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No. 37
fit 3 PI
Nearly Every Candidate Feels
Confident of His Election;
Many Women Vote.
Indications Are That Curl and
Austin Are Way in the Lead;
Councilmen Very Close.
With nearly every candidate feeling
confident of election and wearing per
ennial smiles, be.-p'eaking their inward
sentiment, but otherwise carrying an
air ot" indifference, the city election
progressed today uneventful and in
weather ihat'l'.ireaieued rain which up
until 3 o'clock did not fall.
Small Vote Cast.
'i he vote cat up to 2:oO o'clock is
very light. Willi 15iaJ registered the
-. ote polled up to this time was less
than 50U. It lias been estimated that
between 35 and 40 per cent of the vot
ers were women. Voting during the
early .hours- was unusually slow but
towards the afternoon more life
arouud the polls was evident. In the
fore'.'oou the judges and clerks were
hardly kept busy while this afternoon
..-I Kept husilimr to handle
the steady stream of men and women
coming to exercise their prerogatives
of citizenship.
Rush Expected This Afternoon
lu the first ward tit . 2:.10 o'clock on
ly 164-- votes had been ca-t and while
that number stooxl, scores were" wait
ing in line outside the booths to make
out their ballots." . ' .
in the second " ward only 150 had
voted at. that time,' while only 100
had 'voted -up to 12 o'clock. Several
were making out their ballots as this
number stood.
The number of votes cast in the
third ward shortly after 2:30 was
about 100. ..-.'.
However, the indications are, in the
opinion of muny. are that the total
number will be swelled considerably
hv night fall. Some are of the opin
ion .that U-vAi votes will be cast while
others believe, that closer-to 1500 will
be poled before o'clock this even
ing, .the closing time".
A later reimv: this aiiernoon esti
mated thai af 3 o'clock approximately
5:0 y (in-.-; had been polled.
Women Playing Important Part.
Thai i he women will play an im
portant pari in the election is the
opinion of many. The ladies of Al
bany have apparenib- exercised their
ri '.:'!' t of suffrage durhvg this election
more than at any other previous elec
:!'.; hi.'.icamig that the .-ignifioanee
of the ballot is now beginning to be
.'M'p-e.'n'.ed by th'em. '. has been au
,'n. iu eiy estimated t h rt t in the fir-t
ward at lea-! 40 per cent of the votes
east were bv women and in the sec
o: '1 ward :: was likewise estimated
that about 35 per cent of the voters
wen- women. A report from the third
ward says that many women have vot
ed there.
It i expected that the complete un
official iv.i'V.-i will be made bv mid
night. Counting will be enintneneed
;:,::. v!i. ;:c'-- ". ftcr the vol's idn-c.
School Question Vote Slow.
Voting in the special -er ol election
has been very slow, according to a
retiort from th'e high school late this
afternoon. Only 1 ' M vote- had been
cast shortly after 2:30 o'clock. In
dication?, however, are that the ma
jority will be in favor of disposing of
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Invitation of Executive Committee of the Commercial Club
Has Been Accepted Will Hold Forth Here on
April 27-28 and 29.
The invitation to the executive com-1
mittee of the Oregon State Sunday
School Association, from the Albany1
Commercial club, to hold the next
session of the annual convention of
the association in Albany was accep
ted at the meeting of the committee
held in Portland last Monday Nov.
.'4. was the announcement made by
the state president. Rev. F AV. Emer
son. Some of the details as to date,
etc., have since been worked out and
it is now definitely announced that the
convention will be held on Monday.
Tuedav and Wednesday. April 27-2-29.
On account of the natural
physical division of the state, and the
difficulty in rising from one side to
the other, there are always two con
ventions held. One located so as to
accommodate the eastern half of the
state and the other in the western
There were a number of places de
Harvey Bhernhardt. Harvey
Thompson and Charles Miller
Larceny, Indicted.
Only three true bills were returned
iy tiic grand jury which adiourned
Saturday night.
Harry Kurnhardt and Harvey
Thompson, the two Independence lads.
were in dieted on two separate ac
counts and Charles Miller was indict
ed. In one indictment Bernhardt and
Thompson were accused of larceny ot
doctor's implements from Dr. Li. R.
Wallace of the value of approximately
SJXiO. In the other they are accused of
larceny from a store, of shoes and
money belonging to Charles Proch
:.ow the West hirst street shoe deal
er. Ihe thetts are alleged to nave
:ieen committed on .November a. l-i-
mer Richardson was appointed by
Judge Kelly as their attorneys and the
youths are to be arraigned to plead at
1 o'clock.
In the third indictment Charles Mil
ler is charged with larceny in a store
It is alleged ihat he stole a kodak of
the value of $25 from tiie 1'red Daw
son drug store on September IS. Kl
in er J ie hard f on was also appointed
is attorney. Miller was arraigned this
morning; -at 9 o'clock and entered a
plea of guilty. Judge Kelly fixed
Wednesday at 9 o'clock as the time
;o pass sentence.
Judge Kelly exonerated the bonds
men of Mike Cosgroye. who was
placed under bonds to keep the peace
on October 27 and the matter was dis
missed. T. O. Sudtell of Moosjaw, Canada,
arrived yesterday fro a three months
jsit. to avoid the cold weather of i
Youths, Employed at Hammel,
Were Convicted of Larceny
of$15from Chef; Crime Was
Planned by Sutton He Says.
Arraigned this morning before Jus
tice of the Peace L. L. Swan, Curtis
"MiV.o:', charged with larceny at the
llo'.el Hamniel, w!hi was given a hear
ing before the grand jury Saturday,
was enteuced to 25 days in the coun
ty jail. Sutton was the night bus
'. '. i '.' !' r for the Hotel.
i ! i- com--an ion in the crime. Uoy
:i annuel, who was employed as a dish-
washer w:rs tried Saturday before Jus-
tice Swat: and sji'tenced to JO davs in
he couuty jail. The youths, whoe
arre are given as 19 and 20, began
,e-vi:ig their ente;:ces this morning.
, ' ,. - . .
.-.a inn .j in i o;i nji s ii . .
corn this morning hv Sutton it is ; '
dra vn that h.e idanned :hc affair which
-m',1 it ivu ii,- vi-iio -inl.' ii . 10 -oid
Itiitfalo fivece::: piece. Their
v:c-:m was La 1-ourge. chef of the -',:' ;int'' W"!"" inuiKgi ing
)OIc to the various institutions ot learning.
Sutton and Hummel were arrested; Petition for Guardian. Wiley Hol
I'riday night by Constable Catlin up-. man this morning filed "ctitiou in the
on complaint of :he chef and the ho- probate court asking for the appoint
ed inanarment. The former came j mcnt of L. L. Swan as guardian of the
here recently from Salem. Although ! e-ta.e of Carrie K. Murray, an iucom
1, earing the "same name as that of the j petent. who was adjudged insane by
hotel, and its managers, the latter
no relation to the Hammels ot Al
sirous of securing the convention for
this year but the invitation from Al
bany was accepted unanimously after
considering all the advantages offered
hy other cities. The convention for
the west side of the state was located
at LaGrande. The da'"- selected for
LaGrande were Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, April 30, May 1-2. Last
year the convention on the cast side
was held at Baker and on the west
side of the state at Oregon City. The
east side convention came fir and
that on the west side second. The
order will be reversed this year owing
to the fact that the International work
ers and speakers will come into the
state from the California convention
instead of from the east as was the
cae last year.
The state Sunday school convention
always brings together the most ef
ficient and best trained workers of
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Bad Check Artist Released by
Grand Jury at Instance
of His Victims.
Auto Bought in Varsity City
Sold Here to Square His
Relea.sed by (he Linn county jury
late Saturday afternoon on cliarges
of obtaining money and goods under
false pretenses, Charles Li. Smith was
met at the Linn county jail door by
Sheriff Parker of Lane county and
was taken night to Hugeiie to
answer r huilar charges peudiny
against him in the varsity city
"Xo; true biii: ' were relumed by
tiie grand jury here in both cases
agaiu.--t Smiui. i'r.c Albany men from
whom he secured goods and money
had their properly returned when he
was arrested and, it is said, did not
desire to proecute the prisoner.
Smiih was ai rested at Woodburn,
waived examination" here and was held
for the grand jury on two ehargi
one ol o i) lain in g money under ial
prclenL-s :incl o'l oUiiiiini tjootls
under false pretenses
On the night of October 19, Smith
sawed his way out of the Linn county
jail, but se eral days later he was
captured in San Kraucisco by officers
uaiching the wiiereahouts of his wife.
:ie nas returned iiere by Sheriff lio
unie. Smit'ii in Engene Jail. 1
Kugene, Or., Dec. l.C. U. Smith,
wanted in Kugene for. issuing bad
cheeks to the-extent of $1,100, was re
arrested by the Lane county sheriff
when released' in "Albany yesterday,
alter he had secured his freedom by
seliiug an autoU'.idnle which he had
illegally obtained in Kugene. Smith
was released in Albany yesterday.
where he was booked on charges ot
obtaining money on tale pretenses,
when he made good his accounts. i
do this lie sold the automobile which
he purchased from l'loyd Booth in
Kugene several months ago, after he
had cashed a bad eneek for $1,100 with
i'ne Kugene Loan and Saving bank of
this city. Sheriff I 'arker .returned
w::h him !:tsl ee:ing, and he is now
in the Lane county jail.
Weather Fair. The rauite of tem-
perainrc for 24 hours ending at .y
VVI"ck m"!rni"ff ns 49 M,
degrees. Ihe river is S.J tcet. Ihe
.i t- .' . . . . i
athi'.- ,
t'diction is fair tonight and
I uesnav.
Trains Loaded.-
-All of the south-
l)ound trains last night, were loaded
with pa.-.tengvrs and particularly col-
I lt-'"e stl".,,'l;i returning irom tiieir
isl.enton county court m October la-t
nid is, now confined in the state
sane hospital
Lebanon People to Attend Trial.
Here ior tiie of attending the
trial of Charles Cowitz against W. ii.
Booth ct al, which went to trial before
judge Kelly this afternoon, a num
ber of Lebanon people, involved in
:he ca-ie and others to act as witness
es, are in the city today. They are
at the Hammel Hotel and are as f'
Irws: Or. V. H. Booth, Dr. M. P..
MarcelJus. Dr. J. C. Booth, C. S. Chirk.
V .M. Newport and wite, Mrs. M. .V
Richardson, Lester Anderson and
Mrs. Temple, all of Lebanon. Dr.
Stewart and Dr. Johnson, both of
Corvallis and Dr. L B. Wilson, of
Sweet Home.
Another Hospital Mar Be Agitated.
That Albany may have a Protest
ant hospital, became known this morn
ing, through agitators or tins pro
iect and the probabilities are that it
will materialize. It is understood tliat
the matter may be brought up at an
early date before one of the civic or
ganizations of the city. It was in
timated that the project has the best
of backing.
Hill Kills a Goose. Returning la-t
night from the shooting grounds main
tained by himself and friends of Al
bany. Gale S. Hill brought home a
big Canadian goose which he brought
down with his trusty gun late Sat
urday afternoon. The - Tty also kill
ed ten ducks.
New on Tint Ptg
3 From DiiU Imui of
MONDAY, DEC. 1, 1913.
Ex-minister Arrested in Albany
Three Months Ago Convicted
at Visalia.
Officer King Made Arrest Here
in Real Estate Office on
Wire Instruction.
Vi.-alia, Cal., Dec. L A. Idem
an ex-minister arrested three mouthr
ago at Albany, Ur., charged with laud
fi amis in connection with his real es
tate exploitations in the Tulare dis
trict has been found guilty by a uiry
in Judge Allen's court, on complaint
of selling mortgaged property. The
specific accusation is the sale of J.S
head of cattle given as -ecnriiy ;u H.
A. Stellar of Los Angeles.
I den was arrested here by Officer
King in the office ..f the Tebatilt
iveal Kstate company, a few niiuule
after receiving telegraphic descripiion
from the sheriff of l ulare county, Cai-
At ihe lime of the arrest Idcn was
negotiating the trade of some Califor
nia property for 1 .inn county prop
erty, lie had then been here about
three days, stopping at the hotel Van
dran where he had registered under
the name of C. M. Dickey, lie w;i.
accoinpanied here In his IS vear old
,m Wade, who shortly after the ar
rival departed for Long Beach. Cali
fornia, to join his mother and sifters.
. i o were sojourning there.
When approached by Officer King.
Iden immediately admitted bis identi
ty, lie was confined in the county
jail to await the arrival of California
authorities with extradition papers to
return him. to Visalia to stand trial..
W. L. Jones, of Jefferson, trans
acted business here this morning re
mrning home this afternoon.
G. M. 1'itts, of Corvallis, was in the
city yesterday afternoon.
L. I'eter Coinptoii. of Scio, visited
friends here yesterday afternoon, re
turning home tliis evening.
.iis ha 1 lot beh returned tlm
morning to Corvallis to resume her
triiics at the O. A. C. alter spending
the week end with her parent. .M r.
and .Mrs. Geo. Uotlich.
S C? fi
Boys' Conference Adjourned.
Willi bovn li'oiu all parts of tiie
valley attending- the annual Oregon
Buys Conierenee aujoitrued yesterday
al teruouii at Dallas after i einaining
in se-ion Saturday and Sunday.
Scores of delegates passed through
the cilv this noon enroll te to tiieir
Farm Near Munkers Sold. Closing
a deal today, A Se hn eider so hi
57 acre farm near Munkers station to
11. A. lloUeeu, who wil make his home
on the place. Schneider will leave
diurtly for Iowa In relatives ar.d
Hum there will go to Sv, iizeiiauil, ui:
native country ior an extended vi-it
Big Drop in Price of Eggs. A hi;,
drop in the price of eggs has rcMilr
el miicc Saturday. The reason is as
signed to the fact that the market was
-uddenly flooded. i he price ol egg
has dropped 8 cents Miice Saturday,
selling for 4J) cents per dozen today
instead of 48 cents, Saturday's selling
Xmas Spirit Manifested. The
Christmas spirit is strongly manifest
ed in the business district with scores
of early shoppers and wonderful dis
plays of holiday goods. Several of
the stores this morning began decorat
ing in the usual style and within a
few days ever'-thing will have assum
ed the full aspect of the Yuletide.
It is evident that many have obeyed
the impulse and are shoeing early.
Merchants report that Christina
shopping is well under way.
Before Judge Kelly this afternoon
in the circuit court, the damage si::t
of Charles Cowitz against V. II.
liooth et al, went to trial immediately
after a jury had been chosen. Scores
r f people are involved in the suit an 1
cores ere to testify. It i rxpetc-i
1 hat the trial wi!l be completed by
toniOTow r.oon.
The folowing i the jury: Th-'M.t
I Quiglcy. A. L. Norman. Jour
Shtm.iiu'k. h'r.'i'ik Skiptou K. it lijiv
- H. C'nn. X. I) Conn. L. IL KVr
J W. Barton, S. Freerkscn, L. K. Wal
ion, G. G. Hells.
Proposal Submitted by Salem
Contractor Is Lowest; Is
Below Estimate.
0 liids were opened by the su-
pervising architect, Washington, "
1). C, tor the construction of the
federal building to be erected at tf"
..( Albany, Oregon,1 and the propos- tf
J al submitted by F. A. Krixon of i"
Salem, was the lowest at $57,- ?'
(50 for sandstone or $$$,975 for vs
lime stone. The other figures
given were as follows: A. V. C
i) Ivntsohe. Veon llldg., Portland, v?
$7(i.UX) for both samUtnuc ami
limestone; J.J1. Tillman, Chain- '?
-1 her of Commerce Hldg., Port- v
.) land, for sandstone or
f limestone. The bid submitted by
f) Cteorge Isacksou was not given.
which was submitted, and other-- ts
- from Portland who intended to
' ubniit figures. A complete list C
$ of bills will be given at an early
date. ?
The structure will be two stor- (.'
ies high, of stone and fireproof
construction. The supervising
architect s estimate tor the com v
i1 of the proposed structure was
placed at i?75.lXKl, which brings (.
is) the cost of the building under this C
estimate, providing the hid is ac-
1 cented. 0
is) &
: & S1 ( Cs1 Cs1
Mr. and M rs. George V. b'orgy
who have been visiting their sou Gro
cer and family, returned lodav and
reports them doing well . On their
'vay home they slopped at Portland
attend church services and see the.
Thereby Road Tax Levy Notice
Will Comply with Law; T. M.
Downing Makes Night Trip
over Muddy Highways.
T. M. Downing, of Laeotnb, drove
20 miles over muddy roads on a d.o'lv
i.vny night in four hours last h'ridsv
to :iiake a special road lav v.ilid
by filing the papers in tim-' gr. in.t
notice ;f ihe lax levy.
A road meeting lo consider lite levy
ing of a special tax was held in dis
trict Xo. 2-1, ai Laeotnb, thai .after
noon. A ,-iiiill tax was voted.' The
'aw provides thai -not ices of such lev
:es must lie filed with the county
clerk before the first day ol Decem
ber, and yesterday being Sunday,
'iiiduight Saturday night was L e lai-e-t
hour the report could be filed:
The m.-rting closed at 5 o'clock,
and Downing, who is road super
visor of tiie district, called up the
county clerk's office here and ni.tdi
arrangements for the office lo remain
open until he could rcadi Albany, lie
left Lacoinb at 6 o'clock, and, though
the reads are unusually muddy on ac
count of the recent heavy rains, he
drove into an A Ibany livery barn al
1(1 o'clock. Ten minutes later he en
tered the clerk's office in the court
house. Xine of the fM road districts of Linn
oii t1 1 v l ave made spf.-ial tax levie
for extension on the 113 asesnient
roll of Linn county lo raj-e extra
money for road improvement, in ad-
ition lo that realized trom the re'ru-
lir county road lew. In some otht
disiriets, the nue-tion of a special tax
was Hihmittrd. but was voted down
Assessed Valuation of Property Made by Assessors to Be
Used As a Basis Resolution to Effect Passed
by Valley Commissioners.
At the meeting in Salem recently
of the county commissioners of the
Willamette valley Imposition Associa
tion, which was organized here Oc
tober .11, composed of eight valley
countie-. and with ihe purpose of ad
vertising the valley as a district al (he
Panama lxpoilion in 1915 at San
! ramisro, a resolution was pascd.
stipulating that the general expense,
ol preparing Ihe exhibi; supplied by
ceh county be apportioned according
to be taxable property of the entire
district, provided that each county
shall pay the expenses of its special
representative aside from their pro
portion of the general expenses.
The following is the resolution: Kc
sohed: That the general expense
'jathe: nig, preparing ami exlrbiting
on i,eha!f of ihe eight Willantet val
ley counties at the Panama-Pacific
Kxposition at San Francisco in the
vc ir ' 5 as may hereafter be (ieter-
Claim That Mexican President
Has Left For Vera Cruz Is
Discredited at Washington.
Hales Arrives in Washington;
Huerta Regime Doomed
Claim Diplomates.
(By United Press Association)
Mexico City, Dee. L That the ilu
erla government will face a crisis he
lore the end of week is nredicted bv
the men close to the situation.
The rebels are reported to be at
San Louis Potosi and hold the key
to the capital's railroad connections.
1 hey burned the new Mation at Aju
no. Villa, it is edicted will capture
Chiahuahua City and Maatlau is said
t be loitering. Iluerta is complain
ing publicly of the disloyalty of his
ostensible supporters.
Huerta Leaves Capital.
Xew York, 1 lee. 1. The IC veiling
World today published a Mexico City
dispatch declaring that President Ilu
erta .secretly left the ca-utnl for Vera
Cruz on Sur morn in ir over the
1 nter ( k'eanie railroad. Xo confir
natioti of. ihe World's story could be
obtained up to 1:15 today.
Lind Returns.
Vera Cruz. Dec. I. Consul Cana
da announced today that Lind has
returned from Tampico and is now in
Vera Cruz.
Hale in Washington.
Washington, Dee. L Hale, . who
talked with Carraiiza at ioales has
ii rived in Washington and today held
i conference with Seere-lary Pry nn.
He will be received by the president
this afternoon or Ion ior row.
Huerta is Drunk.
Mexico Cily, Dec. 1. It is persist
ently reported ibis afternoon thai 1 J it
erta is dead. Xo evidence could be
discovered lo support the story lie
'id been taken on a train to Vera
Ouz. Those familiar with his habits
-aid they were sure he was merely
drunk. They discredit ihe reports
otii of his death and his departure
from ihe capital,' Reliable privale in
formation was that he has been drink
ing even more heavily lhan usual dur
ing the pas! two days and that in ihe
Meantime official business is still at
a s'.aiid- till.
Five hundred pairs of underground
cables of the Pacific Telephone and
Telegraph Co at Second and liaker
lieels went out of commission Sat
urday morning and several hundred
tele nil ones were put out of service,
di.rirg Sal in day and Sunday. How
ever the cables were repaired by a
force of workmen, who labored since
Saturday, completing the work this
j Prof. A. Q. H. Hompiet, of O. A. C.t
i was a visitor in the cily yeslerdav.
inin-d by the executive connniitec or
fthc- committee having the same in
charge, be apportioned ae :ord;iig lo
the taxable property within the en
tire district as equalized by the s!..te
tax commissioner for the year 191.1.
Provided: That each county shall
pay the expenses of its special repre
sentative a-idc from their proportion
of the general expenses as herein pro
vided. The total value of the property a
equalized by the board of state tax
commissioners for V)Z is as follows:
County Amount Proportion
Kenton ,WtW2.) S276.KI
Lane .1f,21O,K.S2O0
4011 19
Clackamas .12.54.1,29X1)0
I. inn
29.79H.07H (K)
lo.XVH.701. 00
$211,620,958.00 $5015.35