The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, January 13, 1904, Image 1

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    VOL. V.
NO. 19
lest Shows Thorough Adaptation of
Machinery to Ores of The
The test run at the smelter was
closed last night, and It baa demon
strated beyond any question the suc
cess of the process. General Man
ager Mueller stated today that his
most sanguine expectations regarding
tbe operation nf the plant were fully
The run Iihb shown to a nicety tho
adaption of the machinery to tho
treatment of tho ores which the dis
trict furnishes. Further, it Iihh re
duced the matter to on i.bHolutely
scientific basis us far ns the percent
of coke and copper needed in tho
chnrge, nre concern!, uud hus clear
ly established tho high saving which
can be effected
A very low percentage of coke is
required, and the amount of copper
needed to clean tho slag Is also com
paratively low. Tho slag'so far has
been practically clear, thus fully
establishing the high degree of sav
ing. On tho whole the test run has beon
au eminent success from every point
of view. The muobitiery, notwith
standing the fact that it was new,
and breaks might naturally be ex
peeled, has goue smoothly from the
very start, without Incidental hitches
worthy of mention, and tho success
of its adaptation to the ores treated Is
without qualification.
senators have not conferred over this
appointment but thoy expect to sub
mit a new name to the President
early next week.
Thompson, who Is still In Wash
ington, Is sore disappointed over the
decision of Seroretary Hitchcock,
ilo bad hopes of bolng cleared of all
charges and of being reinstated. His
hopo was strougtbeued after his con
ference with Secretary Hitchcock, but
ho now realizes ho must givo up tho
oltlco ho hold so short a time, lie
will return to Oregou soou.
A late press dispatch from Washing
ton states that Oregou senators havo
concluded to accept tho final decis
ion of Secretary Hitchcock lu tho
case of Asa B. Thompson, and witblu
a few days will recommend some oue
else for appoinmeut as Receiver of
tbe La Grande laud office. While
neither senator is satisfied with the
secretary's action and both are con
vinced no reason has been presented
wby Mr. Thompson should not be
reinstated, they recogulzetho futility
of prolonging the contest. Tbe two
Zooth Houser, vlco presldeut of the
Standard oompauy, who is looking
aftor devlopment work at the prop
erty, camo lu last night on his way
to Poudloton. Regarding develop
ment, Mr. Houeor states that aotivo
work is bolng done, on tho Cleveland
drift, carrying it forward to a rich
gold and copper shoot, which has
been proved on tho surface The dis
tance yot to drivo before encounter
ing thiH shoot is between fifty mid J
Hcvonty-flro feet. The surface values i
indicate that exceptionally good ore
may bo expected at depth.
In addition to this, a lower cross
cut is belug driven to tho Standard
vein, which will give 1(10 feet
added depth. This crosscut is lu
about soveuty-flvo feet, and Mr.
Housur thinks tho -'haugo of forma
tion now taking place indicates that
the vein is near.
and left for tho Magnolia. Mr.
Uurch stated that the firm is pio
ceedlng as rapidly as posslblo lu tho
matter of sampling tho Magnolia, but
that no conclusions have yet beeu
He thought tho small sampling and
testing plant being installed for this
purpose, was probably completed by
this time.
A. Burcb, of Burch & Burbrldge,
returned "from Boise this morning
W. W. Glbbs, mauaglng director
of the Copperopolls, left this morn
lug to resume work at tho mine, after
the holiday suspension. Mr. (Ilbba
spont bis Christmas vacation with
his family in Portland. Ouo man
was left workiug at mo property
during the tlmo. Tho rest of tho
crew will be collected at ouce, Mr.
Glbbs states, and ontlvo operations
resumed. Just beforo tbe holidays
a bornito lodgo was encountered,
which showed high copper values.
Regarding this Mr. Glbbs says:
"A short shaft from tho surface.
somo tlmo ago encountered a borulte
ledge and lator in following a fault
ou tho main lead it was again met
with. Tho vein 1h between three and
four fcot lu width, and by reasona
bly closo concentration it shows
thlrty-flvo per cent copper. While
the ore I do not think is straight
bornito, it vory closely resembles
this mineral, and It carries the char
acteristically high coppor values
found in bornito, which am vastly
bettor than tho average chalcopyrlte
values of tho dlsrlct.
"We aro putting on a good devel
opment force and it Is our intention
to put ore lu sight as rapidly as pos
sible. Some of our stockholders
havo boon clamoring for a mill, but
I think 1 convinced thorn whllo 1
was in Portland that the first thing
to be done in a mine, is to block
out ore. It is a mistaken idea
among a great many operators to rush
into iiiIIIh at the behest of stockholders
who aro anxious to realize early dlvl
deuds, when tho ore in sight will
justify no Mich pioccctlliig, "
Speaking of the Quurtyhiirg dis
trict lu general, Mr. Glbbs said:
"Qoiiartzhurg Iiiih received a few
good hard knocks from Huinpter stock
dealers, but notwithstanding this fact
we are going steadily ahead. I am
advised that it has boon told here that
there are all kluus of snow over
theie aud that It Is next to imppoesi
bio to get in, when the facts In the
case are that tho climate Is much
milder there aud there is less snow
fall. These piu beads should realize
that tbe welfare of Sumpter depends
upon tbe welfare of all tributary dis
tricts. And I believe that Quartz
burg is one of tbe coming districts."
Auburn Deep Mining Company Will '
Start Operations In Two
Will Drive Crosscut to Lowest
Point In The Hay
At a meeting of tho directors of
tho Auburn Deep 'Mining company,
hold lato yesterday afternoon in tho
office of Mayor McColloch, It was de
cided to resume work at the Auburn
placers, owned by this company,
within tho next two weeks. Thorn
woro present at the meeting, Mayor
McColloch, A. P. (loss, Priiuk Jewett,
C. K. Do Nolle, William Kitchen unit
Joseph Reed, superintendent.
Tho immediate development policy
outlined at tho meeting, and practi
cally decided upon, involves the run
ning of a crosscut from the 100 foot
level In tho shaft northward, in inter
sect tho pay channel at its lowest
point, lu sinking the present iMO
foot shaft, at a depth of eighty-seven
feet a pay channel was encountered.
This was covered to the depth of
about three feet with a black loam,
which, from tho presence of charred
timbers and vegetable matter, gavo
evidence of a wash at some former
period, lleueatli was soiiio live or
six feet of gravel. The channel
pitches about tin Ity degrees north,
and it Is argued that by driving
under it from the 100 foot level. It
will bo encountered at its lowest,
point, where the best pay may bo
expected. This is the policy which
will probably be Inaugurated upon
the losuiuptinii of operations.
It Is piobable aim that the com
pany will install a Keystone drill lit
the spring, and do extensive prospect
To Visit Listen Lake.
J. Win Wilson, general manager of
the Listen Lake company, George
Poague, of I'argo, Ureal agent, and
J. S. Johnston, of Idaho, oue of the
directors, left this morning on tho
Whitney train for the property, in
tbe Greenhorn district. Tbe party
will remain several days at the mine.
Active development is belug carried