The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 09, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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    Wednesday, May 9. 1900.
Grizzly Gold Mining Co.
CAPITAL $500,000
in 1 ,000,000 shares of the par value of Fifty Cents Each. Treasury Stock 400,000 shares.
President, JNO. J. PENHAI.K, Vice-Pres., ALBERT GEISER,
(On. Mgr. Hunker Hill Gold Mining Co., Sumpter, Oregon.) (President Citizens Bank, Baker City.)
Secretary, R. C. PENTLAND
The Grizzly group consists of the "Col
orado" and the "Colorado Extension" quartz
mineral claims, situated in the Sumpter Dis
trict of Baker county, Oregon, six miles north
weat of the town of Sumpter, forming part of
die rich mineral zone wherein are located
producing mines of fabulous wealth, such as
the "North Pole," "Columbia," "Golconda,"
"Bonanza" etc., etc. Development work on
For Prospectus and General Information address
p. C. McLEOD & CO., Sumpter, Ore.
the Grizzly group has disclosed a gold bear
ing ledge of remarkably high value and there
is every reason to expect the property will
become one of the greatest mines in Oregon.
A limited amount of Treasury Stock is
offered for sale at SIX CENTS Per
share. Subscriptions for stock may be sent
to the First Bank of Sumpter, Sumpter, Ore.
Cuitum Aratlra io be Built on
Huh Reid, .1 cousin of, both
of Ohio stock, is constructing an arastra
at Evan's ranch, up l)lle Creek. He
sides handling ore for himself, he will also
do custom work. Mr. Held I;. an old coast
miner, and is probably the best man
physically in the whole district.
Candidates for county oilices are very
much in evidence hereabouts these days.
and about them. Evidently the early That Gold Medal.
Oregon immigrant trail lias passed near When the Spokane Industrial Exposi
them, ior on the rocks are carved names i ton was held last October, one of the
and dates of quite early times. The name ' most attractive departments of the entire
of Paul Rosser bears the date of 1852. R
A Gray, 1864, appears on the face of the
rock considerably beyond the reach of a
person standing on the ground below.
But below this is the name that takes one
1 back to the time when the First Oregon
Volunteers were lighting Indians in this
part of the country.
show was a grand collection of the miner-
al products of the entire Northwestern
states, and British Columbia, and there
was a gold medal offered to the district
making the best display of ores. As a
natural consequence of having ores that
would attract attention in anv part of the
It Is "S. Popoon, Lt. Word. the Sumpter district was easily en-
1st O. V., 1864." It would be Interesting . ahled to cam- off the honors and Paul E.
In Ijiimi it'lin llilc lliHitiHiiiit ii'.ic mill ' ti.i.. i-... ...i. - j..i ...a i. .1.-
1 1... 11. .1.1-1. .... .1 .1 .""""" " ." " -, iuiiiucaici, wiiu ucMKii.tiru iy 111c
. ' " .'. ' l" what lias become of Win
attention. 1 here are many strangers
mining in. Hie hotels and restaurants
van scarcely accommodate the lulliiv.
Rod Mcll.ilev is building two stores 011
his property lieie, which buildings arc al
ready engaged for business purposes.
I:rltz and Stewart, two mining experts
from Sumpter, spent a tew days in Prairie
siring up the situation. They may con
clude to do business in this icluity.
W. II. Lancaster was seen below John
Perliaps he was ; Sumpter people to go with the display
killed in some skirmish, and it may be anj otherwise represent the district, re
, that he Is still alive and a citizen of this ; tmej with that gold medal, bearing the
state. Hut something ol no less Interest ' following Inscriptien: "Awarded to Sump-.
Is that which Is found in the ground of ter, Oregon, for the Best District Exhibit I
' the farm above mentioned. On this place, ' 0f Ores." In collecting this display, Mr. I
1 below the cliff and neir the river, have j Poindexter spent several weeks in visiting
Peen plowed up rusty wagon tires, irons ; the various camps around Sumpter and 1
for o. yokes, chains and other things of a J aso five weeks in Spokane and, as the
, similar nature. 11 would seem mat tins , wr ter was there n person, knows that
had been a scene of some early calamity,
such as an Indian massacre. Any reader
good work was done for this section by
its representative. Recently the matter
I )ay Wednesday with a fellow prospector i of ,hls w lm ma' k,,ow ;"yl)iig of further . 0f w hat had become of the medal, seems
mounted and a pack animal loaded
.filiation, Spanish guUh.
l-r.mK Kinett was in Praiiie Thursday,
tanking over the new townsite with an
eye single to acquiring.
Jack TomlliiMin, of the Summit road
house, between Sumpter and (irauite,
was in Prairie last week.
took him over and sold him a choice
lot which had been reserved according to
Mr. Tomlinson's order. It is on Johnson
111 ki
avenue. w. 1.0
A interest concerning this subject will con
fer a favor on the ( lazette by giving us
the facts. Valle Gazette?
Early Argonaut' Name on CUff.
Near Hope brothers' old ranch, about
two miles from Vale, are some very Inter
esting cliffs of sandstone. They are Inter
esting, first, fiom the fact that there are
no other walls ot rock like them within a
long distance and, second, from the evi
dence of early history that is found on
Orvill-Bcown Wrutllng Match.
We, the undersigned, do hereby agree
to wrestle two best in three, catch-as-catch-can.
110 holds barred, two hundred
l.on Cleaver ; anj ,j,ty dollars (f 20) aside, winner to
take everything. The match will take
place in Ellis opera house on the evening
of May 19, 1000. Roth men shall be in
the ring at 9 o'clock sharp. We hereby
sign and agree that Joseph Schmidt shall
be final stakehokfcr for this match. The
last fi$o to be put up the day of the
Sumpter, Or., April 18, 1900.
Don't forget to register.
to have worried some few people, so Mr. I
Poindexter went before the mayor and
city council at the Saturday night
meeting and tendered its keeping, when
by motion of A. W. Ellis, a resolution
was passed that Mr. Poindexter be ap
pointed the custodian of the medal as long
as he remains a resident of Sumpter.
This ought to settle the matter of where
the medal is for all time, as the holder is
in business here and with his family in
tends to remain here.
To, trade, first class mining stock for
residence property In Sumpter. Address,
Call, box 39, Sumpter, Oregon.
fice, neat and comfortably furnished
rooms, single and en suite, with use of
piano, four dollars per week and up. Mrs.
J. Johnson.
Drug Co.
Only exclusive whole
sale drug house in the
state. We sell only
to merchants. Make
the best prices on min
ers' and assayers' sup
plies. Freight no higher
than from Portland.
Write for quotations.
Spokane Drug Co.
Spokane, Wash.
New Bakery
All kinds of Fiesh
Fruit in Season.
O. BRECHTEl., . Proprietor
Opposite S. V. Ry. Depot.