The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, August 24, 1904, Image 1

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    VOL. V
Party of Nine There and They Unanimously
Agree That it is a Great
A Standard party from Iowa and
Wisconsin, headed by Dr. C. I.
Riley, of Haraboo, W if cousin, and
b M. Riley, of Pes Mollies, Iowa,
representatives of the Kiileu, Warner,
Stowart company, returned last night
from the property. There were uiun
Today tho party in charge of D. L.
Killeu made a trip to the Cracker
Crook dlstilct, visiting tho various
producing mines in that vicinity.
This afternoon Or. A. M. Vail, Dr.
U. S. StevotiH, .). P. and T. .).
Say lor, members of the party loft.
The others will remain a few days
Regarding the Standard, the
unauimoua opinion is that it is one
of the great mines of tho district.
Not a single visitor expicsscd a
deroagtory word. AH were pleased
aud well pleased. In fact the
general verdict was that the property
bad boon misrepresented by 'the
management in that lusuttlolent praiso
Hon. (ieorgo J. Harrett, of (Jrau
ite, who is managing the development
operations at. the Huckhoru, Hluo
Hiril, and Wolerine was iu town
yesterday en route to the meeting of
the American Mining congress, which
convenes in Portland today.
Mr. Harrett brings favorable news
from all these properties. The Hluo
Hird, ho says, has the beat oro in its
history, and tho reduction works
uow going on there are well under
way. Development, at the Huckhoru
is proceeding satisfactorily, aud the
showing la of a character to warrant
great faith iu the property. These
are Wheeler Miues, of which O. C
Wribgt ia the geueral mauager.
The Wolverine group ia Mr.
Wright's individual holdings, al
though be la interested in others.
had boon given it. Hero's about
the stock phraMs which tho newspaper
representative encountered :
"We are agieeably surprised. It
is vastly bigger than wo had sup
posed. Tho company had not told us
all before our visit. Hut we have
peon aud we know now. Unmis
takably the mino is one of the big
gest things in esateru Oregon."
These expressions were just picked
up geuoraly this moaning while cir
culating through tliu visitors.
Aud why shouldn't they think
well of the tho Standard? They Haw
a lull breast of gold-cobalt ore in
the Standaid drift No. 1, which will
go into tho huudieds, the only ore of
its kind in the world, they saw high
grade gold-copper, and gold sulphide
ore in the Cleveland-Willie Hoy
drift, and moreover if they looked
around they mv a mountain criss
crossed aud checkered with rich
metal bearing veiny. These things
are certainly 'conducive to a high
Ho has started the drift tuunol in
the Wolverine, aud the vein uow
shows from six to seven feet between
tbo wall. This drift will give about
TOO teet on the vein. The thing
looks good.
Kemp Has Gone to Alaska.
Randall 11. Kemp. w'll known in
this state an a mining euigiieer and
writer ou mining topics, and who re
cently contributed ecvcial Inlet
articles to the Miner aud Manu
facturer, liar gone to Seward, Alaska,
the terminus ot the Alaska Central
railway, where he will engage in tho
publication of a uow paper called tho
Sewaid Cutaway Mr.. Kemp is well
fitted lor this and will undoubtedly
score a success. Seattle Miuor and
Here to Invest.
Alfred Lavoil, a capitalist of
Klign. Illinois, accompanied by his
wife, left this morning with W. W.
Elinor, consulting onginor fur tho
Snow Crook, to viHit that property.
Mr. Lavoil arrived horo h couplo of
daya 1180 to tnko a general Hurvoy of
the district with a view to invest
n:out. So far an ho has aeon ho in
well pleased. He will visit Portland,
Seattle, and make a general' tour of
the Northwest before returning
La Belleview Mine.
Fred Cabell, of tho La Hollovoo in
tho Cable Cove district, name in
yesterday to have Home horses shod
and returned to the property today.
His blacksmith went on a spree,
which necessitated his coming to
Stimpter. Mr. Cabell Ih carrying on
development work at tho La Hellovue
right along.
Louie Ostluii'l, proprietor of the
Arctic City group in the Crauko"
Creek diatriut, is iu town today. Mr.
Ostlund roporta aud shows a sample
of almost pure graphite which came
rrom tho hanging wall of tho main
The graphite is practically pure
and camo from tho hanging wall of
tho drift tunnel about t-ovonty teet.
iu. Tho peculiar part of it ia that
tho aide of the sample next to tho
wall is polished, presenting as
smooth a surface as if prepared.
There are three or four feet of it.
Assays from tho Arctic City have
gone aa high as 7II, aud tho proa
poets of the property, Mr. Ostuud
thinks, are exceedingly good.
W. . (ileaou, who is a mill man
of well known ability, will have
charge of the new Hluo Hird i.laut.
Mr. (lleasou, with his wife, loft for
tho i roporty today.
The Hluo Hird mill will probably
tie completed within tho next six
weeks. Tho machinery is all on the
ground, tho buildings are up, aud
much was done toward the complo
tion of tho plant, last fall before the
wer ther clonal down. Mr. (ileasou
will be ou the ground to arrange do
tails to his own liking, since he is to
have charge of the milling operations.
W. C. Calder Back.
W. C. Colder, who has been iu tho
east for the past few months on im
portant mining business, returned
thia morning. Mr. Calder spent the
time while away lit New Vork and
other Atlantic seaboard cities.
An increased force will be put to
work on the Vault group In tho
Cracker Creek d let r let, five mi lea
from Stimpter, thla week. Thin
property, which consists of three
claims, waH originally owtiod by Louia
Ostlund, of Sumpter, L. L. McCart
noy, of Tho Dallos, aud W. f. Wood
ford, of Sumpter.
Not long ago Messrs. Otalund anil
McCartney, bonded their interests to
.1. W. Kontz, of The Dallos, who
with Mr. Woodofrd uow has control.
Mr. Woodford is to have charge of
development operations.
There are three claims, aa atated,
aud the surface showing ia good. The
croppinga stiow a ledge of from ten
to tlfteon foot wido, with mirfaeo
vilues going aa high aa fOfJ. Tin
drift la iu now 140 feet on the vein,
with a depth of 200 feet. The object
is to push the work ahead to tho
highest point, where tho cropping
show tlfteon foot, and where a depth
or 500 feet will bo attained. Tho
tunnel site ia said to bo tine and foot
foi foot will bo gained. The oro i
rerfractory, and tho property will
probably bo an early shipper to tho
Joseph West, chief engineer of the
Sumpter Valley, passed through to.
Tipton thla morning. Mr. West does
not think it prohaolo that work,
ou the John Day extension will bo
undertaken thla fall.
While be expresses no doubt, but
that tho road will bo built next, year,
he saya that couditiona are auch, In
dia opinion, as to render work thla fall'
practically out or the question. In
the tlrst place, the timber reserve
matter upon which the extension waa
J largely contingent, was settled
so late that it will bo next, to im
possible to complete the branch be
fore snowfall. Thia being tho case,
it is thought advisable to postpone
work till next season, when tho
j blanch can lie pushed to completion
during good weather.
Mr. West does not state thia, how-
1 ii VM r. iih mi iillimiite COIlClllHioil. Illlt
...... v .... .... ........ -. -,
ill his opinion, it ia probably what
will tie done.
fo Test Ore.
H. C. Armstrong, of the Chloride;,
waa here today. Mr. Armstrong!
is manager of thia property. He
brought iu a pack train of ore to br
tested at the smelter.