The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 09, 1900, Image 1

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AN ISOLATED EMPIRE. ' ,ate w approcch; a style on which he has
I a patent, issued by Nature, that protects
' his brain work from all Infringements
though the product of his. wonderful brain
is often stolen. " In the'particular field of
splendid descriptive work, 'all mixed up
I win interesting racis ana startling tigures,
----- i he stands alone. Mr. Hulburt, of the O.
R. & N., evidently recognizes this fact,
Area of Two Hundred Miles Square Rich j and is fortunate In being able to command
In Mineral, Farm, Fruit and Grazing ' such ,a,ent" Heretofore Sumpter has not
Lanh-HllMJ. N c-,-i- ... "-" very promineiu position in
. . r.uii. mi
Points in a Contest to Acquire This
Territory Heretofore Ignored.
these, publication?, everything in the
shape of a mine being "near Baker City."
But after the Colonel has seen Sumpter
.and Its surrounding mines, it can be relied i
I upon that this camp will be given rep re
Ben Campbell, general traffic manager . sen,:,llon
of the O. R. & N., readied Sumpter Sun- SALE OF FIVE CLAIMS.
day from a long drive of about 400 miles '
through the country west and southwest !,,. . n i t. "-.
of this .-rntml .v.,n H. . .,., .... Uw Company Buys Property Three
Nearly 800 Names Now On
' the Sumpter Books.
at the time that
we have doens
article was written, and
of letters sent in from
During the past few days local politici
ans have been working hard to get voters
to register. Accompanied by notary pub
lic or other official, they have gone out I n
line of the Columbia Southern to its
terminus, and then down south, taking In
the John Day country, many miles be
and a Half Miles From Town.
The Ottawa Exploration and Develop-
i mem luiuiMiiy nougui yesicruay irom
there. He was on this very mine, and
I will be in there again within a couple of
.weeks, for he is now at Mountain Home,
Idaho, on his way to Sumpter."
I "We can prove by letters, hotel regis
. ters and by your own friends in Sumpter
I that our representatives was in Sumpter,
' and ranlte and other camps about there
at the time this matter was arranged, and
can show our options on these properties,
to the highways and by-ways and talked ( which we hope to secure, so that the ah
persuasively about the priceless privilege solute evidence on these three points you
or the American system of elective fran- '"ike in that article should surely con
chise, and the duty of all good citizens to vine? you that in simple justice you
exercise the right incidentally, of course, should right this, frankly, fairly and
ringing In a few remarks favorable to fully; and it should show you, too, that ,-i
their favorltecaudldate. damage case can be won."
Tills talk, or more probably this work, Till: MlNI-R wishes to do no one an In
has had Its desired effect, as the regis-1 jury.cspeclall any one who is planning to
tration list has increased amalngly in ( open a property in this district, but it does
consequence. Up to last evening a few ""t tt its way too clear to give an un
more than 770 had registered in the Nortli reserved endorsement ol this Minneapolis
three and a half miles from Sumpter, on are engaged in this work say that the '"hies h the Similiter district, on which
the Mammoth road. In future they will ' number will reach a figure somewhere be- Hie secretary claims that an option Is held,
be known as the Ontario group. twetn 850 and 000 by noon of the fifteenth I which properties they "hope to secure."
At prssent there Is .1 tunnel on one of 1 of this month, when the registration j So far as a retraction Is concerned, Tills
the claims 100 feet In and a 54-foot cross
cut,whlle all have been prospected with
opeii cuts.' ' .
A force of men will be put to work at an
early date, the tunnel driven further in
and other development prosecuted.
The price paid for this property nnd the
terms of sale have not been made public.
Mining Activity in Mormon Basin.
J. J. Kane, of Rye valley, is in town.
He says that district is rapidly coming to
the front. The Colts mine in Mormon
basin is working fourteen men and has
about 1 500 feet of work done. They have
sent one s h foment m-tntlv to T.ti-nmn
act es of the finest orchards in the world, and the concentrates ran from $15010 i75
tens of thousands of acres of unequalled to the sack of no pounds. Head & Voss,
grazing lands, on which hundreds of thou-1 who have claims, just east of the Colts .
sands of cattle and horses are feeding fat. , property, have been running a tunnel on I of the American Mines Development make this the mining center for all time.
books close. Were It not for the fact . MINIiR refuses to make any, having
that so many men have left town for the ' made no cli irges, but merely pointed out
yond, and all the vast region between ' Hlnton Brothers five claims, situated onlv' and South Sumpter precincts. Those who company, that advertises to own rich gold
nere anu rraine ity.
Regarding the specific object of this
trip, of course, Mr. Campbell would not
talk for publication. It is very probable,
however, that his purpose was to secure
information that would aid his company
and its allies to spar for points intelligent
ly in the contest now being waged for this
Though he would say nothing about
the purpose of his tour of inspection, he
talked freely regarding the country; said
it is today the richest In minerals, stock,
grain and fruit of any equal area in the
United States not traversed by a railroad.
There are about 200 miles square of this
inland, isolated empire, with no transpor
tation facilities except horses and wagons.
There are thousands of acres of land jn a
high state of cultivation, hundreds of
hills during the past few weeks, this
number would easily reach 1000.
Two years ago the vote in these two
precincts amounted to only 212, when
there was no registration law, and it was
an" easy matter to swell the vote, by a
some suspicious looking features. It is
very probable that the two Minneapolis
companies have became coufused.
Illustrated Article on Sumpter District.
K. R. Casper, representing the Mlnlim
trick or two known to most political and Engineering Review, of Sail l-'rau-
workers. Icisco, as Its traveling correspondent,
The state election takes place the first 1 reached Sumpter today. I he paper w ill
Monday in June, the fourth. 1 publish next month an illustrated article
THAT MlNNPAPm i! rrmPAiuv " ,he SUkU Mr-Ciw will remain
THAT MINNEAPOLIS COMPANY. . hcrc for ;1 wer( or e, d;,VS( vls)K ;
Say. "The Miner" Ha. It Mlaed Up With ' I'" Th1?1! T ',','. '."f ,,I,C
r fact that all roads in this district lead to
Another Concern. Sumpter, and that In order to go from one
THK MlNliK is in receipt of a voluminous ! camp to another, one must always return
letter from l;rauk K. Plummer, secretary 'his town. And that Is what will
All this in the John Day country and be- j the ledge, and at 100 feet struck an ore
Between Sumpter and Prairie City is
the richest of the eastern Oregon mineral
belt. But In this territory there are
enough producing mines to prove its
wealth. All the hills are peopled with
prospectors, who dally report rich strikes.
The district is on the eve or the greatest
era of activity recorded in the Pacific coast
history. Railroads now building into the
country will hasten development, and that
means the rapid increase of wealth and
No section of the globe offers such rich
promise for the farmer, stockman and
miner also railroads, and that Is why the
companies are so active in their operations
to build into and corral this rich territory.
Mr. Campbell left Sunday afternoon
for Portland.
' Colonel Donan Coming to Sumpter.
In a personal letter received yesterday
by THE MINER from Colonel P. Donan,
that gentleman 'states that he will be here
today or tomorrow. He comes to person
ally gather information regarding this dis
trict. The O. R. & N. wijl soon Issue re
vised editions of all the Colonel's enter
taining booklets on eastern Oregon mines
and mining regions, and to secure such
data as he needs for this purpose is what
brings him here. His writings have un
doubtedly attracted more attention and In
duced more men and money to come Into
this country than any other dozen in
fluences combined. As all the civilized
world knows, Colonel Donan has a
genius for word-Weaving that no other
writer in the English language can i.-ni-,
chute that ran from 7o to $125 to the ton
free milling ore.' The'placer diggings in the
Basin are not doing much on account of
the scarcity of water, although the ground
is very rich. Three miles east'of Mormon
basin, to the foot of Humphrey gulch, is
the H. B. Frans quartz lode, which shows
ore running from io to tjoo a ton in
gold. Mr. Humphrey is running one
giant on his placer up the gulch, with
seven men at work, and expects to make
the biggest cl.'an-up this season of any in
his past thirty years experience. Granite
Big Orders for Mining Machinery.
Mr. A. M. Grant, traveling representa
tive of the Denver Smelter Supply com
pany," Is In the city. Mr. Grant has just
returned from the mining sections of
Sunnier and Granite and reports the
mining prospects in these sections most
promising. "The outlook for big orders
in mill and mine machinery," said Mr.
Grant yesterday, "Is very encouraging.
I am now figuring estimates on four or
five mills that are to go into Granite, and
one for the copper mines north of Baker
City. There are many properties In need
of mills and these will be supplied before
the year Is out." Baker Democrat.
company, limited, of Minneapolis, regard
ing some remarks made In these columns
some weeks since about that company. ,
He insists that it is not his company that
the Republic Miner exposed several
months ago. He says that company Is
known as the American Mining and De
velopment company, and that botli papers
got the two companies confused. Tllli
Colorado Man Locates Here.
A. II. Strele, an old Colorado miner,
more recently from the Colville country,
where he spent a year, has been in this
district for four weeks past. All of this
lime lie has been In the hills examining
the country for himself. He Is well pleas
ed witli it; says it is good enough for him
......... 1 .1 ..I .. ... 1 1 1 1 , .
miNUK ouiy meiiuuiieu me itepumic ex-, "iu win remain nere, maxing aumpier ills
pose, Incidentally. It criticised the Meth-1 He has sent for his wile
ods of the American Mines Development 1 and she will join him here In a few das
company, limited, and quoted some 1 and a home will soon he established.
matter from the Mining Herald and In-
ve-tors Guide, a paper taken up very Jub'I Singers and Rough Riders.
Don't forget to register.
The City Green house, at Baker City,
furnishes choice cut flowers.
"The Portland," conducted by Wood
ward & Hammond on Mill street, Is a
representation of its name. A visit will
convince any skeptics.
largely with affairs of this particular com
pany, to justify this critirism. Speaking
of the property claimed to be owned In
tills district, the writer says:
"When a mining company sent the
writer up In there .several years ago to buy
'I he Sumpter Rough riders, ollicially
known as troop B, Oregon National
guards, have arranged with the l:M;
Jubilee Singers to give a grand concert
next Tuesday at Ellis Opera house.
This concert is for the benefit of the
Rough Riders armory, and every itieti
the Red Chief group of mines, lor which 1 of Sumpter should chip in and help the
I paid $6500 cish, and spent several linn-1 boys along
ltll.ull.A.1; ri il.tll .r. ........ t.. .I......I...... 1 '
work, dually losing the whole group, I
secured the Angelo property that is over
the range on Big Umber creek, owned,
when last I heard of it, by Geo. Deems.
But better than this property was the
ledge I picked out at that time and have
been watching ever since, and while, as
you say in your paper, that many do not
know about these claims, they will short
ly, for if this option which we have can
be closed, this company proposes to de
velop them with the money from the sale
of our stocks, and the income from our
copper and zinc properties, to dividend
payers, which we believe they will be.
"Now, our representative was up there
Two Jobs of Fine Printing.
Till: MlNliK has finished within the
past week a prospectus for the Diadem
company and one for the Grizzly, both of
which are as handsome specimens of print
ing as can be dune anywhere. They have
received more favorable comment than
any jobs ever done in the county, l-'or
tine printing THE MlNliK office is the
place to come In this camp.
Potatoes for Sale.
Lew Bros,, of Baker City, have a car
load of line h'arly Rose and White Star
potatoes for sale. Enquire at Sumpter
Forwarding company.