The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, January 02, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Wednesday, Januaiy 2. 1901
Articles of Incorporation Filed
Last Week.
Il is .-utioiiK III)! IHolviMllllr til, it :i r.ill
tn.iJ Mill hr built Irmit .-1 cnutirctiuii with j
the O. H. K N. r.illro.'iJ .it Union to tin- i
r.istrrn t ill Unimi miuity In the not liilurc. !
It Ills I'fii Kii'uvn (or -onif
Mirvrys vine hrlni ui.ide Inr smue iur j
'0c of this Kind hut tinier Ii.-ivIiik the ,
lii.itlrr In ili.UKf li.ivc nbsohitfly rrfusol
to ui'ihc lliflt (il.iiis iHiblL, iiml still ,irr '
rfV IrtKriil III the lirittrr.
Kilt their pi ins ,iip in a incisure di
Vliltifd hv thr .M ik Irs n ilunrii.ltlun
wl.l.h tiiry this irk lilt-.l uilh IheoiuntV
1 IftU ;iiul I lie snlrlitv nl si. lie. I'loill
Ihrsr it Is li- lined tli'il It Is prunii'ed In
thirty year ago bv pl.icer miners.
The ground is already involved in lltl
nation and the matter will enme up for re
view before Judge Clancy next Saturday
The ground was originally located by a
Genu. in named Met, who lor years has
lived In neighborhood. A few weeks
ago he made a proposition to a man to do
the annual assessment work, for whkh he
would give a half interest. The bargain
was made. Only a discovery hole ex
isted on the claim, and this man sank the
sh.ilt twenty-si feet deep. At this depth
he encountered the wonderful rich ore.
When Met saw the glittering gold lying
hi ill. inks in the quirt, It is saiJ here
fused point blank to give up the half in
terest. He is quoted as siiiig he would
not give it to his own brother. A third
person h is become interested, namely, D.
D. Mitiregnr, ot So'ith Montana street,
and he will assist his friend in asserting
his right to the half Interest as promised.
I hr properly Is now tied up by an in-
bulld.i ginged r.ulniid the J1""11""-
1tv.1l U11l.n1 Hi ll.e ( i,eeK to the east, owned
pass 1.1 the p.rt nl IJ.iI.mi i.u.nly. hv ;' ",a " ,,"e'1 M;,rsh' h;,s ,he con,lm'-
II,.- mi v will do loess under ' ' ,hl" tUl ,,M Mr':,l' ,"" "ot s0
the uai I ll.e I liilou Kailm.ul ...d I tans '',rKc ' '' "'l,,r"'J srVf ral "' i,r"",d
pori.iiloinompiuv. lllisliutgHiisreieiilly ligured in an epi-,Kkislued at M"" '" K-"siiim "' "' in uiai vi
mid the intMi.m.itur- a.e the lollowing ' lihi,' ,r"11' "i"'"'Pers." Shue thh, dis-
uellkuovMi business men ol this
h. W Mavis, W. II l:wtn. I . I. iJ.ivis,
i. I . II ill and I-. I-. I osier. Hie pi III
1ip.1l p 11 r ot Inclines Is the -"ItV ol I Joi Hi
Olid the Out ill. 111 Is peiprtilil. Aside
lioiii Hie its there art-a number
. iiillneiill il tillens iulerested in the
1. imp inv, but whether it ts tube a puiely all ill Is not given out, et it is p.
Mimed tint thev luxe imlide baking
mvfiv was reported many miners have
been prospering hi neighborlunJ.
Hut tt- Miner. Finithrd to Mac's Luck, week .1 sled roid was cut to Mai's
I. lick mine. -It branches ..If from Stud-
ngglug road about one mile from
the north limits of the town, Irom whkh
point to the mine is about three miles
that jusiliics the expenditure ol ihe large I he loinpanv begins today hauling him
sums.. lie, dv 11.11.I out i,,r mi.iMim- nnr. berwith lii cicil the necessary
ves and other pieliminaiies.
1 houses. Work on this properly will be
I lie load will undoubtedlv be. nine a i Phed continuously and those Interested
paying piiiposiilun, as It will open up a '"'I"" '! ' producer of It before the
rich and pi.uiiising countrv. A few miles I vr,r is closed.
east ot Union the road will enter and pass '
i. ......!. ...1. .. 1. ..-il...... 1 ,.. i. .. ,.r .1.- !
i.H.iiiKll i ii.ii ,-. iirncvru Mi lie ui.r in me
Scenic Line of Ibc World.
l-"or an enjoyable trip east, take Ihe
Denver & Rio Grande railroad, Scenic
I Line of the world.
his ilty and continues almost to Medical ' , . ' ,"-" - '" " ""'", on ll.e mute ol the proposed ! ""l '?' I'olnls. and al points on II K s,M thai this belt ol timber tlie l.icllic craM. Most magnliicent scen
ery on this continent. The leading fea-
Imest bodies ot timber that remains mi-
fimrllril III fill- .Milllllii'.vt I'lllt. tlmti.r
Pel. cummrmes about six miles east of I Jnc l,,e W0M , nreeiiy wains He
Mils illy and c Inues almost to Medical ' '', Colorado Springs, Pueblo
.llllll. tlfllll.t III wl II V til hllll. I. Illl ill til
load. Hut timber will be niv t)(lr 0, ' "'""i" with the trip is that the
many souiirsot l.allu to. the new tnad. ' ,,,r,MIK ' ,r:,il!s l'- tl.roiiRh the scenic
II will also give transpointiontntherkl, '"rations of the Rocky mountains in
..k..l...r.,lse1t..,s .,1 Hk..,eeU. i.mvrr Colorado by daylight, tluis .-.ffordliiK pas-
I'owder. and I'.ne , l 7Rs a cool, plr.iv.inl
ihevre... ...l..e.l i.rlds ..I r.s. 1 1,,.,,., , Mae, ircMfom uum ana tlie annoyances
county, huludiug Cotuuciipi 1, Sp.ula,
Hast liagle, t.oppe. I tut it-, Ituihemnul,
lion Dvkeand Snake liver slope of the
Seven Devils; which will give to Ihe road
a luge ti.illk.
.lust whe.e the road Is to run Is not
made clear In- Ihe ankles ol liuorpora
lion, but It is let. ued that the line is en will subserve the best
iolriests ol ihe lOiiutiv which It
I hr ih.ii.utrr ol those back ol (lie pro-
jett is sulliiirnt to convince anyone tint
this is a bona tide i-lfoit to build this Im
poll. nit Hue and to warrant the co-opera-
.1 1 i. 1- ... .1. , 1.
...... ..r,.c..r,c... ...c i.0-,1 ' "'"K", mr,t... ,, a, qil; letter A Hned at
whkh the hoe will piss.-Union Uepub-' ,, ,.,..,, n.i..,-r ,
! " ,"'. . .'...-....... ..... v.... ..,.-
pi at my ranch, Alder Springs, Hakrr
md enjoyable
ride, tree from dust and the
experienced via other lines. Superb din
lug car service on all through trains.
Service a la carte, pay for what you order.
I hrough standard and tourist sleepers.
Stopovers allowed on all classes of tickets
anywhere between Ogden and Denver.
Call 011 your nearest ticket agent for
Ikkets, rates and all inhumation, or ad, CH NlCIIOl.,.
(ieueral Agent, I'oill.ind, Ore.
1 I here came to my (dace .Monday, De
cember), two stray work hotses. One
lis a gi.iy horse with hook and anchor
brand on lell shoulder; the other a brown
Krcrutly Found Nf.u and Ii Al
rrjidy In L'tlgAtlnn.
I hr richest stte.ik of gold beating ore
yrt umoxeied in Montana, as far as
known, was tound in the Mutte district a
few w-eks ago. The streak Is not more
than six inches wide, but it is almost
solid gold and will assay about fioo.coo
to the ton.
The claim upon which this was found
lies directly south of the town of Rocker,
jus! across old Silver Bow creek, from
which a great deal of gold was taken out
county, and secuie the ptopetty by prov
ing ownership and paying expenses in
clined. JOHN AHA MS.
Strout, ass.iyer, 1725 Arapahoe street,
Denver, established in Coloudci hi 1876;
gold (crucible assay), 50c; gold mid silver,
75s; gIJ, silver, copper, f 1.50; forty years
The large and commodious club rooms
of Dunphy & Geitridge are headquarters
for mining and commercial men.
Those who know the comforts of a good
hotel, always patronize The Capital; Mrs.
U. R. Tedrowe, proprietor.
Joshua Hendy Machine
San Francisco
California j
The "Hendy Improved"
Triple Discharge Two
Stamp Mill
1900 MODEL
Capod.)' 6 to 10 torn pir day
Weight of Mil. iumplct 8(o-lh. jlimpj. ttjoo lbs.
" " " " kvjo-IN " ooo lb.
I'nwcr rruulrf J 10 Jilvr 8?o-lh. il.imp mill 5 II. I'.
" touo-lh. " t II. I
Dlicliarce rra .... 465 square Inchr.
Estimates and Catalogue on
Davis Hiii-M! l'owcr Iinistiiifj Whims
Sli-I)iiiiiiii!r()ro iiml Water Skips
Ont iintl WutiT llticki't.s
Mining it. id Ti'o Iiuil
"Tritniipli" nit.! ,'IIiii(ly-Norli(iin"
Cuiicvnt ralocs Ora Cru-liurt, Oro
FtHMIL'Isj, ClllJillil.J,' Hulls
Huilurs, Kn'iiics nuil I'uiiips, Hoist
it),', l'u.iipiiij,' anil Irrigating I'lanls
Oil iiml (iiuolini) Engines anil Hoists
Air Compressors and Iltiek Drills
Kaw Mill Machinery.
Impact Water Wheel ae
Jll.r 4J-ILI
ln TjK
fliW "3
l I ...t it v Mr-
1 ci.
Rock Crushers
Ore Feeders
Dredges, Engines
Boilers and Waterwheels
Hammond Mfg. Co.
Cawston &
Succntou tu
Engines, Boilers
Machinery and
48 and $0 First Stir. I, Nrrr Fine