The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, March 29, 1905, Page 4, Image 4

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    E ii.Ki.
Wednesday, March 29.-19O;
The Sumpter Miner
bntrrcd at the postofflce In Sumpter, Oregon, for
nnsmlsslun through th mails ai second class
tnrYear.. '
six Months
In 1841 a gold nugget woigblng
22 otiuoeH whh found in hii old rlvor
hod In the dotiuty of Wloklow, ire
Janri. Thh Ih tho ouly ItiBtnaeo of h
mass of gold having been found in
Irelaud. Active Hnnrcli of tho river
hod whh made for otboi nuggets, hut
it never proved up others, aud tho
popular supposition h that the 22
011 1100 nugget whh brought into Iro-
iHIld Hlld lOHt.
Tho monitor oombiuo Iiiih growu
rlob on thH diruct and incllreot prolita
it hm boon enabled to oxnut from the
mines, big Hiid hiiihII, mid it has
alwiiyH heretofore aotod hh though
immune from legal notion or moral
protoat. Kilt tho federal government
Ih greater thiiu oven thoHinoltor trtiHt,
and if tho ItitoroHta nllootod will
movo to miiko out a case, thoir oaso
undoubtedly will ho favorably eon
Hldorod m WHHliliiKtnn. Let tho ag
grieved mining intoroHH Htop calling
namoH and profaning tho atmoHphoro
and got together to Hook tho rudroHH
that Ih olloioil in the now polloy of
the todoial government towardH ille
gal oouibluoH Hiid tniHtH. -Mining
Reglstera and receivers or United
StatuH laud oIHooh lu Arizona, Call
(ornla. Colorado, Idaho, KansaH,
Montana, Nuiiraikii, Now Moxlun,
North Dakota. Oklahoma, Oregon,
South Dakota, Utah, WnHhlngtonand
Wyoming have been iuHtruotod hy
(JommlMlonor Kiohardi, or the Ken
oral laud office, to notify all perHOiiH
who have hitherto entered or may
hereafter enter any of the laud which
have boon HMgrogntod under tho pro
visions of the roclaiiritlnu not of June
17, 1002, that .the lousing of hiioIi
lauds or t'ortloJiH thorteo to other
perHOiiH who have been and are con
(hutting the biiHlneHH of Helling Io
hollo liquor on wild laudH, prin
cipally to employe engaged on gov
uument worka.t .that Hiioh IohhIhu,
either by tliMiiswIviw or othorH, will
ho deemed Hutllolent cause for can
cellation ot ontrloH embracing the
laudH ho uhoo! oV. nuoupluri.
OitluliilH ut laud ollluHH are further
directed to give the widont publioity
to the fact that ilno If uho ol" any IiiiiiIh
withdrawn under the aot, wliuthor
mioli IiiimIh have peon entered or are
iihMitiMiiil. vv 1 1 1 be prevented hy
proper actions In ejectment by In
juuetlou or othorwlHo. Those in
rttriiotloiiH have been called forth by
the deplorable conditions existing In
Nevada, where government work uiu
ploys HevepiMtiouHaud men. t Jlcii
Mt (Milium have luaseil port lobs of their
laudH to person etigauod In the
liquor biiHlneHH and murder' and rob j
hory ha been .rampant lu oonse
tslray,. Notice.
Came to Oieuou Lumber oompany'rt
ranch at Whitney, Christmas, 1001,
brown pony mate; Httiall white Htar
on forehead, a little white on left
hind feet; branded with an X in cir
cle on left shoulder. Owner can
huve lame on pruvhiK property and
laying exponuos, on application at
above rauoh. L, L. WILSON,
The following instruments were
filed at tho court bouBe in Baker City
for record vesterduv:
J. R. Naylor to CIjbh. Kineey, lot
10, block 2, St. Louis addition to
Sumpter; 8fi0.
ChuH. KiuHoy aud wife to John
CollitiH, HHtno; 8100.
J. K. Dlukman et ul to Uoodwlu
Cowloa, lot 2, S. fi, T. U, R. 45;
en 00.
P. ilaiobe et ul to J. M. Dean, all
intorest in Lower Powder Irrigation
Canal; SI.
J. M. Dean aud wire to Walter E.
Palmer, one-fiftieth Interest in etitne;
C. II. Newton uud wife to .lone U.
Turner, et al, oue-thlrty-socond in
teret in Wiudom Ditch aud Water
Right; :125.
Win. Morwln and wife to Mrs. M.
C. Tonoy, T.OxlOO foet in blook 2,
C. M. Kellogg'a addition to Haker
city; aino.
Sarah E. Finch and huubaud to A.
L. La Vlen, lot 10, block H, Johu
Stewart'H addition to linker City;
W. II. liilhort and wife to W. II.
Shoemaker, i blook 22, MoOrary'B
revlnod addition and part of loti 1
and, block 7, U. S. Towualto, Haker
City; 87000.
W. II. Slioemakor and wifo to W.
11. Ullbort, S. 13. li, N. M. H 8.
.'II, T. 7, R. .'IB; 8100.
W. .1. PatterHou ot al to W. S.
Ruple, W. (J, lot. 210, blook "M,"
Dulon Cemetery; 81H.
Ellen Murray and huHbaud to W.
11. Mayer, 200 aot oh in S. 8 and 17,
T. 7, R. H; 81.
U. 8. A. to JamoH W. Long, N. E.
14, S. 20, T. 11, R. 8.
U. S. A. to .lamoH W. Love, S. W.
,'4, H. 1, T. 10, R. 8.
U. S. A. to Emellno A. OIIIoh, 100
acroH in 8. 2 aud 11, T. 8 R. 12.
Receiver to Ceotge Nelaou, E. '.
N. W. '4, 8. W. H. N. W. '4'. mid
N. E. i, 8. W. S. 17. T. IH, !)7;
W. D. Watt to J. V. Fry, lot 25 In
blook 7, Willovalo addition to Raker
City; 885.
F. S. Lack aud wife to S. O. Cor
rell, N. W. 4, N. W. '4'. 8. 10, T.
0, R. 40; 81000.
U. S A. to floury Mlllor, 100
Hores In 8. .'10 aud HI, T 12, R. 11.
U. 8. A. to David EuuIh, 100 aorea
In 8. :i0, T. 12, II. 4 rami 8. 25, T.
12, R. 40
A. II. Taylor to W. II. Vaughn,
half lutoroHt lu 100 aorea in S. 1, T.
0, It. :0; 8800.
Mary J. Januey to Johu Water
man, ChluoHo garden in 8. 20 aud
21, T. l, R. 40; 81200.
(loo. U. Pratt aud wire to W. F.
ThompHon, lot 12, blook 2, Richland,
Oregon; 8100.
Nina Hell aud huHbaud to C. M.
Pearoe, lot 1, blook 2, South Sump
ter addition to Sumpter; 81.
U. S. A. to John W. Chad-J, E.
N. W. I4 and N. E. L4 S. W. l4, S.
17, T. l, R. HO.
M. Well et al to M. L. lleatou,
Iota 0 aud 10, blook 2, Rrattain aud
MoComan addition to Haker City;
J. D. FergUHun aud husband to A.
II Taylor. W. ltf, S. E, l4, N. K.
i4, S. W. U.S. 17, T. 0, R. J10; 81.
O. L. Tumor to Ceo. K. Oraut,
undivided . luterent iu MJay" aud
"Hell" quartz olalnm; 81.
L. V. Sftlggett aud wife to M. U.
Word has beeu received that D. L.
Killeti, president of the Killen, War
ner, Stewart company, will arrive lu
Sumpter from Denver wittin the next
four or five days to take up the
Sumpter-Hourne railway proposition
with the oltbeus' committee, ap
pointed at a recout meeting of local
busluess men to solicit subscriptions
to 820,000 worth of railroad bouds.
As aunouucod iu The Miner last Fri
day, 810,500 In bondB have been euh-
Gartner, oue-tweutletb interest In
"Mayflower" quartz claim; SHOO.
M. U. (Jartuor aud wife to F. R.
Hloobborger ot al, same; 8300.
M. L. Lomiro to F. J. Cooroy,
quarter interest lu MUuckeyen quartz
claim; 815,000.
C C. Robinson to Wm. S. White,
tniHtoo, "Mohawk," "laabollo,"
"Security" aud "Valoutino" quartz
cIiiIuih; 81.
Ed. Harker et al to Horace 8.
Clark, tho "Auohor" lodo miulug
claim; 8250.
Security M. aud Investment com
pany to Wm. S. Whito, trustoe,
"ludlaua," "Whitloy," "Valen
tino" aud "BluohlH" quartz claims;
Horace S. Clark aud wifo to Wm.
S. White, tniBtoe, "Lake," "Hear
Cove," "Rex," uud niuo other quartz
olalniH; 8208.
Horace S. Clark and wifo to Wm.
S. Whl to, trusteo, tho "Wesley"
quartz mining ulaltn; 8100.
Horace S. Clark aud wifo to Wm.
S Whito, trustee, hair luteroat lu
"Ohio," "mother Lode," "Ter
rlblo" aud throe other claims aud
mill Bite; 8548.
Horatio S. White aud wife to Btime,
tho "Hob White" quartz miulug
claim; 81
Petition for Liquor License.
Houruc, Oregon, February 24th,
To tho Honorable County Court of
the Couuty of Haker, State of Ore Ore
eon: We, tho undersigned, do hereby
rein)otfully represent that we oou
Htituto a majority of the legal voters
of Hourue product, Couuty of Haker,
State of Oregou, aud do heroby re
spectfully petition your Houorable
Hody tu grant to Cleorge Wright, Sr.,
a IlcoiiHO for the period of three
inou'hH.onmmonoing April lBt, 1005,
aud euding Juuo :10th, 1005, td soil
spirituouH, malt aud viuoua liquors
at retail, at what is commonly kuown
hh tho Halfway House, iu Hourue
precinct, County of Haker, State of
Oregou, said Halfway House being
Bituated ou tho Sumpter-Hourne
wagon road about three miles
Moutherly from Hourue, iu said
County and State.
Aud we further reapeotfully rep
r en out that said Halfway House is
not wlthlu a mile of any wine.
11. C. Neldormark, Wm. Welgand,
Joseph David, W. II Palmer, A. F.
Raymoud, N. M. JohiHon, Dan
Farry, C P. W 11 llama, Dou Patter
sou, Jake Ureeu, J. Welderhatn,
James (ilUlllu, Johu Soratb, J. J.
Mullett, D. W. Couzeus, F. II.
Steveuson, Cms R. Ualrd, W. II.
Haelste, Daniel Cabill, Jas. F.
Deupsy, Tom Naugbtou, J. M.
Charles, J. H. Selleri, W. J. Gril-
scribed, but a 'iHrgeri.par of the sub
scriptions have strtigs .attached in
the shape of demands for switches
aud Bpurs to Cracker Creek mines.
TheBe demands were fot warded to Mr.
Killen in Denver, aud hiB return to
Sumpter will be for the purpose of
talking the matter over more fully
with the interested parties and to ar
rive at au oquitable adjustment of all
differences at once, to the end that
construction may begin at the earliest
possible date.
liugton, J. T. Rusk, L. R. Rusk, A.
H. Bruwu, W J. Evans, W. D.
Sprunt, G. R. Penz, Johu Orwell,
E. Heeoraft, N. EaBtham, R. A.
Moore, J. S. Miller, Cub Nelson,
Ed Uiuley, Pat McOinnluB, II.
Metz, J. W. Fieegle, J. Utiles, J,
D. Covliu, T. L. Downey, H. R.
Caddy, Harry Hates, Johu Brown.
T. Stompfor, D. V. Ringlaud. B.
R. Woods, H. Love, P. C. Aius
worth, W. O. Carroll, W. U. Hyrou,
W. S. Lamb, Ed Morgan, H. M.
Keuua. O. D. McDonald, W. J.
Roroberstou, F. Lloyd, Guy Harris,
Joe Cobb, Wm. Haoler, J. T.
Mahouoy, E. O'llarra, Matt Mark
mauu, W. McDonald, C. H. Hums,.
Mevlln Graham, T. E. Uass, C. O.
DeForett, Johu Paddook, C. S. Hear,
Notice is hereby giveu that the
undersigned, George Wright, Sr.,
will, at the first day of April,
1005, term of the Couuty Court of
the County ot Haker, State of Ore
gou, or aa hoou thereafter as he can
be heard, apply for a licenso to sell
spirituous, malt and villous liquors
at the Halfway House, in Hourue
product, Haker County, Oregon, for
the period set forth iu the foregoing
Notico is hereby uiveu that the an
nual meetiug of the stockholders of
the Blue Bird Mining oowpauy will
be bold at the office of Williamson &
Burleigh, 242 Water Street, Angus a,
Malue, ou toe eleveuth day of May,
1005, at 2 o'olook in the aftsrnoon,
for the following purpeses:
First. To elect a board of direc
tors for the ensuing corporate year.
Seojud. To transact auy other
i limitless which may come before said
Sumpter, Oregou, April 24th,
O. C. WRIGHT, Secretary. Blue
Birl Miulug Company.
Notice is heroby by giveu that the
auuuual meetiug of the stockholders
of the Buok Horn Mines will bo hold
at the office of Williamson &, Bur
leigh, 242 Water Street, Augusta,
Maiue, ou tho seventeenth day or
May, 1005, at 2 o'olook In the after
noon, for the followiug purpeses:
First. To eleot a board of direct
ors for tho eusuiug corporate year.
Seuoud. To trausict auy other
busluess which may come before aid
Sumpter, Oregou, April 24th,
O. C. WRIGHT, Secretary. Buok
Horn Mines. ,j rit-n