The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, November 16, 1904, Page 5, Image 5

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Wednesday, November 16, 1904
And now Henry II. Rogers, the j
power behind the throne in Stnudard
Oil aftairs the geutleman whom
Tom Lawscu, in his "Frenzied Fin
ance. ' callfe a fiend incarnate in one
chapter and a winged angel iu the"
next haB shied bis castor into the
ring of western mines and wants the
Cornucopia, which belongs to bis
friend John E. Searles a fellow
financier whose records differs from
Rogers', that it spells failure iu
blaok capital letters, Searles beiug a
bankrupt with a estate .so involved
that no one seems able to put a
ringer on anything valuable and
negotiable except the great Cornu
copia group of mines in Raker
county, Oregon.
Rogers has (lied suit against the
Oornucopla for the foreclosure of a
100,000 mortgage, and asks the
United States court of Otegoo to
epjoin the sale of the property by
the sheriff under executions arising
from bankruptcy proceedings, until
hie own rights can be adjudicated.
He desireB a decree of foreclosure,
whioh, if granted, would pass tho
control of the property absolutely
into his hands.
Rogers' claim against the mine is
Mineral Application .'117.
Mineral Survey 628.
United States Laud Office,
La Grande, Oregon,
November 12, 1001.
Notice is hereby giveu that the
Gold Rug-Grizzly Mining company
by A .P . Goas, its attorney in faot;
whose postoffice addroaa is Sumpter,
Oregon, has made application for
patent for 1119 liuear feet on the
Rawhide lode; 047.0 liuear feet on
the Blaok Bear lode; 1488.2 linear
feet on the Fairy lode; 1488. 2 linear
feet ou the Last Chance lode; 1488.2
linear feet on the Peaoook lode;
1310.5 linear feet ou the Hauna No.
1 lode; 1200.C liuear feet on the
Grizzly No. 2 lode; 648.0 linear feet
on Hanna No 2. lode; GOO linear
feet on Grizzly No. 1 lode; 1500
liuear feet on the Gold Bug lode
mining claims, beariug gold aud sil
ver, all situate in unorganized miu
ing district, Grant couuty, Oregon,
aud described in the official plat aud
Held uutes on file in this office as
follews: viz:
Beginning at corner N '. 1, whence
the southwest corner of section fi
township 9 south, tange 30 east,
bears S. 9 degrees 4 1 minutes E.
3274.8 feet; tbeuci 34 minutes
W. COO feet to corner No. 2; thence
N. 80 degrees 2G minutes fi. 1119
feet to corner No. 3; thence N. 34
ninutes E. 600 feet to corner No. 4 ;
thence S. 86 degrees 26 minutes W.
1119 feet to corner No. 1, place of
beginning. Variation 20 degrees to
20 degrees 30 minute east, area
15.373 acres.
Beginning at corner No. 1, whence
the southwest corner of section 5
township 9 south, range 36 . W.
based upou the allogatiou that in
January, 1001, Searlea and wife, ex
eouted to him a mortgHKO on the
Cornucopia group to secure him as
guarantor uu a note to the Seaboard
National' bank of New fork City for
100,000. Iu August, 100:t, Rogers
was compelled to pay this money and
he quite naturally wants a return
Pursuant to tho Rogers petition
the federal court of Oregon has
ordered the sheriff of Baker county
and the other defendants named in
Rogers' complaint to appear on
November 18 and show cause why a
temporary restraining order should
not be IsMied. The sale of the miuea
under exeuutlons issued out of the
Circuit oourt of Raker couuty ia
scheduled for November 22 for tho
dersonal property involved aud
November 28 for the real property.
It is thought .lbat these prooeedt
ingB will certainly bring to a head
all of the litigatloiiH in conuootlou
with the Cornucopia miuoB, aud will
remit either iu tho reorganization of
the property aud payment of the
debts by the parties in interest, or the
proprety will be iold under fore
closure. M. bears S. 29 degrees 54 miuutes
W. 3010 feet; thence N. 34 miuutes
E. 600 feet to corner No. 2; thence
N. 84 degrees 40 minutes W. 947.6
feet to corner No. 3; thencu S. 34
minutes W. 600 feet to corner No.
4, ideutical with corner 3 Rawbido
lode, this survey; thenoe S. 84 de
grees 40 minutes K. 947.6 feet, to
corner No. 1, plaoe of begiuuing.
Variation 20 degrees to 20 degrees
18 minutes east. Area 13.007 acres.
Beginning at corner No. 1, whence
M section corner ou the east aide of
sectiou 5 bears S. 82 degrees 37
minutes E. 2083.6 feet; thenoe S. 34
miuutea W. 437.6 feet to corner No.
2; thenoe N. 82 degreess 15 minutes
W. 1488.2 feet to corner No. 3;
ideutical with corner 1 Black Hear
lode, this jurrey. ; thence N. 34
miuutes fi. 437.6 feet to corner No.
4; thence S. 82 degrees 15 miuutes
fi. 1488.2 feet to corner No, 1. place
of beginning. Variation 20 degrees
to 20 degrees 30 minutes eaBt.
Area, 14.832 aoreB.
Beginnug at corner No. 1,
whetioe southeast corner of scetiou 5
township 9 south rauges 36 E. hears
5. 34 degrees 54 miuutea W. 2614.9
feet; tbenoe N. 34 minuei E. .461.7
feet to Vomer No. 2, ideutical with
ooiner 1 Balak Boar lodej thenoe S.
82 degrees 15 minutes E. 14 88.2
feet to corner No. 3, identical witb
curlier 2 Last Chance lode; thenoo
S. 34 minutes W. 464. 7 feet, to
corner No. 4; thenoe N. 82 degress
15 minutes W. 1488.2 feet, to corner
N o. 1, plaoe of beginning. Varia
tion 20 degees to 20 degrees 9 miu
utes east Area 15.751 acres.
Beginning at corner No. 1, whence
Vi section ooiner on east side of
section 5 bears S, 67 degrees 11
minutes fi. 2237.95 feet, tbencs S.
134 minutes WVcOO feet to corner No.
2, identical with corner 1 Lnat
Chauce ludo; thence N. 82 degrees 15
miuutes V. 1488.2 feet to corner
No. 3, identical with coruor No. 1
Last Chance Inde, theuco N. 34
miuutes E. 500 feet to coruor No. 4;
theuco S. 82 dugreoa 15 miuutea E.
14 88.2 feet to corner No, 1, tho
plttoo of beginning. Vurintiou 20 c'o
groes to 20 dogroda 30 miuutea mat.
Area 20.337 acroa.
Begluuiug at corner No. 1, whouoo
section coruor ou eaat sido of
section 5 bears S. 60 degrees 9 min
utes E. 931.8 feot; thence N. 72
degrees 8 minutes VV. 1316.5 feot to
corner No. 2, Ideutical with comer 1
Peacock lode; thenoe S. 34 minutes
W. OOirfwet to corner No. 3, 'Identi
cal with aoruer'2 Peacock lode, aud
corner 1 List Chance lode; thenoe S.
72 degees 8 miuutes fi. 1316.5 feet
to corner No. 4 ; theuce N. 34 min
utes fi. 600 feet to corner No. 1, the
place of begiunlug. Variatiou 20
degrees 28 miuutes to 20 degrees 39
miuutes east. Area, 17.313 acres.
Begiunlug at coruor No. 1, whence
4 section comer on east side of
section 5 bears N. 80 degrees 31
miuutes fi. 826.4 feet; thonco N. 72
dogreeB 8 minutes V. 1316.5 feet to
corner No.j2., idoutical with coruor
1 Last Chauce, aud corner 2 Peacock
lodes; theuce (S. 34 miuutes VV.
437.6 teet to oornor-No. 3, idontlcal
witb coruor 2-3 Last Chauco snd
Fairy lodes, this survey; theuco S.
69 dogrfcea 40 miuutes fi. 1336.2
feot to corner No. 4 ; thenoe N. 34
minuteB E. 498 feet to corner No. 1,
the place of begiunlug. Variation
20 degrees to 20 degrees 28 minutes
east. Area. 13.501 acres.
Begluuiug at corner No. 1, wbouoe
J 4 section comer ou the east side of
section 5 bears S. 60 degrees 9 min
utes fi.?;031.8 foet, identical with
corner No 1. Hanua No. 1 lode;
thenue S. 34 miuutes VV. 600 feet to
corner No. 2, identical with comer
4 1 ilenua No. 1 a:id Grizzly No 2
lodeB,"thrfl vurvey;' thoiiae S. 81 de
grees 20 miuutes E. 04 8.9J feet, ,to
corner No. 3; theuce N. 34 f.mluutos
fi. 600 feet to corner No. 4 ; thence
N. 81 degrees 20 minutes W.fJ 648.9
feet, to corner No. 1, the place of
beginning. Variation 20 degrees 5
minutes to 20 degrees 29 minuteB
east. Area, 8.847 acres.
Bogiuuing at corner No. 1, identi
cal with corner 1-2-4 Grizzly No. 2,
ilanna No 2 and Hauna No. 1 lodes,
this surrey; whence H sect ion
comer on the east side of section 5
bears N. 80 degrees '31 1 minutes fi.
826.4 feet; thence S. 31 minutes VV.
498 feet to corner No. 2, identical
with coruor 4 Grizzly No. 2 lode;
thenoo S. 72 degrees 41 minutes E.
671.2 feet to corner No.Jll; theuco
N. 34 minutes fi. 600 feet to corner
No. 4, identical with corner No. 3
Hauna No 2. lode; thence N. 81 de
grees 20 minutes VV. 648.9 feet to
coruor No. 1, the. placet of .begiuuing.
Variation 20 degrees 5 miuutes to
20 degrees 29 minutes east. Aroa,
8 097 aaros.
Bogluiug at corner No. 1, whence
li sectiou corner ou the east sido ot
section 5 bears N. 18 degrees 13
minutes fi. 562.1 feet; thenoe S.
34 minutes VV. 300 feet to comer No.
2; Identical witb corner 3 Grizzly
No. 1,. this survey; tbe'uoe N. 78 de
gress 12 minutes fi. 1500 feet to
corner No. 3, whence ooruer 2 survey
421, Pyrites lode bears N. 82 de
grees 41 miuutes fi. 143.3 feet;
tbence N. 34 minutes 'fi. 300 feet to
corner No. 4; tbence S. 78 degrees
12 minutes VV. 1500 feet, to cornor
No. 1, tho place of beginning.
Variation 20 degrees 5 minutes eaat.
Aroa. 10,000 acres. Forming a por
tion of tho south eaat H of auction, 4
a portion of sectiou 5 and n portion
of tho east x4 of soutlou 6, township
!) south, rango 36 fi. VV. Moridinu.
Tho locations of theso claims are
recorded iu tho office of tho couuty
clerk of said couuty as follews:
Kawhldo in book K pago 97.
Black Bear in book H, page 440.
Last Chauce, In book H, pago 446
7. Fairy, in book J pago 378.
Poacock iu book H page Jl 47.
Hanua No. 1, in book H page 560.
Grizzly No. 2 in book H page
562. Hanua No. 2, iu book II page
562.. ,
Grizzly No. 1,' tu book II page
563. Gold Bug, In book II page 564.
Adjolutug ulaimauta are the ibtx
Miuiug company on the east.
All persons holding adverse claims
thereto are required to present the
same before this office within sitxy
daya from the first day of publication
hereof, or they will be narred by
virtue of tho provisions of the
fi. VV. DAVIS,
Zooth Hounor left this afternoon
for his homo in Pendleton.
A. VV. fillls Iihh completed bis
coutract for excavating the big pool
for tho Crane Flat dredge, and yester
day the last team aud scraper re
turned to Sumpter.
President Slbloy, of the Frue
Vauner Manufacturing company,
Detroit, head of the Michigan syndi
cate which has purchased the Imperial
mine, drove out to Cable Cove this
morning, witb K. O. Mofiweu.
It is roportod that Frank Tfaomas,
well kuown iu Sumpter, where be
waB attached to the old townslto
company during the boom days of
'99, is in Tonopab, working a lease,
upon which he has already oleanod
up 1 0,000 in clear profit.
Mr. aud Mrs. fiuogne Barbtolf are
now at Durkce, whore they will re
main for several weeks, while
"Gene" ia doing some work on a
miuiug property he owns In that
Dr. fi. VV. Mueller arrived In town
today from Malheur county, aud
left on the afternoon train to visit
his wife and get acquainted witb the
baby. He expects to return here in
a couple of weeks.
Tom MoGuIre, ex-foreman of the
Columbia mine, writes from Cam
ageo, Lough A lieu P. O., Ireland,
that ho la enjoying himself uu the
"ould sod,' but will return In
about six weeks.
fine Ore at the Indiana.
Elmer fi. Cleavor aamo up from
Maker City this morning on a mining
deal, to which ho refiiHiH to give
publicity just uow. He iays that
tho Indiana copper mine, at Medical
Springs, in which he is interested, ia
turning out big. A shaft is now
down 200 feet, with drifts at that
level Iu two directions. "We have
two breasts of the prettiest copper
ore you ever saw," saya Mr. Cleaver.
"VVe are below the seoondaiy forma
tion aud are in the primary ore de
posits. The future of the Indiana
is tbsrsfore secure."
Just received at Johns', a straight
carload of potatoes, squashes, oelery,
pumpkins, beets, turnips and all fall
.. ,j.