The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, April 27, 1904, Image 1

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    VOL V.
NO. 34
Mr. Suggitt, of Minneapolis, Visited Prop
erty And is More Than Pleased
With Outlook.
John Suggitt, of Minneapolis,
director in tho Overland ormipmiy,
mid 0110 of Kh largo stockholders,
arrived horo Saturday and wont mil;
to tlio property. Ho stayed thoro
until today, leaving thiH afternoon
for tlio ciiHt. Manager Main aceom
pirnied him to lliikor City. .Mr.
Suggitt Ih connected with tlio Sno
system at Minneapolis, lie had a Hlinrt
vacation from duty and decided to
visit Similiter anil Imvo a look ut th.t
Overland. It huh IiIh llrst trip hero.
Ho was iiini'li pleased with the
property and what little ho saw of the
district, lie says: "1 totiiid
the Overland vastly hotter than 1
expected. Woik Ik being prosecut
ed accord I ni; to systematic outlines
and, whilu I do not poso as u mining
man, I holievo the prospects of this
mine to he exceedingly bright. I am
lnnio than pleased with the way
thl huh are going. Tlio derelnpmunt
Iiiih passed a stago far exceeding my
As recently Mated in Tlio Miner
the forco at the Overland Iiiih boon
largely increased. Good hondway Ih
boing made. Work Ih going "head
on the ciossscut for tlio main load
wh'lo vein No. I, cut a shoil tinio ago
Ih being drifted upon with cucnuiag
lug results. The management Iiiih
ahn stinted oporatloiiH at the No. I,
and No. 'J IiiiiiioIh further up the hill.
In addition to HiIh arrangements are
being made to sack the hiuh grade
ote for shipment to smelter.
While at the Overland Mr. Sugglt
visited tlio California mill, and other
noighmiiig properties. He Ih favoia
hly Impiessed with the Calile Cove
district gcneially, and IicIIovch that
It Ih destined to contain some of the
big produce of the camp.
!"i'i "i.,:'" -s? .::.::."!; i NORTH AND south
iiivivi iu cnjP Tiiiia vnv uvii
It would seem that North mid
South I'olo Interests have converged,
liecotit inoveiiients would lend to'
tlio liellef that tlio two properties) will
L. Keillion. who has contracted nlMiniitolv lie eomliicleil under mm
to handle tlio output of a sawmill imiiiiigomont. Such a conclusion Ih
near Whitney, wiih In town over ' foreshadowed in tlio fact that tlio two
Sunday with his family. Ho returned 'companies now hold in common tin
thiH morning. I divided liilereslH in three clalins,
Mr. K'ennon oxpoolH a good season ,m,aly the Yankee Jack, Yankee Jim
from the local trado. Ho bii.vh: ' and Vlllard, and at the uceiit sale
There is ureal preparation IihIiik or the Wade holding In I'eiidleton,
made In the tireenliorn district for;, Melor, North I'olo malinger,
tho oneratlou of mining property.iind miuited intl.UUO shaieH of South Polo
a season of iiupiecmlented prosperity Block.
Ih looked forward to. llroonhnrn' The annual election of South l'olo
operators mo lien I union t got busy, I ,.,(,h and directum which took
mid thoro will suioly lie much activity ,,m.0 Saliirdiiy In linker City would
thinughout IIiIh camp." 'fuither lead (o such conclusion.
Mr. Keutioii will devote IiIh uttcn- These were chesen: Andrew Hansen
Hon largely to mining tlmlierH, liul president; Voter Hasche. vice ph-h!-
will also manufacture
stuff for shipment.
A. I' (iiiirisou, of lloniinza, was
on the tiaiu In linker tills atteiunn
going to linker. II Ih mission is to
vionfer with I'eter liasoho, who in
conjiiuclloii with him owns the Itoss
tiulcli imit. proprtey, three miles
from the llouaira miiio.
Mr. (iairlsou says that work Ih soon
to ho rcHtimcd at this mine. There
Ih alieady a hoist on tho propoity,
mid a shaft down 175 feet, hut Mr.
(inriibon contemplates some tunnel
lint: operation!) huforo sinking Ih
again resinned. Theio Ih a deal on
for 'ho transfer of tho property
which in liable to he consummated
at any day.
Hinton'h Placers.
S J, J. Ilinton loft yesterday to work
bin placers down tho Dear (iulch di
rection. He took' with him ample
supplies and will push tho work us
rapidly uh possible. ' '
Superintendent day. of the Valley
Queen. Vice I'lesldeut Charles Warren
anil Ooorgo Day left thin uiernlin: for
the propei ty. Mr. Day Iiiih taken a
place with tlio company Super
iueiideiit Ciay stilted before leaving
that it was his intention to icsiiino
drifting on tho No. I vein, mid at
the sumo time to continue opeiations
on tho No. II drift. In a couple of
week or such a mutter, lie will start
work, mid continue the shut! on the
other side of Hid hill from the pieesu
workings. A lingo amount of woik
has been planned for tho coining rea
son. To Work Deer Creek Placers.
Itoy Wenoefllaw, who has been
operating the Calllfniuia (iulch
placciH for A. J. Denny, returned
this morning, having resigned the
place to take charge of the Deer
Creek placers, which he owns in con
junction with Dave (ioodtellow mid
Manager Cnslollo, of the Sloiiii
King, Iiiih found it necessary to
lediice IiIh foice at Hie initio on ac
count, of the inability to get in
supplies, duo to bad roniK The snow,
however, is rapidly leaving the i
propoity, Mr. Costollo says, and Hum
ioiiiIh will soon be in shape to get I
In stuir He then will put on e.tin
men and make his fotce linger piob- ,
ably than it wiih befoio.
Wntk In the meantime will proceed!
with tho diminished crew. The
piopcily Ih showing up well, Mr.
Coslello says. Tho ledgo Ih nipldly
widening mid thlugri geiieinlly me
looking good. i
higher gr.nlo' dent and treasurer; N. Cooper, micro-
tary; the dlrcclorH are the nboro
olllceiH and John Fox, mine foreman
at tho Noilh I'oie, mid W. H. May,
assistant manager.
The presumption Ih that the North'
Cole employes weie elected at tho
instance of Mr. Molycr. President.
I Hansen came up from linker City
yeslenlay and left at once for tho
Xoi III Pole to confer, II Is supposed,
with Mr. .Meler In legard to tho
' f ii t it i o operation of the property. It
Ih stated that woik Ih to be resumed
at onee mid pioscotitcd on a largo
scale this summer.
In time past thorn Iiiih been much
talk alriil the iieiiilsilioii by tho
North Pole of the undivided elaliiiH
held with I ho South i'ole. mid on
viu Ions occiihIoiih pending deals weio
lepoited.but nothing wiih ever con
summated. Tlio fact that the two
prnpcitlc join end Hues, mid that,
the N oi Ih I'ole workings whom such
abutment is uuiile has altaiin d a depth
of 1,'JOII feel lemleiing development,
of the eiimmou claims uneasy matter,
mid the Meler piiichaso would stem
to lend color to the delict that tho
tun may ultlimilelj bemeigiil In one
It Ih probable that the Haiitcr
plnceis, under the Ainoll building, will
bo winked on a big scale. The boys
punned some inoio oi the dill yester
day mid colors, it Is staled, showed up
to heat four aces It Ih likely a sump
will go in, mid that extensive machin
ery for drifting on hediock will bo
A. D. Whlttier, the artist, a placer
expert of well known ability, Iiiih
been letuliicd as superintendent mid
Jimmy Shorridmi will bo IiIh first
assistant. Hauser will servo soft
drinks in the building above, while
IiIh crow of men extract, the yellow
from the toil below.
Variations in Earth Surface.
Tim deepest depiesslnn below sen
leel not council by water is that of
the sIioich of the Dead Sea, which
me I,. '1(10 feet below I lie sea level.
The bed ol the Caspian Sea, which
miih once thought to be connected
with the Aictic ocean, is about II, 000
feet below sea level. It is mi Inter
esting fact that one of the largest
sealing Industries it: the uoild is in
the Caspian sea. The vertical
dilfereiico between the highest point
of tho laud mid tho maximum known
depth or tho sea Ih fiD.UMO rent, or
more than eleven miles. Mluiig.