The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, December 12, 1900, Page 10, Image 10

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    Wednesday, December 12, 1900
MINES KAST OF BAKER. ' Improvrme nls on lands not deed
ed or patented 18,610
Miles of telegraph and telephone
lines, 232 2,340
Seven Per Cent Copper in the Steamboat-, sailboats stationary
engine rind manufacturing in.'i-
Union-Vinson's Carrol B. chineiv 20,720
Merchandise and stock in trade... 73,530
Farming implements, wagons,
... . . , .1 1 . 1 r carrlige, etc 24,-tlo
Work has commenced on the sinking of ()u.y 15610
.1 icx-....l shall on the Copper queen, Nors .accouIZ"!""" fti',Hio
belief knimii .is (illklnsmi scupper mine, HousrhoM furi,i,urc, wa,c,es
lociled twenty mile:, northeast of Haker ( :ewery vlc 18160
City. I his property .,s recently bond- JorsK . n"'lZZ'l $6,290
e.l and the ..rk is in progress under the Ca 248fo
direction of the new management. I here ShK . ,6 M2i020
Is now .1 shaft about 40 feet in depth on ' gw(. ,,,, ,
the Oueeu, at the site nf the old smeller, ' ' 1
wlikli was operated over twenty years
the present work will continue
this shall. A liiiincl has been driven on
another uit nl the tl.iiin a distance of
over 400 feet.
On the property ol the Union (iold
Mining Miiupauy, about ten miles south
west nl Sparta, ote has been struck heal
ing 7 per cent copper. Copper lias been
delected in the ore ol this property before,
but not in such good iiuautities. A re
vival of interest In the copper district is
noticeable, .iiul holds promise of greater
activity their next v. ear than ever before.
( Jross value of alt property. ..$1,447,080
l:xeniptions 90,73
I'olal value taxable property..5i, 356,350 (
Total taxable property 1809 5 091,353
Increase 3t4997
This Miner Has Not Bun Sn Since
November 14.
On or about November 14, at midnight,
A. I:. Starr left what is known as the
W. S. Vinson, manager of the Carroll Mullen cabin, at the McNamee diggings,'
M mine, the I'leasaut Valley district, nine where he had been living, since which I
miles southeast ol here, announced todiy I time no trice of the missing man has
that his workmen had connected the new been obtained, and it Is among the most
works on Hut property wiihtheold shall, nrolunle ol things that on his travels
When .Mr. Vinson took charge of the through the ireenhorn mountains on the
property last fall, he unmediately began night ol his strange disappearance he fell
sluklui: a double loinpaitment shaft lor down some prospect shaft and was killed
work at a belter location than the old one. by the fall, or behiK unable to extricate
I his his been driven Willi all possible himsell Irom the depths of the shaft,
speed. At Hie No-foot level, a crosscut perished from cold and hunger,
was made lo lap the old works and cut A. I:. Starr was a ploiuer of the Hob-
the vein. 1 tot It have been siiccrsslul in Insonvllle section, having mined there
every respect, and the management re- tor the past twenty or more years. He
pints. 1 lode sixteen leet in widlhattlie was supposed to know every foot of the
point where Hie tunnel Intersects, pour (ireenhorn district. Why lie left his
feet ol this wide vein curies high values, cabin at midnight Is not known, but hours
All development work has proven very before going he remarked that he con-'
satisfactory. Men who have kept faith templated a visit to Hie Carpenter claims
In the eastern and southeastern district a few miles away,
while ildi developments In other districts Prior to his going to Ivobinsonville to
absorbed Interest, leg.ud the work on the engage in mining, Starr resided at Prairie
Carroll H, Uraos and possible renewed Cltv, l irant county, where he became a
operations in the While Swan, as a good Mason and has ever shier kept up his
Indication that Hie properties Immediately membership in the lodge at that place,
tributary to Haker City will command Ills strange disappearance having been
in uc 1 1 attention in the neai Inline. Ore- reported lo the Prairie City Indue, a
Slxtfeii-Font Ledge in the C.urol I).
I he Carrol H mine, in Pleasant Vallev
dlstilct, being extensively opeialed by W.
I . Vinson, is making exlianidinarv show
Inn as development woik processes. Hie
crosscut tunnel, at a distance ol 50 leet
searching party of seven or eight men
was at once sent out and a diligent hunt
throughout the country tributary to Hob-,
Insonvllle was instituted, hut thus far all
efforts to mid any trace of the lost man
hive been in vain.
Members of Mr. Starr's tamllv residing ,
in Haker City are almost distracted over 1
from the bottom ol the So-fool shaft, cut lhc fr,,ollrj a,wnfc. f thrir parent and
a ledge K. feel wide, the values clear ,ls ,,roKiMr death, .ind many IrkncN both
.ii-ssii-H-ii-iK-mur ....... -,u ,., ,.,c .. .,. H.iKcrr nna ( couutlr.. will do all
in their power to apprehend his where-
Iheilch oie shoot struck a few weeks
ago ami Horn which oie .voith lioni f 10,
ocx) to $50,000 to Hie ton was taken, con
tinues as ikh as ever. Mr. Vinson has a
force ol twenty or mine men at work at
the mine and Hie showing being made
will soon justily the erection ol a milling
plant lor the reduction ol the ore. Dem
ocrat. Grant County Taxable Property $l,447,OSO
abouts. Oemoaal.
Denver People Buy the Uncle Dan.
Matt Harrodi, of Denver, who repre
sents a strong Colorado syndicate and 1
who has been in Haker City and vicinity !
lor several mouths pursuing mine Invest!-1
gatlon, lias consummated a deal tor the I
purchase of the Uncle Dan mine in Virtue 1
A press dlspitchlioui Salem says that district, a property long owned by Dan 1
the summary ol the assessment roll ol C0J1r.n1 and by him quite extensively de-1
(.rant county was tiled In Hie secretary ol , veloped, so much so that the property lias
state's oibce I hursday and shows a net w making a magnllicent showing of'
Increase ol about j6 per cent over that ol !'. specimens of ore coming Irom there
last year, being one ol Hie lew counties tliat show values anywhere from
show lug that condi'lon. I he gross v alu- to 40,000 to Hie ton. Mr. Harroch, w hen
atlou lor 1K00, was i,ckSi,77.j, and the ex
emptions 00,121, leiv Ing the net valua
tion .wi,)S5. I Ids seat's figures will be
touud In the loiiowing summary:
Acres tillable laud, 18,854 ?
Acres nontlllable land, 317,283...
Improvements on deeded or pat
ented lauds
Town and city lots
Improvements on town and city
seen yesterday by a Democrat reporter,
had lew particulars to give of Ills pur
chase, but continued the report Hi it he had
bought the property and said he would
1 uj.Sio R" lilrt details later on. Democrat.
4i9,8io Prompt .mention to order for cut How,
ers and floral pieces. City Green House
48.990 Ka.rr Cjty Oregon.
50. j 50
The best is always cheapest buy Giant
51,100 powder.
Are You Progressive and
Do you want. 1 stamp mill that Ids. -I capacity of 8 to 12 tons to each
stamp? One that no maker of stamp mills in the United Stales can sell you,
but ourselves? One that is better in everyway than the kind thevcan sell you.
has an enormous capacity. We are selling these mills everywhere. We in
stall complete plants, from 8 to 1000 tons capacity. It you are thinking of
putting up a stamp mill, don't do it, until vou Ivive written us. We can
save you thousand ol dollars, besides worry and vevition. These mills are
endorsed by mining men everywhere. Send for circular.
Merralls' Mill Company
129 First Street
San Francisco, Cal.
.'1 "
! ' , - .'.'Ml
1 s --.ilu
Rock Crushers
Ore Feeders
Dredges, Engines
Boilers and Waterwheels
Hammond Mfg. Co,
S. Cl.l-IN, .Manager
FINE Wines, Liquors, Beer
and Cigars. Free Lunch
with all drinks. Beer Five
Cents Per Glass. Five Bot
tles of Schutz Bi-kr for One
the Celebrated
On draught or
by bottle.
"The Olympus
H. FINGFR, Proprietor.
High Grade Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Sumpter, Or.
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Mining Patents Obtained
Years of experience in Haker County Records.
No. 2104 Court Street, Baker City; Oregon.
Minuf)Cturrr of allklnjmt CnHmjlrJ thinks anj CIJrr.
OprrattJ In connection" ltti the
Kentucky Liquor House