The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, February 08, 1905, Image 1

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How muob gold aud silver baa
Oregon added to tbe wealth of the
An aoourate answer is almost Im
possible, but tbe 22d ruoiibI report
of tbe United States geological sur
vey to tbe seoretary of tbe Interior,
re tide rod by Professor Waldemar
Llndgren in 1 000-1001, places tbe
state's total produtolou from 1801.
tbe date of discovery, to 1800, tbe
date of Lmdgren'H last available
data, at $100,000,000. Silver fur
nishes but a fraction of tbls smount.
Tbe total produotlon of gold from
1861 to 1865, tbe bolycon placer
Mining days, la approximately placed
at 150,000,000. The production
from '60 to '00, Inclusive, 1
roughly estimated at $09,000,000.
jpint reports credit the state with a
production during tbe period 1809
1004 of $9,600,000. Thus, tbe ag
regate produotlon, from date of dis
covery to January 1, 1905, ap
proaches the anug total of $118,600,
000. This ie at tbe rate of $2,758,
023 per year for a period of 43 years.
Tbe above figures are compiled, as
aforesaid, from geologioal survey
reports, which in turn, are based
mainly, if not solely, upon incom
plete govemment mint reports. De
tailed statistics from this latter
source are available only for a period
previous to 1880. However, a
eomparison of tbe total produotlon
of tbe eutire atate shows that tbe
John Vert, of Pendleton, the newly
appointed receiver for the Golconda
mine, was In Sumpter today, con
ferring with General Manager James
A. Howard. He departed this after
noon for Enterprise, Wallowa
eouuty, en route home.
While here, he appointed John
Ward as watobman at the mine.
"I have nothing to say about tbe
Golconda," responded Receiver Vert
to a Mirier reporter' query. "Too
maub has already been published
about tbe negotiations wblob have
for their end an adjustment of all
difference between factions con
tending for control of the mine, aod
whioh will reeult in due time in a
. ..t ..
main part of the output is to be
credited to tbe Blue Mountains.
Incomplete mint reports of the
gold production of Baker, Graut and
Union oouuties, covering a period of
10 years, from 1880 to 1800, credits
tbe district with a total output of
The fact that a majority of tbe
bullion produoed iu tbe Blue Mouu
tains during this period was shipped
to tbe United States assay nttioo at
Botae, and to' the government tniut at
San Francisco, thus going to swell
the reported yields of Idaho and
California, gives reason for a belief
that the mint report given above Is
fully fifty per cent less than tbe
actual output.
It la therefore not unteaeonable
to believe that the aggregate gold
yield of Oregon, from 1H61 to
1905, exclusive of tbe latter year,
was $250,000,000.
It is a well known fact that, while
tbe government statistics credited
the entire state of Oregon with a
produotlon during 1004 of less than
$2,000,000. three mines on Craoker
Creek, less than eight miles from
Sumpter, produoed amoug them
selves, during tbe period named,
more tbab two and a half million
It is conservatively estimated that
tbe production of Baker conuty alone
during 1 005 will reach the three
milllou dollar mark.
resumption of operations at (be prop
el ty. It was unfortunate that tbe
Golconda beoame fluanioally involv
ed, and no oue has more cause foi re
gret than tbe people of this miuing
district, who, very correotly 1 be
Ileve, regard tbe Goloouda as a valu
able property, aud who are so fre
quently called upon to explaiu tbe
fact of Itsidleueis. A rehashed aud
re-embellisbed story of the troubles
in which tbe Guloonda has become
invovled oau only result iu causing
faotlonal wounds to develop into
cancers. The recoiversbip will
eudeavor to the best of its ability
to straighteu things out and to heJ
so far aa possible all wounds."
Receiver Vert bat for many years
M. E. Bain returned today from
a two months trip east. He spent
moBt of the limn at the hoadquurters
of tbo Overhaul company iu Miuno
apolis, but visited In Clicago,
Detroit and spout tbe holidays at
bis old home iu Cauiida As be
stepped off tbo train into tbo warm
sunshine aud tilled his lungs with tbe
balmy, Blue mouutaiu air, be re
marked to tbe group of friend who
were cordially weluomlug him heme:
"Say, there is uothing tbe matter
with tbls; here, hold my overcoat,
while I get the full benefit of this
wluter resort weather. For the lat
tew weeks I have been bugging a
circular radiator, to keep from
freezlug, along with all mercury
tberemometers. I watched than un
til they marked thirty below, then
crawled into my bole and remained
there until I took tbe tiaju for tbe
west; but never escaped from the
arctic zone until eastern Oregon was
To a Miner mau, Mr. Bain said:
"1 haven't a thing to tell you about
the Overland company; 1 suppose
you know more about tbe progress
beta wade at tbe mine than 1 do
myself. All reports from Superin
tendent McCarvell, however, are
very promising, there Is all kinds
of money iu tbe east; the bauka
aud trust ompaules of the larger
cities aro literally cinwded with It;
but Jt seenn to be almost impos
been confidential mau for tbe First
National bauk of Pendleton. He ia
rated as a successful tluanoier, whose
success has always beeu due to IiIh
honest stiaibgt-forward dealing i.
Oregon's Quicksilver Mines.
lu a roceut test run, eight pouuda
of pure mercury were produued from
200 pounds of ciuuabar ore, taken
from a cinuebar mine in the Meadows
district iu soutberu Oregou. This
dearly demonstrates that quick
silver miniug has a future lu Oregon,
aud tbe development aud equipment
of tbe several prospects iu tbe
soutbem part of the state will be
pushed with greater speed. The mine
from which the eight pound were
taken, as a test, has produced con
siderable mercury iu recent years, i
not so much tbh past reason as for
merly, by reasou of less atteutiou
baviug beeu giveu it. Tbe equip
ment of tbls property consist of a re
tort, iu which 1,400 pouuds of ore
cau be treated daily. Development
has been done to a depth of several
jr x
NO. 24
sible to induoe anyone to iuvest lu
auytbiug. The very atmosphere seeme
to be charged with a spirit of doubt
aud uneasiness, and few depositors
will even listen to au Investment
proposition. They want their money
where thoy cau put thoir hauds ou it
at a moment's notice, seeming to -feel
that they will need it in some
emergency; but oau't tell you why
thla flnauoial coudltlou and dread
of imaginary impending disaster
seems to be some sort of contagloua
meutal disease."
Mr llaln mafr t Ulllan Wanna
..... ..-. ... ......... ...,
I Stewart company pepoU and Torn
Gwynne lo Chicago, aod aaw Ike
latter in Minneapolis last week.
They are fall doing well, are hope
ful of still greater suocesa In the
future and send regard! to Susspter
frlenda. Toss Gwynne la making
good plenty on the Denver Dally
Mining Record, aa everyone knew he
A 60-day option has keen given
by Chris Jenson t al to a New i'ork
company on the Last Chauoe group of
mines iu the Quartzburg district.
Tbe group consists of live claims,
paralleling tbe Dixie Meadows.
Four huudred feet of tunneling haa
openod up tbe grouud. The Last
Chance is a big low grade prop
osition, very att active to a strong
company which Inteuds to mine on
a large scale.
hundred feet, and a good body o
ciuuabar ia exposed.
There are several very promising
quicksilver prospects in the Meadowa
district, aside from that mentioned
above. Oue of tbem is opened by a
ihaft to a depth of 120 feet, ex
poisng a 12 inch ledge of cinnabar.
But the best developed and best
equipped cinnabar mine In Oieg( n
is the Black llutte, located some dis
tance north of tbe Meadowa district
mines, and lu the Calapoola moun
tains. The owners of this property
are installing a plant, aud are work
ing along lines that will Insure returua
of values from both tbe ore shoots
and the country rock. Over 12,000
teet of tunuels, drifts, upraises aud
wiuzes have been run, giving a verti
cal depth of 1,000 feet, the greatest
depth, by tbe way, attained aa yet by
auy other soutberu Oiegon property.
Ou levels down to the 400 continu
ous drifts have been i pened for more
than 2,000 feet.
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