The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 16, 1900, Page 15, Image 15

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    Wednesday, May 16, 1900
notice of application hor , PETITION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE
Minimi Application No. 314.
United States LanJ OAlce. j
La Grande, Oregon. April ao, iqoo. t
Notice Is hereby given that A. w. Ellis. whose
rostofhce address it sumpler. Baker countv. Ore-
ton, has made application lor a patent lor i.94 acres I
of placer mining ground and known as the Gold j
Wedge placer mine, containing gold, situate In no
urganited mining district. Baker countv, Oregon, 1
an J described In the official ptal an J tieM notes on '
tile In this office as lollows. vli-
Beginning at corner No 1, whence the cor to
sect sq-ii, IP 1 s, r it E. W. M., bears s n deg 45
mln east tiqa 6 It, thence n t Jeg 11 mln w ots-i II to
corner No , thence n 1 dee l mln 656 It to corner
No 1, thence n 89 Jeg 8 mln e 4 It to corner No 4. '
Ihence s 1 Jeg )o mln e 49') II to corner No ?. thence
I Jeg 1; mln w iti.q It to corner No 6, thence s a dee
r o).o4 It to corner No 7. thence s 7 Jeg w ?6$. II to
comer No 1, the place ol beginning, containing J.594
acres and lotmlng a portion ol the w JS ol section 99 .
In township q s, range it e. Willamette MerlJIan.
The location ol this mine It recorded In the countv
recorder's oftice ol Haker county, on page 6i, vol
ume G, record ol placer locations.
Adjoining claimants are J. U. Young & Co. placer
mine on the east, Sumpter placer mine on the west,
and Stlnton At (iranger placer mine on the north.
All persons holding adverse claims thereto are re
quired to present the same betore this office within
sixty data from the lust day of publication hereof, or .
Ihev will be barred by virtue ol the provisions ol the
statute. I
C. W. II mum, Register.
C. II. McCOLLOCII. Attorney lor claimant,
Dale of tirsl publlcailon, April a;, iguo. Date ol
last publication, June it, 1900.
I United States Land Office,
I La tirande, Oregon, March at, 1900.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with the ,
provisions ol the act ol Congress ol June 1, 1878,
entitled "An act lor the sale ol timber lands In the I
Slates ol California. Oregon, Nevada, and WasV
Ington Territory," as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, t8o, 1
til ORCIIi Mc.Kru,
of Prairie (iltv. County of Grant, State ol Oregon, has
this day tiled In this office his sworn statement No.
6sT,lor the purchase ol the w'inei-aandnK se 1-4,
of Section No. s In Township No. la s. Range No.
MEW M.and will oiler proof lo show that the land
sought Is more valuable lor Us timber or slone
than lor agricultural purpose!, and to establish his
claim tv sa. J land before the Register and Receiver ol
this office at La tirande, Oregon, on Wednesday, the
ith day ol June, iqoo.
Me names as witnesses: Orney Steapheson,
fieorge llrJ. Scott HyJe, II. II. Sleapheson, ol
l-ralrle City. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to lilt their clalmt In
this othce on or belore saldiith Jay ol June, 1000.
I:. W. BAkTLETT. Register.
To the Honorable Ccunty Court of ll.iker County,
State ol Oregen:
We. the undersigned, a majority ol the legal voters
ol Bourne precinct. Baker County, State ol Oregon,
respectlully present this our petition, and pray that a
license be granted by this Honorable County Court
to C. II. Barnard, permitting him to sell at retail, In
quantities less than one gallon, spirituous, malt and
vinous liquors, at his road house situated i4 miles
Irom the town ol Bourne, on the Bourne and Sumpter
wagon road, near the mouth ol Wind creek. In Baker
County, Oregon.
Dan Farrv. tieo Morrow, C I Kear, William linn,
W II Ernes, tieo ti Hall tieo Kerns, ti li Horselord,
A J Tulk, W W tireene. Jas CrawlorJ, ti C Sims,
tiuv Harris, Wm Phillips, J L Williams, R J Rundle,
I-11 Oakes, W H Spencer, Wm WelganJ, A Knapp,
tius Anderson, J If Clark, I rank Murrav, Thomas
Trembath.CtD l.jnch, I) l: Paine. L Ckatrom. C
Lkstrom. lid Butte. Jr., E Butie, Sr, I ti King, J R
CalJwell. E M Belt, M Stamnfer. John Thornton, W j
Lons. Joseph Stampher. WH PaJdock, J J Flem
ing, E M Alnsworth, T A Mctilvern, J C Burns, C II
Stewart. Wm Ta lor, R N tiraves, R I: tioJIrev, I
AnsteaJ, J C ClaMnn, T W Mers, John Reagan,1
Jas W AJams. John Manes, W J Howe. CW Rob
erts, John Johnton, W H Nebergall. II llallender. M
W Beckwlth, J A Murphy. Owen Harris, A loutien-i
hlser. T P Chrlstensen, E A Wren. R II Wall, ti
Nordke. I) E Butler. i
Notice Is hereby given that said C II. Barnard
wilt apply to the said county court ol Baker
county, Oregon, lor the granting ol said li
cense, on the j ?th Jav ol May, A. D. iqoo, or as soon
thereatler as his petition can he hearJ.
Pelton Water Motor
Is so superior to nil others as regards strenth, Jurabllltv and economy of
water, In fact all that constitutes a HIGH CLASS WATER MOTOR,
as to admit of no comparison, adapted to every variety of service and
made of sires varying from the fraction of 1 up to too H. P. Recent
scientific tests made at the Michigan University in connection with sev
eral other motors claimed to be the best on the market showed 45 per
cent higher efficiency In favor of favor of the PELTON, while the rela
tive cost per II. P. to buy was only one-third to one-half that of others.
Water companies desiring to make the best of their water supply should
discriminate In favor of the PELTON. Deliveries made from New York
or San Francisco, as may afford the best freight rates. Circulars free.
One of these motors can be seen any time operating THE MINER presses.
143 Liberty Street,
New Yotk.
125-120 Main St.
San Francisco, Calif.
Department of the Interior,
Land Omce, at La tirande, Oregon,
i April si tono.
Notice Is hereby given that the following named
I settler has tiled noilie ol his Intention lo make tinal
I proof In support ol his c aim, and that said proof
will be maJe belore county clerk ol Haker Countv at
Baker City, Oregon, on June t, 1900, via: II. I. 68)8 of
ol Sumpter, Oregon, lor the sw "V se , sec J), e ! .
ne and nw ' ne ', sec to, lp 10 s, r it.
1 lie names the lollowlng witnesses to prove his con-1
tlnuous residence upon and cultivation ol said land,
vli: George W, Jett, ol Sumpter, Oregen: Peter J.
Canaran, William I). Lockhart, Samuel L. Shannon, .
j of McLwen, uregon.
Fritz s Dwyer
We buy and sell all kinds of City
We handle Mining Properties, on
commission or tor cash.
We have made a great many sales
of City Property and mining
claims the past few weeks.
C. W. BAWTIMT. Register.
Notice of
Appointment of Administrator.
Notice Is hereby given that Phil V. Nebergall has
teen dulv appointed administrator ol the estate ol
Joseph II. PatnoJe, deceased, by the County Court
ol Baker County, Oregon, and all persons having
claims against said estate are hereby notllied to pre
sent the same dulv verified, to the undersigned at the
office ol Stott & Shellon, In Sumpter, Baker County,
Oregon, w Ithln six months Irom the date hereof.
Administrator ol the Es'ate of Joseph H. Patnode,
deceased. M
Date J, Sumpter, Orrgon, May o, 1000.
United States Und Oftice, (
La tirande, Oregon, May 1. iooo.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with the
provisions ol the act ol Congress ol June 1, 8?8,
entitled "An act lor the tale ol timber lanJs In the
states ol California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," at extended to all the public land
tlatet by act ol Augutt 4, i8o,
ol McLwen. County of Baker, Stale ol Oregon, hat
thlt day Med In this omce her sworn statement No.
660, for the purchate ol the ne H se '( ol sec No. 5, In
tp tot, range No. 8E W M, and will oiler prool to
show that the land tough! Is more valuable lor Its lim
ber or tlone than lor agricultural purr oses, and lo es
tablish her claim to said land belore the Register and
Receiver ol this office at La tirande, Oregon, on
Wednesday, the th day ol July, iqoo.
She namet at witnesses: Alexander S. watt, Sam
uel Thompson, tieorge A. Scott, Mary A. Scon, all
ol McEwen.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
4c,.rlhJ ln.l ar r.iut,l In fill, their rlalltlt In
, thlt office on or before said iBth day ol July,
1000. E W. DAKTLUTT, Register.
Mimno Application No. an.
. United States Land Omce, I
' La tirande, Oregon, aVprll 19, iqoo. I
Notice Is hereto' given, that A. J. Stlnton and J. A.
Grainger, whose postolice addrttt It Sumpter, Ba
iter county, uregon, nave maae application lor a
patent lor 4.6q acret or placer mining ground, rear
ing gold, situate in no organnej mining aisirici.
Raker countv, Oregon, and described In the official
plat and held notes on tile In thlt ofhee at lol
Beginning at corner No. 1, whence the K cor to
sees so-ao. tp q s, r it E.W.M., bears n 1 Jeg it mln
w 656.4 II, thence 1 1 Jeg it mln e aajt It to cor No a,
thence n 15 Jeg )o mln w 11 16.6 It to cor No 1, thence
i 4 deg to mln w 584. 1 It lo cor No 4, thence n 1 1 Jeg
m'neB.8ft tocor No 5, thence n ti deg w 191.4
vtijocor N06, thence n iieg jomlnw Tiq.illtocor
Not. thence t t deg jo mln th ' u r no 8. Ihence
t lo deg 8 mln w iti-6 II to cor No 9, thence n 1 deg
16 lain w 1 111.6 It to cor No to, thence n 89 deg 4 mln
010.; II to cor No 1, the place of beginning, contain
ing ta.rjq acres and forming a portion ol the ejiolw
Ji of section so. in township 9 1 ol range jt e Will
atselte Meridian. ,
The location of thlt mine It recorded in the re
corder's office of Baker county, Oregon, on page 59.
volume ti, record ol placer locations.
Adjoining claimant! are J. T, Parkinson home
stead, J. D. Young & Co. placer mine. Gold Wedge
placer mine, Sumpter placer mine and Sumpter Deep
Gravel placer mine.
All persons holding adverse clalmt thereto are re
quired to present the tame belore thlt office within
sixty davs Irom the first day of publication hereof, or
they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the
statute. E. W. Baruktt.
Chas. E. Rorlin, Attorney for claimant.
Date of Ant publication, April s, 1000. Date ol
last publication, June st, iqoo.
United Statet Und Office. I
! La Grande. Oreeon. Mav 10. iqoo. I
Notice It hereby given thai in compliance with the
provisions ol the act ol Congress ol June 1. 1818,
entitled "An acl lor the tale ol timber lands In the
statet of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory." at extended lo all the public land
tlatet by act ol Augutl a, 189a,
of McEwen, County ol Baker, State ol Oregon,
hat thlt day filed In thlt oftice his tworn ttatement
No. tro, lor the purchate olthe iKnrff tec ,a, a !
ne.'iolsec No. 11, In township No. 10 south, range
No. it E W M, and will offer prool to show that the
land sought Is more valuable lor lit timber or ttone
than lor agricultural purposes, and to establish hit
claim to said land belore the Reglttrr and Receiver
ol thlt office al La Grande, Oregon, on Tuetday, the
Tlh day ol August, 1900.
He namet at wltnettet: Ansel Cook, Waller Cook,
R. V. Mead. David McCoy, all ol Mcbwen, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims In
this office on or belore said Tlh day of August,
1900. E. W. Baktlutt, Register.
j j j THIS WILL HE OUR MOTTO: j jl jl
For Cash Only!
OUR prices will not anticipate the
probable losses of the credit sys
tem, as was heretofore necessary, but
these losses will be Riven to our cus
tomers in REDUCED PRICES. Come
and see us and bring CASH.
Department of the Interior. )
Land Office at La Grande, Oregon,
April ao, 1900. )
Notice Is hereby given thai the following-named
settler hat filed notice of hit intention 10 make final
wool In support of hit claim, and that tald prool will
to made before county clerk ol Baker County, at
Baker City, Oregon, on June 6, iqoo, via: H.E.68S9 ol
of Mcfwen, Oregon, lor the teUne 1-4 and w J," of
se i-.(c a8, tp 10 1. r 8 E. W. M.
He names the following wltnestet to prove hit con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation of tald land,
via: Jasper Worley. Henry Stoddard, John Bo-arth,
Jeater Hogensen. all ol McEwen, Oregon.
E. W. Uauett. Register.
United States Und Oftice.
La Grande, Oregon, May 11, iqoo. (
Notice Is hereby given that Frank S. Balllle, whose
postoftice addrett It Sumpter. Oregon, hat made ap
plication to telect under the Act of June 4, i8q?(r
Suit., to), the following described tract: Beginning
at a post on the west tide of Fruit creek, from which
the tw corner of tec. 10. tp 8 1. r it E. w. M., bears
due south ti-i feet, Ihence t as deg e mils feet,
thence 1 8 deg it mln e arat.8 feet, Ihence (a deg
is mln e tat feel to a point on a quarter teclion line
when surveyed, thence lollowlng tald quarter tec
lion line due south jio feet lo a quarter section post
at located when surveyed, ihence due west on a quar
ter section line when surveyed 460 feet, thence due
north 1980 feet, thence due eatt 660 feet to tectlon
line, Ihence due north to-s feel lo a point ol begin
ning, comprlting iso acret more or less, and at will
more fully appear by the plat on hie at thlt omce and
tald landt being unsurveyeJ. All In Baker county,
state of Oregon.
Within the next thirty days from date hereof pro
tests or contests against the selection on the ground
thai the land detcrloeJ, or any part thereof, it more
valuable for lit minerals than for agricultural pur
poses, will be received and noted for report lo the
Commissioner olthe General Land Office.
E. W. BARTLirrr, Reziste-.
first publication May 16, iuoo.
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