The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, January 02, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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    Wednesday, January 2, 1901
Interesting Legend From Peru,
With Locality Given.
Of all the existing legends which refer
to as yet undiscovered treasure, none Is
more widely spread than that of the Tres
Tortillas. It may be selected as one of
the most possible of a large class at least
we have here a well defined and unmis
takable locality and no actually conflicting
facts. On the remotest headwaters of
Hie River Secure, a branch of the Mo
more, which joins the Madera, an affluent
of the Amazon, lies a broken, mountain
ous country, full of great gorges, precipi
tous cliffs and tentiana.
Here one descends abruptly from the
region of eternal snow to a tropical forest
where sugar cane and coffee flourish, and
as we leave the high and wind-swept
plains and scramble down the deep, dark
grfrges to the heat and damp of the monte,
ague of the most virulent and insistent
type lurks in the rain laden atmosphere,
waiting to attack the stranger who has
the hardihood to penetrate these unknown
valleys. Here, if nature suffers the ex
istence of disease, she also provides the
remedy cascarilla, or Peruvian bark
and the only intruders are the bark work
ers and occasional seekers for treasure.
As the traveler leaves the high moun
tain, side far off in the east can be seen
three tlat topped hills, apparently close
together and forming an unmistakable
land mark, and If the same region is en
tered by ascending the river from the east
ern side, at certain points in the journey,
far ahead in the west, can be seen the
same three mountains, which always ap
pear only a few hundred yards apart.
These are the f am jus Tres Tortillas
(three pancakes), and around these three
mountains have accumulated numerous
traditions, with probably some foundation
In fact. During the Spanish rule it Is
certain that great quantities of gold were
mined and washed upon this mountain
range. Old workings are frequently dis
covered, whole towns built of stone and
adobe, and deserted churches and cathe
drals are burled In the forest, and from a
hundred evidences It Is clear these regions
have been and may again be a source of
great wealth. It is quite possible that In '
the neighborhood of the Tres Tortillas is
a mine of great value, and according to
nearly all the current stories this mine
contains a vast treasure, consisting of
gold ready for transport and left when the
last miners lied, never to return.
Of the various expeditions which have
during the last half century endeavored
to penetrate to this valley, a survivor of
only one of them returned and stated that '
he, with a companion, hid found the
mouth of the mine, had entered the tunnel
and there had found a great mass of gold
stored for removal. This man at least
possessed enough faith to make another
effort to reach this El Dorado, and is be-'
lieved to have perished In the attempt
among the mountains. Of the other ex-1
pedltions the result has uniformly been ,
lailure. Owing to Inadequate resources,
to the great natural difficulties of the'
country or to sickness and death, up to
the present Tres Tortillas have krpl their I
secret and stand like three gigantic sen
tinels, unapproachable and defiant, guard
ing a treasure which may be worth a
king's ransom or may be only the phan
tasy of a dream. Exchange.
Method of Measuring Water Flow.
To measure the How of water In a
stream with approximate accuracy, the
only satisfactory way Is to construct a
flume of sufficient size to carry . It 'all,
This flume should be twenty to thirty feet
in length, set level and provided with a
permanent end piece at the lower end
(not so high as the side pieces by several
Inches) over which the water tan flow as
a lip. Construct wings at the head so
that the water will be led gently Into the
flume. When the construction is In
steady operation measure the depth of the
water running in it, at a point about the
center of the length of the flume. Then
measure the height of the end piece (over
which the water flows) from the bottom.
The difference between these two meas
urements will be the head. Thus, If the
water is 14 Inches deep in the flume, and
the end gate stands 6 inches above the t
floor, the head of water will be 8 inches,
or 066 feet. Next, measure the length
of the overflowing stream of water. In
the construction assumed, this Mill be tl e
same as the width of the flume, which,
we w ill say is 30 inches, or 2.5 feet. Now
cube the head (o 66 x o 66, equals 8 287,
496) and extract the square root of the
result, which In this case is 8.536. Mul
tiply together this figure, and the length
of the lip expressed in feet (2.5), and the
constant, 3.33. The result will be the
discharge in cubic feet per second. Thus,
0.536 x 2.5 x 3 33 equals 4 46 cubic feet
per second. Denver Mining Reporter.
Prairie Clty'i Fountain of Youth.
If the early Spanish explorers had navi
gated the John Day valley, nt Its head
about ten miles from Prairie City, they
would have found a spring that comes as
near being the long looked for Fountain
of Youtli as any in existence. In a pic
turesque spot at the base of the moun
tains, in a grove of pines on the dividing
line between forest and prairie, there
flows from a spring about ten feet in di
ameter a stream of water having a tem
perature of 112 degrees, and possessing
wonderful medicinal properties. They
are owned by M. V. Thompson, one of
Grant county's pioneers. Since acquiring
them he has built a commodious hotel, a
restaurant, a bath house, a dancing lull
and stable. Many eastern Oregon peo
ple make tills place the Mecca of their
summer outing. Game is plentiful. The
odor of the water is not unlike that of
well seasoned chicken soup; it would be
difficult to describe its taste, but it is said
to be good for almost anything that alls
you. There are many people In this vi
cinity who can testify as to the pain re
moving and life prolonging powers of the
water. The spring is an ideal spot for a
large sanitarium. Prairie City Miner.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the partner
ship existing between Ed Turk and Mi
not Austin, under the style of Austin
Meat company, was dissolved on October
29, iqoo, and said Miuot Austin has as
sumed sole control of said business.
Sumpter, December 15, 1900.
IflSS Cocktails
i a
xy c tear; ir ooo at iipe oreomuia,
vVV U u 11 11 1 11 tl
PACir.o cosar itohcv
New Departures
In Sumpter Merchandising
REALIZING the need of n better assortment of better
stuff and up-to-the-minute styles, we are as rap
idly as possible adding lines of new thhgs never before
show in these parts. All this new stuff and prices
away on a vacation.
What do you want in Dress Goods? We may have
just what you have been worrying about. The weaves
are new and the prices are enough or we wouldn't
mention it.
Mohair Suitings
Th New Oxford O.raw, Drowns anj
Oi on, 6 Inchri wlJe, nj the regu
lar $mo klnj
PER YARD tl. 00
Scotch Suitings
fc'xlra Heavy (or RalnyDay Skirts. 56
Inches wlJe
PER YARD $2.75
Black Periola
forty-lour Iruhes wlJe, cslra heavy
weight, imortej design. Introduc
tory price
PER YARD $1.60
Wont and Silk Morten, assorted colon
tinted flounce, silk sewed throughout,
worth one dollar more than the price
Mercerized Sateen
Real heavy, look like satin, extra cord
rd Amincr, assorted lengths and colors.
Sale price
Ladies' Jackets
An entirely new lot ol slvles In Jackets
and tins Coats, III tck, Mude. Ostors
and light Cans. I he m iker wir will
ing In lose consld.-raMr money nn a
lot ill these and ou gel the hrnelit.
occur, r.
Avenarius Carbolineum
1(1 C;iSTI:UI:l)
The world famed Wood Preserver for mining tim
bers, fence posts, house props, shingle roofs. A radical
remedy against Chicken Lice and all insects that prey
upon timber.
hhKKUUKON Paint (anti rust). A permanent coating
for ipon roofs. Fire proof for stacks. Send for circulars.
Basche Hardware Company Agents
Eureka Feed & Livery Company
J. L. SULLIVAN, Mmi;itrr.
Horses Boarded by the day or Month. First
class turn-outs and saddle horses. Our spec
ialty is the quick and safe delivery of freight
and passengers to any and all points.
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Mining Patents Obtained
Years of experience In Maker County Records.
No. 2104 Court Street, Maker City; Oregon.