The Aurora borealis. (Aurora, Or.) 19??-1909, December 31, 1908, Image 3

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Published ctctt Thursday fcy
GEO. W. DIXON, Proprietor.
One year (in advance)...... .$1 (0
Six months. 50
Advertising rates made known
upon application to the office.
Harness Gloves, Trunks
Suit-cases, ValiSeS, and
Telescopes, itf
Aurora Oregon
W. S. -HURST & CO.
Wholesale Dealers in Wh;at, Oats, Hops, Potatoes, Onion,
Onion Set, Green and Dried Fruits, Oregon Grape Root
and Cascara Bark. Highest Market Price paid for all
kind of Produce, Etc. Branch Offices at Hubbard and
Canby. Sole agents for Hallock O. K. Potato Digger.
W. S Hurst .-Company
John Stalnaker, Manager Canby Warehouse.
Aurora, Ou.JhursXiy, Dec. 31,1908
. ii '. 1 '.
: Plsolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that
thfeiirmof Dixon & Hoskinson
is mutually disolved, and Mr.
, Dixon is the sole 'owner of the
The Borealis. All patrons are
notified not to contract any ob
ligations cr pay .Any bills lo any
one without, written authority
from Mr. Dixon.
The Aurora Borealis, "
Geo. W. Dixon, Owner.
Dec. 31. 1908.
New Year Greeting.
The old year is gone and we
hail with renewed hope and en-
thuiasmthe advent of the new.
fWe rnight have accomplished
mnw Murine tlin rncf 10 mnrtKo
but tittle fcV'regret or with tho increase of tro rest of j -
meiansiuny rejieciion. iet us iuuj
fnrcrc.k mir HrirJt nf nm?Js!nn nrA There are 112 theatres and two
profit by. our mistakes, Ty trying grand opera houses seating about
fn ni'ni similar fine in
'ture - ' About forty-live thousand mar-
We hayo made good progress ria2es are solemnized every year,
th last vi.flr. Tt has hem s,1nw one in eyory eleven minutes.
In 1885 New York had only
beginning of greater tasks and twenty-eight millionaires, now it
.ho nnmnHshmpnta hWpr has over two thousand.
purposes. Qvep 476,000.000 gallons of
. This newspaper will continue water are used every day in the
to do its utmost for the best in- Sweater cuy.
toasts of all. W bavfl faith in A child is born every four mm
our town, our county and our utesanda death occures. every
state. Most of all. we have seven minutes.
faith in our people, and we are The city contains 8000 lawyers,
confident of their loyal support 5,000 actors, 3,000 actresses, 6,
000 artists. 10.000 musicians, 15,
We wish to express our earnest 000 stenographers, 6,900 sales-
wish for a hannv and nrosnerous men f.nd saleswomen, iarm
lraav fn all Mir vuolara I PXS. 1.600 undertakers and 852
J (.1 4V1 C4A wUi tlMUVld. I '
- --" - -- ' female barbers.
There are many attractions No. 1 Wall street is considered
for the homeseeker in this com- the highest priced property in
munity, and we have received a the United States. Several years
goodly share of them during the atro it ' sold for $700 a square
past year. Nothing helps a com- foot and Is taxed by the city at
tf Uit tht Contrary.
Bessie was just fl tils Lin her break
fast ? r-apa stooped to klsa Ler befort
going downtown. The HtUe 00 crare
Ij took up her napkin and wiped her
"What Bessie." said her father.
"wiping away para's ktes?"
"Oh, no,H said ehe, looking up, with
t sweet smile; "I's wubblng It ln.M
A Bad 8ptll.
'Toor Jack I Ho never could spell,
and It ruined hlra."
"lis wrote a terse to an heiress b
was In love with and he wrp? t;if
for bonrv
Frank E. Dodge
All kinds of building done at
moderate figures. All work
guaranteed first class in
every particular
Plans and Specifications For
nished Upon Application'
No matter what size building
you want I can nx you out.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
munity more than attractive li- a little over $4 per spuare inch.
terathrd discrifjtive of its soil. The transient hotel copulation
HirnW: resources, and onnor- u fio-nred at 250.000 teonle a ' J If.SettIemlr. Trts. George 6. Binjhm,V.rrt$
tunties. let'Wall boot for a dayr Tlo hotel properties are 1. fi. roorman, dier.
greater town, a greater fCounty valued at a little over $80,000,-
in? 'tt orVonfpr fif ntP- ' v 1 1 rwV '&,mnnoa MarrnTino
The legislature will soon con
vene in bienniel
t-!' r' 1 U
Bank of- Woodburn
EstablUhei 1890
id TegslSn"? ne Polan( China anc? Perkir-e I Capital and gurplus over $0,PO0
uld devote their WP1 L&1 jjS? I Interest Paid on Time Deposits
.. .. L . from $1.00 UP. First class stock. I -
deration p!fim lronVTrfpr. cliff Farm. I Woodburn - - Oregon
members should
time to tho consideration
nortant lesrislature. This they
...111 HaiiW Hs oa (ha cantfnr.
ial question was settled "by the For first class Nurgery Stock
i . -i.' s . i .i,v.nnii n onto m nrnn.
people at the poii3 last June. suawuvuj m--.
Every njaj) who signed state- dress a. u. iwee. y .
mem o , u u im uuhk vu with
ao-sianu Dy nis pieuge. i z . nnA huK
IyiUCt v"'"-"1 " --t
trtn fro with everv crier for
land is noted for it inability toL,'a ' a l ar enprial nrices on
I OLaiii, iiwf w f
catch a crimal or prevent a enlargements until January 1st,
crime. We wonder if the peo-hooo. onlv. ' '
C. W. Damm, Photographer,
pie don't often question the ne
cessity of maintaining so many
men in the publics ervice. They
all draw feulrsries and wear expen
aive uniform
Canby, Cregon.
For Sale-'A newsidgle wagon
land a Cream Separator. . ror
Vesuvius is. on another ram- particulars inquire at this ofiice
. .
ino poor peasantry 01
tac:e. ino poor
Italy are suffering untold horrors
from Molten lavy fire and ashes.
It seems as if hell had broken
loose, sure enough, when Ves
uvius has an eruption.
Some Wonders of New York
Over two hundred and fifty
thousand people work at night.
Coney Island is sometimes
visited by five hundred thousand
people a day.
There are 132 department
stores employing over ten thous
and people.
The population is now 4,800-
of Titles . .
U.S. Nat. Bank Bid. Salem, Ore.
S. W. Thompson & Co.
Watches, Diamonds, Jewel
ry and Solid .Silverware
Fine Watch Pvepairing a Specialty
Also Optical Work
R. S. Coe still has a few gooa , CommcrU,
1a fVr cnlp. He Will alSO Street
make you some cider if you wjsh
and he has pure cidar vinegar
for sale at 25 cents a gallon ana
a postal card will bring him to
your notice.
For all kinds of nursery stock
rail or address Chas. Roth, Can-
by, Oregon, representing the
Russclville Nursery Co. Prices
Reasonable. 10-9-tf
7 per cent allowed o;t all money I
left witn me to loan. rarni
Salem, Or.
Charles H. Hinges
It is my business to correct Eye
Troubles, and do grinding of
Lenses. Satisfaction guaranteed.
123 N. Commercial SU Stm, Ore.
loans a speciality. Abstracts
nnn T rmrWs nonulation is 500- furnished. Grant B. Dimick,
Aurora Drug Store
Complet Stock of Fresh Drugs
Prescriptions A Specialty
mm I
Overcoats and Raincoats
1 1".
Hand-tailored, all tb'ts Seafon's Fabrics. Eqiwl in EVERY
WAY to the Garments sold in ether stores at $20 to $25.
A look at our windows will convince you of the truth o
this statement,
Portland, Oregon
and Oak
Aurora Fruit, Garden and
Berry Tracts
each one fronting on anopen road leading to Aurora.
Each Tract Has Deep, Rich Soil
EachTractHas Fine, Natural Drainage
Each Tact Has a Slightly Elevated Building one
A few have tracts Beaverdam soil suitable ror v,nio,
Many of the tracts are suitable tor gardening
Many of the tracts are suitable for poultry raising
Many of the tracts are suitable for fruit and perry faring
Many of the tracts have timber for fuel
f the tracts will make a desireblo home for spm! one; on tho main line
Each and every on of these tract? wm n wa
M, e iv,m T'irifiC C103C tO a gOOU SCnWI n uujV....,.r, v
S! jtnlwuLUo rncrcha.U to looU ,tur the o, yor product.
Prices Range from $65 to $150 per acre.
Buy NOW as the prices will Advance s
We will be pleased to snow you uw umu. . i-
tJ . J. L lloskinsou,
Fred P. Hurst, n
Canby, Ore.
Aurora, Ore.
or A. V. Will, Bank Building, Aurora, uregon
000 more, but New York is grow- Oregon City, Oregon.
ing seven times a3 fast as the :
British metropolis and should be- For Sale. A number of young
come the largest city in the hogs from one to two month old.
oerld Inside of ten years. The! S. B. Berg
fctfcm increasing at the n-j Black WrinutFam
tion of five to one, compared' Lanow, re
Dr, A. F. dt Lcspirassc
Office on C street next to Tribune
" oflfico
Is Your Property For Sale?
IJR. GRAFFW-Ustcopatn rny-i
gician. lias opened ofTicc ro-nis
in J. W. Cook's building. V(1
burn, Ore. Can be seen there
every day in the week, except
i Sundays,
We want your poultry, dred
hos and veal. Can always get
you top market price. Will pay
yju every Week.
W. T. Ti'RNF.n & Co.,
141 Front St., Portland, Or,
i iUUrcnce: Ladd & Tilton BanK