The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, August 03, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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    Wednesday, August $, 1904
J. K. Zimmerman, manager of tho
Big Crook placers noar SiiHtinvillo,
wiiH on tho triiln HjIh mnrntriK ftom
Baker City. Mr. ilmmorman'H
work UiIh your 1h largely preliminary,
iind whilo Home tangible results nro
expected ho will probably not got IiIh
place in full swing bofoio next
yoar. Tlio prospecting dune ho fur
hIiowh oxtrotnoly rich ground, mid
tlio roHiiltH nuxt your, wlion nil of tlio
iiiaoliinory Ih iiiHtallod and tlio
dltohoH completed, will doubtloHH
provo gratifying.
Mr. Zimmerman Hiiya (hat lio Iiiih
information to tlio oll'oot that tlio
Empire Dredging ootiiiany. T. II.
Puinorny, manager, operating noar
John Day, will Htart up In a short
tiuio. Tho oouipany Ih now pros
pecting with ohurn drills, and tho
i'ohiiUh aro HatlHfaotory. Work with
tho dredge Ih to ho roHtimod, ho HiiyH,
in tho 0011 1 hi; of a wook or ho. Tho
company IiiIoikIh using up IIh Hiipply
of oordwood now on hand for run
ning tho dredge, and thou will install
electric uiolivo powor. To this oud
a ton mllo ditoh Ih being oouiplutud.
It witHii't many years ago
Ht ration, tho diHCovoror of the "In
dependence," wiih put. down iih a do
ludiid man, with a thoory iih to tho
groat woalth hiddon in Cripplo
Crook. JIIh wlfo wiih ho Incensed by
IiIh piitiouoo and persistence in be
lieving that gold would ho found
that Hho llnally loft him. Notwlth
standing thiH unfortunato olroum
hIiiiico, ho ploddod on, uovor doubt
ing that ho would ultimatoly ho re
warded. With hiiooohh ho hooamo
known oh oiio of tho most successful
mlitliiK iaou in Colorado, liut to
IICllloVO tlllH SUCOOHH it 10tllllod tilllO
and patience.
Tabor in aiiothor notablo oxamplo
ot porsMoncy, and ho wiih coaxed on
by IiIh wifo. Ho wiih, iih tho torm
goes, "grub staking" throo num.
Thoy returned twice with no results,
and ho determined not to put another
dollar into any sort of a miuo or
1 1 Ih wlfo mild: "Try jiiHt
once more.
" lit staked tho throo
men again, mid tho result wiih tho
"Little Pittsburg."
Wlilltt thoy wuro opening up
thin miuo, which, by tho way, wiih
practically in garden laud, ho wiih
johIioiI, jolliod mid laughed at to
dorlHion Hut no taunt, whou hin
mind mih miido up, oould ilotor or
hinder him. Tho work wont on.
Scullers touud out that thoir joorH
wore of 110 avail, and those vory men
who scott'eil tho most, In duo timo
offered MUI,U00 for a quarter inter
vaI in tho property. Tho "Little
Pittsburg" haH turned out ovor
70,000,000. What u rowiird for
persistency I
There Ih no business on oarth that
requires moro Htamlna and piitiouoo
than mining. Mines aro not opened
up mid dovoopod to a big paying
proposition uudor four or Hvo years
yon, six years and generally
tuey do not dhow thoir largest results
till about tho latter porlod,
One of tho greatest miuou in
Moxico whb hovou years in reaching a
dividend-paying bnaln, but tbo first
yoar whon it did reach this stage
placed tho stock, which had boon
floating on tho market at oight to ten
contH per share, to 810 per share.
Another case of time and patience,
with tromondoiiH rosults, was tho
Ballarot, which did nut earn a dollar
for fourteen years, and produced
in tho following eight years, ovor
880,000,000. Jt Ih well, therefore,
for Investors to bo patient, it is a
groat virtue, and should be observed
by all those who expect to derivo
great profits from nil til tig stocks.
People could have bought Ontario
Htook twelve years ago for ten couth
a share, yet now it is worth 87fi.
Think what patience has meant to
Uioho who have held on till today.
These are not isolated cases. There
aro hundreds of them, as every well
road and woll-poHtod investor in
mining can testify.
I'll tie n on is a viitue, and nowhere
olso Ih a greater oxorcisi' of it required
than in mining, and nowhere else nro
tho money returns greater for any
virtue than to thoHo who hold hold
on and have patience to await results.
There aro hosts of people who
bought Homcstako at 810 and 81(5
per share, hold it for four years, and
sold out at 820. If thoy had kept it
throo yoarH moro thoy could have got
8100 per tiharo. Today these shares
are priceless, tho llomsetake com
pauy being oil'orod lately 8110,000,
000 for Uh mines.
Calumet and llecla shares wore
worthloHH the llrst yoarH of its de
velopment, yet those stockholder
who wore patient and hold on have
received their nharo or the H:I,()00,
000 that Iiiih been paid in dividends.
Tho Portland in another case of a
mining stock selling cheap, making
every purchaser of 100 shares (and
who hold It for four yearn) rich.
If you believe enough in a mining
Htock to buy it, stick to it, and stay
with it till it Ih wotth somothlng or
nothing. Where aro tho legion of
people who bought Hell Telephone
stock at per share and sold it
at 81H thinking thoy were making a
big apouY Think of Uioho people
who bought it at 818, and have held
on till tho present time; with the
constantly increasing issue of Htock
hnuiiHOH every shareholder has re
ceived moro than 8f,000 for every
81T or 820 invoked.
The investors who held on to
United Vorde Htock that cost 810 are
receiving dividends equivalent to
8'2,n00 per yoar. What aro those
doing who Hold out when it was
rumored that the management was
slow and it wiih somewhat doubtful if
it would ever prove a success?
Nothing but kicking UiouihoIvoh for
selling their birthright for a mess of
pottage.- Now York Hanker.
The Lincoln Group.
W. .1. Keough, former superin
tendent of the Bed Hoy, aud 11. (.,.
('niton, of Portland, special North
western representative of the
Massachusetts Mutual Life oompany,
returned today from a trip to the
Bonanza district, where Mr. Colton
owiih a half interest iu tho Lincoln
group. Mr. Keough went along with
him to point out tho property. Mr.
Colton was on a business trip to this
part of tho country aud made it a
point to visit his holdings.
Hotel Sumpter.
Meals 15 cents and up;
linker City beer f cents per
good rooms r0 cents.
W. L. Vlusou, of Baker City, who
renreaouts Chicago capitalists, has
taken an option on the old Watson
placer claims on tho John Day river,
from the Thornburgs, who have
operated them recently, at a good
round prico,although tbo exaat figures
can not be given out. Tho deal
will be closed and the money paid
over as soon as tho abstract of the
proporty shows a clear titlo.
It has been announced prematurely
that the deal has been made, but it
will not bo until tho return of W. S.
Bowers from Canyon City, tho Baker
City expert abstractor, who has gone
to examine the records of tho title,
whether the sale sticks or not.
This is considered a very important
transsaction as if it is a go it will put
a good deal of money in circulation
iu tho Hod Hoy district aud Mr.
Vinson's company will operate the
property with hydraulic machinery
aud it may be possiblo that tho com
pany will become interested in quartz
mining as well. Mr. Bowers left this
morning and expects to be absent a
week or ton days iu Canyon City.
Both Messrs. Vinson and Bowers
arrived iu town today aud tho former
drove lo the property mentioned.
Ho expects to return about Sun
day, at which timo it will be
known whether or not tho deal will
bo consummated.
White Swan Redeemed.
Yesterday tbo White Swan mine
was redeemed from tho sheriff's salo,
winch took place somo weeks ago
under an order of the court to satisfy
tho minors' Hen aud other oliilms
against tho property. The payment
of redemption money was made by
C. II. Stul lor who two or three mouths
ago succeeded Lotson Balliott as
manager of tho oompany. Tho stock
holders are making an effort to put
the property on a paying basis and
Mr. Stullor took tho first step today,
when he paid oil' tho 83,500 of in
debtedness through tho court. Tho
other debts of tho proporty hero
locally amount to very little. Mr.
Stullor siij'H it is iu tho intentiou of
tho stockholders to push development
work for all there is in it aud for
that purpose thoy aro paying up an
assessment on stock aud expect to
commence work in tho near future.
It is probable that an entirely new
shaft will bo sunk, iustead of un
watering the old one. Domoorat.
Timber Land Crook Discharged.
New York, July 28. John A.
Benson, of California, who is uudor
an indictment in Washington on tbo
charge of conspiracy to defraud the
United States by acquisition of
government lauds, known as forest
reserve lieu lauds, in Oregon and
California by fictitious attldavits aud
fictitious persons, was discharged iu
the United States circuit court today
by Judge Lacombe who, iu bia de
cision, said:
"Upon tho broadest construction
which cau be giveu to tbe ludictment,
it does not set forth any faots teudiug
to show a conspiracy to commit any
offense against or to defraud the
United States aud tbe petitioner
should therefore be discharged."
The Wisconsin Gold Miniug com
pany held a meeting Saturday evening
and elected tbe fololwing oflleera aud
JameE ti. Pratt, of Milwaukee,
president; H. L. Neill, Sumpter,
vico proai',o"t; T. II. Dunphy,
Sumpter, tiunror; Anthony Mohr,
Sumpter, secie ary aud genoral
manager; Jacob Best aud M. J.
Schmidt, Milwaukee, and F. A. E.
Starr, Sumpter, with tho abovo
are directors.
Tho company recently purchased
the Nine Striko Extension iu the
Crackor Creek district from flank
Mounts aud Jack Stonebookor, aud
it is understood will start develop
ment work in a few days.
Take Power From John Day.
Tho Empire Cold Dredging com
pany, who own tho dredger that op
orated ou tbo John Day rivor during
tho past two seasons, is figuring on a
now power aud is prepariug to in
stall a largo electric plant, which thoy
will operate with water taken from
tho John Day rivor. Thoy havo
arranged top ut in a large dam across
tho John Day river at tho Harry Hall
ranch this sldo of Pralrlo City, from
which point thoy will construct a
largo canal ou tho south side of tho
dairy ranch of J. C. Oliver, aud will
not generato sufllciout electricity not
only to operate their present dredg
ing plant, but several other similar
plants, tho constructor) of which is at
nresont contemplated. When ouco
installed it will bo much cheaper
than using wood for fuol aud much
moro satisfactory. Tbo company
baa had a corps of surveyors here
duriug most of tbo season, aud while
thoir plans aro known to no one but
themselves, yet from tbo nature of
their work, tbo installing of a largo
olootrio plant will bo douo beforo
much work is dono with thoir
dredger. Blue Mountain Eagle.
.Too Mike, who is direoting'lfde
velopmont work at tbe Nino Striko,
iu tbe Cracker Creek district, came
to town last night. Tho work, bo
says, is progressing vory satis
factorily. Operations aro being
carried on at two points on the prop
erty. A crosscut tunnel was recently
started, which will give 1,000 feet
doptb on tbo vein, aud thojdrift ou
tho lodgo is also beiug carried ahead.
Tho ouo in tbo faco carrios high
values. Tho Nino Strike is ou a lead
paralleling tbo North Polo, aud is
regarded as an exceptionally good
Humboldt Mill Expected.
Dr. R, N, Jackson, mauagor'of tho
Fortune Miulng compauy, operatiug
tbo Humboldt aud Bed Liou, was
on tbe train this morning, returning
from Baker City. Dr. TJaoksou
expects the Humboldt mill here with
in tbe next week. It will be installed
immediately upon bia arrival,
he says.
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