The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, September 21, 1904, Image 8

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Tho strong nriii oT the Oregon
statute? swooped down and took
ovary bit of (hi) ginger 'out of tho
MoLood Maddorn di tiling contest.
Under tho Oregon law till wagers tiro
illegal. 'J'ho Htiitulo piovldoii Unit
in iiiiho nithor pmly to a wagor of
monoy desires to revoke a gambling
contract and pull down IiIh Htuko
monoy ho may do ho; and should
tho stakeholder rofiiHO to disgorge,
oivil aotiou may ho Instituted to 10
cover from him ovon aftor ho Iiiih
paid tho monoy ovor to tho olhor
party. '
Ail I Iiiiho legal poiutH liavo lioou '
forcibly iioHoutod in a cnmmuuloa
tiou addroHHol to '1'oih Duuphy,
Htal(oholdor In tho MoljondMiiddorn
match, and signed by N. CJ. Richards,
attoruoy for loo Kohaffor and Frank .
MoCarvol, two mini who hut. 6200 on
Mol.ood. I
Duuphy wiih oouHO(Uoutl.v in a
nioutal condition ol acute Indo
(iIhIoii hnrdoilng on tho voigo be
tween tho (hull and tho doop blue
hum, mutll thiH aflornoou, whon thoj
match wiih formally and finally do ,
nlarod nil', '
lion Wood, of linker, Mntldorn's
h.iokor, and Maddoin hiuiHolf, worn In
town today. Thoy had lilood in
thoir'joint and separate oyoi. Thoy .
inclined to belief that thoy aro lining
buncoed. Thoy wanti'd tho 61,000
Olio would havo thoimht that tho
lirooil ot "miuiiiK" iuvoHtmont. v n I -tin
oh who havo iiilliintod hiicIi
Hohomori ih tho uarautood piiuclpal
and dividoml and tho ntock trunt
hind milil Htop nlmil ut, hoiiio point
in thoir olfoitH to choapou iiili)ln
onlorpriHtH in tho oyon of outHidoii
and kcI hack to common hoiim) moth
oiIh of huHlnohH. Hut Homohow thoy
coutinuo to toko doliht in cunt inn
loproaoh upon oiio of tho iiidhI lion
oralilo and piolltalilo linen of on
doavor yot dlHOovorml tiy moil of on
orny and piohlty. I'iiIihh It worn
actually ounouutoroil in practice, it
would ho almoHt unthinkable that
an inventor could lie porHuadi'd to
place Ji i h HaviuH in miuiiiK' enter
prihOH liy meatiH ot a chromo, and yet,
judKlnc liy tho fact that hiicIi moth
hiIh aro indulged in liy hIocK iikcii
cioH, It uiUHt ho that thoio aro fonln
imioukIi left to niiike t IiIh "catch
penny" Hyntom prolitahlo.
A Chioutto and a Detroit tlrm havo
recently ntartod a nueHHltiK content,
in which ttio prrOri ooiiHht of
money and valmtilu articlcH of
morolmudlHo. TIioho who partioi
pato aro permitted to "take a try"
Mt prwllotltiK' tho total popular rote
stakomonoy to romain in Dunphy's
hands, to ho drillod for, or fortuitod,
oh per tho terms of tho signed agree
moot. Thoy did not concern thorn
sol voh with tho legality of tho
agrroomont. Thoy considered that tho
olomoutH of sportsmanship should
A pouultimato phiiHo wiih an offer
mado hy Wood thiu afternoon, aftor
a long conference with Maddorn,
MoLood and Duuphy.
"liOL all who doHiro to iio ho, pull
down thoir monoy, and wo will go
on and drill for tho monoy.1'
Me l.ood wiih willing to accept tho
propoHitlou, provided Maddorn
would agree to drill tho kind of holo
ho desired and allow MoLood tho
hiiiiio privilege. Mud do in undstcd
on a straight down holo, and
wouldn't budge thorofrom. Mull
talk tlow thick mid fiiHt, Finally
lion Wood declared all negotiations
oil' and Stakeholder Duuphy gave
him Iijh fi00. Wood loft for Hakor
and Maddorn for Hourno
MoLood HtandH williiiK to drill any
man in Oregon for 6f0() or less, any
kind of IioIoh, at any timo
"And I horohy challenge any man
in Oregon to drill throo IioIoh at
different angles for 6f00 a holo,"sald
Miidd'irn. Thioo hiiudrod pluukH,
put. up hy McliOod Hiipportorn, ntill
romain in Duuphy'H IiiiikIh
hit tho pioHldoutal election iu Novem-
I her. The project orn havo drawn into
.their Hchomo varioun lairiiutiHH Iiouhoh,
wIioho ciiHtomorH aro invited, upon
tho coiiHidoration of certain pur
oIiiihoh, to Houd in kuohhoh. And, he-
hold, a certain lineal iiKonoy for the,
Hlock of a HiippoHod noU iuIiiIiik
company Iiiih lidded tho KiHHHinK con
lent to tho uumorotiH other uieritn of
itn wai'iH. Perhaps other ntocks aro
hoiiiK Hold with a like privilege at
tached, hut wo havo hoard of only
one. For every hIiiiio of ntock pur
chiiHod at one dollar, tho "inventor"
Ih entitled to four kuohhoh on the
In ciihch of thin kind, it. Ih not mi-
: likely that the "inventors" Kuenninn
content will continue iudolHuitoly,
I prehapH for moutliH after tho next
jpienideut in inaugurated. Ho will
ilouhtlcnn enjoy a Kreut ileal of pleas
tiro kuchhIiik what Iiiih become of his
, money, Kuenniin, what tho value of
; IiIh stock certillcato is, and Kennin
'whether or not ho Ih a blKor fool
J than his uoiuhhor, wtio staked his
I money on a shell name.
In any event, this "invetsor" is
apt to havo an incidental opinion of
tho mining industry, and it can
hardly ho a ood one. To start
with, of course, if ho yields to tho
persuaolon of tho kuossIuk contest,
his opinion could not rtlout much
credit upon Western enterprise;
honou, so far as ho is individually
concerned, there is not much lobt
in tho way of prestige for the tuiuiuK
liUHinuflH. Hut ho may poiaon tho
iniiidH of his friend1), and, what is
infinitely worse, ho encouraca a
Hystein which, by its voiy publicity,
brings milling invostmuuts into
Tho worst "knocker" that tho
minliiK industry hoe to contend
UKaiusl is tho doliborato fakir. Hut,
next to him, comes tho panisito
agency that spreads and onnouraitos a
want of confldonco in leitimto
enterprise, nruuiiiK by iuferonco that
mining interents aro sure to prove
profltleas unless thoy aro accopmauled
by tho privilege of ue9sin for a
chromo or of overlastinKly oxchan
Iiik one cortlflcatnj for anothor,
o(ually worthliHH.
Some one ouwlit to take a club and
beat tho braiiiH out of tho black-guards.-
-Daily Mining Hecord.
Mr. Vinson's now road to tho
Thornhurn placers will ho completed
Home timo next week. Tho road
which follows Crane crook to tho
North Fork, will bo a reat im
provement ovor tho old onn.
Mr. (loo. .J. Harrott is electing a
numbor of huildiuKS on Crunu Flat
for HurhridKo X Hurcli. Tho build
Idkh aro for tho accommodation of
tho men 'to bo employed on tho
placers, and will bo used this winter
when tho now elevator machinery is
installed. Tho inuoliinery will bo
ilolilvorod some timo iu January.
C. J. Allen now has twolvo men
employed at tho Monumental. Thoy
aro onimKod iu Hotting ut timbnrs,
and wood, relaying tho track in tho
tunnels and drifts and netting every
tiling in shape tor continuous winter
work. Ho will raise MHO foot and
also sink 200 foot. This assures
work duriiiK tho winter for a con
siderable crow of moil.
Al Jones and family havo returned
to Sumpter, aftor spending several
Wjeks at tho Magnolia. Mr. Jones
tins completed tho assessment work
at tho mine. Iu doiiiK this lie
opened up much now ground that
shows some hiuh rado ore.
The concentrates at tho mine will
soon bo all delivered to tho Sumpter
smelter, there hoiiiK but a load or two
loft at the mine. - (.Jem.
Ore tor the Smelter.
The smelter received the first ship
ment or mo from tho Haisloy
I'.lkhorn, 1 carload, which will bo tho
daily consignment in future. A car
load ot ore was also received today
from Idaho. Vostoiday a laio
amount of ore, comprativoly spoak
inn, was hauled iu from contiguous
districts in whkoiis. Tho business is
just KotthiK fairly started ami
already its beneficial effects aro
boliiK '"It ' tho business life of
Albert Sprue, bookkeeper at tho
10. and K. mine, passed throiiKh
Sumpter today on his way up tho
Kulch frouiBaker City. J
Fa Smith, of (Jrant's Pass, now
in Potlaud, says that there ure payiu:
quantities of platinum on Josephine
creek. Mr. Smith is one of the old
residents of Jackson and Josephine
counties, and knows every foot of
that country iu a mineral way.
Josophiuo creek empties into the
Illinois river about six miles below
Kerbyville, and placer mining has
boon carried ou in that stream for
many years. Mr. Smith soys that
thorn is plenty of platinum iu the
tailings iilonu the lied of tho creek,
pieces woiKbiuK a dollar or two
having been picked up among the
gravel. There are also flue particles
of platinum, slightly resembling
black sand, except that it is heavier,
and could bo saved through the
ordinary methods employed iu mining
gold-producing gravel. Platinum is
worth about 620 per ounce, while
gold averages from 610 to 617 per
ounce in value.
Platinum comes from the serpen
tine rock formation ou Josephine
creek, and it is a scarcity in minora!
sections of this country. The
principal agency -supply comes trom
tho Ural mountains, iu Ada, where it
ii washod out like gold. It has never
been discovered iu veins in a part of
a rock formation. Platinum is of u
whitish cast, and is sometimes found
almo it as bright as silver, while the
smaller particles are of brown cast,
rosembliug iu appearance black
Platinum is used for crucibles,
for chemical purposes, and in
tho manufacture of certain kinds ot
wire. It is always found precipi
tated from a serpentine rock foima
t ion. -Telegram.
At tho recent meeting of tho couuty
court a protest against the notion ot
tho Sumpter Valley iiailroad com
pany in grading out tho wagon road,
was filed by a citizen of this couuty.
The place where this is occur log is
along tho pioposed extension from
Tipton to Austin. In many places
tho wagon road has boon torn up aud
forced ovor steep aud sidling hills.
This renders tho alieady heavy haul
ing still more ditllcult and ex
pensive, greatly hindering the work
of freighters and adding to tho
burdens of travel.
Tho court took up tho matter with
Supervisor Wright, of ttiat road dis
trict, and ordcicd that he make an
investigation. If he finds that the
company is oucroahciug upon the
public highway, he is to notify the
officers that thoy are expected to put
the new road in as good condition as
the road they destroy.
It is expected by the court that
tho company will be willing to do
this, iu which eveut uo further
action will be necessary. Hut as
this is plain law aud justice, the
company will tiud itself iu difficulty
if it tries to evade tho reasouable
requirements. Graut Couuty News.
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