The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 02, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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    Wednesday, May 2, 1900
Plat of Townsite Finished and
Activity Inaugurated.
Lon and E. E. Cleaver, who are hand
ling the Prairie City townsite proposition,
have been in Sumpter more or less during
the past week. They make a talk that
interests, astonishes and convinces the
most hardened townsite skeptic; claiming
the while that the proposition needs no
booming, that the hardest task they have
on hand is to convince the public that one
half of the unadorned truth regarding that
section of country Is not the siren song of
the professional boomer.
At first glance it might appear that they
were bringing coal to Newcastle, In car
rying on their missionary work here in
Sumpter, but such is really not the case.
This is the headquarters, the center, the
heart of all such operations In eastern
Oregon. All that country Is tributary to
this camp and will continue so until the
Columbia Southern railroad Is completed
to Prairie City, when there will be a par
tial realignment of commercial, industrial
and speculative operations. Prairie City
is lining up for the position of the most
important town in Grant county, or any
where west of Sumpter.
Engineer Philbrlck has completed the
plat of the Prairie City Land company's
additions to the town, consisting of 364
acres. The original townsite contained
about eighty acres. The additions are
situated south and west of the old town.
Much of that on the west has been re
served for railroad purposes, yards, depot,
repair shops, etc. South of the river are
340 acres of platted ground, where the
company will endeavor to build the me
tropolis of John Day country. Mr. Phil
brick says it Is the handsomest townsite
in eastern Oregon, being a gradual slope
from the foothills to the river bank. This
land has been under cultivation for years,
being planted In wheat. Part of it was
used for the race track and fair grounds.
A bridge will be built across the river on
Johnson avenue, which thoroughfare Is
Intended for the main business street.
The avenues running north and south.are
100 feet wide; the streets east and west
are 80 feet and the alleys jo feet. Lots
are 50x125 feet in size. Street grades are
already being established.
It is claimed that the finest water sup
ply in the West can be secured from a
lake up on the mountain top five miles
away, at an elevation above the town of
about 2000 feet, and that a company from
Portland will construct a system of water
works there this season.
Mysterious Dead Sea in Lake County.
The following paragraph, relative to a
body of water well known to Harney
county people, is taken from a Wallowa
county exchange: A wagon has been
discovered in Albert Lake, a large body of
water situated about forty miles north
from Lakeview, In Lake county, Oregon.
The wagon is in the lake near the eastern
:hore, in about twenty feet of water, and
just under the rimrocks. It is supposed
to have been there for twenty years or
more, but how it got there nobody knows.
It is difficult to reach that locality, as the
trail to the desert lies on the opposite side
of the lake. This lake is a remarkable
one. It Is another dead sea. ' It is about
twenty miles long, from one to ten miles
wide, and from one to seventy five feet
deep. It Is fed by a number of springs
and small streams and creeks, and the
Chewaucan river, but it has no outlet.
Its rise and fall is perciptible; and its
waters are so heavily impregnated with
alkali that no animal can drink or live In
it. At the mouth of the small streams j
that flow Into it, hundreds of dead fish
are found that have drifted into its waters
and died. At the mouth of Chewaucan
river tons of fish can be found, and the
shores are composed of fish bones. Ducks
and geese only approach Its waters at the
mouth of the fresh water streams, and no
living animal is ever found on or in the
body of the lake proper.
Another Fool Father Given the Slip.
An irate father, with blood In his eye,
was at the court house yesterday. He
was on the warpath, and didn't care who
knew it. He accused Joseph Mannry of
committing the crime of perjury in order
to obtain a license to wed his daughter,
Miss Myrtle Lee, of Raker City, and he
left vowing vengeance upon the man who
had robbed him of his daughter. It seems
that when the young people in the case
decided that life would be one great blank
unless they could spend it together, the
father was approached and put his foot
down on the proposed marriage. The
young people thereupon dedcided to
wed, notwithstanding the objections of
the father, and Monday, boarding the
train at Baker City, where the young
lady resided, came to Boise. Arriving
here .on the 5:30 train, the young man ap
peared at the auditor's office and made the
required affidavit for a marriage license,
which specifies that the ages are what the
law requires. There was nothing in the
appearance of the young man indicating
trouble, and nothing to do in any event
but issue the license after the affidavit had
been made. Deputy West thereupon did
so.- The young man-hastened back to the
office of Judge Herrick, where the young
lady was anxiously awaiting her lover's
return, and the judge promptly tied the
knot in his most approved and courteous
style. Boise Statesman.
The Walla Walla
Feed Yard
Good Feed Yard and Stables
For Freighters.
Warehouses and Offices, Sumpter
Valley Railroad Track.
Milk-Dairy in Connection
Capital Stock $20,000
J. II. Robblns Prr-kiiltnt
J. W. Scrlbtr Vice-President
Jimts NewlinJs Caihler
J.W.Scrlttr R. H. Miller
Clerk SnyJe J. H. Hobblns
Transacts a General Banking and Ex
change Business.
No Interest Ptli 00 Deposits.
C. J Johns' Big Store
New Spring Goods
will begin to arrive daily next week,
and we can promise the handsomest n.
line of DRESS GOODS ever shown
in Sumpter.
I ! 1 I
ll! .
Men's and Boys' Spring Hats
are here now, and others are arriving from time to
time. SPECIAL a beautiful line of Ladies' Mus
line Underwear. Must be seen to be appreciated.
The HARDWARE DEPARTMENT has been fully
stocked up again with everything in shelf and
heavy hardware, builders' tools, iron and
steel and miners' wares; also largest
stock of paints, oils, sash, doors
and window glass in East
ern Oregon. New
goods are arriving
C. J. JOHNS, Sumpter
Ho! for Lawton
The Coming Metropolis
of Eastern Oregon
Lawton is only iwo months old, yet has a representation
of all branches of trade. Lawton is the natural gateway
to all the producing mines, such as the famous Red Hoy,
May Queen, Little Giant, Cougar, Magnolia, as well as
the Concord, O. K. and numerous other properties which
will become producers before another year.
Secure a business or residence lot at once and get the
benefit of the low prices.
We Give a Warranty Deed.
" Lawton Investment Co.
"Just around the Corner"
Fine Wines Liquors and Ggars.