The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 16, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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    Wednesday, May 16, 1900
Wm. STINSON, Vice-President.
A. W. ELLIS, Secretary
Columbia Brewing & Malting Company
OPERATED under the management of John Armbruster, one of the most successful and experienced
brewmasters in the West. Only the BEST OF MATERIALS used in connection with pure moun
tain water exactly adapted for the use. It is not surpassed even by any beer on the market.
Naui Uarhinoru Ira Dlanf Pnlaroarf Qfnr. M"V
iwn muuiiinv' j, iww iuiii, kinuiguu wiwi
age raciimes, tic, tnaoies us 10 maxe
a Beer Second to None and Constantly
Improving ....
Furnished in Barrels, Kegs or Bottles.
V aVv m
Columbia Brewing & Malting Co.,
Colonel Drake Figured With'n Two Fed
of the Location of a Ledge.
Every mining man with a theory does
not have the luck which has attended the
operations of Colonel F. V. Drake, In the
Sparta district. Based upon experience
and a close study of the geological con
ditions, Colonel Drake evolved a theory
that somewhere in the Sparta district was
a vein of soft, decomposed quart, which
had fed the placer diggings of Spaita
creek. Such ore did not outcrop at any
point, but he knew It must be in existence
and made his calculations accordingly.
Within two feet of where he thought the
vein should be, he struck exactly the same
kind of ore upon which he had figured.
It is on the property of the Mazama
Mining and Milling company, of Portland,
'of which Colonel Drake is the manager.
He Is In the city for the purpose of attend
ing the annual meeting of the company.
The company owns a group of seven
In giving the first account of the strike
for publication, Colonel Drake said to te
day: "The vein Is a tine one, which did not
outcrop, and which probably helped to
feed the old extensive placer fields which
have been worked for the last thirty years.
The outcropping in that district is known
as bull quartz. My theory of the situation
was that the bull quartz could not have
fed the placer fields, but that a parallel
vein of softer quartz, and a quartz which
would more readily decompose, existed
there, and could be found. I made cal
culations where I thought that the vein
should run, and the correctness of my
theory was proved by the workmen strik
ing the character of the quartz I described
within two feet of where I Imagined it ex
isted. We are now sinking on It twenty
feet from the surface. It is a decomposed
material, from part of a lode, and shows
line gold, which Is easily crushed from the
quartz, and can be worked out by simply
"It Is hard to describe the material In a
way that would be clear to the average
reader. It is different from the surface
ore. It Is much decomposed, and inky
black In spots, and in other places almost
blood red, carrying free gold.
"I have not tested the quartz, but am
willing to make a little bet that It will
assay high values. This material lies in
soft porphyry, and as we continued down
ward, widened rapidly. We encountered
water, which is an indication that It is a
fissure vein, for ordinarily water follows
fissures. Portland Telegram.
Camp in Danger from Land Slide.
A press dispatch from Raker City says:
The little town of Auburn, located two
miles south of this city, is in danger of
being carried into the canyon. According
to Mr. Alexander, a resident of that place,
who was In Maker City today, the ground
Is already cracked along the hillside, over
looking the town, and a fissure about
four, feet wide has appeared In places, and
Is continually widening. Mr. Alexander
thinks the town will be buried In the can
yon, as a slide sooner or later is certain to
occur. Some Chinamen 'working placers
there have a fine lead of rich ore, and are
working hard to take it out before this
shall occur. The fissures are caused, he
says, by the Chinamen mining out the old
FrcigbtcrrNecd "all Kindt" of Nerve.
The nerve of some of the freighters
hauling into Lawton comes very near as
suming the proportions of a ''grafter."
Last week" one" of this kliid agreed to haul
some freight over 'from Sumpter at the
rate of a dollar per hundred for a Lawton
business man, and did haul part of It at
that rate. Upon bringing in the last load
he demanded double that amount and was
promptly refused. It is now reported that
the freighter is going to take the matter
into court to enforce his claims. Lawton
J Standard.
Drug Co.
Only exclusive whole
sale drug house in the
state. We sell only
to merchants. Make
the best prices on min
ers' and assayers' sup
plies. Freight no higher
than from Portland.
Write for quotations.
Spokane Drug Co.
Spokane, Wash.
New Bakery
All kinds of Flesh
Fruit in Season.
O. BRECHTEL, Proprietor
Opposite S. V. Ry. Depot.
Constructor of Mills,
Concentrators, Smelt
ers, Cyanide Plants, etc.
West Granite
. , . THE . . .
A. MANNS, Rroprletor.
Butcher and Packer
Fresh and Cured
Meats and
Sausage of all Kinds