The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, February 08, 1905, Page 2, Image 2

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An tilil Cable Cove miner Hndprns
pootor wbo, for noarly HO years, bus
boon a witnoHH to tho evolution of
that dlHtrlct from m torra incognito
into mm of the richest miuiug re
gions iu the alato, londned back in
onu of tboHO big lounging oliHirb in
tbu lobby of tbe Hotel Sumpter IhhI
night hikI unburdened his mind as
follews: ' '
"It utHkeH me slok to een a h toady
stream of oro aotne dnwu to tbu
smoltor from tbu Imperial mne nud
tp Htm In my eyes for slgbc of oro
wagons from otbur properties iu tbnt
district. A stranger would naturally
concluded unit trio impuriHi iihh h
monopoly of nil tho shipping oro it.
tbu Cove, whilo hh h matter of cold,
hard, irrefutable, linked mid uu
driipod truth thoro hto h round dozen
of tnlnoH up tburu in tbu Cove IiIIIh
thHt ought lght now to lio HbippiiiK
oro hi riob if not richer tliiiu tho I in-
I know wlmt I'm talking
uliont. I know tbnt tboro Iiiih uovor
boon 11 fMilnro iu Citblo Cov i wbon n
Hiirfnoo showing W"H followed down.
1 don't uieHii to Hiiy tbitt nnj follow
can piiHtu h notice near hoiiio surface
croppiugH Hud burrow Hrouud iioht
tbu top, drifting blindly on those
iiurrow llttlu kullo-hlado streaks ot
pity oro, which hIiow Ht tbu top of
iilmoHt ovory Cove ilHHiiru, uud opou
out. 11 body of shipping rock, lint
1 do Hiiy tbnt h MotOwon or mii
Arthur can look ovur tbu ground
mid deduce 11 geological formulH
tbnt will work out, if tboy only
go DOWN' I
"Ovor tlioio in Duiipby'H Ih n
chunk of ImporiHl oro- hh protty a
piece of solid miiioral hh ovor oamo
out of tho grouud unywboru taken
frmii 11 shaft Hunk on h Jl'J-lmili vuin
lit tbu lmperinl, wbiob, on tbu Mur
ium, wns about hi thick hh h nhoot of
pnpor. 1 don't know vhat thoory
Manager MolOwon Hiid Superintendent
Arthur, of tbu Imperial, are working
on, but tbu work tboy are doing
MhowHtlmt tboy think mm I do, thHt tho
riob ImporiHl vol n, wboru tbu lluu
shipping oro Ih now being mluud, Ih
uioroly 1111 olf'Hboot from or a feeder
of tho initio Kaglo vol u, wbiob Ih h
groat big (Insure of comparatively low
grade 010, nmi vhioh Is no doubt tho
uiothor lodo of tho wholo district.
Thoy 11 ru drifting down hill from a
lovol in tho ImporiHl stunt IohIiik
tlopth nil tho timo, tint getting oro
which in tho main idon, anyhow--and
1110 homk'd toward tho junction
of tho Nnglu ami Imperial. Thoy i
11 ni following tho 010 tbu host,
unreal, simplest and mint scloutlllo
MyHtoui of miuiug ovor deduced .from
geological toxt hooks or from uu
iiuiuhcnd yonrH of practical oxporl
onco, "Contrast, if you please, thlH
system with thnt in vogue among
oitior Cable Cove operator, wbo havo
drivou, or art driving, long crosscut
tuuols, eating up m fortune iu dead
work, wbon thoy might put a 100
whim at work and with two shifts of
three moil ouch uluk on thoir vuiu
until (ho )y widotii) which it iu
variably does ami hegiu taking out
Hiid flipping enough oro to puy op.
(jrutjn; expenses and loavo a snug
margin of profit. Of course, it iv a
giuat thing to havo it widely adver
tised tbnt Manager Hlank, of tbe
Dusbdiidh ml no, has undertaken one
of tbe moHt gigantic pieces of mining
euKlneuriuK in the west- the driving
of a (5000-foot crosscut tuuuel to at
tain a depth of 2000 feet. Depth on
what? Couutry rook? How does
Manager Hlauk know that hi will
find hH oro iu (1000 foet? And what
reason baa he to hope that bia stock
boldera will koop on putting up for a
couple of bu lid rod thousand dollnrH'
worth of duad work, tho Issue of
which ia prohlumiitlcnl from a pay-ore
point of view?
"Vuh; It's certainly groat to be
pointed at hh a man wbo in con
ducting on unparalleled mining
engineering uxporimont, but bow
much bettor it in to bu mannger of
a property which is stoadlly abipplng
pay oro iu suflkiout quantities to
MiiHtaiu a payroll of about .')() men,
and to permit of stockholders to clip a
regular coupon and havo a good-sized
look-in for thoir money. And this
sort of thing results from J tint one
Hlmplu systum following tbu oro.
"This system If applied to a dozen
Cable Cove minus that I could uamo
would roHiilt In making Impurativu
tho doubling of tho capacity of tho
Humptur Hinoltor and tbu const ruutlou
or an ore-hauling lailrond to Cablu
"Now, if thuru's any man prusout
wbo fuuls called upon to submit
statements, iu refutation of what 1
liavo said, 1 am ready to listen."
Tburu was hIIodco in tbu group of
mining men who bud giithurcd to boar
tbu Iuh ructivu moiiologuu of the old
prospector, who waited pntiuuty for
a full i.ilnuto, thou Hput copicioiiHly
at noi iu a ton-toot away ouspt
doru, and amblod triinuphautly into
tbu buffut.
KuproHciitatlvo Morgan, of Cuutor
county, Idaho, In tho course of i
oonvcrmtinu on lucky mining strikes,
gave tho ddtailH of what ho regards
an ii vi.ry proamnion discovery not
far from his homo town of Mackay,
wiih repotted to him shortly
before bu wont to HoIho, nays a
report from tbnt town.
a number ot yvHrs ago, occordiug
to Mr. Morgan, a miner died at
Salmon City from mountain fuvor,
nhoitly after having made a striku of
remarkable richness, Ho was un
able to givu any of the particulars
of his striku, but left a map behind
him, from which efforts almost
without number havo been made to
locate his ouu-timo property.
None of IiIh friends know tbu loca
tion of tbu supposedly rich miueral
doposlti, but it was kuowu that bu
had erected a cabin on tbu prop
erty, wherever it was, and in course
of time this "lost cablu" became
It is reported around town today
that auother riob strike bos beeu
made in tbe Mountain View mine,
one of mure tbau ordinary signifi
cance The Miner uas neeu unanie
to lecure an authoritative statement
of the details, but learns that it is a
large body of high grade shipping
ore, found Id on open cut high up
the hill.
It is stated that Dr. Tec how, the
superintendent, has for several weeks
past been" endeavor! ug to demon
strate whother or not a tboory which
he conceived was correct. It was
known that on tbe property there is
very woll known all through Lemhi
and Cutter oounl'es.
John W. Swauuor. a rauober on
Lost river, a short distance bolow
Maokay, now repotrs that ho has
found the cabin and that tho miu
uarls found near by are iudued
rich. He iu turu has rofusod to
divulge tho exaot whoruabouts of the
"lost cabin," but says that ho found
it iu an old dry gully not fur from
Dour creek, whor none had ever be
fore lookod for it.
Swauger, so Mirgau states, is
quite wealthy and cannot bo sus
pected of roportiug a "fako"' din-
covury for purposes of iuduoiug fin
ancial aid. He has always been
ruBpuutod and his word iu tho com
munity is good. For those reasons
the statomunt made by Swauger to
Morgan aud a few others ar to tho
character of tbe ore fouud aru re
garded by him as quito reliable, bar
ring tho possibility of Swauger him
self being miatnkeu.
Swauger stateH tbnt tbo old cabin
was partially burled under au im
iu'Uiho log that had toppled ovur ou
top of if. Uy digging dowu uuder
this log, however, he had sucurod ac
cess to a small boulder of groat rich
ness, tho oro ruuuiug up iuto tbu
hundiuds of dollars This boulder,
It is Assumed, must have come from
somewhere iu the neighborhood of
tho cabin, but tho lode has not been
In tbu viuiuity of tbo uabiu, how
ovor. is a large body of oro of, froe
milting character. While this assays
some :t or l silver, its principal
value is iu gold, of wbiub thoru was
in the pieoo assayed for Swauger, ao
cord lug 'to his report, almost an
ounce to tin ton. Tboro seems
almost inexhaustible quautity
this ore.
Prnm timo to tlmu tho Miuiug Re
view has oommeuted upon tbe pre
vailing teudeucy in miuiug circles,
io ignore conditions aud possibilities
nenr at baud, while clinging to tbe
belief thnt bonanzas were to ns found
iu regions Isolated au at a consider
able distance from home; tho result
boiug that many good tbius, existiug
In their owu immediate vioiutiy,
havo beeu over looked aud neglected j
by miuiug meu.
Wednesday, February 8, 19
a slate and granite contact. His idea
was that the ledge from wbiob he has
beeu taking ore either trended to
wards tbe coutaot, or else it is an off
shoot from that rein. To test this
theory, he haB made a series of open
cuts along tbe contact, and several
days since uncovered a new nud rich
ore Ijody. ( '
Yesterday two fonr-borse wagon
loads ot bis ore was brought to the
smelter here. It is said that a
couple ot shots will knook down a
wagon load, wbiob Is shipped with
out sorting. MoBt of tbe other ore
from this mine is concentrated before
being Hhipped.
The fHct that meu lire iucliued to
"puss up" tho good things at homo
because of tbo ever-preseut desire to
prospoct iu localities beyond the
horizon, leads to many really amus
ing iucideuts in connection with tbo
various pbasos of the mining industry
of tho west, one of which Is that
one mau, iu his search for deposits
of tho precious metal, will meet with
success almost in the door-yard of
auother mau, who is prouo to coullue
bis prospecting to distant fields; aud
who, percbauce, within a short dis
tauoo of the borne of tho first miner,
baB also beou successful iu his
search for hidden wealth.
To show how good prospects are
often overlooked at home, wo havo
ouly to call tho attention of reports
coming from the new camp of Hull
frog, in southern Novada; a locality
that is attracting a great deal of at
toutiou at tbe proseut time, because
of the very important discoveries'
mado iu that seatiou ot late; aud it
is claimed that tbe origiual Bullfrog
disoovery waa made within a milo o
tbe homo of au old rancor and pros-
peotor, who had
lived in that local
ity for many years. This old
veterau, it ia claimed, has annually
made prospecting expeditious to
regious remote from bis home, little
tbiukiug for a moment that tbe
couutry surrouudiug his ranch was
mineral-bearing, or that it would
ever bo productive of gold galore.
Aud yet, uuder bis very uose, a Col
couda caapjias been discovered aud
established by straugers, aud grouud
that he never took tbu trouble to ex
amine, to investigate, bus proven to
bu rich iu its deposits of tbo
prouiouB metal.
This, another instauco jf Creen
Pastures Heyond, aud shows very
clearly that iu almost any section
of tbo iuter-mouutaiu reginu it is not
necessary to go a great distauce from
home to find a good prospect, to dis
cover inluoral-beariug grouud that is
possessed of value. Salt Lake Miu
iug Review.
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