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l:;.'u. A!3) LOCAL--
Grace Thompson of Needy
iv.' i i i Aurora Sunday.
Mrs. ElissKeil visited Wood
turn Saturday. ,
Chris Gic3y and family spent
Xmas with Portland friends. '
Geo. Ojjlesby went to Portland
Mrs. Mrjtha Giesy and chil-
tiren viitoo, Portland Thursday.
Mr! i and Mrs. Frank Yergen
were in town'Monday.
. Clyde Haven of Estacada is
visiting friends here.
Mis3 Ella Draekett is the est
of Portland relatives.
Jack Kerr was Riving his
friends a glad hand Thursday.
Cues: of relatives here Sunday.
Miss Tillie and Andy Fry spent
Monday at Portland.
Ed Herron wa3 over from
Woodburn Tuesday.
Santy Claui came one ni;
learli' : to Charles Oyders th in
I - ll I L . L
' uiiicr pmct oeausc 01 nis nu
i ...
merous engagements. A tree
crectod i,im and all of Mr.
Snyjlera chil Iron :.' and frand
childrcrv'.c r?. 'i,tny to Kive ; him
a hentji; rejitfon. St. Nick was
Ir.vUU; y.itli -his j;ifts and every
body fronr the oldest to the little
tots went home Isdened with
Mrs. Kate Tout, at one time a
resident of Aurora, vas buried
al Woodburn Saturday after
noon. Mrs. Tout made many
freinds during her residence
here, and her death at Fresno,
California, where she had just
gone on a visit, came as a great
shock. Her body wan shipped
back to Woodburn that she
rrightbo laid to rest beside her
husband and children.
m . 4 b .
vs j
Rev. T. T. Vincent preached a
very interesting sermon at the
Presbyterian church Sabbath
evening, appropriate for the
present season. He will speak
in the evening of every second
and fourth Sund.iv of thn month
HC TT t .. I
1urs.i1. u. nvans or Uuttcville and. desires to he nreprefl hv a
A m t " J
was in Aurora 1 uesaay. iarge congregation.
v 'Henry Ehlen arid wife went to
Tl a I ' 1 ' 1
oruana uesaay, -. pirst ifcsbvierian Church!
T T 1 TlficViln.. a. Ilnlkn.l . I ATTnrvn rrr
' : 1 . . I
on our ureeia Monday, Preaching service 2nd and 4th
ina. iium uctjvu 1a iiome 1 rom ,ju,iuaJ' uA h niunui i.ov j. in.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Will Jr.
spent Xmas at Needy,
Jimmy Miller has returned to
Delbert Yergen was in Aurora
Mrs. h. G. Carpendcr and
family spent Xmas day with Mr.
Y. P. S. C. E. on 1st and 3rd
Sunday. All are welcome.
T. T. Vincent, Pastor.
"The Life In Washington Wat Net a
Happy Time For Har.
lira. Johnsou was bo much of nn In-
vaMtl that outside of Intimate fnmUy
friend very few knew her. She ap
peared lily twU-e la tmMIc during her
How did Chris'.mai weather
strike you?
Mr. Loyd Parkts and wife
spent Christmas in Portland.
Gen. Ed. Finzer of Portland
is visiting hisbrother Dr. Finzer.
F. Emerie of Medford is isit
ing at the home of L. M. Hitncv.
Mavir Walker is confined to
hi3 bed with an attack of
ra'gia, but. is Letter now.
Mrs. T. L. Iilackmah' is conf n
ed to her bed with - a slight at
tack of pneumonia.
Frank Johnson of Portland
is visiting his parents. during tl e
Mr. L. M. .Pitney and family
spent Christmas with Mr. F.
Yerxen in liuttville.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Grover of
Eugene spent Christmas with
the lather's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Francis Feller.
The body of Mrs. Kate Tout,
who died at Fresno, Cal., arriv
ed Dec. 2G. The funeral wes
held at the M. E. Church at i
p. m.
Mrs. T. L. Blackman enter
tained a few of her relatives in
her home Christmas afternon.
Ihe guests were Mrs. M. E.
Armcs, Albert Armes and wife,
P. Armes, Miss Lola Armes, and
Mrs Cosh aw.
Grandma Uoynton fractured
her hips while walking across
h?r room. She is still alive, but
very low. Her birthday was a
few days ago. She was Xti tat s
old. Though very sick the was;
onscious enough to talk al out
and Mrs. Charles ItothatCanbv. husband's administration. Still, her la-
" I . I 14
.... , t , fluence was a Birong one, arm u wi
MISS Orletta and John Kraus exerted lo the direction of tolerntlon
arc home from Salem for the ,nd gentleness.- A slight movement of
hnlirliva nor hands, a touch on her husband's
I . ttVrtw Andpnar" mnln I r PAR
III ill 1 a Aiwnj " I J
Miss Grace Smith of Salem is 600 that tbe woman Lo hRd .h',peJ
spending a few week with her glY(sn Ler health to his aerrice, -who
Sister here. had taught him to write nnd had read
M'f A fa T t c? 11 to him through long winter evenings
r. and Mrs. J. W. Sadler are ln MlA tft,ior .hon that his active
spending their holidays at the mind might be fed vnllo he was pras
Dan Moore. - tlclns his trade still held Her place in
A , bis life. -She -was a sweet racea wo
Andrew Thompson and wife man who showed traces of beauty
Of Tortland are Visiting relatives through the sharpened lines caused by
tue old rasnioneu cuuuuiiuiu uu-u
was wearing Lor out Her fuce was
not uullke that of fl late Mrs. lie-
Klnlcy. The death of her eldest son
. . ti-ft. 1
"was Q MOW irom viiuca biio uvvrr
fully recovered. Tho life In Washing
ton was not a happy tlmo for hor. She
toM ino herself that she was far more
content when her husband was nn In
dustrious young tailor. '-William Jl
Crook la Century. ' '
Slsm Time
into Kvn&y
Your par tlrat I' worth
money to you if yoa know how
lo cth ;t. By our ivtteia of
educatloa br tniU yon can
ciualiiy. without lo cl tlm
from your wc, lor any
ponltion In th coupon
Fill out ana una
lo the coupon
fc WM-9 V
t v - r - ,
1 Our Kind
Wm?ifM Glotlies
1 1 r rw - ' tf v
'"'gjj ' f M BMM 4
... w
International Corresponncc Schools
Box 293. rortlani, Oreeon.
P;ei;e ezcUln. without (ur'.h-r obligation on
my prt, howl can qulily for a larger salary
la tbe position before which I have marked X
AiviMmrat Wrltfi
ShowCird Wiir
Winlow Trimmer
Co"i3ircUl Lw
I In.trttir
Civil Srrvic
H'chlcil Diiitimii
Tlr;hon En inter
Eire. 1 lhticf Supt
lfch. Encinccr
Plumber k Mm Fitter
SlitiaaAry EnftBecr
SuilJinf Cortrirtor
Arcliittd'l D.-'u n.i
S'Tvr-"' Err.Btir
mm -assF'sassjssBMaBBaasBiwHBfjssjsJBiasisj
Name .
St. and No.
Cily State
Tho Tanner's Wifo
ts very careful about her ihurn.
at Needy.
1 ' Y T n 1
iirs. u. 1. anyaer was a
Portland hound passenger Tucs
dy morning.- "
Mr3. Geo. Yergen and daugh-
tor' :Nora" 'we're Aurora' visitors
Wednesday; ' ' ' ' f "
Di-l A- Stark and wife of Al
bany are visitinjj their daughter
Miss Hazel Giesy was
from Thursday until
with her parents.
JJr. and Mrs. Karl Gribblo of
Portland visited Aurora relatives
from Thursday until Sunday,
A Weidgard left Saturday for
California to be gone for several
Niibar Pasha and the Pipss.
Booh after the occupation of Cairo
by tho Prlfish troops the lato Nuhar
I'usha took a prodigious faucy to the
t-juelc of the Wack Vatch nnd had the
Sunday Idea of having a servant taught the
Use of tho bagpipes, isuoar aispatcnea
n 'French friend, who. spoke English
very well, to Intervlow a ptper on tho
n.tnald renlled: "Weel. he mlcht
learu or he mlcht no'. Bit, let me tell
ye, It needs wind an mlckle strength
too PU tho bag o' the pipes an' keep
Mawln'. Sae tf yln o' thae Fgyptlan
rhapH took tho Job on he'd need tao bo
bandaged a' ow're like yln 0' thae auld
Miss NettlO Miller camo homo mummies, of maybe he'd burst Mm
'1LU convernatlon was reported to
Nubnr, ho took tho piper's rrmurks
seriously. So lie gave up the Idea cf
having a sklrUr attached to hU houno-
bold, as tho uso cf the bagpipes was
attonded with tho prcupect of such
danger to tho performer. Westminster
from Monmouth Wednesday for
the Xmas holidays.
Henry Beck is almost helpless
with rheumatism and has been
confined to his bed for several
Mis-,; Lilln Irvi'n i vlqUIno- hr
i.. H .. 1 ti. nr I vrpn si
I1'1 11 ir. !Uiu iirs. . . rmm tii atu.1t of clouds nn official
Irvin and enjoyed a rest during of tho Unlte.1 States weather bureau
concludes that ordinary cyclones
wMch traverse cur country from west
to east are not more than two or three
Ui!''- It depth, although their diameter
U uuinj hundreds of miles, ln other
words, their motion does not affect the
l.pjer regions of th atmosphere. n
the case of hr.rrlcares this authority
fl-ds that thi depth is greater, amount
ing to as much as five or six miles.
F.ut hlher currents low dlrect'y
aero" ' the cyclnnlo and antlcyclonle
aren which prtxU-.N storms and fulr
weather nt tho surface of tlia earth
CL!oag. Inter Dct-au,
scald) it thoroughly after uing, and gives
It a sun bath to sweeten It. bho knows
that If her churn ls sour it will taint the
butter that ls made In It. The stomach ls
s churn. In tho stomach and digestive
and nutritive tracts are performed pro
cesses which aro almost exactly like the
churning of butter. Is It not apparent
then that If this stomach-churn is foul It
mkg foul all which U put Into It?
Tho evil of a foul stomach Is not alone
tho bad taste In the mouth and the foul
breath caused by It, but the corruption of
(.ho purs current of blood and the dissem
ination of disease throughout the body.
Ir. I'lerco's Oolden Medical Discovery
makes the sour and foul stomach sweet.
It dos for the stomach what tho waiting
and sun bath do for thechurn absolutely
removes every tainting or corrupting ele
ment. In this way It cures blotches,
pimple, eruptions, scrofulous swelling,
sores, or opn eating ulceri and all
humors or diseases arising from bad blool.
If you have bitter, nasty, foul taste In
your mouth, coated tongue, foul breath,
are weak and easily tired, feed depressed
and despondent, havo fretjtient headaches,
dizzy attacks, gnawing or distress In stom
ach, constituted or Irregular bowels, sour
or litter risings after eating and poor
appetite, these symptoms, or any consider
ablenumhTrof them, Indicate that you aro
sun crma irom nuioudncss, lorpiu or inry
liver with the usual accompanying Indl-
estlon, or dyspepsia and their attendant
.The best agents known to medical scl
enco for tho cure of the ahovo symptoms
and conditions, as attested by the writings
of lending teachers and practitioner of
all tho several school of medical practice,
havo been skillfully and harmoniously
combined in Dr. I'lerco's tlohlen Medical
DNcovery. That till ls absolutely true
Will lie readily proven to your satisfaction
If you v. ill tint mall a postal card request
to Dr. 11. V. Pierce, KutTalo. N. Y., for a
free copy of his booklet of extracts from
iho standard mmlical authorities, giving
the names of all the Ingredients entering
Into his world-famed medicines nnd show
ing what tlx) most eminent medical men
of the ago say of them.
'atsla t A trlU Will
mua rou our Mruwifu, cuhiiuh.
11 tb ftnaM I TmvI t iplcndla 1 ttatoa, ( (mm Ttl.
WrUeito-day; j Mention this Paper.
.W. B'JCtoeJ, aocuroB.u.i
1 sriy
i 1
4 .W .il'T-.7
Mrs. CJeo. Kraus nr.d diugh-
ter Georgia and Mr. and Mrs.
J. . Sadler tlrovo over to
Woodburn to attend tho funeral
of Mrs. Tout.
Earnest Greenwood and familv
of Salt Liiko, Mr. and Mrs. Da
vid cnyder, Alta tiiey nna ron
Ilalph nnd Jits. John uicjy are
all visiting- anions their relatives
A preat many of our people en
joyed their Xma-; cheer in familv
renunions. Dr. W. W.' Giesy
and wife had their family all at
huine. Tl.viVill families, Gus,
Jorai and Anun all enjoyed nn
elaborate dinner v.-it'i Mis. L.
,Vill rrd dai.phtcis. Georp;'?
Tliilers' family were all at hone
once more.
A'VMiv 60 YEARS'
"IWn1 Cos'vmoMT Ac
AnTAnacenittnt S lit"h n,1 doTiptlnn m
qiilrklf ..rartmii enr iiiu. .11 frao l'f
Iii.oiiOoii i ri'htl i,iri' ",1. O minuiilr.
lloliOI,'t!f rtiilllilollllal. Hi" f. i '"I .'nt
awit fr. ' lo-t oiict l r mi. a vatioit.
I xionii l.hhvn iirmh Munu A lo. (-)tTi
Scientific Jiiitcricau. ,
A 1..-iml lilnMl1 wwklr t inut fir.
fnl.lnvi i. nnr n"lld t 'liriinl. Ti'.'ik. f t
Easy Mensy. j Vv
Theodora lloH irra one of the Oar- i
rlcL. ilah'i r..ot memlt.. lis j fi.--
.r.,!' Rrrtr,1 at thi cluh late In , A- .
the i-ftorvooa "neter went home f ' ' V
till morning.' Up hnd teen tcld ly j
the doctt's, he s-tli, to trold the night 1 Li;-
ilr A member or the chi !n Look s
time predicted th advent of tho mil
lennlum at t' e en 1 of thrrv jen
"AM rL-M." ir!ed Hook. 'T.lve !"-. i
fire pound r.ote ror. an t 1 t. U1 rery
jrga at tho v.Usnnlum."
- '.-: sj i ii. ci . u .ii.-t i
1 1 : : .............
crciat s t f g n
v ill ruJ r mI M eur
1 rt(. Nhn
I . .. 1 J. t-
ttt '.tl.T...... .
t ' 1' ' n-, t. k'. ti
- .K. r . urn
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A Saving
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uaing the akorteat route East.
There is but one short and
direct route between the
West and East
Southern Pacific
The O. R, & N,
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There it unurped though
fatt train service io Denver,
Omaha, Kanaas City, Chi
cago, with direct connec
tions to all point East apd
There is an abundance cf
matchlets scenery, and an
opportunity to makt a day-1
light stopover at Salt Loke 1
City if you desired. j
Let us tell you ell about ,
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HENRY I.. BENTS, Prei and Cashier.
Aurora State Bank
Transacts A General Banking Business
Capital $25,000
L. Bents, H. A. Snyder, W. S. Hurst, C. Kocher
J. II. Mi ley, A. A. Crisell, B. F. Giesy.
Four per cent interest paid on time deposits.
Collecticns'Carefully'Attended To. Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Aurora - - Oregon
Established 1901
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Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prevost of
Wcvdburn visited Mrs. Prevost
fUter Mrs. Jrfnes Buchholdcr
f,?r several days.
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