The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 16, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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    Wednesday, May 16, 1900.
Discusses Drills, Apparatus and
Alarm System.
The tire department held an interesting
meeting Tuesday evening, the object of
which was announced to be to discuss tire
drills, apparatus and the care of the same
and the installation of a tire alarm system.
On roll call It was found that twenty-two
members were present, out of a total mem
bership of ninety.
It was decided to have a tire drill every
Sunday forenoon and Tuesday evening.
This week the drill will be Thursday even
ing, to avoid a conflict with other events.
Much was said regarding new apparatus,
but nothing definite was done. A num
ber of members of the department were
ordered to clean off Granite street, clean
and dry the hose. Charles Llebstein, C.
C. Basche and Harley Wood were ap
pointed a committee to solicit subscrip
tions for a fire bell.
And then something was said about
asking the directors of the hospital to turn
over the funds now in their hands belong
ing to that Institution to the lire depart
ment. It was announced that the Red
Cross society will donate $30 towards the
purchase of rubber boots and coats. J.
H. Robbinsand J. W.Scrlber presented
the department with $50. Formal thank
were tendered for these donations and also
to the ladies who served hot coffee and
lunch after the fire Friday evening.
A. A. Hammond was offered an official
position in the department, which he re
fused, saying that he preferred to serve as
a working fireman.
Several members of the council were
present, who manifested much interest In
the proceedings.
Smelter More Benefit Than Railroad.
Speaking of the Sumpter Smelter, the
Granite Moulder says: The success of
this plant means more to this district than
the building of all the railroads now talked
of. It means that the prospector can sell
Ills ore here at home and save shipping
expenses that are prohibitory. In many
cases he can make his prospects pay from
the grass roots,where he would otherwise
be compelled to work out for a grub stake.
There will be a great stimulus to prospect
ing in this district when the miner can sell
tor money the ore as he digs it out. Ore
'running as low as $17 can be mined near
Granite and smelted at Sumpter at a
profit, but It would have to run almost
twice that amount to stand shipment to
Tacoma. The smelter will put new life
into the Granite and Sumpter districts.
Reflections of Jay Nat Hudion.
A little over two years ago when the
writer was publishing the Sumpter News,
there came a time in the early summer
when business in all lines was distress
ingly dull. We talked with old experienced
mining men from Montana, Colorado,
Nevada and other mining states and
several of them gave a number of ap
parently good reasons why the mining de
velopment of the Sumpter district would
probably await the dim distant future and
why Sumpter in consequence had seen its
best days and would probably retrograde.
We listened, not wisely, but too well, and
temporarily left the town to engage in
business elsewhere. Our listening, as
aforesaid, cost us several thousand dollars,
which we might have made as easily as it
was made by others who stayed with
Sumpter. We have recently heard the
same song sung over again by several
diffrent persons, but such music, in the
light of our former experience, has lost
its charms for us. We came back
to this district to stay and take
our chances, and If in twenty
years hence, some other sexto-
1 genarlan may point us out to the strarger
1 on the streets of Granite, as with silvered
I hair and feeble steps we pass along, and
j say, "That's old Nat of the Boulder. He
1 has been waiting twenty years for this
j country to boom," then all right, so let
'it be. But we draw a brighter picture.
' In three short years Sumpter grew from
. nothing to 4,500 resident population, with
paved streets and electric light and water
1 works systems, the equal of the best in
, the Northwest. Best of all, the real es
tate boom has passed by and left Sumpter
still enthroned as the Queen City of east
I em Oregon; and on a business foundation
I apparently as firm as the Rock of Ages.
Her present growth is steady and her
I brilliant future certain. The same that
j has happened with Sumpter, we confident
1 iy look for on this side of the mountains.
I The rock ribbed hills are thickly set with
beams of quartz containing gold in count
less millions aiid we hope and believe that
' they will soon attract sufficient attention
to give us the music of the stamp mills
I from every gulch and mountain side and
I number the population of our town by the
thousands. Granite Boulder.
Captkin Wood Back From Chicago.
Captain Wood returned Sunday from
Chicago, where he went some weeks
I since to submit a mining proposition to
j Ills principals. When he left, it was
I stated that the deal would have to be
'closed before May 1. It is now under
' stood that the bond was extended until
June t. The Captain declines to talk
I about the matter at present, though It Is
I believed that the bond will be taken up.
He and Mr. Campbell are now out in the
hills, where the unnamed property is
Everything Ha It Ute.
The Portland Telegram of May o In
dulges in this fling at one of the Hauua
Mckinley empire's most illustrious
"statesmen," so-called:
"South Dakota druggists now give
away a copy of one of Pettlgrew's speeches
with each box of insect powder sold.
This Is taking an unfair advantage of the
insects, if not of the purchasers."
Colonel Donan kindly suggests that
the only appropriate method of utilizing
the Telegram would be to give a copy of
it with every box of cathartic pills sold. 1
Pottoffice Moved to New Quarter.
j The postoflice was opened yesterday!
I forenoon in Its new quarters on Center '
. street, the fixtures and effects having ,
I been moved during the night. The office
is conveniently arranged, plenty of room 1
I being provided for handling the mails ex-
1 pedltlously and advantageously. The ,
j box area is materially increased, so that '
the demand can now be supplied, a con-'
dition not heretofore existing all winter. ,
Return Pocketboolr, Keep Money.
A pocketbook was "lost" during the '
fire excitement Friday night. The "find
er" can keep the few dollars it contained 1
' if he will return the book and the papers
to this office. '
C. J. Johns' Big Store
New Spring Goods
will begin to arrive daily next week,
and we can promise the handsomest
line of DRESS GOODS ever shown
in Sumpter.
Men's and Boys' Spring Hats
are here now, and others are arriving from time to
time. SPECIAL a beautiful line ol Ladies' Mus
line Underwear. Must be seen to be appreciated.
The HARDWARE DEPARTMENT has been fully
stocked up again with everything in shelf ami
heavy hardware, builders' tools, iron and
steel and miners' wares: also largest
stock of paints, oils, sash, doors
and window glass in East
ern Oregon. New
goods are arriving
C. J. JOH INJS, Sumpter
I'rrOJcnt.JNO. .1. ITNIIAI.I
TifMtuirr, l.lKil.Ni: SPI MUV
(Crn. MKr. Ilunkrr Hill I'mlJ Mlnlnjr ( u.) Srciriarv. M (.. I'l Nil AND
Vld-l'lrIJrnt, Al III.RT CII.IMIN, l'iMrnl C.lilrli Hank, IUI.ii (Jti.Oir.
Grizzly Gold Mining Co.
A limited amount of Treasury Stock now on
the market at Six Cents per share. For further
information and prospectus, address
Grizzly Gold Mining Company,
I'. O. IIOX i
O. C. McLkod
Assay Office
Assaying in all
Its Branches....
Gold and Silver U oo
Copper m i oo
Lead I oo
Other metals on application. Work
ing tests of all kinds.
Box 1 22 Sumpter, Or
0. C. McLeod & Co.
Special attention to investments in Business
Property. We are placing considerable outside
capital and can recommend the following preperties:
f 3,000 Business property paying 40 per cent income.
2,250 Vacant 25x100 feet, Mill street.
2,750-Vacant 25x100 feet, Mill street.
1,600 Ho feet frontage, Improved property, Sumpter stfert.
350 Furnished house and lot.
325 Furniture, with lease, 10 room flat.
125 Choice residence lot near Mill street.
O. C. McLEOD & CO.,
Sumpter, Oregon