The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, September 21, 1904, Page 6, Image 6

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Wednesday, September 2 1 , 19U4
That is a Great Mining Country, but the
Boom Has Flattened Out
J. II. Drown, who loft lion. July (5
lor Moiinliiin City, Nevada, returned
homo today.
liu HtiyH that Ih a groat milling
country, that thoro Ih all kinds of
the procioiiH mutalH there, and tlin
camp will doubtless ha a liummoa
nnxt season, hut It Ih a dull pronoHl
tlon at thin tiiiin. Thoro was
quite a feverish hoom thoro in Juno
and July, milling men (siunn in from
Denver and Halt Lake and houditd
itioHt or tlio old abandoned properties,
It having boon demonstrated that,
though Ilia lodges faulliid viirtiiuilly
at ll)l) font depth, I liny go down
mid become richer linlow. Those
people li'ivo Hloppnd work now, for
hoiiiii ritiiHon or other; in order to
Kill tho minus on iiinri) favorable
tmiiiH it Ih thought, whl oh notion Iiiih
thrown a wot blanket on Mm whole
Mr. Hrmvii HiiyH tho NdIhoii Ih one
of tho higgoHt mines In tho world, In
IiIh judgment. In t!ii) face or tho
tuuuol at a iloplh 'if 100 root, thoro Ih
II vo root of oio that. averages )?!()'),
ahout Iwonty por rout, of which Ih
gold and tho loinaiiiilor Hilvor. 'I'IiIh
hIiooI. Ih now provou for a distance
of 12 li foot and Iiiih widoiiod in that
mo to tho present
ohunkHof this oio
...t ti n...i i
iliHtauoo from tin
II vii flint. lilil'Ui)
ri., .....i. ....ilii. illviir tln.l II
caniiuot bo broken with a
and has to bo sawed In two.
lilt III til or
uliimii mill vi'iim nrimliiil mi IIiIh moll
..rty some mouths since, but It didn't
hiivo halt tho values and is now idle.
Tho townslti) of Mountain City Is
all "balled up," thoio being four
lill'erout iutoiosts claiming it; agri
oultuial. placoi and nuartz tilings and
Mpnittoirt on stipulate lots. Its
population is now only about. Kit).
Tho town is nun mile limn au Indian
reservation, on which thorn urn lino
hay iiiiicIiih mid much slock.
The !
couuliy is well wiitoiod, but spaicly
tiuiboied. mining timbers ousting six
cents a toot.
Mi Htown piospocleii lor a fico
gold ledge about twelve miles ft inn
town, but owing (o tbn soaicily ol
water at llnil piout so late in the
hoiiMMi, iiiiulo lilt I o headway audi
abandoned (hit m'iiicIi until uct
hoasoii. Ho latnr located a group ol
lour claims only a milo fiom town, ,
on tho iiiouuliiiu whore so much j
rich limit was louuil, and there has a,
vorv cucouragiug sliowiug.
Miko .Miihouoy, formoiiy of
Sumptoi, has gollou hold ot au
abandoned pHispoct, ami miiiio ills
tituco (rom Hid old workings opened
up a body ol veiy lich oio, and now
has a "big tiling." Dr. Kuull ol
llakei City, is iutoiostod with him.
Struck it Rich in Nevada.
Dr. Carlton W. Kuull, or linker
City, tioom pan led by Dick Kokmau
in digging olothoH, passed through
Somptor (IiIh morning, houdud for
Tipton, to huy town IoIh and huo tho
gold grow on piuo troos.
Dr. Fault recently rot u mod from
Mountain City, Novada. whithur ho
wont with Miko Mahonoy and tionrgo
Probinoo at. tho I lino of tho spring
Htainpodo. Tho party struck it rich
ahout ton iiiiIoh from tho main camp,
hy locating a lodge llvo foot wido and
traceable for (!()()() feet, Tho surface
rock shows high valuoH in Hilvor.
Piohaseoj-jind Miihnuoy aro still on
tho ground and Dr. Fault will roturn
novt spring. It wesMlko Mahuuoy's
outhuHiiiHtic. reports on tho country
that luipolloil Low Walk or, of
Suuiptor, to dopart. for that region
I'iorro Humbert, an eminent
California mining engineer, who
visited tho Cornucopia iiiIiioh of
Oregon last spring in the interest,
U ,H H,,,,, r UrillHlt Hyndlcato, is
' Hker City, for tho avowed
purpose of reopening the property.
lurioHo of reopening the property,
l,,,,v,,,,", "" iiujiiniiiiuiii. can ou
'"""''oil with its creditors, Supremo
olloitH will ho made to cause a with-
lK ' '" " the mine
in cousidoratiou of cash payment of
claims. Mr Humbert is reported to
have ctlilO.OOO back or him iu his
negotiations. Ho Ih being assisted
by Itohert X. Jones, tho Oiegon
riirperiontative ot John K. Searles, the
liiiiiluiipt jiwner ot the mine. The
Cornucopia is iu the hands of lo-
culver ileal tys, of Hrooklyn, Tho
i. ..I i i . i i. i... . i i
' l,ll(l,l CIMIIl. Ml. .eV IIIIK IIIIH IhMlltlll
tomiortiry iujuiictious lestiainiug
the execution of about 6:100,000
worth of jodiiiouts against tho
New Seven Devils Smeller.
The now Ladd Metals
mielter at Laudoro, iu
company s
tho Seven
Devils district, will blow in thin
week, according to a press dispatch
' from Woifoi. The Portland owueis
'are on the ground. Tho plant will
then have a daily capacity of l."0
i tons.
John IKiy Electric Enterprise.
Electricity will light the towns ot
Piaiiie City and John Day after
November I. Machinery forgeueia
tiou or the necessary energy is being
'installed at tho llashrord mill near
Prairie City. Water will be th
motive power, but an auxiliary steum
plant is also being placed. The
work is being rushed.
During puriodB of news depression,
cow county journals till space with
revamped, revised, and more or less
roaduhlo tules of mysterious Ulue i
Huckot gold diggiuggs fouud iu 184f
or uiereauouiM, ami iiihl uvr h.uuu.
The scone is lai I anywhere from tho
nig Jiouu or uiu suuku u ma louu-
the fouu
tain heads uf tho Crooked river.
Now comes au old Teuuesseeiau,
"Silky" Smith by name, who lives
at Adams, on Wild Hoise creek,
above Pendleton, and adds detail
to the mossgrown old narrative by
asserting that gold nuggets from the
Blue Huoket diggings wore used as
siiiKors uy usiJuriiiMij in i uut guou
old time.
"Silky" tells tho following tale,
as related iu a Walla Walla dispatch
to tho Spokesman-lieview:
"1 am getting to he au old man,
hut 1 have au ambition that 1 must
satisfy hefoio 1 settle down and
extreme old age overtakes me. That,
ambition ih to find the famous lost
lilue lluckot mine, and 1 have an
Idea that I can go to the spot.
"Quito a number of ycart:- ogojj
was freighting with an old man be
tween The Dalles and Canyon City,
who had boon a member of tho party
which found tho mine. He told me
tho story and tho exact location of
tho spot where tho party left their
wagoiH and went overland atoot, 1
believe that, my theory as to tho
location has some foundation.
"This man told mo that, some of
thorn were llshing iu a creek near
where they cam pud and, needing
sinkers for their lines, one of the
company picked up something yellow
and heavy from the creek, pounded
it into shape on the wagon tiro and
fastened It to the lino. They didn't
know then that it was gold, but
thought that it was some new metal.
That was iu 1817, two years before
gold was discovered in California and
was at a time when gold was a scarce
article. They went on and the queer
stutl' became mure plentiful. They
tilled two blue buckets with it and
thought that they would carry it with
them. They lett their wagons at
this place and journeyed afoot, .mil
as tho metal win; so heavy it had
to bo lot! behind.
"After many haidships the party
crossed the Cascade mountains and
reached Hugeue. They became
sepatated, many died and some loll
tho country when gold was fouud iu
California. Anyway they never got
A . 11 ..... I
duck lo ine mine, ncvcrai illv ,
looked for it but have never boon t
able to locate l lie exact spot. 1 uat-j-ij
along that way some years late and I
round the tiaces ot the wagons and
the giave uoiti they buiied ir
woman who men uiiuo iney ueie
camped there, and I think that
without doubt that 1 can go to the
exact spot where they camped and
from the description given mo by ;
tho old man 1 can 1 onto the creek
where they found the gold, which
they named Sinker cieek. j
"1 believe that all who have since'
searched for the mine have looked I
too far south and east. 1 shall look
in the Warm Springs reservation on
Crooked river, iu Crook county.
There are canyons and mountains iu
that reservation that 1 didn't be
lieve that a white man has ever set
foot, and iu this locality 1 think the
little baud of emigrants fouud tho
fabulous Blue Huckot tniuc.
"1 intend to start in the next two
weeks anyway, as I wish to go there
imrl unt linn If hufnrn
fall rains begin
I have never
! in tho mountains.
found time to go befoie this year
I and as I have always wanted to lootc
for this mine 1 will go this fall
Por hups Mr. Smith's theory is not
all imagination. Applegate's history
given a clear account of tho finding
and then losing of the mine and tho
subsequent scotches that have been
I mm0
It asys that Joe Meek and his
brotheP Stephen, became tired of
j0,m,uylt,K H,m)f? with tho omlRraut
frilfl ,, tl,1mi nlli nnmhnr
to abandon tho truiu and go with
them over a shorter route to reach
the Willamette. They left tho main
i,j .. M... n.,.,. ......
u MhHjou. couuty amJ oommellced
th(j jouruoy A, tLoy pr0gre88ecl
towan,8 tho interior u part of this
bld sopurutorJ fron, Meek al)d took
a directly easterly course toward
Diamond peak iu the Cascades. This
party, under the leadership of Cap
taiu e'otbortou, were the oties who
found tho mine. Tho history, bow
ever, gives the probable location as
sixty miles east of Diamond peak
and six miles north of Paulino
marsh, in Lake county. The history
says the party lest their wagons and
went down tho Crooked river, which
Hows thro'gh Warm Springs reserva
tion, and reached Tho Dalles. One
of tho party came back in 1 8812 and
found the rotted remnants of tho
wagons and an old walnut ox yoke.
Two years hofor1) that a United Stutes
surveying party was insti noted to
look for tho mine. They found that
till of tho old settlers' traditions
concerning the initio conformed, but
after searching for some time they
came to the conclusion that tho
drifting sand had covered the ledge.
They left under the impression that
tho mine was near tho marsh in Lake
il()mty , t,J0 jaI lmmt wlI Mr
Smith's informer told him that it
was situated in tho rough tno'intaius.
From tho fact that the party went
down Crooked river it is not at all
unlikely that they stopped iu the
mountains and found the gold.
Testimony In Golden Chariot Case.
Mayor MColloch, the attorney
iu the caso, W. W. Wade, 'plaiutiir,
Mesrss. Swiggett, Lynch and pi chaps
one or two other witnesses are
in linker City on the suit brought by
Wade against Dr. Hrnck, seeking to
secure an iutetest iu tho (ioldon
('harlot, the sensationally lich Dud
iu Hear Culch district. The testi
mony is being taken before a referee,
to be submitted to Judge Kakin' at
the next teim of ciicuit court
Attorney Johns, of Maker City, is
for defendant.
VOll SALIO -Some huge heavy
diiil't teams. Tonne will bo given it
wanted to responsible parties.
85.00 (Vrtiiicatc of the best
Oil Stock absolutely izivcn uway.
Wt'ite at once for plan how to
secure Five Dollar' worth of
fully paid anil iioii-ussesul)lc
Oil Stock without cash.
Kooin 72S) Park Row Blilg.