The Semi-weekly democrat. (Albany, Linn County, Or.) 1913-1926, December 31, 1913, Page 1, Image 1

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    ; VOL. XLIX
No. 44.
Various Sunday Schools of the
City Will Join in the Merry
unique entertainments
Cantatas, Christmas Trees and
' Various Other Programs
Firm Features.
Many local Sunday schools will to
night hold Christinas exercises of var
ious natures. Commencing at 7 o'clock
t!i full riir.'cttnnc crtirlt I., mnn.
iicst throughout the city and more
especially in the t churches, where
unique programs ' and entertainments
apropos of the occasion have been all
planned for. Cantatas, Christmas
trc a nrl vn rirtn c n 1 1i r vrii cc will
form the main features of the even
Baptist Giving Christmas.
At seven o'clock tonight at the Bap'
ist church, the Sunday school will
told Christmas services. Following
put the custom of the past 10 years,
he main feature of the evening will
)e a missionary program, entitled
'The Spirit of Christmas." An of
fering will be taken in support of the
Baptist Home Missionary Society and
the Women's Home Mission Society.
On the completion of the foregoing,
some novel Christmas exercises will
be given, and all will partake of good
Christmas cheer.
Methodist Sunday School Cantata.
Tonight at 7:30 the members of the
First Methodist, Sunday school will
give the cantata "Planting the Christ
mas Tree."
The church has been beautifully dec
orated and preparations are being
made to give those present an en
joyable and profitable evening's en
It has been the custom in this
school for several years to have
"Giving Christmas," the gifts to go
to some worthy cause. This year a
silver offering will be taken for
purpose to be announced during the
Cantata at United Presbyterian.
A splendid cantata, with a chorus
of fifty voices and a genuine Santa
Claus will form the Christmas exer
cises at the United Presbyterian
church tonight. Part one of the can
tala introduces a merry party of boys
and girls who are making- out their
Christmas lists before it is too late.
A fitting choriu and general discus
sion, coupled with difficulties make the
scene very lively. Mr. Sandman will
make his appearance in the second
part. And as the playlet progresses,
pleasing scenes and interesting con
ditions exist, until finally the little
heroine. Dorothy, who sold her dol
ly in the first part to secure money
to brinrr cheer to her sick mother, re
appears with good news and reclaims
her doll.
A beautiful Christmas play wa-5 giv
en at the Academy to mark the open
ing of the hcliday season. A brLy:
crowd attended pud enjoyed the pl.iv
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Tin IDnmoiOTaift WbSnes
A Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Poundmaster Gets His Dcg;
Friends Come to Rescue and
Saves Dog's Life.
Have you seen anything of my lit
tle black dog?" This was the ques
tion put to an officer of the Albany
police force this afternoon by a
:1mp who ra:l spent most of the mom-
mi.' ;n r.ut-st 01 Ins playmate. V lcii
informed that his dog was in the
pound, the little fellow tearfully asked
how much i. would cost him to get
the !ok hark for Xinas. When told
: hat he would have to pay the city
5C, he burst into sobs and said that
the money he had was the dollar
hill which his grandmother has seit
linn for 'hr' a; 1 his folks
ould not sive him anv
Kelievi.ur that hf v. a n bbed o; h.-
test friend and playmate by a hear'
le:s shylo; wht. is officially desig iut-
d as poundmaster, the boy turned
his face homeward, thinking that to
morrow he must mourn the loss of
his dog while other little folks were
making merry.
The case camejo the attention of
a resident of Albany, who volunteered
to pay the fee demanded by the pound
master. Officer King volunteered to
pay half and the poundmaster finally
yielded to the plea of the latter and
contributed a dollar of the charges.
After the "pound of flesh" had been
taken, the dog was released.
Later the case was brought to the
attention of the city authorities by
Officer King and the money was re
funded by order of the city council.
The writer has never seen a hap
pier smile than that which adornejj
the face of this boy after his canine
companion had been returned.
. Standard Oil RtprMtntative Hro.
W. P. Blake, a representative of the
Standard Oil company, of Portland,
is in the city today transacting busi
ness in the interest of the compan". ,
Old Tim Eafinsar. A Walsh, an
old time engineer of the S. P. railroad
of many years ago, but now retired,
was in the city last night visiting
friends. He is enroute to his home
in Portland after visiting relatives in
San Francisco. He stopped over
night at the Vandran.
Find Bearer Fur. Game Warden
Mctzgar has located $50 worth of
beaver fur. He found the property
near the forks of the Santiam.
Home From California. Buford
Payne arrived in Albany last night
from Sanfrancisco to spend the Christ
mas holidays. He has been attending
the University of California.
Petition to Appoint Guardian. Al
ice J. Bishop, this mornintr filed peti
tion in the juvenile court for appoint
ment of a siKirdiriiii of Vina Whitaker.
aire 11 years. Her mother is (lend.
Alice Bishop is a grandmother and
asks that she be appointed guardian.
Spend Xmas at Detroit.!. eavma
this morning, D. J. Crickclair went lo
Detroit where he will spend Christinas
with M. "the mayor" of
that town. Mr. Crickclair was ac
companied by Mr. McCalman, who
:ran-actel business here yesterday.
"The M.ivor" is an Oreion Power
j company engineer and makes his home
;at Detroit.
President Receives Scores of
Telegrams Congratulating
Him on Currency Law.
Names Being Suggested far
Membership tf Ktw linking
(By United Press Association)
On Board President Train, North
Carolina, Dec. 24. The president is
enjoying a complete rest in his se
cluded private car and slept late, de
nying himself to all visitors at the few
stops the special train made on the
trip. To attendants he admitted that
he was completely tired out but was
happy in spite of 'his physical con
dition. Scores of messages from every
section of the country congratulated
him on the passage of the currency
bill were received and all echoed the
same note. The president is unable
to get away from job seekers, many
telegrams having been received today
suggesting names for new members of
the new federal reserve board. The
president expects to make up the per
sonnel of the new branch of the gov
ernment before he returns to Wash
ington on January 13.
$28 1 PILICE 61BBT
Pleaded Guilty te Charge ef
Resisting Officer KiNf Yes
terday MerRinf.
Frank Albrecht, charged with re
sisting an officer, this morning enter
ed a plea of guilty in the police court
and was fined $20 and costs by Judge
Van Tassel, which was paid. Al
hrecht was represented by Attorney
Mark Wcathcrford and L. L. Swan
represented the city. It was agreed
that the fine should be a minimum
Albrecht was arrested yesterday af
ternoon by Officer iving, after he had
resisted arrest, during the morning.
Albrecht was suspicioned of hipping
'rooze in his pocket and when told to
halt by the officer, started on a run
and outdistanced his pursuer.
Marriage License Issued. John Si!
vayka, age 30, of Tangent and Greta
McChurchill, age 26, of Plain view,
were issued a marriage license this
Petition to Probate Wiii. Upon pe
tition of Sam Garland, attorney for
petitioner, the will of the late John
II. Iludleson was admitted to probate.
The deceased passed away December
1. 1913. at the aire of 85, leaving an
estate of SofrU). There arc nine heirs.
William Iludleson will act as executor.
Inky Blackness Caused By Low
Hung Cloud Puts Damper on
Xmas Shopping,
Seeend Time in Past fclenth
ThatUmuial Conditions Pre
vailed in Windy City.
Chicago, Dec. 24. An inky black
ness settled over Chicago today.
Christmas shoppers fought their way
through the gloom which was as pro
nounced as at midnight.
This is the second time in a month
that the phenomena has occurred. The
street lights twinkled through Jthe,
darkness, the automobile headlights
flashed and the lake craft operated
with searchlights. All stores and of
fice buildings are illuminated. The
weather bureau attributed the dark
ness to the presence of a lowhung
cloud and to the fact that aerostatical
pressure made ithe air stagnant. In
the absence of wind, smoke clouds
hung over the city during the greater
portion of the day.
Cliff Simon arrived this noon from
Tangent to spend Christmas at the
home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. S
G. Simon.
Ed. Richards liven Liberty
Jastin Timete Enjey Christ
mas a Free Man.
After serving 10 days for contempt
of court, Edward Richards was this
morning released from the county jail
just, in time to enjoy Christmas a free
It was just ten days ago today that
Richards was hailed before the juvc
jiilc court on a citation issued by Judge
Mc Knight. Previously Richards was
up before court on a charge of not
providing the proper parental care
for his 13 year old daughter Pearle.
A neighbor entered the complaint.
Judge Mc K night continued the case
pending investigation and set Decem
ber 15 as the date for the final hear
ing. Richards appeared according to the
citation buL was unaccompanied by the
girl. Investigation developed that she
had been sent to Tillamook to re
side with relatives. For contempt or
court in sending the girl out of it
jurisdiction while a ca.-e involving he:'
was being considered, Richards wa.i
sent to jail.
A. C. Libby Is Chosen Worthy
Master Oon Installation
to Be Held.
Morning Star grange No. 311 elec
ted the following officers at its last
meeting: Worthy master, A. C Lib
ly; overseer, Thos. Fallow; lecturer,
Mary A. Coolidge; steward, D. L. Unt
il r; assistant steward. Wallace Tru-
ax; chaplain, Grace Libby; treasurer.
W. K. Fi-her; secretary. Louise F.
Reynolds gate keeper, . A. Asche;
Cere-, Cora Philippi; Pomona, Lizzie
Truax; ForaJ, tier I rude Asche; lady
,i--istaiit steward, Lena Asche; organ
ist, Mae Si rat ton. Tru-tee for
three years, Tlios. Farlow.
An all days M-'sion of Morning
St:;r will be Ik Id on Saturday, Jan. 10,
1914. A 11 friends of the grange arc
invited for the afternoon at which
time they will hold an open in t
tion of officers, followed by a program.
nnrrnurn mi pTimruui"i U Ulllnlll IILLU
Masonic Lodge Members Plan
ning Elaborate Celebration
in Honor of Day.
The annual observance of St. Johns
Day will take place on Saturday even
uig at the -Masonic 1 e tuple hy M.
John's Lodge A. F. & A. M., of tills
banquet, a musical program and
other features of entertain men t will
mark the celebration. All Masons
ind their families are cordially urged
to attend.
Elaborate plans are under way to
make the affair a pleasant as well as
a successful one and the Masons arc
looking forward to it with pleasure.
Several prominent Masons are slat
ed for addresses. From indications the
relebration will shatter all prece
dents, pertaining lo the observance of
the day, in the history of the local
C. H. It.wtrl It (lad te Be
Htm; lUitrU Splendid Trip ;
Ctmmtnttt Cnloage Land
Shaw Whitb Ht AtttRded.
Returning last night from the cast,
C.H. Stewart is home after an ab
sence ot a month, during which time
he attended the Chicago Land Show
as an Oregon representative and vi:
tted the various places in the miu
die west. He visited relative whom
he had not seen in many years. H
reports an enjoyable timo otiv is kIiu!
to be back home. Mr. Stewart re
turned by way of Denver, ami just
got home on the approach of a heavy
snow storm which is raging in Utah
Colorado and Eastern Oregon. It be
gan to snow hard while he was
Denver and was snowing furioush in
Eastern Oregon, while he was
route, hverythig is reported as lici
up now.
Mr. Stewart visited a brother, G. J
Stewart, of Charlslon, Iowa, whom he
had not seen in forty years. The two
brothers enjoyed a visit of two clay
in Youngstown, Ohio, the home of the
Stewart, looking over old landmark
renewing acquaintances ot lung ago
ird looking up family records.
"If the Oregon exhibit had been
entered in a contest under similar
'rules of those governing the Oregon
state fair, it would have excelled
combination of any 6 exhibits of state
at the show," said Mr. Stewart, i
commenting on the Chicago show.
"All exhibits more or less ran into
the elaborate and leaned towards spec
tacular displays while our exhibit
showed up more the diversified char
acter of the products of Oregon.
Thousands of people visited the ex
hibit, many of whom came to Chica
go to alien (I the stock show. Thi i
show attr.i.'ls the better class of farm
ers all over the middle west a far
cast as Pittsuirr' ;nd as far sou;'.i a
T'xjs. It was being I eld at the same
t ii.f that the la-i'l how was hv.n1.'
held. A very ,.,e;.t in'erest was plan
ifestcd. The point 'hat e"tned t im
press them more was that wc. raided
considerable more than fruit in Or'j-
,'on. Many seemed to have the im
pression thai this was only a fruit
hi mi t y. Th's fa -t was known be
fore we went east and we had made
sp'.-cial preparation to counteract this
wrong impression and wc did. Hun
dreds expressed thV probability of
coining here to locate, giving as their
easons for wanting a change that they
dy tired of the conditions
were sun;
in the
east and want a better cli--
W. Richards, of Koseburg, attend-r-d
bu-ine-s mailers in Albany yes
terday, returning home this morning.
D. M. McLaughlin returned last
niirltt from San Franc isco, where he
attended business. lie is assistant
paster mechanic at the local railroad
News on Thia Pago ii
hrnm Hi ii Tsaua of
V WE UN tea DAY, UteClSMHliK Z1 ;
2 Highwaymen Assailed Young
Benton County Resident
on Steel Bridge.
Bleeding from Injures 0'Bryant,
Came te Local Drug Store
and Was Treated.
Bleeding from .injuries on his head
and hands, Jack O'Bryant, age 22,
staggered into Foshay & Mason's
drug store last night shortly before
eight o'clock and told a story of how
he had been assailed by two men a I,
the foot of the steel bridge, and rob
bed of about $5.
O'Bryant resides across the river
about a mile from Albany near the
school house,- at the home of his
brother-in-law, Roy Kelly. He was
on his way to town, afoot, when as
sailed by the two men. The holdup
occurred on the north approach of the
bridge about 7 :30 o'clock. One of
the men is described as being tall
and the other short. One it is said
wore a light suit and dark hat and the
other a dark suit. It was too dark
to discern their features and neither
one spoke a word, while working on
their victim,
O'Bryant said he bad just reached
the foot of the bridge, when he not
iced two men coming toward him.
They walked past, and turning quick
ly assailed him. One struck O'Bry
ant a heavy blow behind the car with
an instrument, described as being
about a foot long -and appearing to
be a piece of lead pipe, wrapped in
cloth. The unfortunate man was
struck another blow on the temple.
His face was badly lacerated and bruis
ed though not serious. O'Bryant was
not rendered unconscious but was
stunned for a moment. Thrown
down, one of the highwaymen held
his victim by s'.anding on bis hands.
The itiipri" r rch cork was left
on O'llryaut's hands from which the
blood freely flowed.
O'Bryant said that at the time ho
told the men if they were looking for
money, he would give them all he had,
but they disregarded this and went
after their plunder in a cruel and
heartless fashion. An approaching rig
from town frightened the men and
they beat a hasty retreat to the foot
of the bridge and disappeared, having
secured their plunder. O'Bryant re
gained his feet and came lo town.
Entering the drug store, bis injuries
were washed and dressed. Word was
sent lo the relatives and the injured
man was taken home in a rig. Today
he is reported as convalescing nicely.
Mrs. Maude Ltrauss Elected
Worthy MatronCandi
dates Initiated.
M eeting last nig ill the order of
Eastern Star transacted the regular
order of business, initiated several
candidates and elecled officers for
the ensuing year.
Tl( election resulted as fallows:
Mrs. Maud Strauss, worthy matron ;
j J"Im H- Hulburt, worthy patron; Mrs.
J. I Wentwurth, associate matron;
Mrs. Marvin Itraudeberry, conduct
ress; Mrs, L. II. Fish, associate con
ductress; Mrs. J. It. Luatlierman, sec
retary, and Mrs. William Bain, treas
urer. Al (other officers were re-elected.
Considerable routine bu -mess was
transacted and several well known
candidates were initiated. The work
was splendidly exemplified and evciy
one appeared to enjoy the session.
The meeting was well attended.
Notarial Commission Filed. Attor
ney S. M. flarland yesterday filed hi
' crrtific.-ttr of not:tri;il commission
!? V? 1 - ' , Comity CITk Marks.