The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, April 12, 1905, Page 2, Image 2

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Wednesday, April 12, igu?
'. V.
The Sumpter Miner
Lnlered at the pcntofllce In Sumpter, Oregon, tor
fnnmlsslon through the mails s second class
natter .
Jne Year ...
lx Months
1. a5
Thin in tin lust Jhhiio of The Bump
te Miuur, mifJui that iihiiio, It ia h
very pour iixouho for u pupor, but it
1b hopoil thnt roiirlorH w overlook
Uh tJiniiuiitivoiioHH nod other defoote.
Nxt week there will he no paper itt
Mil, Hiid'thnt omlHHlon thej' will hIho
havo to MitMii( for. " Hut the fol
lowing week, April '20, The M liter
will be luHtied an the Iuluud Empire
Minor, published t linker City, tie
voted outirely to the uiiuliiK iudiiH
Cry, ooveriiiK completely Oregon,
Idaho hikI WitHbliiKtou, and kIvIiik in
oondeiiHed form the tiiit.liiK uowh of
the entire went. The pitper will he
Improved in itvery rimpoot, tiuiiliry,
(iiritity mill uppeiininue. While the
old HiiliHorllinrH, who have (liken it
ftnpeuiully to Kit the news of eiiHtern
OniKon in It) oh, will he kIvoii better
Htirvliiti than ever before, the princ.i
)l ohjmil of the iiiuiiiiKtiinoiit in inak
iiiK the nliHiii 1 1 to enlnrKe Uh Hoope
and Held if UHefiilnoHH and profit.
The purporio in iiiovIiik to Uaker
City from Sumpter in to Hticurn the
nilvantiiKDH of workinu from a uentral
point, where the larger area uun he
more conveniently covered, where
better and quicker mail facllltloH are
oirered and, above all other coiiHidera
tioiiH, tti rid The Miner of the
heavy handicap of beliiK cniiHidered
merely a "local" paper, which
drawback to Huoriiiiiitf Kcucral IiuhI
Washing on the Marshal.
F. O. Buoknum wbh in town lent
Tburflduy, from the Marshal group.
He llniBhed putting iu two more
filtiieo boxeH, the lumber for which he
hauled by bund over soft bijow for a
distance of more than a mile,
which he pronounces to Le tho hard
est work he evor did, or proposes
to dp ola'i. He and Frank Muzzy
had been wabhiug for two dayH bo
foro ho left, ehovelitiR off the sudw
In pluaes. Tboy have made arrange
meutH with Fred Smith, of the
Snow Cjeek, to have their resorroir
filled at uiuht from his ditch, as he
will not pipe all night, and in this
way will extend the hydraulic season
to two mouths aud hope to make a
big cleanup. As Iihb been stated be
fore in tbeBo columns, the Marshal
presents a peculiar proportion; the
ground being wasned seeming to be
decomposed ledge matter. The
sluices have been so arranged that
this lodge, which ia clearly defined
and pans rich all along tho surface,
can be stripped with giantB for a dia
tomic of MOO feet.
Copper oxporttt for tho month of
March n.iiouuted to 20,001 tous.
1'hls is the noHt Hhowiug since last
Tho linker City
league is preparing to
is'iio tn,ooo
pamphlets, doHcriptivo of the various
reHiiurcoH of iiaur county.
haH been impoHslble to
ovnruntuu hum. Sumpter, however,
will alwaya be the ohjuct of Hh
most diHtiugulHhed coiiHlderation aud
will (lotihtltiHH receive something
more than bare fair treatment at its
hands, The move Im going to be
to the advantage uf all concerti'id,
liiibllHher and patroiiH,
Old Mining Suit Decided.
There whh received iu this city last
-ovmilug from the Huron laud ottlco a
notice of the declHou of tie oontoit
of Anna !). Hay vh Clara tf Lock
wood, which whh lotMintly rendered by
the commiHHiouer of the geunral laud
olllce Iu the toHtlmnuy Hiibmitted at
the rehearing of the carte last spring,
in which the oommlriHloiior decides
in favor of the the mineral claimant,
Mrs. Clara S, Lockwood. Thla -en ho
iuvtilvut- tIMo to a tract of laud In
tho south part of Canyon City, wniulii
was supported to be a part of the Kel
ly homestead ami ha boeu pcuvlitig
hi the laud oltlt'e for about eight
vi'ur.H. The proteittiuts secured a ro-
rum r Inn about one year ago, when
testimony was taken before Coii(niiH,
nlo our Patterson, touching (he char
acter, condition aud use of the prop
erty '.In tpiestiou. The proteHtants
were given notice of their right of
appeal to the secretary of the inter
ior, the-failure ot which, the decis
ion ruudered will bo llual wild patent
to the , Riiuoial tiaot will isauo to
MrH. liOokwnod.--!iluo Mouiituin
Tom C. Cray, general manager of
the Valley Queen mine returned to
the property Friday. It Is officially
announced that a hoisting plaut will
be Inslalled at the Valley Queen this
The discovoiy of carbonate oro at
the depth ot HOO foot iu tho .Junc
tion at Hishee, Arizona, aud of oxide
at 1,100 In Lake Superior, are among
tho startling development connected
with thoHO camps.
That over HO, 000 nates of state
school laud iu tho region of the
Hlue Mouiit'iin forest reserve were
bought iu November ami December,
1000, by means of fraudulent appli
cations aud perhaps ny tho uso of
names of fictitious porsons, is charged
by Statu Land Agent Oswald West.
The Dixie group, about ouo-balf
mile from Weather by. has opened a
vein from 20 to 24 feet wide, that
averages 012 per tou. The ledgo la a
gold proposition aud free-milling. A
large amount of open work hat beep
done on tho surface, besiden 70 feet,
of tunneling has been completed. A
flattering olfor for, the property has
tiotui received froui eastern pa. ties
aud the management fools quite con
fident over the outcome.
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. -
, j(CIESf"''wrtpii