The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, November 23, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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Wednesday, November 23, 1904
The Sumpter Miner
Entered at the postoflflce In Sumpter. Oregon, for
transmission through (he malls as second class
One Year
Six Months., '-5
Wiltiiitn Carson, h minur from tho
Houthorn out! of tho Hitter Hoot raugo
of mourita7uH in Montana, arrived in
Helena h few dttyH Hince nn IiIh way
to Chicago, whoro ho sayr ho will
htiHy himself In securing II U, 000
with which to buy machinery to oho
in riovloplng h diamond tnl no located
in tho iiiouiiIhIii fastnesses of that
Htnte. Carson hntl with him h ease
flllotl with tho blue clay matrix,
whioh, ln say-i, contains diamonds
in wontlnrful rlotmom. In h hunk
rtkin hag which ho carried around his
nook ho hMti forty-seven stones, Home
or the larger of which woro Hhout tho
hIo of big beans, hiiiI tho HiiiHllor
running down to pinhoads. With
nil thoHo dintuondH, why Ih ho
htiHtllng for $10,000 as ii dovlopuiout
Tho iniuitifiiottirtirH mid invontorH
or a Hour gold saving device oIhIiii
to havo roooivod tho tip on it icon
ntruotloii from finding gold on tho
tooth of it door whioh ouo o( thorn
killed. Iloro it tho way thoy stato
the oh-io:
"in nature's object hiut tho
gold coated teeth, the doer frequent
ing a link to which whh connected a
small oil Htmiii, itho Hour of gold
iirouud tho lick. Tho oil huhblotJ
(which havo heon observed by tho
author about ninny licks)
came In contact with tho tine gold,
and by phyHical force hold hiuiio;
tho tloor (iiiilntontioually) takoH the
btibblort of oil in hie mouth while
licking about; tho oil lininodlat,oly
attaches Itself io tho gutUH and tooth;
tho action of tho tongue hh an
agitator; iron, tannic acid, lime,
etc., being taken Into the mouth In
vegetahlo matter and water, acting
hh preniiitautM, IIiiImIi up the phe
nomenon which an all wine Creator
made possible for observant man's
attractive powers"
Now methods oh cont ranted with
old ones are to be agalu illustrated
in the ohho of the mount a I oh of slag
ami other refuse that havo aocuniu
latod in tho vicinity of tho Minelter
or tho Anaconda Copper company at
liutto, Montana. The huildiugH of
tho oltl smelter havo boou torn down
and romovod. During tho process
of demolition it wan round that the
ground whh for a coUHidorablo dis
tance impregnated with copper and
silver values, bolchod from the Hues
of the oltl plant during Its tweuty
years of operation. It Ih estimated
that thouHHiidH or tous of tho two
metals wore oarlod olf in tho process
of reduction of the ores; that is to
hay that tho methods for their re
covery were mo imperfect, compared
with present mehodti, that a largo
percentage of the values in the oie
were not recovered. At its new plant
the omnpauy Ih Having even the slums
from the ooucentartor and will re
work ihe Htutr. Steam shovels,
running on oableii, pick up tho slums
ami depoHit them oil tract where
they will be leached out, after which
the residue will be trammed back to
the furnaces, where alt the mineral
will bo extracted. All of which helpB
to make clear oue thing, and that is
what under the old methods of re
duction was allowed to go off into
thin air, contains valuer sufficient
Jto pay dividends on a largo iuveat-
jmetit. The new ruethodB are an im-
tirnvnmntit tinoil the old ones. Lob
AugeloB Mining Record.
The decreiiHO In tho gold output of
tho Canadian Yukon from 822,000,
000 in tho banner year of 1000 to
812,250,000 IubI year would In
dicate that the plitcor deposits are
being exhausted, and ttuoh is tho
oafle, acorordlug to the report of
the Geological Survoy of Canada,
juat lonioil. Hut tho activity is by
no muium .lecreahng in this district,
aa macbluery in being extensively In
troduced with the reHiilt that many of
tho low-grade gravol clalmB are beiug
now worked with profit. As in other
dish iota, the placer minor with hh
pan ia being tticoooded by the capi
tal with machinery to scientifically
develop the mines. This, too, will
in time bo foil invert by the mining
of the gold-bearing lodges from
whence came tho gold of tho placers.
Thoso lodges in the Yukon district
havo aa yet not beou (Uncovered, but
thoy are Hiirely there and with their
discovery and tho advent of cheap
transportation iuto tho district, will
undohtitudly Increase ita output and
continue It for a- long time. Mining
Gin-Sing Farm iu City Limits.
A couple of mou who pose around
bore as miniug operators, J. H. Fry or
and L. V. Swiggett, drove into town
today in a farm wagou, bringing
with them a plow, whlflllo trot and
other agricultural acooHories. Placed
in the journalistic sweat box by a
Minor reporter, they admitted tbolr
guilt, confessed that thoy are about to
embark in a farming enterprise.
They explained, however, seeming to
think that it cousituted an extenuat
ing circutiHtanco, that they do not
Intend tortalso anything that is tit to
eat, by man or beast. Tho shameful
truth of tho matter is, thoy aro going
to cutlivate a patch or glnslng right
In tho city limits. Swiggett, howQ
over, agrees to give bond that he will
not incorporate the enterprise and
olfer for sale stock In the company.
It is a siisi iciotH transaction, auy
way you take it for, if stock is uot
to be sold, then what is their graft?
Beautiful Columbia River Folder.
The passenger department of the
Oregou Kallroad &. Navigation com
pany has just issued a beautiful and
costly panoramic folder entitlod"The
Columbia River, Through tho Cascade
Mountains, to the Pacific Ocean."
From Arlington to Portlaud, atid
from Portland to the Paul tic ocean
every curve of tho river and every
point of interest are shown, while
Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and
Mount St. Helens, perpetually cov
ered with snow, stand in all their
beauty. On the back of the map is
an Interesting story in detail of the
trip from Huntington to Portlaud
and, from Portlaud to the ooeau, uot
overlooking the beaches and the Sau
Froisoo trip by ooeau. Acopy of this
folder may be secured by sending
four cents iu stamps to pay postage
to A. L. Craig, General Passeuger
agent for the Oregou Kallroad &
Navigation compauy, Portlaud, Ore
gou. By seudlug the address of som
friend iu the east, aud four cents
to poutage, the folder will be
promdtly mailed.
The following instruments were
filed at the court house in Baker City
for record yesterday:
E. D. Lo Clan to Hattle Baialey,
part lots 1 uud 7 block 2 Hellner's
addltiou to Baker City; 81.400.
Suasn MoKlnuoy to Mouroo Sheets,
lots 5, 0, 7 aud 8 block 10 Pacific
addltiou to IJakerClty; 8100.
J. II. Sommers aud wife to Frank
Defree, lots 1, 2, .'I aud 4 block X
Haluos; 8000.
S. M. Hilues to Eva 0'Iyaut,
lots 1 and 12 block t Haines; 8100.
Peter Roethiker and wife to J. F.
O'Bryaut, lots 3, 11, ft aud 0 block
0 Haines; 1105.
Frank Ferguaou to Clara Ferguson,
1 t 10 block A Bourne; 81.
W. W. Ayer and Win. Ladd to
Oscar Jacobsou, S. W. Ii of S. W.
i Sec 2 T. 7 R. 30; 8240.
A. Edgar Board to (ieo. W. Fay,
rrnr In S. W. K N. W. H Sec. 1ft
T. 8 R. 44; 81.
Matilda Eaton, to school district
No. R0, Jot 10 in Carson; 8180.
Edna E. Do Neffe, et vlr, to M.
F. Muzzy 100 acres In Sec. 12 T. 1 1
R. 38; 81,200.
State of Oregou to W. Unyre, E.
XA N. E.H Sec. 10 T. 10 R. 43;
Same to asmo, N. W. of N. E.See.
10 T. 10 R. 411; 850.
Leo W. Hoser, et ux, to P. L.
Moore, 100 acres In Sees. 10, aud 7
T. 8 R. 42; 83,4ft0.
W. Olive to F. L. Moore, N. W.
M of Sec. GT. 8R. 42; 81.
J. F. Diaksou, ot ux, to R. E.
Straboru, 2 deeds to Dowuie &
Dickson water right; 811,000.
U. S. A. to Walter Rolleu, S. E.
j? Sec. 1 T. 11 R. JI7.
(J. S. to Frank S. Herbert, 1U8
acres lu Sec. .'i T. 7 R. 2.
Myra Elmer to W. L. Vinson, S.
W. h N. W. xi Sec. 1 T. 0 R. 40;
C. O. Patterson to Charlotto
Pattersou, lot 7 block C Do Roo
addition to Baker City; 81.
J as. F. Ferguson to A. V. Fergu
aou, lot 7 and south 7 feet lot 8
block B Place's addltiou to Baker
City; 1.
A. V. Fergusou, et ux, to J. F.
Ferguson, lots 8, 0 and 10 in block
B Place's addition to Baker City;
E. Browu. et vlr, to Thos. Dowuie,
u interest iu lots 1 and 2 Parker's
addltiou to Baker City; 8000.
J. M. Stewart to Thos. Mack, 120
acres iu Seo. 8T 8 R. 40; 81.
L. Sommer, et ux, to M. Hoff, h
interest iu lots 4, ft and blook L
Do Roo's addition to Baker City;
CMrollue Coltou to W
west S. of Soc. !U! T. 7
II. Coltou.
R. 41 E.;
Wisconslu-OregonLumt'or company
to Kirklaw, et al, lot 1 Seo. 7 T. 1 1
R. 40 E. ; 81.
W. F. Longwoll to M. 11. Alleu,
10 acres iu Seo. 20 T. 0 R. 37 E;
M. F. Muzzy to C. K. De Neffe, l
intercut iu west of lot 2 blook a
Sumpter; 8U.000
E. L. Keuuou to Martha Keurett,
lot 1 blook a St. Louis additiou to
Sumpter; 81.
Receiver U. S. A. L. O. to Fred
Pyle, S. W. i Seo. IU T. 11 R. 40;
U. S. A. to E. F. Ballarn, pateut
112 acres in Seo. 11 T. 0 R. 48.
J. H. Paiker, et ux, to J. M. Ross,
2ft feet lot 1 blook A Place's addi
tiou to Baker City; 82,000.
U. S. to M. D. Simonf, 100 acres
in Sees. 0 aud 10 T. 9 R. 45.
Emoline A. Uillla to Copper Butte
Live Stock compauy; 100 acres
in Sees. 2 and 11 T. 8 R. 42 E. ; 81.
Henry Clough to S. M. Berthome,
lot ft blook 20 Lomltjgton addition to
Baker City. $t.
C. H. Hoakell et, al, to P. F.
Hoke, 100x150 feet in blook 22
Haakell addition to Baker City;
Sheriff to C. L. Palmer, tract near
Wilovale; 8106.
W. J. Patteraoo, et, al, to E. S.
Faull north XA Sec. 36 T. 8 R. 40;
W. L. Morfitt to J. H. Tucker un
divided h interest iu 160 acres in
Seo. 0T. 13 R. 37; 81200.
Cbas. J. Wiodburg to Chris Oliver
tract iu N. E. H Sec. 23 T. 0 R.
37; 8800.
W. F. Beeloher et al to E. S.
Platte lots 3, 4, 5 aud 6; block 2
Pacific addition Baker City; 8250.
Etbol Heick to Elece J. Duffy S.
W. M N. E. yA Seo. 23 T. OR. 45;
A. Pbilbriok to E. S. Platte blook
2 Wilovale Atwood's fourth addition
to Baker City; 82.800.
Tom Dunn and wife to Mary M.
Auioll, Echo placer claim; 8100.
Mary M. Amell to Thos. Dunn,
Echo placer claim; 81,800.
W. C. Baker, to Tom Dunn, Eobo
plalcer claim; 860.
L. B. Wuuder to A. F. Wunder,
Saudbar paloer claim 8100.
Roy Weuceslaw to L. S. Schmidt,
Our Flag and Eagle quartz claim ;
J as. W. Hail to W.A. Dial,
terest iu Iron King No. V
quartz claim; 83.
Henry Lady to Win Poison,
interst iu Duport quartz claim; 8150
Paul Saudlerg to David Moomaw,
)n interest in Clingstone quartz
oiaim; 8100.
Wm. Folsom to Jas. W. Hull, .$
interest in Iron King quartz claim;
C. M. Johnson to S. O. Correll,
Last Cbauoe quartz claim and Home
City placer olaim; 8050.
Wm. H. Tobln to Ceo. Munoy,
Alpine No. 1 and 2 and Ualeinte 1
and 2 quartz olaim; 850
Sheriff to Ira B. Sturgis trustee
Treadwell, Halloween and other
qurtz claims; 879.
U. S. to Fred D. Smith receipt, in
full for California Uuloh placers.
P. L. Kelly to A. Geiser lease and
optiou ou Oro Dell group quartz
Roy H. Miller to Beuj. F. Treasure
June 22 1903 placers on Pine creek;
Jas. Duupby tu 11. C. Armstrong
'.. Interest in Oregou quartz claims;
Suit T. S. Kenuerly vs Monarch
Mlues compauy, suit to foreclose lieu
'on Monarch group of mines; 8959,
Su tJud S Cook vs White Swan
C. W.
for persoual damages;
Nibley, vs. Eagle Mines
et al, suit to foreclose
ou the Eagle group of
Mines amouuting to about 812,500.
Don't Go to M. Louis
'Till you oall at or write to the
Cbiogo, Milwaukee and St. Paul rail
road. Office 134 Thiid Street,
Portlaud, Oregon. Low rates to all
points East, iu oouenotion with all
W. 8. ROWE, General Agent,
Portlaud. Oregon.