The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, November 09, 1904, Page 6, Image 6

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Wednesday, November 9, 1904
The Hast Oregouian relates au in
terstlug chapter iu tho history of the
discovery of gold In OHliforiilH. it
1b told by tbiit iiiout Indefatigable
blstoriMU, George II. Ilimas, who re
turned tblt morning from Maker City,
where be Interviewed Mrs. Miriam
iiouuey HI bier, the llrHt discoverer
of gold In modern timed in Call
forula. Tbla atory baa never bitbnrto
been published, but mm to ita author
ity there la no question.
In 1H40 Mm. Ilibler, then MIsb
Mlrlatu Houney was one or a party
of Immigrants from MiHHouri who
iiuoia overlaud, heMdMi orlgiuully for I
OreKon. At Fort Hall, Idaho, the
party fell under the Inlluoeo of a man
named Hastings, an ornhHitry of a
movement to boom California, and
he persuaded many membera of the
party to dolloot at that point and go
to California. Among those In
fluenced by llnstlngH wiih MIhh
llomiuy'H rather, Truman Uonney.
MIhh Uonney wan thou twelve yearn
of nKe.
The Uonney party went down Into
California by the Ijiihhuii trail, and
made their temporary headquarters
near the old Sutter ranch and fort
on Mather river.
Only a Hhort time afler reaching
Fort Hutter Miriam ionuey found iu
the gravel "f Koiither river yellow
partinlen which attranted her atten
tion, amoiiK them a plooo au large an
a pea. The young girl wiih intelligent
and Informud enough to have more
than a paHHlng and Idle
interest in
the yellow bite, and brought them to
her lather and others. Among IIioho
who aw Mill became Interested wtiH
The Quebec mine haH changed
owerHhlp and management aud this
well known property In the Alamo
diHtnct Ih now being put in shape
for the winter.
At a meeting of the Htookholdois
held at Alamo IuhI Thursday C. 10.
.leuuiiigH, of 1'aducah, Kentucky,
aud his frieudH purchaHed the J. SV.
aud 10. 10. Carr intercut iu the
Quebec, thin acquiring a control of
the property. A new hoard ot
directors wa-t elected, including
MeHrtrH. Howard, Calder, iirowu and
OuvitlHon, of Sumpter, aud Mr.
leuuiiigH aud two aHsooiatoH of
Kentucky. The old olllcers were re
elected with the exception that W.
C. Calder wan elected secretary aud
manager of the company and ban
taken charge of the property.
Mr. Jennings and party paiei'd
through Maker City Saturday night
on their return oast. Manager
Calder, who promoted tho deal, says
that the only work that will be done
on the property this season will bo to
repair it aud put it iu good shape to
go through the winter, aud make
surveys for the purpose of obtaining
patents to the grouud.
(Jeneral Fremont, who at once and
without hesitation counseled great
secretiveuoss, and through bis In
lluenae the news of disscovery of what
thoHo Informed all bellevd to be gold
was hushed up.
On the further advice of Fremont,
one, Dr. (J i Idea, wan entrusted with
the care of the yellow metal and
aeut to Monterey to obtain an assay
which would determine ita real
value. (Jlldea started on hla
journey, but disappeared, aud it Ij
believed that he wan murdered, but
that the murder had nothing to
do with his mission to Monterey.
The mater then rested until January
21, '4 H when Captain Sutter made the
rind wbiuh has made his name a
household word tho world over.
The motive of Fremnout iu sup
proHHlng the news of the discovery
uhould be appreciated at ita full
value and fur iu elfecta. Fremont
knew porfectly well that if full pub
licity was given to the discovery,
all his lung-laid and careful plana
for tho annexation of California
might be completely upset by the
declaration with which the Spanish
aud Mexican iulluence would prob
ably resist the movement, which at
that time showed Hlgus of being con
summated. The iiounoye In the spring of 18-10
came to Oregon and lived for two
years in Marion count. They then
went to California for a year aud
engaged in mining, but without any
particular success, aud then returned
to Oregon. Mrs. iliblor is a widow
aud haH lived nearly all hor life in
Oregon, aud
is now Hcventy-ouo
yean of age.
The Quebec in the past has pro
duced a large quantity of ore which
J was milled at a profit, aud there Iiiih
I been done altogether about 0,000 fu
I iu iiuvuiuiiimii wimk iii iiiu iiiiiiu.
It Is expected to operate the mine
again next year, although tho plans
of the company have not yet boon
formulated. Democrat.
Mayor MCcollooh aud his client,
Walt Wade; ,1. U. Fryer aud Hoy 11.
Miller, witnesses, aud Dr. Hrook
defendant, iu the case invoking an
interest in the Uolden Chariot mine,
a couple of miles south of town,
went to Maker City this afternoon,
on husiuoss pertaluiug to the trial of
the case.
The testimony of Messrs. Fryer aud
Miller will be takeu at this time, I
before a referee, as that of other
witnesses has been taken. This will
probably close tho evidence, unless
the plaintiff puts J. W. Scriber on
the stand, as has been reported would
be done. The case will not go before
a jury, but will be argued iu
chambers before Judge Egan, the evi
dence being submitted iu typewrit
It is being stubbornly fought aud
considerable bitterness has been
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Write for annual reports and prospectuses-
Dcpt. 60 32 Broadway. New York.
Sole agents for above companies.
engendered, some of the testimony
being directly coulliotlug. Wad fc
Camp claim to own a two-thirds
Interest iu the property, through a
verbal understanding with the de
fendant, who claims that there never
was such an agreement; that the
Camp bond expired months before
he secured au option, that ho had
no interest iu their bond nor they in
hiH. C. A. JohiiH rftprosouts Dr.
Hrook aud Attorneys McColloch aud
William Smith tho plaintiff, W. W.
The mine was sold to Philadelphia
parties by L. V. Swiggett, who in
managing itu development, for
8:10,000, about 85,000 of which has
been paid. Their titlo or possesion
is not involved. A decision will
probably be reachod some time iu
ThomitH Loo, who baa been btiHying
himself during the past spring aud
Hummer iu driving a (500-foot tunnel
on the propertieH which he aud co
owuerH have faith Jwili bring into
promiuouco the mineral wealth of the
Hootiou of which Thomas's ranch in
!(limit county
is the pivotal puiut,
is iu liakei City, the home of him
Holf aud family.
The work thin far accomplished
has demonstrated their judgment to
have beou superior to the divining
rod. Through the length of the
tunnel as far as completed they havo
eucouutorod veins carrying values
which encourage the belief that when
they have touched the ledge matter
which carries the big veius indicated
nuar the apex of the hill, they will
have an ore supply far iu excess of
auythiug which has been proven iu
tho Susauville district, a little
further ou.
Dr. Lee la uot now inclined to go
in details with reference to projected
plans aud says that he will leave the
optimistic exuberance couceruiug that
sectiou to Captaiu Kemp aud others,
who vow that the bills thereabouts
are lousy with such
tellurides at will
some day shade the revelatious made
some years ago iu Cripple Creek. Iu
passing it may be noted that these
uom'lusious were some years ago
made by tho late Tom MoEwen.
Iu what is known au . the New
Eldorado district, a short ways from
Thomas's ranch, Mauager Fuller, of
tho Sumpter smelter, has acquired
several claims withiu the past few
days aud it is understood has seut
uieu out there to opeu them at ouce,
aud withiu a abort
commence shipping
time expects to
a high grade ore.
Work on Constellation Road.
L. V. Swiggett came iu last
evening from the Cable Cove district,
where he 1b personally superintediug
the oostruotion of the wagou road
from the Overlaud to the Coustella
tion mine. He came down after roeu
aud took seveu back with him.
Fifteen wero already employed ou
the work. Iio says tho route has beeu
slashed and tho work will bo en
tirely uomploted iu ten days.
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" j..yg-'"