The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 02, 1900, Page 10, Image 10

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    Wednesday, May 2. 1900.
county from time to time presents new
and unfailing proof of its mineral wealth.
Until very recently the prospector gave I
no attention to any other mineral in this
district except gold. The discovery made i
by Mr. Strock Is another proof that there J
are large copper deposits in this district, j
which in time are likely to develop into i
properties little thought of in the past.
At the adjourned meeting of the clty Mr. Strock has money to develop the new
council last evening the street lighting or-! "d a"d w"' ntnl? "
Council Enters Into Contract
With Electric Company.
diuance was amended and ordered en
rolled and a contract entered lie
to with the Sumpter Light and
Power company, for two years. The
piice to he paid by private parties has not
The Quebec mine, about eight miles
southwest of Granite, is being put in
yet been fixed. For the present there will ' shape for development under the manage
be ten arc lights of 2000 candle power ment of P. W. Campbell. It is one of I
each, for which the city pays fit. 25 each ! the best properties in this district and is 1
per month. They will be placed at the I owned by eastern parties. Boulder. '
corners of Austin and Mill, Auburn and j Development work will soon be re
Mill, Auburn and Bonanza, Granite and .SUmed on the Comstock property on Clear '
Columbia, Granite ami Mill, Granite and. creek, about half .1 mile below the Red 1
Center, Granite and Cracker, High and u0Vi Arrangements are being made to
nut in new track and car and other inl
and !
Cracker, High and Mill, Sumpter
THI:SUMI'TI-I MINI-N was again made
the official paper of the town, the corlract
running during the life of the present
council, until next January. The con-1
tract price for publishing legal matter is '
five cents a nonpareil line. 1
'I he marshal was instructed to enforce
the ordinance regulath g the construction
of fines, and to notify householders to tills J
euril. I ..,1,1,1. .....I ..ttfltir t.iliiMC frntn t In lli
At the regular meeting Saturday even- Te ,n'j ,je)Ce Rroup ,m bee opeIlej
log applications were received from A I llp ,,v al)0Ut ?50 feel of ,unilrfs ;u)d I00
iyciikii uiu 11. ... 11.1V.N 1 .1 ...c ,-.,,.. , fMl ()( hn(t As ,s propOM.j ,0 .,,,, 1
inepi.icew.isgiven ilcvdo() W)r( t,roUR, ,he summer'
' ii'ltli t$nrj III nrnvntw ;irtltrit llir In-
lhe committee Instructed to prese nt an . drpelleMCe Rrm, wi"n bv rcady for ., Ini
provements, and an additional force of,
men will be put 011. It is a good mine ,
and Is owned by eastern capitalists.
Moulder. ,
Henry Ueixr, one of the four owners of ,
the Independence group, near the Cougar,
was in the city Monday purchasing sup
plies. Mr. Kitcr reports a good showing
at the property he Is at present develop
ing, the veins being from 2-j to 14 feet In 1
of ulglit watchman
to I.. R. Stratton.
ordinance prohibiting street obstructions I
was given another week hi which to re
port. ,
The city attorney appeared and e.v (
plained why he had not submitted a dralt 1
lor an ordinance Imposing a property tax
lor municipal purposes. There arc some
legal technicalities to be overcome, rela
tive to the nssrnieut, which cannot he
adjusted until the assessment now being
made Is completed, and the matter will
probably be deterred. The town is in
need ot a larger leveuue and some ready
mouev, and In this loiiuection Seymour
Hell explained how watrants can be sold
at par, it they ate allowed to run two
Representatives of the Electric Light
and Power comp.iuv agreed to furnish!
twenty stteet lights at fio each per
month, or a less number at f 11.25. The
matter was deleiied to an adjourned meet-,
iug to be held Monday evening.
I'he committer mi tirr and watrr was j
givm another week in which to rrport 011
water tales. '
Own Rich MinuiutheQuArtiburg District.
.1. S, Hughes, who was the oiiglnal lo
tatoi ot the Copper King, and other
claims tompiioiug the Standard group in
the l.iuartbuig disttict, and who is large
ly intrtrsted thrielu with orth Houser
and asMKiate. was down trom there
Monday and will remain dm iug a portion
ot the week. Mine i no better posted
man In that diMtkl than Mr. Hughes,
who Is now on the way to wealth through 1
his holdings In the best ptopeities of thr
Rich Coprr Strike on Salmon Creek,
What Is said to be one ot the most
promising copper luuls yet discovered in
eastern Oregon, was discoveted by J. S.
Shock, an old prospector and mining mac.
The lind was made Sunday on the west
slope of Salmon cteek.near thr Tom Paine (
mine, about nine miles west of Raker
City. The lode Is about 20 feet wide and
cariles copper bearing jo per cent. It is'
in a district that has heretofore been prac
tically overlooked for that valuable miner
al. Should the values stay at par
throughout the limit of the lode, the find
will prove to be of Immense value. Baker '
by fall. John Edgar and Mr.'s
brothers, George and Will, are the other
owners of the property. (Jem.
There are several projects on foot for
giving Granite and Sumpter better wagon '
road communication. One of these is to
build a wagon road from the Ibex mine,
near the summit of the Blue mountain
range, into Granite, there being a fairly
good wagon road from (lie Ibex east Into
Sumpter already. The Ibex route, it is'
believed, would be a good one the year
round. The other proposition is to im
prove the present wagon road between
Granite and Sumpter. li. J. Godtrey, of ,
the Red Hoy mine, will endeavor to inter
est the people of Sumpter In the import
ance of improving this road and will doubt-,
less succeed. Matetial Improvements in
the road between Granite and the Red
hoy mine have already been made.
Don't forget to register.
The Literary
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cinrrv t-utlnrti.'Mf. Dlttfuttlon nj Inloinu
lion 111 all slJrt 01 Important qurtllontarr gltrn.
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tin nuke lint ttTkUMtt PtOI sT InJitprntaNr
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thought pt thr linir, hut who lackt the Irlturr lor
tiktia tatk.
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ol lhou!hl anj aclilrrmrnt. I Jo not rr ho
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Main MiiiKim, Author ol "llir Man With
Ihr llor" "I III' LlllHMO Dulls It onr ol thr
to or thirr mol aluaMr journal that comr to
my tarlr."
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Dltll st rnlarKO Ihr PounJailrt ol Inttllinrncr."
SlMUr Wtlllia P. flft: "It .oTallorJ Ira
mrntr attlttance to thr tchotart ol thr countr).'
Qo. Jakn P. IttftU. ol llllnelt: "Till' LltlK
AWY 1)1(11 st It onr ol Ihr trry tsrtt publlcallont
In Amrrlk'a. To a tluJrnl ol curtrnl llir ralurr II
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