The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 02, 1900, Image 1

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NO. 34-
Contemptible Tactics Adopted
By "Our E. C."
If You Sec It in the American It Is a Fake
Begs Signatures to Endorsement and
Distorts Interviews Not a Spontaneous
Ovation City Off'clals Need no Defense.
Last week the Blue Mountain Ameri
can, a paper, mucli the larger portion of
which is printed in Portland, but which Is
issued with a Sumpter date line and
entered in the postoffice here, devoted Its
limited home filled space to n laborious
failure to make it appear that the citizens
of this camp endorse Us idiotic policy.
That some sort of endorsement was
needed, no one will deny, and Itself ad
mits by this desperate attempt to "square"
Itself with the town and place a prop
under its tumbling fortunes. Its excuse
for so doing, to conform to a journalistic
custom, is as silly as the statement is
false. No such custom prevails.
Had the American confined Itself to in
ducing others under false pretense to toot
its horn, this would have been none of THK
MINER'S business and this paper would
have paid no attention to the frantic effort
at vindication. But when it fraudulently
secured these words of approval for itself,
it also rung in condemnation for city
officials. Citizens who have been placed
In this false light, wish to be set right be
fore the public, wish it to be stated that
they had no intention to reflect on either
the intelligence or the Integrity of the city
council, and at the request of many of
these THE MINER now gives a brief
history of the American's troubles,
motives and methods, without further
personal embarrassment to those whose
names have already been connected with
the unpleasant incident, against their
Every one knows the ease with which
signatures can be obtained to a petition or
like document; that the great majority of
people will sign anything from a request
for the appointment of a road supervisor
to a prayer for the pardon of a convicted
criminal, without giving the matter a sec
ond thought. Seymour Bell, in explain
ing why he signed this paper, when the
subject was under informal discussion at
the council meeting the other evening,
said: "I signed it, like I do everything
else that is presented to me, when no
money is asked for. I paid no attention
to the stuff that Was in It." At the same
time Attorney Shelton declared that he
had been misquoted, the whole tenor of
his remarks perverted; in fact had been
made to say exactly what he refused to
state, at the persistent pleading of an
American representative, "False in part,
false in all," is a legal maxim, pertaining
to evidence, which is applicable to this
case. The American's employes of light
ning rod agent characteristics went around
town, begging for signatures, purloining
interviews and secured both In this way,
which were exploited as a voluntary, en
thusiastic ovation to that publication and
no one was deceived.
The occasion for all this was the bad
break made by the paper some weeks
since in publishing a sensational, false
story regarding the sanitary condition of
Sumpter, apparently designed to injure
the town and keep away those intending
to come here. Companies were
sending away a hundred or more copies of
the paper as advertising matter stopped
doing so,.knowing the evil effect it would
have where the animus for the publication
of such rot was not known. Now repre
sentatives of these companies are
apparently worked into endorsing
that move. This has been followed
up since by equally unfounded statements
I that the town is in the hands of criminals,
I intimating that life and property are not
'safe here. In both cases the inference is
j made that city officials are criminally neg-
ligent of their duties, at least, and leaving
tne matter open for the uninformed to
conclude that they weie "standing in"
with doctors, undertakers and robbers.
But that which has been particularly Ir
ritating In the course of the American is
the plan adopted of making a great out
cry about some needed measure or im
provement after the council has taken
action in the matter, wait a week and then
noisily proclaim that the "reform" was
accomplised through its mighty intluence.
It is hard to believe that a man would i re
sort to such contemptible tactics; it looks
like the petty strategy of a spiteful wo
man. In the case of the sanitary meas
ures enforced, the council had issued the
order three weeks before the American
made its first move. Regarding the pav
ing of streets, THE MINER had published
the whole story of the property owners'
definite intention before the idea worked
its way into the American office. As a
matter of fact, the council discussed the
question last fall, when the American was
still snarling about "penniless schemers,"
and vainly regretting the fact that they
were already getting three square meals
a day. There seems to be good founda
tion for the statement repeatedly and posi
tively made that the paper was bought
for the purpose of "bearing" the proposi
tion, to prevent a boom, because Its own
ers had not acquired all the property
coveted hereabouts.
So far as a defense of the mayor and
council against these Insinuations Is con
cerned, Messrs. Gleason, Bills, Stinson,
l.ooney, Healy, Parkinson, and Hillier
need none. They are all largely Interest
ed in the town and its prosperity, are
themselves large property owners and
have worked for the interest of the town
without pay. Take the whole history of
this municipal government and not the
shodow of a suspicion of jobbery can be
found. No other town is so free from
this taint. If they err, it Is on the side of
caution and economy, but no error of this
nature can be charged to them when the
vital interests of the town are at stake.
If you see It In the American it Is a fake.
W. M. Robinson Found Guilty.
Some days since W. M. Robinson, tem
porarily in charge of the Star hotel,
dumped a lot of garbage on the bank of
Powder river, at the Granite street cros
sing. Tills being a violation of a city
ordinance, Al Hillier, in his capacity of
health officer, ordered him to remove it,
which he refused to do. The officer had
the refuse removed and the offender ar
rested. Then W. M. Robinson tried to
evade the consequences of this violation
of municipal law by tendering payment
for having the stuff carted off, but this
smooth game didn't work. Recorder
Manning fined the offender ten dollars
and costs, amounting to about seven dol
lars. He fought the case and, of course,
had to settle with his attorney. Al Hillier
attends strictly to his duties and plays no
Goes in Transportation Go's
Block on Center Street.
As stated in these columns some weeks
since would be the case, the post office
will be moved Into the Sumpter Transpor
tation company's block on Center street.
Yesterday Postmaster Jewett closed the
lease for the north corner store room, on
the alley. The lease runs for four years,
consideration not made nubile.
Till nl.'ii.. Ic lint vi-t r'iilu fnr n.n.
pancy, but will be at an early day. The
postmaster says he will move in at the
earliest possible date; just when he can
not now state. It will be fitted up with
every convenience. The much needed
space for handling the large and ever in
; creasing business of the oHice will also be
Organization of the Ottawa Exploration
and Development Company.
The Ottawa Exploration and Develop
ment company was organized here Mon
day. The Incorporators are H. V. Miller,
M. E. Bain and M. Holmes. The officers
are all selected from the directors, who are
James Tleiney, president; W. H.Miller,
vice-president; M. Holmes, secretary; M.
E. Bain, treasurer; J. B. Tieruey, super
intendent and manager; Judge Newbury,
The president of the company lives in
Arnprior, Ontario, and is a member of
the Canadian parliament. The superin
tendent and manager is his nephew, a
mining man of experience who lias been
operating in British Columbia. He ar
rived here a few days since from Ross
land. H. W. Miller, vice-president, is a
resident of Roseberg, this state, and for
some time past has been opening up the
Umpqua mine. He is reported -to have
large and substantial financial backing.
Other officials are well and favorably
known In Sumpter.
The company lias three properties In
view, for which negotiations are pending.
It was thought that a deal for one of these
would be closed yesterday, but some
hitch in the proceedings occurred and the
transfer has not yet been made. As soon
as it Is, however, arrangements will be
made to begin development work.
What is Being Done in Portland In a
Mining Way.
W. C. Calder returned home yesterday,
after having spent three weeks in Port
land and several of the valley towns.
The primary purpose of the trip was bus
iness connected with the Inter-Mountain
mine. He reports having accomplished
the desired object and is, therefore, well
pleased and very sanguine regarding the
future of this district.
His business there necessarily threw
him much with mining men and he be
came familiar with their aims and the
methods they are adopting to reach a de
finite end; both of which he approves. He
says the Portland people are making an
heroic effort "to get into mining right."
In this, as in all other matters, they are
extremely conservative and are moving
cautiously. The Mineowners club is be
coming quite a factor in the city's life.
Two mining exchanges, to be operated on
slightly different lines, have been organ
ized. In both the central idea is to protect
buyers. On both boards, when a pro
perty Is listed, its character must be
known and will be made public; if it is a
mine It will be advertised as such; if a
prospect, that is what it will be called.
The Golconda company has opened
handsome offices and considerable of its
stock Is being sold as a permanent, div
idend producing investment.
In every valley town visited, he found
that a local syndicate had been formed to
work some eastern Oregon mine. In fact,
apparently, every one either Is Interest
ed or wants to become personally finan
cially Interested in some mining pro
In Good O.-c at Seventy Feet and No
Hanging Wall in Sight.
J. .1. Ilennessy, general manager of the
Gold Bug-Grizzly Mining company,
came In from the mine yesterday and re
ports work in the tunnel making rapid
progress, and that (he ledge will be tap
ped within the next twenty days, as two
shifts of miners are. now steady at work.
Mr. Heunessy is also general manager
of the War Eagle Mining company, oper
ating In the Bonanza camp, where he lias
visited this week and Is very enthusiastic
over their property there. He says the
tunnel at this place Is now In seventy feet
and is In good ore, with no sign of a hang
ing wall as yet. lie claims the lead on
this property to be not less than 100 feet
wide, judging from the surface indlcalious.
Their object in driving on the War
Eagle is to demonstrate the real width of
this lead and its values as depth Is at
tained. If the ore values will continue to
hold the present average that they will
be fully satlslied, and Mr. Ilennessy says
he has no reason to doubt its continuance.
THE MINER man's Interview with the
above operator was a very satisfactory
one and he regrets that every mining man
in the country cannot know the golden
opinins expressed by Mr. Ilennessy, who
Is thorough enough In his business to re
cognize the opportunities hereabouts and
as an evidence of this, he is not only tak
ing up properties for himself, hut Is bring
ing In others, among his friends and ac
quaintances, who seem to share his opin
ion after being here a short lime.
Vinson Addition Improvements.
The Sumpter Transportation company
yesterday completed the purchase nl a
block of ground from Roy Atlilrr, controll
ing the Vinson adJItlnu on Hie west side
of the river, lor a consideration ol $mck.
The company has the plans lor building
one of the largest structures nl this kind
In the state, or in the Northwest, and
when completed svlll cover tl:e stage and
livery barns, blacksmith, machinery and
wagon shops, harness ;nul saddlery slinks,
feed stores, etc. The properly faces on
Granite street and Riverside avenue, be
ing block 36 011 the addition plat.
The bridge is about completed and the
approaches will be in a few days. Sever
al other lots in this addition have been
sold during the week, on which buildings
will be immediately erected. It Is learned
from A. W. Ellis that anotlirr bridge fur
ther up the river, to be 24x200 feet, will be
constructed in a few days, which will di
vert all the Bourne road truvtl nn this
same route.
Public Notice.
All citieus of Sumpter are hereby noil
lied to have the taps made ai.d connected
with their premises by June 1, as after
that date the privilege of more than one
consumer to take water from the same tap
will lint be permitted.
May 1, 1900.