The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, November 30, 1904, Page 5, Image 5

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    Wednesday, November 30, 1904
A regiou that h constantly attract
ing outside attoutiou and that may
become the Beat of a profitable miu
iug iuduatry is the Silver Peak dis
trict iu southwestern Nevada. A
map of tbiB area Iihb been mado by
the United States Geological Survey
aud the geuoral geology of the region
haa been examined for the Survey by
H. W. Turner, whoBe report has not
yet been published. The district
has also heen visited by J. E. Spurr,
of the Survey, Who has recorded bis
conclusions in a paper on the "Ore
Deposits of the Silver Peak Quad
rangle, Nevada," which is Included
in the Suvrey'a recent bulletin (No.
225) entitled "Contribution to
Eoouomlc Ueology, 190:t."
Ore deposits are kuowu to exist iu
several different parts of tho Silver
Peak quadrangle. The chief districta
are the Silver Peak district pioper,
near tho central part of the quad
rauglo; the Lone Mountain district,
iu its northwestern corner; the
Wiudypah or Fealer district iu the
soutboru part of tbo Silver Peak
range; and what may bo called tbo
Palmetto district on tbo northern
slope of tho mountains of that name.
The Silver Peak district contains
nbaudoued silver and gold mines
wbiob have been considerably worked,
but are still regarded as promising.
The priuoipal properties thus far
developed belong to D. O. Ulair, of
New York. It is estimated by
persons who aro familiar with the
mining history of this district, that
the silver mines produced a gross
valuo of 9200,000, while the Ulair
gold mines are estimated to have
produced 91,280,000. From tho im
portant Mary miue, situated uear the
Ulair gold properties, ,lobu Chiatop
vitch, the owuor, has takou out and
millod 84(5, 000, and from other minou
some 87,000 or 88,000. The Val
calde Brother-) have alsu taken out
aud milled several tbouaaud dollars
worth of ore. The Driukwater gioup
of mines, whiob constitute the moat
important part of the Blair gold prop
erties, are estimated to have a
measurable reserve of 8570,008 and
a probable reserve of more than a
milliou dollars.
u the Lone Muuutaiu district Mr.
Spurr visited the Payamster, Eaper
auza, Utopia, Alpine, aud Weepah
niiues, besides numerous prospeots.
The first three mines have small non
persistent quartz veius that carry
rich silver sulphides with some
gaJeua., pyrite, aud secondary min
reals. Iu the Alpine miue the ore
mined is mixed galena and argnelif
erous lead carbonate. The work
ings at Weepah are very slight, con
sisting chiefly of a few rits showing
bluish quartz mixed with limestone.
From those a few ton? ot high-grado
ore were taken, but the ore bodies
could uot be followed.
On the west sido of the Silver
Peak rauge near Fish Lake Valley, is
h mineral district where some pros
peoting has been done, although it
is at present deserted. The ores
here are of the same type as many of
those uear Lone Mountain.
The Windypab or Faster district
was discovered la the winter of 1003.
A groat deal of projecting baa been
done, but no actual mining. Three
distinct olaaMS of veins have been
noted, all of which oarry gold values.
Such prospects of the Palmetto dis-
tict as fell within tho quadrangle
wero examiued. The principal one
is the old MacNamata, located in
1880, on whiob assesment work has
been faithfully done, but without
great success.
These districts mvo their recent
activity directly to interest pro
duced by the discovery of Touopth.
Mauy of tho veins offer but alight
encouragement to exploitation, but
some of tho prospects of Wiudypah
district are worthy of investigation,
and the Silver Peak district propor
Ih undoubtedly a vast treasury of
low-grade gold ores.
The biggest gambling iu Virginia
City, Nevada, was iu progress at the
timo the bouuaza ledges ou the Corn
stock wero being developed.
For mouths the output from woven
miue ou the Comstock yielded to
gether 850,000 clear pioflt overy
day, John W. Mackay, James (1.
Fair aud James Flood became multl
niilliouaiies in fourteen months,
while Sharou, Hart, Klaston, Cobb.
O'iirieu aud a dozen other mnn
leaped from poverty to millions iu
tho samo time. Common laborers
aud camp cooks of a few years before
bad incomes from miniug stocks of
8150 to 8300 a day for two years.
Lots of miuiug laborors who could
uot read or write had bauk deposits
iu Virginia City iu hose wonderful
days of 810,000 to 815,000.
It was therefore the greatest field
for gambers tbo world had ever seou.
Tbo largest of tho fifty houses de
voted to Chauce was operated by
Hiram Gentry aud Dau E. Crittenden.
They woro backed by Senators
Sharou aud Nye, William C. Hulstou
and oue or two millionaires. They
had credit at the California bank iu
Sau Francisco for 8200,000. For
about a year theii daily deposits
averaged 88,000, aud the expensive
mauner of miming the house was
probably never equaled. Iu the ex
clusive poker rooms bottles of
champague wero opened at the ex
pense of Gentry &. Critteudeu when
ever a jackpot was opened. A doton
bottles of champagne were sometimes
served free to an assemblage because
some one told a now funny story.
Tho bouse reserved 821,500 a month
from its profits for the entertainment
of its guests. Ou the occasion of
the visit of the Duke of Sutherland
to Virginia City, the bonanza firm
of Mackay, Fair, Flood & O'iirieu
paid for 500 bottles of champagne
drunk aud poured ou the carpets iu
one day aud uight.
OowuBtairs there weie four large
rooms aud upstairs tbeie were three.
Oue room was especially devoted to
Nevada and California state officials,
senators aud congressmen. Another
room was for miners and cattlemen,
Still auother and larger room was a
geueral gambling room for meu of
small stakes, who played to a 950
The tattles aud chairs were of
mahogany; the carpets were of the
finest that money could buy iu New
York. The windows were of the
finest Freaob staiued glas, and repre
sented Baobanallau aud Roman
scenes. There were goblets of solid
silver and delicate drinking vessel
of glass and gold.
Poker chips in the rich mogul's
room wero 850, 8100 and 8500 ouch. t
Wiuniugs of 810,000 in a night or j
an afternoon woro not uncommon. '
Tho biggettt game that ever occurred '
iu the camp was iu this houso in tho
Hummer of 1872. Lucky Baldwin,
Henry Vance, who mado a fortune
with MuigB iu the Andean railroad;
Seuatnra Sharon aud a man ftom St.
Louis constituted the players, who
commenced at 7 o'clock iu the
oveuiug aud stayod until 10 o'clock
tho next day. Jackpots frequently
started with 81,000. One contained
81,200 when opened, and it con
tained 818,000 when won by Baldwin
lu another pot Sharon raised Bald
win 84,000 at one time, aud Bcoopod
it iu Sharon, quit winner on that
game of poker85,000.
The following instruments were
filed at tho court houso iu Baker City
for record vosterdav:
Wm. A. Houston to tho Uuited
States, lots I, 2 aud 0, block B. M.
E. Placo'a addition to Baker City;
Jesse C. Myers and wife to Newton
McClanahan, S. E. '4 S. 27 T. 12 R.
.'18, 00 acres; 81,200. '
United StatoH to Newton McClaun
iilum, S. '.. of S.W. 4 fitid S. J..- of S.
E. l4 Sec. 20 T. 21 R. J1H.
Samo to samo N. lu of N. W. U
S. 13. l4 of N. W. U N. E. h f S.
W. 4 Sec. fi T. 12 R. 118.
Uuited States to Jonathau W.
Stout, S. 13. H Sec. 27 T. 12 R. 118.
United States to Fisher Bull, S.
W. U of N. W. M W. W of S. W.
H S. E. 4' Sec. :i5T. 12 R. !18.
N. C. Ilaskoll, et al, to Richard
Grusiug, lots 7 aud 8 block 4
Ilaskoll additlou to Baker City;
Albert L. Weiss to Seymour 11.
Bell, N. W. H of N. W. Soo.
11 T. 10 R. .'17; 8:i()0.
A. II. Weaver aud wife to Boruard
Flyiiu, E. 100 feet of lot 18 block 11
original Supmter; 81.
G. 13. Allou and wife to Ber
nard Flynu undivided XA Interest in
lot 4 block :0 Vinson's addition to
Sumpter; 8150.
F. M. Saxtou and wife tu Luoretia
Crosby, lots 21, 4 aud 5 block B Bow
den's additlou to Baker City; 950.
Albert Geiser and wife (o Wm. T.
Young aud Jno. Thomas, undivided
interest in Pleasant Valley quartz
claim; 850.
Bert 13, Smith to Quuoti of the
West Miuiug company, quartz claim
on Red Mountain; 81.
I3ugeue Bartholf aud wife to
Sylvester Bend, 1 0 luteiest in Home
Stake Intension quartz claim; 81.
Receiver to Greenhorn T. Jk. I),
company, Repele lode mining
claim; 875.
Receiver to Columbia Gold Mining
'company, Old Middleman and Tin
horn quartz claims and 2 millsites;
Charlos M. White aud wife to Bert
C'lviuess, all iuterest iu Leola group
of .'I qaurtz callms; 8100.
Bert Caviuess to Jos. Eustace, un
divided 1-20 iuterest in same; 9100.
Albert Weiss to Leonard W.
Jones, 1 20 iuterost iu Joues aud
Lockhart ditch; 930.
Luoretia Crosby aud husband to
E. O. B. and L. A. ou lots :i, 4 and
5 blook B Bowden addition to Baker
City; 91,000.
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