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Wednesday, February i, 1905
j. w
It was to the skillful employment
of the diamond drill that the uew
discoveries of the past year made in
tho Leadville, Colorado, district.
Although mining baa been carried on
there since 1887 iu the leading ail
ver ore bodies, it h only within the
past four or live years that the faot
that the ore bodies have a distinct
trend, much the same as in veins aud
deposits elsewhere, has attracted at
teution. If the ore-bearing strata of
the district were undisturbed aud
had a uniform dip, doubtloss the ap
proach to uniformity iu the distribu
tion of the ore shootB would have
been noticed soon after tho develop
ment of tue oamp commenced; but
the structural conditions aro Huob
as to have a teudeuoy to destroy any
appearauco of uniformity of occur
enue, which really oxists.
The sedimentary series was do
posited iua position essentially bori
zontal on the floor of an auoiont
ocoau. Later theso sedimeuts, feaud
stone aud HmoHtouo, wero Intruded
br eruptive rocks porphyrion of
viirioiiH kinds, differing iu composi
tion aud, to some extent, inago.
The first aud largor intrusions wero
of laccolithio typo; the latter cues
or lesser magnitude but of vaster im
portance, hh related to tho formation
of the ore bodies. Thou followed
the ore deposition. Tho Baud stones
became quartzltes, tho limostoues be
came marble iu part aud were in part
replaced by sulphide oroa. Then oo
cured the faulting and uplifting of
the strata into dome-like laccolith,
and the ore bodies of Leadvlle with
their surrounding rocks were divided
into a series of irregularly shaped
blocks of gigantia size. The faults
weie not parallel, though approxi
mately so iu the greater number of
instances. Tbero are also cross
faults at various anglos and the ou
tire reginu is thus broken up into in
dependent blacks, tho bounding
planes of which have brokou the con
tinuity of tho ore shoots andMmado a
puzzling complex from the originally
simple couditiou.
The faults vary from a few foot
displacement to several thousand.
To add to the perplexities of the
situation, the entire district was
planed off by a glacier aud a lake
formed, covering a large portion of
the district, on the floor of which
was acoumlated a vast quantity of
gravel. jj Subsequent erosion resulted
iu the formation ot the present
gulches and the exposure of the few
outoropB of ore which exist iu the
ditsrict. (u consideration of these
couditioua, it is not strauge that the
extension of tho knowledge of the
miueral zone beyond certain limits
has been shown. Iu addition to
the "blind" proepootiug, wbiuhjwas
general ly curried on through shafts
or underground drifts aud oroBbcuta,
thure wad usually large vol union of
wator to couteud with, and the result
of the expenditure of large sums of
mouey was often diecouragiug. In
tho early history of tho camp some
of the most fortunate discoveries ou
record were made.
Ou Fryer hill, the Little Pitts
burg or body, which yielded several
millions, was the result of the for
tuitous location of a prospector's ;
abaft in the gravel of the glacial I
drift. At HO feet from the surface)
mass of irou ore, rich iu born
silver, was struck, aud it was sub
sequently proveu that ibis was at
the pciut of nearest approach of
the ore body to the surfneo. A few
hundred feet distant auothor shaft
was sunk similarly in gravol ou
the chrysolite claim. The gravel
was passed through, but iu place
of oro the prospector struck barren
porphyry. OlBgustcd with his luck,
the prospector Halted his claim, aud
sold it for a few thousands dollars
and decamped. The purchaser of the
claim, upon discovering the deceit,
continued bis shaft teu foot deeper,
aud struck a million dollar oro bedy.
But those tblugs are of the past, aud
the miner in Leadville today must
work systematically iu his eudeavor
to find now ore bodies, but the re
sults accomplished by the intelligent
use of the dlamoud drill in the dis
covery of new and large ore deposits
has opened up a new era of possi
bilities iu the Leadville del I, and It
affords a striking object lesson to
miuors elsewhere, who may well
profit by the experience of the en
orgetio Leadvillo operators. Mining
aud Solontlflo Press.
It is rnu interesting story they
tull about tho mauuor In which
the promoters of tho Amalgamated
Goppor company just missed pro
curing control of Creone Consoli
dated Copper. According to the re
ported facts, it was an attempt ou
the part of Henry (.1. Rogers to
grind W. C. Ureoue dowu to a
low figure, taking advantago of tho
latter'a misfortunes, that lost Mr.
Rogers the opporuntity of seizing
the Souora copper properites, incor
porated iu Mr. Greene's name.
During the recent rtid ou coppers
iu New York, uudor the guidance of
Thomas VV. Lawsoo, Greeue Con
solidated Copper was one of the
stooka that suffered. Mr. Greoeu
stepped iuto the breach, but It is
stated that in seeking to check the
decline, he bought 12)0,000 shares
that ho was unable to pay for. Tho
story runs that Mi. Ureoue wout to
Henry H. Rnegra aud explained
the situation, asking tho father of
Amalgamated to come to his reliof.
Mr. RogerH turned the matter ovor
to an associate, and the later showed
so stroug a dipsositiou to haggle
over tho price of the stock that the
Souoru mining man withdraw from
the conference. Shortly afterward
ho fixed up au agreement with the
American Metal company that
brought him relief aud at the same
time cut tho Amalgamated people
out of his uoulsderatioue. The
inn, 000 shares, thus transferred,
would have givou Mr. Rogers con
trol of the Greeue Consolidated.
This story is i elated not so much
for the moral it contains, as for the
bearing which it may have iu the
future upon the metal market.
Under Mr. Greene's reported agreo
uiuut with the Americau Metal com
pany the latter will summed to the
copper market ooutracts of the
Sonera company May 1, 1000 the
date wbou the present contract of
the United Metal Solliug company
expires, The output of the Greeue
properties in 1003 was about 45,000,
000 pounds, aud iu 1004, auonrding
to the estimates of Ho moo J. Stevens,
it amounted to Of), 000,000 pounds.
This is about half of the copper
output ol Mexico aud it is equal to
the copper output of Utah. 'I he
Americau Metal compauy is said to
reprosent foreign interests aud it
stauda iu tho attitude of an indepen
dent toward tho imaKined copper
trust. From which It may bo judgod
that the chango iu the Greene con
tract will add to this compauy's
power aud couduce to greater froedom
in the market, strengthening the
weakor and Independent elements at
tho expense of the stronger.
The futuro of the copper .situation
is a subject that is engaging the at
tontlou of the host experts in the
country. Tho steadily growiug de
maud for the red metal is a well
recognized elemont, but the question
of supply is mure difficult to con
sider. The United Metals Selling
company is kuowti to staud for the
policy of secrecy and it is the in
stitution through which tho dark
luflueuce of tho Amalgamated Copper
company work. A stroug competi
tive force, designed to split somo o
the present influences In tho copper
market, may provo salutary. Daily
Minlug Record. I
Among today's arrivals in Sumpter
wore Clark Tabor aud his plpo. Tho
oastorn Oregouian who professes i:
acquaintance with Clark Tabor and
his pipe, admits his ignorance of two
of the most unique figures in Woh
foot mining history, aud a gentleman
of whom no evil can be said. A few
years ago Mr. Tabor was part owner
of tho oolobatod Red Hoy mine, whon
that property was yielding gold
bullion at the rate of about $'25,000
evory thirty days. He and K. J.
Godfrey and Oscar Heuaon picked up
tho Red Roy as a prospect of doubtful
value. They were poor men, and
yet Id Ave years they equipped their
miue with one of the most coruplote
20-stamp mills in the west, spent
hundreds of thousands of dollar In
development of the famous 1000-foot
Monarch and Red Hoy payshoot; aud
later installed a deep sinking plant,
wheih cost, when completed, llfiO,
000. A consolidation was effected
with the Concord mine, a merger cor
poration bolug capitallzd at 11,000,
000, of which two and a quarter
million dollars raproHeuted the Red
Hoy ond of the deal. Treachery
among stockholders, a finicky stock
market, war among factious in tho
compauy, aud a varloty of causes con
spired to bring about a serious state
of financial affairs iu the merger,
which dually culminated in a ces
sation of operations, the appoint
ment of a receiver, a sale of the en
tire property under the hammer, and
a general reorganization of affairs
under the corporate name of Tho lied
Hoy Mines company, capital one
million. Just what interest Godf'ey
fc Tabor retain in the uew compauy
is not known. However, they wore
both moving spirits iu the reorgani
zation, aud undoubtedly will con
tinue to be prominently identified
with the famous mine, which is again
iu operation, although on a com
paratively small scale, owing to the
absnuce in the east of Manager Thom
son. Mr. Tabor's mission iu Humpter at
this time relates to private business.
Timber and Honutfead Filing!.
Timber and homestead filings, as well
as final proofs, can be made before
Charles II. (Ji.anco, United States Com
missioner, office in First National Hank
of Sumpter building, Sumnter, thus sav
ing applicants expense of a trip to La
(jg! Shorj Line
and union Pacific
Salt Lake,
Denver, Kansas City.
Occftii steamers between Portland
and 8an Francisco every five days.
Low Rati
Ticket to and from all part of
tho United States, Canada and
Through Pullman Standard and
Tourist Sleeping Cars dally to Omaha,
Chicago, Spokane, Tourist Sleeping
car daily to Kansas City; through
Pullman tourist sleeping cara (per
sonally conducted; weekly to Chi
cago, Kanaa City; reclining ehair
cara (seats free) to the Eaat dally.
For particulan, call o ur addreaa
H. O. Bownn,
Agent, Haker City, Or.
Denver & Rio Grande
anil Rio 6rande Western
Only transcontinental line
dassing directly through
Salt Lake City
Colorado Springs
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Tho most Magnificent scenery in
America by daylight.
Stop overs allowed on all classes
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For cheafaist rata and descriptive
literature, address
i .
W. C. MilRIDE - fiiiinl Ignt
Portland Orkom