The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, February 15, 1905, Page 2, Image 2

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Wednesday, February-1-5, iM5
A reduction pliiut al. (ho Overland
rnliif) will ho eroded next spring.
Work will begin us hoom iih I ho
woalhor permits. M. 10. Hiiin, gon-
oiiil manager of tbo Overland, who
returned this week from an extended i llnwovyr, wo know il. Ih 1 i!0 fout
eastern trip in I lie IiiIimuhI of lil-i long, ranging In width frnm liiroo to
company, vIhIIiic tlio mine WihIiios-jhIx fool, mid that Ih good uiiuiikIj for
day lo liiHpoot tho work accompllshon" limyhody. Tim oro Ih of 11 suporb
liirliiK liU al)Hiiut!f. Ho returned to csiiticsuiitnitliiK grade, and tho ontlro
Suniptor yoHtordny. Ho found that vein will ho sent to tho mill, which
during tho IiihI. two mnntiiH tho vo will hiiild in tho aprin, juat iih
iniimiH at tliu Overland dcr tho early iih (ho wonlhor will pnrmit, and
foromaiiHhlp of Frank MoUarvol, linvo Ijd concentrated at Hid rate of lun in
Hoonmplishud rapid work In extending ' lo ono--a practice which ropoiilod
drifts and opening ore reserves, j (ohIs of tho oro Iiiih hIiowii to ho
"Tim miiin dovolopmoiiL at. proHonl. jpoHHlhln. TIiIh will give nu a con
Ih being dono in No. It tunnel, whore joontrnlo worth from 6100 to 81200 a
ii breast of good cnuoouliallug oro (on, which will ho shipped (o tho
hIiowh, A mngtilHcoiH shoot Iiiih been Suniptor smelter,
onfnriid in No. I (iimml, (ho IiihI 07 ' "I iiitonil to donhlo tho fotco at
feet, being in Holld oro. Hm Overland in a few dnyn.
"Tim amo hIiooI. Iiiih Iiooii exposed
inn Hhafl 00 foot hoyond mid '200 foot .
above Iho present, face of No I , mi (
(hat thh Hhont h iiiidoiililodly con-
tinuoiiH for at IoiihI 120 fool.
Undoi dutn of Hold Hold, Nevada,
February 0, liny Miller writes (ho
following intoioHtlng lot lor to Tho
Von may think I liuvn gotten lust
on tlmiloHorl and iliod; lint no, like
a had ponny, 1 am mill In tho ring
and nlivo. TiiIh is Hiirluy it gioat
minim: country, hit along with the
wonderful oro are hoiiio drawbacks, iu
the hIiiiiio of lack of water and fuel.
1 made a (rip hoiiHi m here of fiOO
iniioH. going iih far iih las VegiiH on
(he Chirk road, which Ih a I own iu
umbryo iih yet. iih (he railroad Iiiih J
the who o hiiv and won't locale (ho
(own (or a while.
There If a wnndni fill country south
n( time ami fahuluiiwlv rich out Iiiih
been fou nd iu the Mull Frog ilinlrict, j
eighty iiiHiih Miutli, where the coun
try I Htnkntl hoIIiI lor leu uiiluH
Hiiiare. aud wheie are loi'iited the ;
would bu lown.s of Mull Friig, Anna i
guHsa, Kyollte. Mooiinii, Cniil Cenlei I
nnil lloatlv. the latter boliiu the!
metioiollH, ) in
100 the otlieis
beiuu horn two touts up; uo frame
building; some half mid half. The
district Is simply loculeii aud no
work being done except at two oi
thiee places, wheie high grade ore
was found, but the country is lull of
Water and fuel is the question,
wiilr being two t i II
irirrel and wood c.lo
tlve to eight cents per pound, uml
gmiu seven to ten couth, aud general
hiipplies high, with freight nt four
and tlve cents per pound, blago -
fun HO miles from (ioldllold, 8l!0,
(wo days trip.
oenU and one
.Meals seventy
dollar, beds
dollar mid up,
South of Mull Frog is good coun
try, into Funeral range aud Johnny
"Tliu vuln iti the HlmfL furtlmr
more, hIiowh Unit ho hnot Is pitch-
lug Hlilt further into (ho hill, mill
thoro 1h every reason lo bollovo
IH...1 II I I. I.. ....... ,w ( Iw.
llllll. lb in iimii.ii imitji "
i humid' level '.hail I have mentioned.
i llllll. 11. IH 111111:11 IIJ1IUUI ifll inu
"Thiirii Ih Iohh hiiow in Cable Lovo
Ihiiii Ih usual at HiIh huiihoii of tho
your. Whnlovor hiiow fnllH from
now on will not. seriously inlorforo
with mining oponitloiiH."
dlHi-tict, whoro I hiiw ore lifty per
coot gold; iiIho on Slump innuntain,
good spring on tho edge of Douih
Valley. Hut it Ih ii toimh country
and growa only Hcorploun mid llunls.
Tim only way to got into Hm unproH
poctod, or I diould Hiiy tiulocntoil- -Cot'
(hoy don't piospeol. junt locate-
country, in to uo two followH to
jgotbor, tlmn hue a niiup lender tu
haul or ii'k in water and niipplifH,
ami thai ih (he only safo way, and
there is rich country there, too.
In my opinion, (ioldllold and Ton-
opah aro ju it one end of HiIh im-
iiuiuko ueu, running souiu ciear to
Ctilonido river aud Si)archlight,
after traveling over a largo parL of
it, which you will remember was
theory when I left humpter,
and 1 believe (hat the southern
country is a winner, if one nulllts
aud uooh after it, Later
11 '
the hoiihoii, when grub Htakes run
low and the mercury goes high 1
expect to do biiHiiiesri iu Mull Frog
aud shall make (he Death Valley
aud Funeral mtige (rip when 1 can.
Seventy miles east of lioldtlaid j
two big strikes of veiy rich ore on
surface blowouts have been made
iu (he (he Kawich (formerly Cow
itch) range, southwest of Keville.
Lida valley is attracting attention,
also a new townsite, while Kawich
vii bucks ir!,,,,H ,we: " 'uru'1 h' nwoiiil. '
ur coid, hi.y i lloltl Jm,k HIH l,lH l,rM0f Ui'
Imtnle continue lo stream in here i
,,, ( ioldllold is improving at a won
()iu ful rate; building night aud day.
eho rallroid will bo extouded
frmu Tonopah at once. HusIiiosh is !
I over-done some at present, but can't
(() how soon the boom will bo ahead
'agii'u. There ate four banks bore
and more coming, all doing big
but muss. The two bunks of Touopah
have depoBitH of over 81,200,000.
Uoldllold'a population is about
0.000; Columbia, one and one-half
miles away, closer to 'be mines, is
a good town, though small. Die
moudflold Ih four inllos northwest.
Lots of northron inon bore.
E eolstyno and Voting, formerly with
TboiiiEon, are in tho Lida district.
Judgo Bvmuh made a winning at bank,
paid his dobtH and has gone proH
pueling at tho now striko near Silvur
punk, woHt of (.told Hold. W. A.
Weatherby Iiiih guno somo placo south
of Imro. Or. Pumoroy Ib dulng woll
practicing huro. Philbrlck k Fomior
aro doing loiH or worK. .joiuj
Miihonoy Iiiih cashed in bis chucks
pneumonia. Fred Luck and Spauld
ing aro at Tonopah, Walt Groniti aud
lotin Miller wlthjthom. Kitchen is
ruining stago trnni 'Uoldfleld to
Mull Frog and will soon put on a
lino from Hull Frog to Las Vegas.
L'haeher was last see heading down
I'tilo cauyon for California. , Sol
Camp is Hiipurintunuut of tho January
ind owner of Ityollto towuisto. He
Iiiih mado a alotinup. thoy say. L.
KomiUHky is watchman at tho Janu
try. Won ley War run Ih in Kawioh,
villi tho Diamondlluld Jack crowd.
UharluH Win run and Jack DiivIch aro
surveying tho now towiiHilo of Nixon
in Kawioh. Tom Costolln is work
i in.- at Ho Mine Mull.Muzy made
a part of tho southern trip with mo,
aud as ho in wearing a 11 moo black
mnusliichu and a forociouH goatuo and
my whiHkcrs wore nllamu in all their
glorious red auburnuHH, wo played tho
black aud rod to win aud ovorybody
turnodoutwhen Hmy saw us coming.
AKt WORTH $260,000,000
Colorado Ih tho stiito or "viibI lu
divlrlunl forluni'H, outranking any
othor Htatu iu the union on a par
capita IiiihIh. It has the further din
tiiiction that most of its vast foriuues
woro mado within its boundaries, not
iilouu Iu mining, but in tho cattlo
indiiHtry, iu realty spi'dilution, in
rruit, sugar boot culture, potato
farming, aud in manufacturing and
other mercantile pursuits.
Many people of wen I Hi have moved
into tho stale iu the lust fow years
( , nv08tt,,i i,,rK0 huiiih in mining
corporations, in the stocks of banks
aud other enterprises, aud are not
iudividaully known to tho commer
cial agencies. Still another class
represents the retired country capi
talist, who has moved from tho
section iu which bis wealth was
acquired to Denver or Colorado
Springs. His individual belongings,
too, umIoss they aro iu realty, are
uucesriaiily hidden from the tegular
commercial iuioniiiitiou soiuce.s,
Who is the richest mini in Colo-
j iniloV
David Moiral, capitalist of Denver.
The most conservative est l mute of
I 810,000,000 was given by two per-
sous whii would naturally bo ex
peeled to exaggerate Mr Molfat's
i wiMilth, On the other hand, from,
i those ururust him, those who ought j
lo know, aud yet would not allow an
exaggerated estimate to lie given out,
the estimate was between 8110,000,
000 aud 8:10,000,000, giving him
lead iu the Colorado list.
re aro ion millionaires, ami
if to these could lie added the names
of those who have left Colouido after,
making fortunes, it could easily bo
doubled. The total wealth ot tho
108 millionaires of Colorado aggro
gates about 8200,000,000. There
is probably uo section of the world
with a population of less than 000,
000 that can show such home pro
dutlon of wealth. Douvor Times.
Tho old-established mine promo
tion llrm aud fiscal agency known aB
tho (Joiser-Houdryx Investment oom
pauy, of Suniptor, has been dissolved.
The junior monitor, Harry T. Ilon
dryx, has purchased all tho interest
(herein held by Albort CJoisor, wlio
will depart from Maker City shortly
to assume general managerial ctiargo
of a group of mines in Arizoua,
owned and to be 'operated by tho
Pittsburg, Pa., syndicate of Stan
dard Oil stockholders, who compose
the Consolidated Mining
company, owning tho Bonauzu initio,
eighteen miles "outhwest of Sump
tor. It is understood that Mr.
Uoiser is under a live-year contract
with tho Plttsburgors at a big salary.
Mr. Ilotidryx, when seen today
by a Miner rupirter, con tinned tho
above factH, and said:
"1 inivo purchased outright all
the holdings of the (joisor-Houdryx
company iu this camp and will here
after conduct the business under my
own name. M
Tho (iolsor-Heudryx company Is
heavily interested in this district,
baing (Iscal agouts for aud operators
of such well known mlnen as tho
(juhi, lit Sparta; tho Victor, at
Mourno, the Platts group, on Hook
crook; tho Tabor Fraction, adjoining
(bo Columbia; the Midway, on Silver
creek, and a iiumtier of other prop
erties iu various stages of develop
Mr. Ilondryx Ib also a di ootor in
the First National bank of Suniptor.
Harry T. Hondiyx - - - t2fi0
N. J. Sorensen fc Go - - 00
KHIeu, Warner, Stewart company 00
J. I Holland 00
Horgman Sc Mo Watty - - 0o
Suniptor Moat compauy - - 00
First National Hank 00'
Above Is the roll of honor of sub
sorihora to the permanent oro ex
hi bit fund.
Tony Mohr circulated a subscrip
tion paper thin morning and recolved
tho signatures of the three enterpils
lug local business llrms anove. The
three mine promotion companies
signed their names last week. A
liberal spirit is bolng displayed by
Suniptor muronants, who realize that
tho permanent oxhibit will bo a
tnaguiticuiit advertisement.
Chairman Mohr, of the board of
managers of tliu exhibit, today closed
a deal witli A. P. Itoss for tho Vin
son building, opposite Tho Minor
olllco. A throe-year loaso will be
signed with a rental of 80 per month
for (ho llrst year, 810 a month for
(ho second, and 810 for tho third.
Mr. (.Joss acta as local agent for
Seattle owners of the building. The
work of remodel I lug the interior,
aud installing tables aud shelves for
oro displays, will begin at once.
FOR SALE. On easy terms, The
Ilonuesy house aud lot on Warren
Heights. Will sell cheap. Less
than half tho cost of building alone.
Abstract of title aud all taxes paid.
Seymour II. Dell, Sumpter, Ore. -
t V"i, n .-
oopf t r"-" fY -f-m