The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, March 29, 1905, Page 6, Image 6

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Wednesday, March 29 190?
W. K. iiurd, Keueral uiHtiHgor of
tbe ChelHii nuil I'oLohI KroupH of
uiIuch, in the (Jmenhorn Mountalu
dlutriot, lufr, thin afternoon on u
biiHlneHH trip to Itakor City, oxpnot
lug to return Monday. It Ih a fact
not Kmierally known, hut a fnnt,
nuvnrtliuluHH, that Mr. Uurd was one
titiio own or of tho now fatnoiiH .JohIo
mini), in HoHsland, H. C. Ho Hold
tiio property in lHilfi (o the pruHout
oo'itroliiiiK (!oiii)any for a hiiiik hiiiii
in oiiHh. In fact, Mr. Ilurcl whh
urntiiiiiont in KohhIiwmI durinu tho
hoom f I in oh of that uruiit i:iiinp. He
rolatiiH rather an IntwroHtiiiK inoiduut
(loiiunoted with the O. K. mine,
ahove the L Hoi.
"The owneiH of the 0. K. opened
up the only hody of free koIi! in the
ItoHHluud diutriet. Ihere weie tlilr
teen owiiurH, and nil were poor men
mid flulitinu all the time iiiiiouk them-
hdIvoh I met one of the ownera in
Kpnkane, in lHSIH, and he hIiow.hI
me a doiilile handful of koIcI iiiiKKtitH
taken from the (). K., explaiuiuu
that if the property oould he equipped
with a mill It would he worth 8 1 HO,.
000 live miuutoH after the HtainpH bo
Uau to drop. I happened to own a
mill oil a property down in Houtherii
Oregon, and after eutorliiK into a
deal wherhey, hy e(uippliiK the prop
erty, I wiih to he kIvuii an lutereHt,
1 Hlnpped the little live Htamp mill
to Hpokane. The (). K. owiioih ameed
to pay frelKht on the inaehliiury, hut
upon IIh arrival I found that they
iiould't ralHe the money, ho I ail
vanned it. All thin whh lie tore the
day of railroadrt north of Spokane,
and we were eompelled to haul the
mill 0 wiikdii from Spokane to
itoHHlund When (no maehiuery
liually reaehed ltn destination, it
had miHt almoHt IIh velht in Kold.
The mill whh tot up and a few ruin
made. The free until ore hody
pi untied out, the owuurH formed a
Htouknompaiiy, tliimhle-riKKd thlnuH
for h while and then foreed the In
stitution into the handri of a re
uelvur. 1 KiioHM It'n there yet. The
htiiuip mill ou the (). K. whh the Unit
lilaut of ita kind in It he ItoiHland
"sugar mow," which may
If It oleara otf iu the nlht, look
for rail) uaxt day. If Hiuoke from
the ehlmuey HettUm ItiHtead of rittiUK,
there in a atorm at hand. When
bound travelH a loim diHtaiioe there
iu hIho a Htorm near. Never expoot
inuoli of a Htorm in the old of the
moon The al)ttiioo of dew and an
uiitHiially liouvy dew ate alike fore
runner of rain.
Nu( mueh trout need he expeuted
iu the liuht of the moon. Au owl
lijiitliiK in the hollow is a niun of a
uold Hto-m; on the hill it foretells a
If the horuitH hnild low (he winter
will bu haul. When ltmve fall
early the winter will he lonu. When
ow fall on a hard road it will nut
la ft Ioiik. The late spring huow
ktoriu never uutuen until after the
be recog
uizod by coming iu unusually large
flakes and only lasting a few min
utes. If tbe hog's melt in found big
at the front tbe first part of the
wiuter will be tbe moat severe; if
tbe reverse is true, we may look for
bard weather iu4 February and March.
JJright "northern lights" bring
severe eold. If tbe sun sbluea ou tbe
second day of February so as to per
mit the woodehuok to see its Bhadoro,
it will go baok into its bole and re
main six weeks. If March comeH in
like a lamb it will go out like a lion;
ir it comes in line a lion it win go
out like a lamb. Iu olhor words,
one exrremo at trio neginuiug prom
ihoh the revorse at the end of tbe
month. Sun-dogs indicate a bad
DiHtant snundH heard distinctly
forebode no good weather. If the
sun "drawH up water" it will rain.
'PI... rtttili.iK uiumitlilii ..,! i I... t....l...l
boiling dry iiIho indicate lain. Goh
w iIih thickly spread upon the grass
are an indication of fair weather.
Animal life seems, according to
the popular notion, to havo peculiar
warniugH regarding tbe weather
changes. Home of these are ex
plained hy natural causes. It is a
fact recognized hy all intelligent
stockmen that cattle have an inti
mation of an approaching storm
Home hours before it is vhihle to
the human eye. There is a certain
roHtloHsuoHs which the nowhoy has
learned to interpret at onco. When
you see a pig pu during in the
fluid to build for itself a nest,
you may look for a storm. Chickens
take extra palm iu oiling their
feathers just before a rain. Pea
fnwlH send forth their Hhrlll cries iih
a warning, and when the quail cries
"more wet" from the meadow the
farmer works briskly to get IiIh hay
under shelter. If the chickweod and
scarlet pimpernel expand their tiny
petals, rain need not bu expected for
few hourH. Moos work with redoubled
energy just heforo a rain, If the
tiles are uiisiiually poisisteut either
iu the Iioiho or around stock there
ih rain In the air. The cricket singe
at the anproach of cold weather.
SuIitoIh Htore a large supply of
nuts, the husks of corn aro uiiusu
ally thick, and thejtiuds of decidumiH
trooH have a rlrmor protecting coat if
a H6voie wiuter Ih at hand. If the
poplar or quaking hhp leaves turn
up tbe under side rain will soon
If the fog rlsei In the morning, it
Ih a sign of rain: if It settles, a
clear day may be expected. Watch
the smallest cloud ycu can see. If
it increases in size it is going to
rain; if It melts away and vanishes
completely, fair weather will follow.
If tbe camphor bottle become i
roily it Is going to storm. Wbeu it
clean, settled weather may be ex
peuted This idea hat seemingly
beeu utillized in tbe manufacture of
some ot our cheap barometers The
main trouble is, they seldom fore
tell tbe change until about the time
It arrives.
Last, but not least, the rheumatic
cau always tell it "iu their boues"
when a storm is approaching, and to
this proguoiitloatloM the ootogeuariau
of today Is as firm all advocate as
were his forefathers. Scientific
Timbers for Crane flat Dredge.
A car load of fir timbers, thirty
six feet in length, consigned .to
Hutch & Uurbridue, arrived over tbe
Sumpter Valley today from Portland.
They are intended for tbe dredge
which tbey are constructing at tbe
Crane Flat placers.
Cars East.
J- C
Many experienced travelers
prefer tourist sleeping cars
for the transcontinental
journey. The
Chicago, Milwaukee 8c St.
Paul Railway
can a; range for your trip
east in tourist cars, offer you
choice of routes and save
you money.
S;t.R.A.En. 134 Third St., Portland, Ore.
TheMost Delightful Way
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and Denver.
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Passing Castle Gate, Canyon of the Grand, Tennesce Pass,
Marshall Pass and the Royal Gorge.
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