The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, November 09, 1904, Image 1

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Al Geiser Opens a Magnificent Body
Free Gold Ore at the 500
Foot Level.
Al Geiser baa tit urate it riob aguiu
this time at tbe Gem mine, uear
Sparta. At tbe 500-foot level be
baa opened a aboot of ore abot full
of free gold. A teu-atamp mill la
pounding on it and a cleanup made
last week reaulted in a big gold
bulliou brlok.
Gsiaer acquired fame ih operator
of tbe old Uouanza, wblob be devel
oped seven years ago Into a heavy
producer and Bold for half a million.
Late.' be opened tbe Tabor Fraction,
disclosing ore of fabulous valuo.
Not long ngo be took charge of tbe
(Jem, h property over in the Pan
hand lo, which bad presumably neon
"worked out." Ho bad a tboory
about tbe mine and proved its
correctness. Ar a result Al Geiser
is again tbe bonanza miuiug king of
eastorn Oregon.
Nod Parker, secretary of tbe
Geisor-IIendryx Investment com
pany, of Sumpter, went down to
Baker City Saturday to meet tbe
senior member of tbe Arm upon tbe
latter's return from tbe Gem. When
they met, Ueiser carried a candle box
illled with quartz in which free gold
shone like tbe rising sun. Secretary
Parker returned to Sumpter yester
day morning and told The Miuer
about it. The tale is interesting.
It seems that tbe old manager for
tbe old Gem Consolidated Miuiug
company, of wbiob L. U. Williams,
ex assistant manager of the fionauza,
under the old Geiser regime, was
superintendent, sauk a 200foot
perpendiculur shaft to iutercept the
dippiug vein at that level. Tbe
ledge was cut all right, hut it was
found that an intrusive dyke had
catered the ledge, creating a perfect
fault. From tbe 200, the per
pendicular shaft ohauged to an in
cline to follow tbe ore. Instead of
siukiug on the vein, however, tbo
old management followed tbe barren
dyke, to tbe 500-foot level, until
hope gave out and tbe mine shut
Not long ago tbe Gelier-Uendryx
company took charge on a lease and
bond. Al Geiser bad long ago
evolved a theory and desired to work
it out. At tbo '200-foot lovel, whore
tbe old management lost tbo pay and
struck tbe dyke, tbe vein, which
strikes uortb-aoutb and dips forty
degrees )aat, is squarely cut otf by a
graulte-porpbyry intruaive dyke, tbe
dyke striking east-weat and dipping
fifty degrees south. Tbe old manage
ment believed, as did Professor
Waldemar Idudgreu, of the United
States Geological Survey, that tbe
veiu ooutiuuod beyond the dyko.
Consequently they sunk HOG foot on
tbo dyke, expectiug to pass through
tbo fault and pick up the vein. Tlioy
wore disappointed, and wore forced
to adopt the expedient of ornssmitiug
north from the dyko iu a blind hopo
of lluiliug the lodge. Only a short
crosscut had been run wheu the old
company's stockholders lost heart,
funds failed to ho forthcoming and
tbo mine was forced to dose. It was
! at this juncture that Al Geiser,
acting for his company, leased the
miuo, with an option to purchase,
and took personal charge.
It must he remembered that all
those operations below the 1200-foot
level wero cariiod ou by a company
iu which tbe Geiser brothers AI,
Frank aud Kd were iutorested. Al
was the advisor of Superintendent
Williams, his old pal. When, at
length, financial exigencies forced a
suspension, Al retained a firm be
lief that he was correct, aud upon re
cently securing coutrol of tbe prop
erty, on behalf of tbe Gelser-IIen-dryx
company, be undertook to
demofcu?rate the truth of his theory.
His first work, after uuwateriug the
rather crooked shaft to the 500-foot
level, was to exteud tbe north cross
out tiom that statlou. Cue day last
week the miuors broke through tbe
porpbyry-grauite dyke into the main
veiu, disolosiug sharply defined walls,
from one to four feet apart, between
which lay crushed granite aud streaks
of quartz, iu some places two feet
wide. The ore is normal ooana
veiu quartz, with free gold aud a
little pyrite aud black ziuo blend.
A seam of quartz, varying iu widtb
from four to twelve inches, carries
free gold iu abundauce. In faot, the
NOVEMBER .,, 190
ore in this seam Ih abot full of the
yellow stuff, and samploa assay from
110,000 to 8100,000 per ton. Such
was the obaracter of the specimens
brought iu to Haker Saturday uigbt
by Mr. Geiser. A portion of these
specimens wore brought to Sumpter
by Secretary Parker and are on ex
hibition at the GeiBer-Heudryx ofllces
on Mill street and Granite stroot.
Thoy are certainly good for soro eyes.
Of course, tho problom Is not
yet. completely solved. It remains
to 1)0 determined whether the vein
found at. tbo 500 oxtoudH to the 200;
or whether tho intervening space Is
barrou; iu other words, subsequent
work muHt show whether tho fault
movement at tho 200 was perpen
dicular or lateral whether tho dyko
forced tho veiu down to the 500-foot
level, or merely intruded at tho 200.
Consulting Engineer ,1. N.
t283otatyuo is at tbo property,
supervising the installation of a now
skip for use in tbe shaft, which, as
well be learned from a read lug of
the above description of the work
ings, la perpendicular for 200 twt,
then dips fifty degrees toward the
smith for MOO feet. Tho shaft will
bo continued 200 foot deeper and
connections made at two lower levels
with tho Hhoot at tho 500.
E. E. Cleaver Home From Indiana.
iOlmor 10. Cleaver was iu town to
day between I rains, returning to
Maker City this afternoon. He has
boon iu Indiana most of tho summer,
financing tho Indiaua, a copper
property east of Haker City, aud
expects to return at an early day.
The Indiaua has eight foot of high
grade oro iu tho 20')-font level. Ho
carries a sample aroud with him that
goes twenty-live per cent copper.
Mr. Cleavor saw II. S. MoCallum
down iu a Indiaua. Ho is promoting
tbo construction of a sky scraping
office building at Fort Wayne, aud is
mooting with a moasure of success.
He says ho will return to eastern
Oregon when ho gets things iu shape
to open up tho (iraud Trunk,
ou llald mountain about eight
miles from Sumpter; gut has not
thus far been successful in financing
that proposition.
Reorganization of the Alamo.
"Articles of Incorporation wero
filed yestorday with tho co inty audi
tor of tbe Amalgamated Alamo com
pany, a mining corporation formed
by John It. CaBsiu, N. K. Nuzom
aud W. If. Risinbaur. The capital
stock is 82,500,000, divided iuto as
many shares of tbe par value of 61."
The above is from tbe Spokesman
Itoviow of Tuesday. It unquestion
ably refers to the well known Alamo
wine, aud is probably a reorganiza
tion of the company owning it. The
Miner baa been uuable to secure
further details at this writiug.
-.- jsMim.
NO. 12
1. A. Ward, secretary and general
malinger of the Klkhorn Consolidated
Gold Mining company,
owners of the Maxwell miuo iu the
Rock Creek dhtrlot, uear I laities,
was in town Thursday. Mr. Ward
states that work ou the now mill la
progressing rapidly, and that it wkh
oxpocod that tho machinery would bo
ready to be installed today. The site
of tho now mill is so situated that
there is no danger of a repetition of
last winter's disaster,
Tho Maker City Faigluooilng Works
have the contract for repairing aud
rebuilding the machinery, which
was taken from the wreck of tbe old
mill, destroyed by a snowslldo last
winter. TbU work Ih uuder the
supervision of J. E. Uyllenberg.
This firm alio baa the eoutraet for
the coustrnotion of an aerial tram
way from tunnel No. 10 to tbe new
mill. This tramway will be 2,850
feet in length aud will bo usod to
transfer the ore from the tunnel to
tho mill.
Mr. Ward states that tho water
supply at tho mine at present In more
abundant than herotoforo at thla
HeiiHon of the year, and that con
ditions ire favorable to operations
being continued nearly all winter.
A largo force of men will bo put. to
work iu a few days getting out ore.
-Haines Itocnrd.
Tho llluo Mountain Kaglo is In re
ceipt of a sample of ore from the
famous liadger mine of Kusauvillo,
taken from tho 700-foot lovel. It is
almost a solid piece of mineral and
carries values that average H00 per
ton, aud It Is reported that the lodge
of this grade of ore at this depth is
eight feet iu width. Ore fiom this
lovel Is taken nut and sacked for
shipment, not a pound of it going
through the largo Hadg tr mill. Tho
Hadger property has been iu con
tinuous operation tor several years.
About a year ago their hoisting
machinery was transferred from tint
surface to tho 500 foot ' level and
sinking ou tho property was con
tinued, with the result that most
valuable ore has boon disclosed and
in almost unlimited quantity. The
depth at present attained ou thii
property is fully 150 feet below tho
lied of 101 k crook, and the class of
ore opened up at ttiat point should
encourage all whu are developing
property in tint mineral bolt. Depth
is all that is required (o show up
valuable ore iu the Susauville eouu
try. Hlue Mountain Eagle,