The Aurora borealis. (Aurora, Or.) 19??-1909, June 18, 1908, Image 3

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The Wilionville baseball nine
will play the Sherwc J White Sox
at Wilsonvillodn Sunday, June 21.
The occasion will be the eclebraU
e;l German picnic, where every
body in attendance is expected to
enjoy themselves to the limit.
Frank Miller went to Portland
on business Wednesday.
Miss Man' Schuman of Sani
Francisco visiting relative." in
Aurora and vicinity.
Otto Blosser had the misfor
tune tomutihte his finger white
working on a bugpry at Sam Mil
ler's livery stable last Thursday,
making it necessary for the doc
tor to lance it. He is unable to
do r.ny kind of work as a result.
COW FOR SALE One fresh
milch cow. E. W. Smidt, Auro
ra, Oregon., R. F. D. 3.
Fay Carpenter has accepted a
nosition with 0. H.' Smfth the
barber and is doing all kinds of
tonsorial stunts.
City Recorder Fry had the mis
fortune to lose his fine watch
while working in his hop yaid
Tillie Fry, Tillie Webert, Em
ma Snyder and Hattio vill f re
attending the Grand Lodge of the
Pythias Sisters at Portland this
Hon., G. Ii. Dijnicic and L. I.
Sliyder are the delegates frcm
Hermes, Lodge No. 5P to the
Grand Lodge of the Knights of
Pythias which convenes in Port
land this week.
At the annual school meeting
held Monday H, L. Rents was
elected director to serve for three
years and L. Webert was re-elected
clerk to serve for one year.
By unanimous vote of those
pn .-pnt a one mill tax was levied
r.pwu the taxable property of the
1) strict for general school pur-
A voto of thanks was extended
to Hon., Hal D. Pat ton of Salem
lor his kindness in donating a
fine U. S, 'Flag to N this School
Order your hop tickets early,
and you will be sure to get them
on time. The Borealis will con
tinue to print the best hop tickets
to be bad in the country.
Mr. McCullough, who has been
running a steamboat on.the Willa
mette for the past several years,
was in Aurora on business Wed
nesday. Mr. McCullough livts
across- the river opposite of
Hubbardvwill celebrate the
glorious Fourth. Th,e announce
ment says: "Jhq Cjrand old
, America fiagle will begin his
annual scrpam at dawn of day
and whoop it up until midnight."
George Gray of Miley's Land
ing was in town on business
J. M. Steward of e Needy
neighborhood was an Aurora vis
itor Wednesday.
J. Rasmussen of Elliott Prairie
was in town Wednesday.
John Wachtman of the Needy
Neighborhood, went to Portland
on 1 usines3 Thursday.
W. S. Hurst L Company are in
the market for all the wool and
mo' air they can get at their
wa houses at Aurora, Hubbard
am' Canby. They arjpayingthe
hiVl-.est market pices. Don't
fail : see them before selling.
F: d Will's new residence is
nea- ig completion.
Tii city has installed two;
str watering troughs for the
con' v ik-nee of the public.
J ! is Puree?, the Sulem hep
ma .. va in town Weenesday on
tu. ;:.vSS.
V y Voght lost about CO ieet
of ard fence by fire Mo'iday.
Th i Unn of the fire it unl nown,
bu ' i opposed that it inifcd
, from a li;rhfel cigar or cigarette
w hich omq one threw away.
W. 3. IIu-st shipped two car
loads of potatoes this week one
car from Aurora and one from
Hubbard. He will now devote
his time .tot. buying wool and
mohair. ' . ...
Mrs. 0. P. Higginbetham
spent Su.iday the guest of her
sister, Mrs. James Evans, of Can
Mi33 Lilla Irwin of Aurora r.Till
graduate from the State Univer
sity at Eugene next week. The
Commencement exercises begin
Sunday and continue until Wednesday.
League Will Meet
Next Wedncseay night is the
regular meeting night of the de
velopement league anditisderir
tl that as many citizens will turn
out as possible, especially the
The evening will be spent prin
cipally in discussing the cannery
question, and the committee will
complete information and will be
prepared to answer any question
on the matter.
Wilsonville Drug Store
Isrcrmanently located with a
full stock of pure Drugs, Chcm-J inspection
icals, and Patent Medicines.
Call and give me a trial, you w ill
find the prices right.
Prescriptions and Home Form
ulas a speciality.
L, F, DARBY, Proprietor.
Frank Steinbach, a farm ha'nd
of Harry Say, met with a serious
accident Sunday.1 x Mr. Say is
confined ttfto his bed with pneu
monia, 'so he sent tho man to take
the two little girls, aged 6 and 8
years, to he Children's Day ex
ercises at this place. When near
the church they met an antomo
ble which frightened the horse
so that he became unmanageable,
turning the buggy over and
throwing the occupants Co the
ground, fracturing the left arm
of the man, while the little girls
both lit on their heads. Mr. and
Mr3. Norman Say were in their
carriage nearby and assisted
them to the drug store of L. F.
Darby, where they were cared
for until Dr. Giesy of Aurora ar
rived and pronounced the fract
ure painful but not serious. The
little'girls were badly frightened
but were not injured in the least.
The five children ranging in
years from U to In and the hired
12 il l o V. F. Young, are confined
to their bed with the measles, but
are doing as well as could be ex
pected," as' well as many other
families in their neighborhood.
A child of Mr. and Mrs. Scnrajers
broke out with the measles two
weeks ago at a school entertain
ment scattering them broadcast.
hhorwood White Sox defeated
the Wabash Ball team Sunday on
the Sherwood diamond by a score
of R to 5.
Definite plans have been laid
for the '! construction of a race
track cn theCanby Fair Grounds.
The track is to be a half mile in
length and will occupy a level
piece of ground on the Wait tract.
Secretary T. J. Gary of the Fair
Association was in the city Wed-
Frank E. Dodge
All kinds of building done at
moderate iigures. All work
guaranteed first class in
every particular .
Plans and Spccificalions Fur
nished Upon Application
No matter what size buildinj
you want I can fix you out.
Satisfaction Quarantccd
Disking of Alfalfa.
The dusking of alfalfa 1 quit gener
ally practiced wherever tba crop la
grown la thn country. There are aev
eral good reasona for this procedure,
varying somewhat lu the order of
their merit according to local condl-
nesday with specifications for the j t!ona- .
-, j , ! In th first tltea, the aharp dleks, let
race course and made a personal, ct iU bt llt an. d
of the grounds.' In ' crowns of many of the plants, causing
company with Mr. Wait he loca-; . ftu , a"
. , j . x i i number of stems. I.lttle or no dam-
lea me exact spot io ue uvcuiut-u tg0 resuiu from the irerutiou, which
bv the track, grand stand and I BllouM carrlHl oa in wlQUr or after
other appurtenances. Work on
Waterworks in Fine Shape
The Waterworks planfc js in fine
working order. Most of the res
idents have put in water, and en
tire satisfaction is expressed by
The new ho;?e has been tested
and the pressure is excellent, A
stream of sufficient volume and
force for extinguishing fires is
easiiy obtained. The hose was
attached to the fire plug at the
corner qf Main and Second streets
and a stream of water was
thrown over the roof of the resi
dence of A. H. Giesy, which is
one of the highest buildings in
town. Everybody is highly elat
e 1 over the complete success of
the system. Much credit is due
Mr. Geo. Ixa for the splendid
work he has done for the city at
zuih a low cost,
Cariby Items
Silver iMcdal Contest.
There will be a silver medal j
contest held in Knight's Hall I
Tuesday evening June 30th. The!
following 1 -ys and girls will!
J freak on temperance fcr the 6th j
j me lal tob given in Canby by the ,
W. C. T. U.
La Dige-.r ess
Klberteei. Fellers
EKvyn McKerney
Iijwi? Wilkinson
Mabd Chase
FJor.r.-.c Spencer
EdnaVorpahl .
Ltrrard ' and
Walter Grazier.
Jrission free.
the race tracks will begin at
early date. ' ' '
It ii'a matter of gratification
that Canby is 'now coming into
possession of something that ha3
been needed here, on account of
our suberb location and natural
advantages, for the past 10 years.
Canby soil is of such a nature
that it can be used in this. con
nection at almost any season of
the year. As level as a floor,
the ground, is dry, compact, and
is not rendered soft and muddy
by heavy rains. Immediately
after a bard rain the soil by nat
ural drainage becomes dry and
firm.. The location commands a
superb view of the Cascade
mountains, Mt. Hood, and is
near one of the prettiest forests
of fir in the Willamette Valley.
A fine perennial stream passes
near, and there will be an abun
dance of water.
It is the intention to make this
the nYoat famous' race track cen
ter in the Northwest, Our lo
cation is better than that of
Salem or any other point in Ore
gon, Q win naye some oi inc
best race horses in America her,
and the genuine old Kentucky
spirit will pervade the vast
throngs that will gather here to
witness the races. ,
Another project now under
consideration is the construction
of an automobile race course, of
a mile in length. Portland aut
oists are looking about for suit
able racing grounds and we can
accommodate them, and will, as
soon as the time conges.
List your Real Estate with the
Canby Real Estate Agency.
a cutting, when tho airaira u la stub
. In soma localities also the resulting
mulch of loose earth Is stdtod to con
erre soil moisture at times when rain
full is slight or lrrlgut!i) water scarce
To this hhoukl be added the observa
tion that disking Incorporator with the
surface soil much fertilizing material,
especially alfalfa leaves which are lost
duilng the oivrutlons of huylug.r-lL LL
tortus, Arizona. '
I .
Birds Est Scale Insects.
Few kinds of Insect are so Inimical
to the health aud existence of fruit
trees and other - crop plunts as tba
scales, aud owing to their small slzs
and peculiar habits few are so diffi
cult to cope with. It has been general
ly supposed that birds lend no assist
a nee in the destruction of scales. This
proves to be an error, for tue.blologlcai
survey has already found that more
than, fifty species of birds eat scale In
sects. Not only is this true, but In
the case of certain species, as the gros
lienks, scales have 1-cen ascertained to
form a large percentage of the food.
iFourth of July Necessaries
At The Sadler & Kraus Store.
-.. .... . . . . . .
The Pick of Eastern Markets in Ladies' Silk Net and
White Longerio Shirt Waists. NThe most artistic in
Neckwear and Collars for both Ladies and Gentlemen.
The Correct Styles in Ladies Summer Underwear and
Hosiery. Fancy Pvibbons, Tlain Ribbons and Fine Laces
in Great Profusion. New Styles and Designs in Belts.
To nuke tUc day x eouif oiUtlc one vtxt the R & G Corset
For the Men Folks we've the Correct Styles in Negligee
and Golf Shirts, Fancy and Plain Suspenders, Sox, the
New Shapes in Straw and Wool Hats. 'If its a Ner
Suit or an Extra Pair of Trousers We have them.
Sadler & Kraus !
HENRY L, BENTS, Prci and Ca&hlr.
IIENKY A. SNYDER, Met President
Aurora State Bank
Transacts A General Banking Business,
Capital $25,000
Foot Notes.
The best' way to dcx-fof a sheep Is
by the feed given. Cure alls for sick
theep are dangerous thing. Let them
a lone.
If you see o'g patches of vvwm iuu
enlng up on the backs of the sheep,
look out for scab. Get those sheep out
of the flock.
A good looking horse with a aound
leg on each of Its four corners and not
afraid of anything Is worth good
money Just now. Farm Journal
The question of through roads as
against the radiating business roads Is
of far more Importance than many ap
predate. Every town hamlet or ship
ping station Is entitled to consideration
In the distribution of favors that the
etate has to grant,' and there should bo
no privileged localities. The statil
ehould uot build highways for one
l town or district and withhold the sanit
advantage from another. ' The1 roads
that are of sunclen,t importance to Jus-
!lfy expensive construction and uialn
euance should be a joint charge 'upon
the state, county and town and bo so
apportioned that tbey will provldo an,
j equitable division of bene tits as be
1 tween localities. WJth such a policy
ihe fund of the state can bb made te
4-ovor a much greater mileage, end
1 here will be no discrimination,. . ..
H. L, Bunts,
II. A. Snydkr, W. S. Hurst,
C. Kocher,
J. II. Mi ley, A. A. Crisell. IV. F. Giesy.
.- i - . ! ,
Four percent interest paid on imc deposits.
Collections Carefully Attended To. Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent.
I Chas. T. Bates
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Wall
paper, Glass, Doors, Win
dows, Building Material
Complete Line of W. P. Fuller's
Goods. Painling and Paper Hang-
ing at Reasonable Prices.
Dealer in
Furniture, Rugs, Glass
and Chinawae,
E?3ri Lace Curtains, Picture
fr y.
Harness Gloves, Trunks,
Suit-Cases ValiSeS, -and
t2 Telescopes,
Aurora " . Oregoq
Real Estate
If you want to Buy or'Scll come amj sc,e me. My object
13 to bring the Buyer and Seller together, Land:scekera
cheerfully shown over'any property. Call at Residence or
Write for Information.
Agents for the Sle of '
Also Dealers in
General Hardware, Farm Implements, Stoycs, Tinware, Graru
itcwarc, Seving Machines. Paints, O'h, Glass, Door, Win-,
dows, Guns, Ammunition and Fishing; Tackle, Etc.f Etc., Etc,
Phone, Fsrmsr 21 9.
Aurora, Oregon.
w. S. hurst & Co.
Produce and Commissioh Merchants
Wholesale Dealers in Wheat 0at3, Hops, Tota
tecs, On'ons, Oninn Sets, Green and Dried Fruits,
Oregon Grape Root and Carrara Bark. Highest
market price paid Icr all kirds of Produce, Etc.
Branch Offices at HuttirJ mJ fancy.
! We Are Sole
Agent for Hallock O. K.
Call On Or Addrer
Potato Digger.
!TSJL W. S. Hurst & Company
Rtsta'jtf'erjt cotto: A SQUARE DEAL TO ALL.
Minor . '."r:roN'