so often she visits Rochdale,
the mill town where she sang
for pennies at the age of seven,
and has a rollicking time, sing­
ing for her old friends.
She was a “ half-timer” in the
cotton mills, half the day in school
and half at work.
In 1930, she made a brief appear­
ance at the Palace theater in New
York. It wasn’t
A cf Spoiled
much of a suc-
by Fear of
She ex-
Gum-Chewers plained afterward
that she had been
warned in England that entire audi­
ences in America chewed gum to­
gether and in time, with dreadful
facial contortions. This frightened
her and spoiled her act.
She was glad to land safely in
England, where she is widely be­
loved and known as “ Good Old Gra­
Just a few days before her forti­
eth birthday, she returned home
from a party at four o’clock in the
morning. The milkman, the police­
man on the Beat and a street-
sweeper ceremoniously handed her
a morning paper with her name in
the king’s honor list.
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WNU Service.
Food Trovides the Key to
Mental and Physical Power
You Can Be Strong, Beautiful, Wise, Rear Healthy Children
Only If You Know How to Combine the
_ Right Food Materials in the Diet
6 E ast 39th Street, New York.
INCE the w orld began, food has been m an’ s first con­
sideration* F or it he has fought and died. To find it he
has traveled over great continents and braved unknown
dangers. His quest fo r food has changed the m ap o f the
w orld and colored the history o f nations. But in all of these
historic struggles, he has been m otivated solely by the desire
to get enough food to satisfy hunger.
Today, actual hunger is rare. But hundreds of thousands of
people starve in the midst of plenty because they do not realize the
tremendous power of food for good or for evil.
They do not realize that as a m an eats, so he is, and that
his ch oice of food m aterials gives or takes aw ay the pow er
to Jive vigorously—to think clearly—to feel w arm ly—to be
strong, healthy and wise.
It can be truly said that
been discovered to date— A , B,
your food is your fate. It has
C, D, E and G.
the pow er to shape your body
6. WATER which is a part of
all body tissue and must be
—to m ake it strong and beau­
present in order to have the
tiful, or weak and ugly. It has
other food elements function
the pow er to influence your
language, yoiSPrgait, your tone
The ideal dietary is one that in­
o f voice, in short—your life. cludes a correct proportion of the
With the right food, life be­ different food elements required
com es a glorious adventure, to supply bodily needs without any
of them being supplied in excess,
for it increases your leader­ or in insufficient amounts.
ship, intensifies your m ag ­
Food Can Make or Mar.
netic qualities, strengthens your
morale, ¿md increases your physi­
cal defenses and resistance.
Food—the Fuel of Life.
The body machine cannot be
run efficiently without proper food
fuel any more than a car could
be run without gas, or a house
could be heated without oil, coal
or wood.
Food also has the power to speed up
or slow down the workings o f the mind.
It likewise influences the state o f our
nerves, the warmth of our affections, the
type o f characters we possess.
Finally, the power to have
strong, healthy children is based
on proper food. And nutritional
scientists have discovered that
the wrong food can even take
away from us the greatest bless­
ing that Nature has bestowed—
our earthly immortality. For it
can deprive us of the ability to
bear children who will carry on
after we are gone.
Six Groups of Food Substances.
What food substances are neces­
sary to build and maintain top
health—to develop the greatest
physical and mental power?
1. PROTEINS which build
and repair body tissues. These
are found in such foods as
milk, eggs, meats, fish, cheese
and nuts.
2. FATS which yield heat
and energy. The fats are rep­
resented by butter, cream, oils
and the fat of meats.
starches and sugars. These
also supply heat and energy,
and are found chiefly in such
foods as bread, potatoes, cere­
als and sweets.
4. MINERALS which build,
repair, protect and regulate.
Among the minerals which are
absolutely necessary to health
and vigor are calcium, phos­
phorus, iron, copper, iodine,
sulphur, manganese, magne­
sium, sodium and potassium.
These are found in varying
amounts in milk, eggs, fruits,
vegetables, whole grain cere­
als and meats.
5. VITAMINS which are nec­
essary for body regulation, and
as a protection against dread
deficiency diseases. Six have
There are many striking ex­
amples of the power of food to
make or mar existence. I could
cite hundreds of laboratory ex­
periments, many of which have
been confirmed by clinical ex­
Nor is this power of food to af­
fect mental activity confined to
prenatal life. Even if a child en­
ters this world with a strong body
and a clear mind—the wrong food
during childhood has the power
to wreck health.
Investigation after investiga­
throughout the country, has prov­
en that a surprising percentage of
retarded children—those who can­
not keep up with thfeir school
grades—do not really have infe­
rior minds. They only seem stu­
pid because the action of their
minds is clogged and slowed down
by sluggish, under-fed bodies.
C. Houston Goudiss, outstanding
food authority, author, and radio
lecturer, author of “ What to Eat
and Why.” He knows food from
soil to serving, from table to tis­
sue. Watch for his articles each
follow will be better or worse
than those that went before, de­
pends largely upon what you eat.
Within a few hours the bread,
meat, vegetables and liquids that
you swallow are transformed into
your person ality They begin to
think, feel and a f t a T h e y become
YOU. What w a s^ R d yesterday,
today is carrying ’on the impor­
tant business of the world.
Each meal that you eat helps or hin­
ders the efficiency and ease with which
these various duties are performed.
That is why it is true that as you eat, so
you are. And that is why I say that three
times a day, at your table, you SIT
© WNU.—C. Houston Goudiss— 1938.
SmoJteM- knout tUati
Menthol Cough Drops 5 0
Physical fitness is a far greater asset
than material possessions. For in times
o f stress and trouble, those who can
stand up under the physical strain win
the battle. For those who collapse, all
is lost.
Business demands thorough
training in business essen­
tials. That’s why the popu­
lar choice is Behnke-Walker.
The Homemaker’ s Responsibility.
Every wife and mother is there­
fore faced with the tremendous
responsibility of keeping her fam­
ily mentally and physically fit.
Her husband must have the right
kind of food in order to earn a
living. Her own diet must be
adequate and well-balanced if
she is to have the energy, wis­
dom, and patience required of a
mother at all hours of the day.
Her baby will not grow into a
healthy man or woman unless he
or she has the right nourishment
from the moment of birth. And
school children can’t keep up with
their classes without the right
If you will follow tnis series of
articles, and put into practice the
principles of correct eating that
I advocate, I can promise that
you will increase both mental and
physical efficiency, and as a re­
sult, achieve greater health and
happiness for every member of
your family.
Food Affects Your Body and Mind
Each morning when you awake,
a new life is ahead of you.
Whether that day and the days to
Write fo r particulars
1022 S. W. Salmon St, Portland, Ore.
U tcSpetiafa
You can depend on the spe­
cial sales the merchants of
our town announce in the
columns of this paper .They
mean money saving to our
readers. It always pays to
patronize the merchants
who advertise. They are
not afraid o f their mer­
chandise or their prices.