The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, September 21, 1904, Page 5, Image 5

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    Wednesday September 21, 1904
Al Otucss oxhlbits somo fabulously
rich froo gold rock from his Mormon
IJnslu claims, adjacent to Judge
Newbury's Morning Star group.
Among the spoolmouB in a slab of
quartz, which has boou polished ou
oue sido aud which is literally lousy
with gold. It will made auywhoro
from 320,000 to 8100.000 per tou.
Assays from u different character of
quartz, found in the Bamo property,
returned 37,600 per ton.
Mr. Otness says that the speoimens
shown are from a series of stringers
out in u tunnel being driven for the
main vein, gwhioh ou tho surface ia
about five feet wide. The striugers
vary in width from two to eighteen
inches. Tblsjis perhaps ono of tho
moat startling sbowiugs in tho
Mormon Badn camp.
A two-stamp Tromaino mill has
jtifct been completod ou tho property
controlled by W. E. Kiug, of Port
lunrl. whoso sunuriutoudout is
Hilly Reynolds. Klug has otrorod
to mill Otnoss' oro for 8!) per ton.
Otuow says he will get out some
low grade rook about 820 oroaud
ncaopt King's olfor, but will sack utid
ship his richer quartz to tho Sumpter
smoltor, or to aomo Salt Lake plant.
King's mine shows a two-inch pay
streak of voiy rich quartz. Tho
propoity hits boon oloBod down on
accouut of partnership disagreements,
ono ownor having served au injunc
tion against Kiug, restraining tho
latter rfom furtbor oporatioin.
Mr. Otneas loft this aftoruoou for
Hiker City to lay in it stock of
uipplios aud will work all winter on
his rich Mormon Uasin group.
Tho importance of the graphito
industry in the Uultod StutoB be
comes apparent when one couBiders
the quautity of graphite annually
consumed in this oouutry, tho
amniint nroduoed bore, and tho
annual importation. lu 190J1 tho
United States couaumed 37,708
short tons of graphite, valuod at
1,598,589. The value of the total
homo production was only 8225,554.
Although this Is an iuorease of 84U,
44G iu value ovor tho production of
1902, which hai a valuu of 8182,108.
it represents very much lees than the
quantity of graphito roquired to
meet tho demand. Tho annual im
nnrtlou of crapbite into tho United
.States each year far exceeds, there
fore, the domestic production. Tho
value of the imports iu 190U was
11,207,730, agaiUBt 81,108,551,
tho value of tho gruphlto importod
in 1902. Those Hguros aro taken
from a report eutitlod "The Pro.
duotion of Graphito lu 190V
which Dr Joseph Hyde Pratt has
made to the United States Geololeal
Knrrnv. It is published as au ex-
tract from the forthcoming volume
on "Mineral Resources of tue
United States, 190 V aud may be
obtained without charge from the
Director of the United States Geo
logical Survey, Washington, D. C.
Three distinct variotios of graphito
aro ou the market crystalline,
amorphous, ami artificial. Of tho,
two natural forms of graphito thoi
crystalline is the more valuable, and
la usually a purer grade of graphito.
it is worth about 870 a ton, whore-
as tho amorphous variety brings
only about 815 a ton. The art i Ileal
graphite sells for about 892 a ton,
its high value holng duo to tho
particular form in which some of it
ia produced.
Crystalline graphite can be used
for all purposes for which graphito is
required, but H employed chielly In
tho manufacture of refractory pro
ducts, lubricants, electrotypes, and
ponolls, for which it. Is especially
adapted ou accouut of its purity.
The bulk of tho world's supply of
crystalline graphito is procured from
the Island of Ceylon. In tho United
States crjfitalline graphito 1b obtained
principally from Essex aud Wash
ington couutieB, Now York, and from
Chester oouuty, Peunsylvania: but
small amounts are miund iu Coosa,
aud Clay couutlee, Alabama. In
Colfax county, Now Moxico, and
Albauy county, Wyoming, aro de
posits of graphito, varrying from
8omi-oryBtalllno to oryBtalllue, that
aro being dovolopod aud mined to
a limited extent
Tho production of crystalline
graphito in tho United StatoB during
19011 amounted to 45, .1.18, inn
pounds, valued at 8154,170, which
1b an increase of (101, Ml pouuds in
quantity and of 828,020 iu value,
comparod with tho production of
.'1,9:10,824 pouuds, valuod at 8120,
144. in 1902. Tho luuniHO would
havo boen larger if tho mill of tho
Federal Graphito company, iu
Cboster county, Pounsylvania, had
not been destroyed by tho tiro oarly
in 10911. Tho States that produced
this oryBtallino graphite aro Now
York, Alabama, Ponnsylvaula, Now
Moxico, aud Wyoming.
Occurrences of amorphous graphito
aro much more abundant than those
of tho oryBtallino variety, but on
account of tho dlllloulty oxporloneeu
iu rollulng tho crude ore, any of
those dopoBlts aro not now of com
morclal vnluo. Tho groator part of
the world's supply f amorphous
graphito 1b obtained from Austria
Hungary. In the Unitod Statos
supllies of this variety of graphito
aro obtained principally irom
Provldeuoo couuty. Rhode laland,
aud liaraga county, Michigan, but
small amounts aro mined in Sonoma
county, California; Harton county,
Geeruia: Wako county, North Caro-
liua; Lawrouoo aud Ponnlntgon
countlos, South Dakota; Portage
county, WlRuonain; and Ormsby
oouuty. Novada. A new deposit of
graphito has reoontly been reported
threo miles east of HoBsburg, Wash
ington, but little work has yot boon
done to determine tho extont of tho
Tho production of amorphous
graphito showed a largo Inoroaso in
10911. It amounted to 1(5.921 short
tous, valued at 871,1184. or 84. HO a
tou, au increase of 11,852 tons in
quautity aud of 815,4'JO in value
asjoompared with tho production of
4.7J19 short tons, valued at 855,
9(51, or 811.81 a ton, iu 1902. This
largo Increase Ib duo to the do
velopmeut of tho Georgia doposlts,
tho product of which was put on tho
market iu ' large quantity, but at a
very low price.
Tho following instruments woro
tiled at tho court house in Baker City
for record vesterdav:
Sept. 5 L. M. Gosuey and wife to
Mary L. MoKinnny, InH I, 2 and
bluak 9 Atwood's Hid addition to
Maker City; 87UO.
Sept. 14 Haker City Heal Estate
aud Home company to Addie 10.
Coagritr, 11x100 foot iu Hoyd's
addition to Haker City; 8750.
August 12 S. W. Lovcns and wife
to Haker Couuty Fair aud Speed
Association, blocks (55, (ill, 158 to 71,
lots 1, 2, (5 to 10 block (54, Lovona
addition to Haker City; 81,425.
August 12 .las. F. Ferguson to
linker County F. and S. Association,
block 07 Lovous' addition to linker
City; 2nd 8250.
August 12 T. H. Canady holrs to
tinker Couuty F. aud S. Association,
lots 4 aud 5 block (54 Loveus 2nd
addition to Haker City; 850.
Sept. (5- -Aztec Land and Cattle
company to Hewitt Land company,
(540 ncros iu T. 10 aud 11 K. It 8 aud
!t0 E. (in ileu of laud reserved by
Unitod Statos); 81.
August 15 K 11. Pel i in and wilo
to Hewitt. Land company; (540 acres
Soos. 1 aud 2T. 10 11. 118 E. ; 81.
September 2 E. K. Chance and
husband to Hewitt Laud company;
80 acres iu Sees. 21 aud 28 T. 9 K.
117 E. ; 81,200.
July 7- II. .. Porkln'H heirs to
Mrs. 8.11. Ihoii, N.W. '4 Hoc. 28 T 8.
It. :) E. ; 81.
August. 10 J. A. Catos aud wife
to Josephine latin, 80 acres iu Sees.
to ('rank
and 12
21 aud 22 T. 8 It. ) E. ; 81.
May 27, '01 U. S. A. to H.
Gibson, patent to 1(50 ncros In Sec.
21 T. 9 It. 4 5 E.
Auugst .'11 Thou. Gray and M.
Wukoman, to Mary S. St urges, block
55 Lovous addition to Haker City;
Juno 1 W. D. Robinson and wife
to Win. E. Loop and wlfo, 18 acres
iu N. i. 4 N. W. hi Seo. 5 T. 8 it
4(5. E. ; 8150.
duly 7 I). C. Perkins, ot al, to
Mrs. L. H. Isou, 2 5 lutortot In N.
W. H Sue. 28 T.
Sept. 10 Samuel
Leonard Smith, 1(50
115 T 9 It. :7 N.; 8125.
Sopt 14 .las. Love and wlfo to
Howltt Laud company, S. W. xi Hoc.
1 T. 10 It. :18 E. ; 8750.
March 22 Ralph Mead and wife
to W. II. Hewitt, 1(51 acres in Hoc
2 T. 10 It. 118 E. ; 8700.
Sopt. ll-Wm. MW. Howltt to
Hewitt Land company, same; 8900.
Sopt. 1(5 W. M. Whittakor to
,1. K. Komig, north lb block :t Mo
Crary's addition to Rakor City;
May 7 Jas. Palmer and wife to
,lno. Krogetadt, 208x1112 root in N.
M. U Sec. 29 T. 9 It. 40 E. ; 8M00.
Sept. (5 Jas. Calhoun estate to
Mrs W. A. Kosh, I acre in Sec. 17
T. 8 K. H5 W. ; Halfway; 8200.
Sept. 10 C. Slnnott to Jess
Whittior, 1(50 'teres In Sees. 25 and
215 T. 10 It. 40 E. ; 810.
Nov. 10, '02 Receiver to Miles
Frlnk, S. E. ., Sec. 1 T. 1 1 It. M7
E. ; 8100.
Sept. 17 J no. Lieruey
Maori. 1(50 acres In Sees. 11
T. Ill It. Ill 10.; 81,500.
July 8, 'Oll-C. I). Iliird to Allco
L. Love, lot 15 block 15 St. Louh
addition to Sumpter; 81.
Sopt, 17 W. II. Howltt to Howltt
Land company, S. W. h Soo. 23:T.
11 It. :17 E.; 8725.
Sept. 1(510. Hahler to Jiws
Corlow, : interest 10 acres in Soo,
2T. 11 It. 41 E. ; 81,500.
Sopt. (5 Jesse Corlow and wlfo to
10. Hahler, 1(50 acres In Seo 2 T. 11,
it. 41 E.; 81.500.
Sopt. 1(5 A. II. Shlpman to Mr.
H. Dufort, lot 4 block 1 Mill addi
tion to Sumpter; 8450.
Sept. 17 11. Mndon to 11. C.
Calrk, 'u interest iu Ohio group of
quartz claims; 81.
Sept. (!--Juo. ChamberH to Goo. F.
Wright, 'u interest, iu Granite Hutto
quartz claim; 8!i:i0.
Sept. 10 ltoclvor to II. C. Arm
strung, llrooklyn quartz claim, lot
5(51; 8(50.
Sopt. 14 Gray's Peak Gold Min
ing company, by sherllf to C. J,
Johns, Devils Dream and Maiden's
Dream quartz olalutn and placer
ground located by Stluson &
Grainger, on execution; 82,000.
July 2 T. S. Konnorly, ot ul, to
Snow Crok Lumber company, Mullen
plnoor claim and Itoyal llltio 1 to 4
claims; 81.
Attachment W. J. May vs. A. II.
West, amount for sorvluoH as
physician; 8.')10.
8 It. HO E. ;
Thompson to
acres In Sec.
Inspecting the Gold Coin.
Three gentlemen from tho cant
who aro Interested In tho Cltizonn
Consolidated Gold Mines company,
tho headquarters or which Ih at
Wheeling, West Virginia, and Is
operating tho Gold Coin group,
Cracker Creek district, arrived this
morning and wore driven im
modintoly to tho mine by Superin
tendent .liiok Doyle, before a re
porter could get In his augur.
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