The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, October 28, 1903, Page 5, Image 5

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    Wednesday, October 28, 1905
It Not Infrequently
That a Western mine is advertised with more freedom in the Hunt than it in
at home. Where this is done there is ripo Indication of luck of faith. While
a prophet may not be without honor except in his own country, n mine must
ne acenrueu uonor in us own vicinuy, or u is (lencient in worm.
Those who live where mines are made know that it is not only the likelihood of values that makes
a mine, but the character and ability of the men back of it. Business management is the tirst
requisite, because without keen commercial foreeiht the value of the property might ho in doubt, but where
there are reputations to bo upheld it is a foregone conclusion that honesty in 'the directorate will le supple
mented with honesty from the grass roots down, or, to be exact, with values that will be sufficiently profitable
to make the property an earner for all interested in it.
Those who live in Oregon, and whose interest is centered in mining, know that the management of the
CKACKKR JACK CONSOLIDATED GOLD MINES COMPANY is tried, capable and of reputation. They
are not novices. They are not pushing operations on the Cracker Jack group on hearsay, what they do is
based on study, investigation and fact.
The Cracker
Is not a mine, but a group of mining claims, possessed of just as much to recommend
it as may be found on the North Pole or the Cracker-Oregon. The procrty is "young."
A little later on the company can talk of assays, and other things that will tend to
enhance the selling price of stock. At present it is a mine of opportunity. It is a safe place to put one's
money. It will not earn right away. If it could the stock would he selling at par, and it would no longer
be a mine of opportunity for small investors. In the East it would be well to tell about the Cracker Creek
mines, but out here in the Sumpter fields the story of these proertica is too well known to cull for repetition.
What has been done on the Cracker-Oregon and what is being done in that mine most Oregon people know.
Those who will Investigate will And that the continuation of the veins (northwnnh carry the values up into
the Cracker Jack. This means Intrinsic worth in the Cracker Jack group. It means prolltB later on, and profit
means dividends. This is the Btory in a nutshell.
Three Tunnels
Three tunnels h ave been atarted on the Cracker Jaek. Work in two is living
prosecuted. When these workings have been driven a little further we can talk
of values. But is it not belter to buv stock now mid tiroilt liv the iincnvnrlnir of
those values that every mining engineer ill the Sumpter fields knows are there i Is it not wiser to
put your savings in a corporation that insures the safest kind of security and be among the "charter
members" when the time of dividends arrives? To be brief : Is it not wiser policy to secure this
slock while it is low, in order to realize returns on your money when the day of profits arrives, than buy at a
higher price and receive less than you can secure now ?
As One Knows,
T 7" T That such towns as Sumpter are built on mining success. To talk of Eastern
YOU fx.allZe conservatism to ynu wmld he time wasted. Notwithstanding, because you do
vv viiv know, where sheer luck wins once, method and business management win a
dozen times Therefore, the safest way is to follow the successful banner. The men
experience to guide them. They have had to do with the California, over in Cable Cove
district: they have become known through the Cracker-Oregon, and their excellent service for the Golconda
established a record in mining annals. Now they say that the Cracker Jack is all that any of the other mines
could be, and they declare that the day is not far distant when this pronerty will be one of the big producers of
the district. They claim that it will be a dividend payer that no stockholder need bo ashamed of, and they are
selling stock in the Cracker Jack for the same reason they sold stock in the others. They do not wish to per
mit anything to lag about opening and equipping the property. They are not growing careless because the
treaaury of the company la well supplied with capital. They are looking forward to the time when they will
need much more money for equipment, and when that time arrives they intend to be found prepared This
company is willing that you should reap your reward from the eirnings of this mine. Be one of the wealthy
investors of the region if ynu like. The pioneers of other camps made their monoy through correct invest
ments. They didn't make it by wondering, nor by blaming fate for missed opportunities. They sought likely
propositions and linked their fortunes with them- It is simple enough if you will but take the time to Investi
gate. The property is with you, and the reputation! of the men who offer you. this stock are represented by
three monuments that will withstand much discussion the California, the Cracker-Oregon and the Golconda.
You know better than you can be told that, once valuable ore or extensive ore bodies chance to be opened,
the stock haa a skyward endency, and it generally stays up there. When the Cracker Jack has been devel
""' oped you will be positive that It Is worth your confidence, but the stock will be beyond ita bargain period. Now
your opportunity la that of becoming interested in one of the best properties in the district excepting none.
Grasp that opportunity. Buy stock. Buy it today.
It you doubt, there is the preperty, and in the tame neighborhood are the substantial testimonials to the
worth and integrity of the men back of it.
If the Cracker Jack group could be exhibited in New York, the necessary funds would be forthcoming
,,in a single day. , ,
Were you East you would appreciate this truth.
Then why not appreciate now ?
What you invest now will help the Cracker Jack, and the development of the Cracker Jack will help ynu
after a. while. The benefit is mutual and the reward will be worthy.
Should you wish to procure a copy of the company's prospectus, address any of the olllces named below.
Also make your checks payable to
Write Me at Any of These Addresses:
New York Office, Suite 129, 280 Broadway.
St. Louis Office, 47 Odd Fallows Building.
Main Office, 34 Merrill Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chicago Office, Women's Temple.
Boston Office. 831 Board of Trad.