The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, December 02, 1903, Image 1

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This Camp Skins Them All, Says
Professor Eberman, After Visit
to Other Mineral
"Sumpter is good enough for nit',"
la tho observation Professor Ebormau
made tbiH morulng on his return
from an extended trip throiiKh the
mining sections of Colorado, New
Mexico, Arizona and California. Ho
left several weeks ago, going as far
east as Chicago, and returniug
through thesouthwcst and California
to look up certain mining interests.
Professor Eberomo Ib not greatly im
pressed with conditions in the south
west. He says:
"While I visited many Reed prop
erties, the (treat darw-back in New
Mexico and Arizona is the scarcity
of lumber, fuel and vater for
mining purposes. Tho supply of
water has to be used over and over
again in mining operations, and all
mintug timbers have to bo shipped In
from the outside. Owing to tho strlko
in the Colorado coal mines, coko for
the United Verde at Jerome is now
being shipped from the east. TIiIh
mine is magnificently equipped, and
I visited many other good properties,
but the scarcity of wood and wator
makes operation expensive, and is
the chief disadvantage with whch the
country has to contend. Sborriden's
retort that water and good society
would muko hell n pleasant pi boo,
wheu held that theso wero tho chief
requirements of Texas, will apply
here as for as tho water feature is
cor 'erued. 1 am not so much advised
as to the other requirement.
"1 would not beglu to exchaugo
Sumpter for any mining camp 1
visited. I believe the advantages,
everything considered, to be far greater
here. Things are at a stand still in
Colorado on account of the strikes,
which also work a hardship in New
Mexico and Arizona iu the matter of
coke, as I have said."
Relative to the business outlook
in Chicago and the middle west, Pro
fessor Eberman says:
"There is not much ubo going
further east than Chicago on a mining
proposition at present. Industiials
are demoralized the and people have
not yet sufficiently recovered from
the panto to think of anything else.
This, however, I think will iu time
have a tendenoy to send money to
ward mining Investments. In the
middle west where the effect Is not so
much felt, it is not dllltcult to in
terest capital. "
One of tho richest smupluH of ore
yet obtained at tho Tabor fraction was
brought in last night by Harry Hon
dryx. It la a forty pound chunk from
tho bottom of tho shaft and judged by
nppearauco it is fabulously rich.
What it will run iu tho absonco of
an assay is, of course, a matter of
conjecture, but with frco gold plus
tored over it like molasses on a pan
cuko, tho natural supposition is that
the ore Is wonderfully rich and that
an assay would go into the thousands.
Tho sample is on exhibition iu tho
offico of tho Uelsor-Heudryx Invest
mout company.
The shaft la now down 100 feet
and the shoot of rich ore shows no
Blgus of discontinuance, holding Us
strength and valuo with depth. The
sinking plant recently Installed Is Iu
working order, Mr. Houdryx says.
J. M. McPhco, uuprIutondcnt of
the (lolden Wizard, and Dau Kendall,
who has charge of tho construction
work on the new mill, loft this morn
ing for the proporty Tho excavation
for the foundation, they state, will
be completed iu a few days and work
on the buildings will bo rushed to
completion in short order. Tho
lumber is to bo gotten on the ground
at tho earliest possiblo time.
Tho machinery for tho twelve stamp
Merrill mill has been ordered from
San Krai olsco for early delivery, aud
no time will bo lost In Mulshing tho
plant wheu it arrives.
Two car loads of high grade ore
from the E. and E. came in yesterday
for shipment to the Taooma Smelter.
This old and well known property
so long in the class of eastern Oregon
producers, but unfortunatley tied up
by litigation for several years, Is again
rapidly getting back to formor stand
ing. The property is being put iu
ship shape throughout, and the re
pairs made necessary by long idleness
are being cqraploted; It Is under
stood, however, that no attempt will
be made.tu run the mill until spring,
wheu the 'mine will again be put in
full blast. Jn the meantime, devel
DECEMBER 2, 190$
opment work and shipments wiU bo
Reports from tho uiluo state that
very rich ore is being encountered.
Charles Wnrren, Jr., vlco president
of tho Valley Queen company, before
leaving for linker City yesterday,
imparted tho informal Ion that the
showing at the proporty Ib vastly
hotter than ever before In Ms history.
Assays of ore taken from tho No. 4
vein, which is now being drifted
upon, shows average values of 8118
to the tou iu gold, silver aud copper.
This is by far tho host ever encoun
tered at tho Valloy Queen, and car
ries out the theory that values will
continue to increase as tho main
ledge is approached. Heretofore
there has beou a steady improvement
in the quality of ore, but the rich
strlko was hardly anticipated a this
tlmo. ,
Vein No. 4 la subsidiary to the
main lead and Is bolng drifted on to
the confluence of tho two, where, ac
cording to all precedent in mining,
the richest values yet may lie ex
pected. The vein has Increased in
strength aud now measures over live
foot iu width. Tho distance on tho
vein now attained Is near 100 feet.
At a meeting of tho officers aud
directors of the Pulaski (iold Mining
aud Milling compauy, held last night
in tho offices of Marr & Davidson, a
contract was let to Joseph Jacobsou
to continue the crosscut to the main
lead of tho property, and drift both
ways ou the ledge. Tho crosscut Is
startod in the direction of a shaft
which is down some forty feet on the
vein, aud when reached It Is the pur
pose to make an upralso to connect.
Work will bo started tho first of
the mouth, aud the present plan is to
develop tho property as rapidly as
possible. The oompau has nine well
watered aud well timbered claims
only a short distance nutsido the city,
ou the lino of the projected rail
road to Bourne.
Tho officers present at tho meeting
were, President T. W. Davidson,
Treasurer It. L. Neill, aud Secretary
R. A. Marr.
To Visit Cable Cove Properties.
T. K. Clark, of Haker City, who Is
interested in tho Coustollatlon aud
other Cable Cove properties, ai rived
here this morning and In company
with Eugene Bartbolf, who is Inter
ested with him, left for the Cove.
They will take a general survey of
these properties..
NO. i
Arrangements Consummated
Guarantee Continuous
llella Knillsh was iu town today
fot tho purpose of consummating u
deal with the smelter mauagemoiit
here that has been pending tor sonic
time, and was foreshadowed in theso
columns several days since.
He has been autliori'cd to buy,
through the sampling works In liakor
City, owned by himself and leased to
the smelter, all ores that are shipped
to linker City. The contract further
piovldos that the Oregon Reduction
company, shall have the first call ou
all ores that he buys. Heretofore-
Mr. Kadlsh has shipped his ore to
various smelters, principally to those
ou Ptiget Sound. This contract nam
for a long time, the exact dates of
which arc not made public.
(ieneral Manager Mueller, of tho
smelter, reluctantly continued tho
truth of the above statmentN thla
afternoon; but declined to go fruther
Into details; except that this ar
rangement enables them to handle all
tho shipping ores produced In eastern
Oregon, that has heretofore been sent
to distant smelters, and will provido
a steady and ample supply to keep
the smelter here running continu
ously. There is now scarcely a doubt but
what a test run will lie made at an
early date; after which the slight
alterations that are inevitably neces
sary will be made and the plant will
bo in position and condition to do
its destined great work for eastorn
Kd Haggerty, of (iraud Encamp
incut, Wyoming, who was here so mo
time ago looking after mining mat
ters, returned today from I'roscott,
Mr. Haggerty is greatly pleased"
with the camp, and It is his purpose
to get hold of a property and develop
It. He is an experienced mining
man, having been formerly connected
with some well kuowu properties.
To Complete Assessment Work.
A. W. Ellis anil Morris Hullivau
left for the Ureoiibonis today to com
plete the assessment work for the year
on the Last Chance, a property which,
they own iu conjunction.