The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, January 25, 1905, Page 5, Image 5

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    Wednesday, January 25 1905
Tho preaout session of the Orogou
legislature will have before it a prop
OBitiou (0 establish a bureau uf
mines. The probabilities are that,
if the argioultural element among
the lawmakers permit euoh a measure
to become a law, it will provide
in a geueral way for an office
similar to that of the mine com
missioner or of the mineralogist of
the other western states. There
cau be no doubt that the mineral
industry of Oregon deserves just
such representation under the looal
government, and it is therefore tho
more surprising that the proposed
department does uot already exist.
Taken in comparison with the
extent and importance of its min
eral industry, there Ib no other
stato iu the west that
more striking "figure" than does
Oregon. It is coustautly making
itself heard, aud its miuiug men
have a way ahout them that makes
ouo foel as if they mean business
which they doubtless do. This is
probably aucouutod for by tho fact
that tho state's mineral resources are
so far from being adeqately developed
and that tboy never offered groator
promise than today. Thero aro so
many now enterprises ou foot that
the euthusiums of deeds aud the ac
companying looal a pride are ouly
Notwithstanding tho Orogou
farmors have a parioularly large voioe
iu the government, the esahlishmeut
of a miuiug bureau is evideutly ap
predated. Tho time for atato aid
and eucouragemeut is wbeu an in
dustry ueeds it aud not after it is so
big that it cau afford to be lodopeud
ent of guvornmeut officer:), if not to
comand them. Hoibert Spencer, iu
bin 1 advanced years, declined to accept
a degree from a university, remark inn
that the bouor might bavo douo him
somo good as a young mau, but be no
louger required it. Thero has beeu
much complaint that the argioultural
iu terests of Oregon have not showu a
proper appreciation of the co-ordinate
iudustry of mining, especially
when they forced through the dis
tasteful Eddy law, concerning the
taxation of corporations. It is now
time for them to realize what the
oatside world thinks of Oregon as a
miuiug state, for we believe they do
uot understand that their miuiug
meu aro dolug more thau their share
toward advertising tho oemmou
wenltb beyond its own borders.
Iu this couneotiou it occur to us
that a small colony of Colorado news
paper meu has rtceutly taken up its
abode iu Oregon's loallug city.
These journalists have Roue from a
state where miuing is u big factor,
and the rolulue news hnhit will prob
ably cling to tbem. Not that Oregou
hm already poase.-od a good share of
hustling mine writers, but that "the
more the merrier" it will be for the
great uortbwest. Mine writing is
an important lias of raining
whether your dyipeptic conservative
thinks so or uot. Writers are an
important adjunut to any industry,
because writers are the business
pullers, the motive force that drive
aud attract capital and brains. If
this motivo force s not a good thing,
why should Portland go to the
trouble to bold a big exposition
next summer? We know what Port-
iand'thinks about It, because' her
commercial club is very active aud
she has an old-time "public move
ment" man doiug notbiug else but
make things move.
This is the kind of au atmosphere
that the mining men there doubtless
appreciate. They bolieve in lettiug
people know what they have. So
when they waut the legislature to do
a tbiug, they ought to be listened
to with respect. Daily Miuing Review.
In connection with the recent gifts
of Oiegou grape seut by the Portland
commercial club to prominent eastern
people, George H, Mines giveB au
interesting account of the origiu of
the shrub, and Its adoptiou as the
state flower of Orogon.
The flrat kuowu roforeuoe to tho
shrub is iu Parsb's "Flora of North
America," publhhod by Jamos Ulaok
& Son, Londou, Euglaud, 1810, aud
It Is tboro first called "Orogou
Grape," or "Holly-leaved Uarborry."
"Wbllojsousldored a shrub, the
Oregou grapo sometimes attains a
height of 1? feet, with a diameter of
four aud a half luohos," says Mr.
llimos. "I havo a sample of that
sizo in my custody now. The tlowor
blooms in April, is very haudaome,
though dellanto, and is a bright
lomou yellow iu color. Tho fruit
growa in small clusters, resemble?
small dark purplo grapes, aud, while
edible, is vory sour, but makes ex
oollent jelly.
"It was uuou my motion, at a
meeting of tho Oregon Ilortioltural
Society iu 1800 that tho question of
adopting a stato tlowor was first
raised, my personal oholoo boing the
Orogou grapes on account of its per
manent leafage in variegated colors,
according to its exposure to the sun,
and its marvelous adaption for decor
ative purposes at all seasons of
the year.
"After consideration by tho abovo
sooloty for two years, iu which tho
claims of othor flowers wore urgod, it
was adopted ou July 18, 1802. Tho
Womeu'a Federated Olubs of Oregou
secured the passage of resolutions by
both houses of the stato legislature
of Oregon, 1800, formally declaring
the Oregon grape to be the state
Thero appears to be a great many
people who do not uuderstaud that
the value of a miue cannot bo ascer
tained by merely visitinu it aud
lookins at it. Miue valuation is a
scleuoe which requires a broad tech
nical experience. Au eugiueer with
techuical trainiug aud knowledge of
the methods of ore sampling may go
through tho workings of a miuo aud
carefully take a largo number of
gjmples, which, when assayed, will
give, together with the measurements
of exposed bodies at the places
impled, au approximate idea of
the gross value of the miue. If the
engineer does uot have the experience
necessary to make proper estimates
on the cost of mining aud reduoiug
the ore, his report will posiess
little of practical, value, but when it
embodies the araouut of ore in sight
and its value, together with tho costs
of the varied operations necessary to
rocovor this value, it booomns a
taugiblo proposition, which cau bo
utilized to advautage, either as a
basis of investment or as a substan
tial deterrout to further expouao in
couneotiou with tho property.
If mines oould be placed ou tho
markot ou the showiug of gross valuo
in sight, the introduction of new
miuiug projects would bo easy of
acoouipliBhmeut. Somo years hIiico,
au elaborato roport stated that a cer
taiu oro deposit showed sovoral
millions of dollars iu sight. Au en
giueor, who was seut to seo if tho
statement whb truo, iu his report
vreified all that had beeu said as to
the valuo in sight, but also submitted
tho opiuiou that it would cost two
or three millions moro thau were
there to get it out.
Tho eugiueer who accepts a com
misslou to examlue a miuiug prop
erty for posslblo purchasers under
takes a rospouslblo task, aud he
should bo guidod by tho fauts both as
to viiIuob aud as to ousts. A noted
mine was sold on the report of a woll
knowu eugiueer sumo twouty years
ago. The miuo was equtppod and
work was prosecuted for a tiuie, but
at a loss, aud the property was
abaudoued. This miuo ia now iu
oporatiou and paying, not becatiHo
tho oro is moro valuable than for
merly, for it is a gold miuo, hut for
the reason that tho engineer who
mado the f miner roport wore inox
porieucod iu tho district whero tho
mine was situated a remote ouo
aud uudor estimated the cost of oper
ating iu that region. Tho conditions
oxistiug at that time havo heon
changed by tho building of a rail
road, and tho oost of operation has
been decreased by improved miuiug
methods, and also by making avail
able a better class of labor, whilo tho
possible saving of values has beeu
groatly increased by the Introduction
of tho caynide process.
lustaucos of this kind aro moro
numerous than is generally supposed.
It's quito as important the that writer
of a miuiug report should bo capablo
uf judging the ooBt of operating a
property under tho existing condi
tions as that he should know how to
take miuo samples, aud mathemati
cally uompute his averages aud grosB
values. Miuing and Scientific Pross.
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142 Third street. Portland, Oregon.
H. II. TRUMHULL, Commercial
ageut, 142 Third street, Portlaud,
and passenger ageut, Colmau bul'd
lug, Seattle, Washington.
A Huntington mill arrived over
the Sumpter Valley road today, con
signed to tho Imperial Miuiug com-
iinuy. U-'ii-i
.. -V
F. c. imomti,
Vice President
Sec. and Treas
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