The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, April 20, 1904, Image 1

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Bought M. H. Allen's Timber Claim And Let
Contract of Operating Plant to
W. Robertson.
The Bourne Gold Mining company,
commonly known as tie E. aud .,
will put in a sawmill about a quarter
of a mile above town on a timber
claim acquired from M. JI. Allen.
Mr. Allen was at Bourne yesterday
nud doted the deal with the . and
E. people for the sale of hit) timber.
The mill to bo Installed bas been
purchased of the Oregon and Wis
cousin Lumber company and Ih now
located at SMces (iulcb, aud tho con-
tract for removing It and operating
it bus beeu awarded to William
Kobertsnn, of Sumpter. Mr. Robert
sou will do the logging and have
charge of the eutlre plant. His con
tract calls for the delivery of 800,
000 feet of lumber at the E. au d E.
between now and some time in Oct
ober. He will get the plant on the
ground aud inaugurate logging opera
tions just as soou as possible. The
dally capacity of the mill is 10,000
The lumber Is needed by the E.
and E. company for the Installation
of its big cyanide plant on which
work is shortly to be begun, and also
for the exteusive repairs now being
mado at the mill. Jn addition to thlti
there are other properties owning
timber In the vicinity which may
also enter into an Hrraugemeut with
the E. aud E. aud Mr. Robertson for
their lumber supply to be cut at the
new mill. The preseut plan is to
have the plant running at the earliest
poisible moment.
say that It Isn't In it sir, with the
big Mlzpah mine I"
Then Peter seized him by the neck
and near the bottom of the spine,
gave him one vigorous, saintly kick
and shot him down the dHrk Incline,
and as the body downwiird sped old
Peter gave bis ears a rub, aud with
touching pathos said: "I pity poor
old Beelzebub!" Tonopah Bonanza.
A Tonopah boomer died (no matter
what the day or date), aud when he
reached the portals spied St. Peter at
the gate. From out beneath his
shaggy brows the old saint eyed the
coming guest, aud with true Chester
fleldlau bows bis- honor of the saint
expressed. lie said he had grown
tired below, bis braiu was worried
with its cares; the struggle was a
hard one. so be thought he'd climb
the goldeu stairs. Peter asked the
man his name, his occupation down
below, bis church, his creed,, from
whence, he came, and what creden
tials be could show; and then, with
indiscretion rauk, ne'er dreaminug
of the fruit 'twould bear, be asked
the disembodied crank, how things
in the gold camp were.
The question has never failed to
start the Tonopaban tongue, aud
saintly ears were soon assailed with
wildest anthems ever sung. He
talked of leads and shafts aud veins,
of tunnels, stopes aud fissures true,
of mammoth strikes aud golden gaius,
until the beaveuly air was blue.
With growing eloquence he sped
along the oratoriu track, with gesture
of both hands aud bead, and frequent
bowing of the back, till Peter's
ears began to aobe, and "that tired
i feeling" came to him; yet still the
Tonopaban spake his little piece with
added vim.
At last forbearuace ceased to be a
virtue, and that virtuuus saint arose
believing tliat bis guest would see
the interview was at a close. Then
grabbed he Peter by the robe, aud
talked, aud talked, and talked again,
until the patience of a Job would not
have stood the trying strain. In des
peration Peter threw the goldeu gate
war wide a ajar, and said unto him:
"If you'd view the heavenly glories,
theu there they are I" TheTouopahau
tbeu stepped Inside, gazed on the
streets of sbiuiug gold, and in a busi
ness manner ejed tho buildings of
unequalled mold. The dazzling
beauties oue and all he studied: theu
with shake of the head, and concen
trated western gall, turned to the
waiting saint and said: "Just as de
scribed In Holy Writ; uud I confess
it's mighty tine, but I just want to
Manager Castello of Storm King
Mining company, has received the
most encouraging news from the
company's eastern agents during the
past few days. They report that
tho demand for mining stocks is act
ive aud growing; that among in-
vestors who have Investigated tho
merits of various companies offering
stecks: those who havo iutelllgeutly
enquired Into the value of properties
and experience and honesty of the
several managements, Storm King Is
a prime favorite, and funds to carry
on development work continuously,
until the mine Is self supporting and
a dividend payer, will be promptly
He has never bad any doubt re
garding the value of tho property
since, the exploiting work was com
pleted aud his only fear has beeu
that there would bo delay In success
fully financiering tho proposition.
Now, that that problem has been
solved, he few Is sure that the Storm
King will outer the pruduclug list
before the end of the preseut year.
Aud he also congratulates himself
ont he fact that be can send back tbe
cheerful Information that the mine
is showing up better every day; that
every successive blast furnlsbos ad
ditional proof that the oro body they
are now In is permanent. A telephoue
message received yesterday was to
this effect. At tbut ultltudo the snow
Is still on the ground to a depth of
several feet, end surface water Is not
yet interfering with auy of tho work
W. K. MaNiiugbten, of tho Straw
berry Luke Power proposition, who
has beeu in town several days on
business, accompaneid by Mrs. Mo
Nuughtoii, left this afternoon fnr
Prlurle City.
Mr. MuNuughteu says he will start
work on his proposed power scheme
immediately upon his return tu
Prairie City.
While here he leased some placer
ground which he owns in conjunc
tion with Jobu Dagger!, of Bourue,
to Frank Turner, also of Bourne.
Mr. Turner will start operations, it
Is understood, at once.
Owners Expect to Take Out
$3,000 or $6,000
This Season.
Amos tho Jon Weaver loft thin
mornlug for the Buck (lulch placers
which they own in conjunction with
W. It. Hiiwlev.out tho llranlto direc
tion to begin prolimtuHriy work.
The water should be going through .
the ditches now, but it will probably
be n week or teu days betoro per
mauont operations uau be started.
Theso placers have beeu worked
for eight years, the lust three of
which has beeu under tho present
ownership. Tbe yield has been
satisfactory. Last season's cleanup
amounted to i.'lJOO uud lasted only
eighty-six days. The present season
will undoubtedly be very much longer
owing to the heavy snowfall, render
ing the water supply much greater,
and the owners expect to rallzo ?(,
000 or l), 000 this year.
Six And a Half MHIton Dollar Suit.
A dispatch from Portland yester
day says that u suit for eastern Ofji..
gnu milling properties, valued jMjH
millions, was instituted iH
United States court today by theTHh
Dyke Copper Mining company,' of
South Dakota, uguiust the Iron Dyke
Ilullroad company, n Baker county
corporation. The plaintiffs ask dam
ages for six and a half millions, or
practically the mining property,
which Is alleged to, belong to it, aud
which Is In control of the respond
ents. All the properties are within
forty five miles or Baker City. Tho
mines and people aud the onmpaiilcH
have beeu in litigation since 1001,
and the preseut suit Ih the outgrowth
of the old trouble.
Drifting on Vein No 3.
Charles Warren Jr., vice president
of the Valley Queen, who Ih lu town
for a few days on busluesH, stutoH
that work has beeu started on
No. .'I drift, aud that operutloiiH tiro
aslo being prosecuted iu the other
workings, with satisfactory lesults.
Oregon gold will be used in coin
ing the souvenir dollars for tho
Lewis uud Clark falr.JSecretary Shaw
bus assured nenatoi Mitchell lie
would gladly meet his request fur
sucn notion.