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Train Brought to Stop by Foil
ed Block Signal. Train Men
Covered When Investigate.
Robbers Escape In Engine
Which Later Runs Wild. Of
ficer Killed During Pursuit.
Continued from Friday September 26
(By United Press Association)
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sep. 26. Three
masked bandits held up and robbed
the New York-New Urleans express
of the Alabama Great Southern rail
way at Euglewood ear)y this morn
ing and escaped with a $100,000. The
gang fled with the locomotive of the
train robbed, exchanging shots with a
posse pursuing them with a switch
engine. - Distancing their pursuers, the
outlaws evidently abandoned the en
gine at a lonely spot. The locomotive
stopped forty miles from the scene
of the holdup when the steam became
exhausted. During the pursuit one of
the deputy sheriffs shot and killed
another officer by accident. The train
was brought to a stop by a fouled
block signal at Englewood station.
While the train crew were investigat
ing, the robbers rushed them. Keep
ing Engineer Daniels covered by re
volvers, the bandits ordered the fire
men to cut ofi the coaches from the
engine, express and mail cars. The
fireman refused, and was felled by a
blow irom a revolver butt. Having
cut the train themselves, the bandits
compelled Daniels to pull the express
and mail cars a short distance ahead,
and broke into with dyna
mite. Later they dynamited the safe,
gathered up two sacks of money, with
their pockets bulging with greenbacks,
boarding the engine when they saw
the sheriff's posse approaching on
the switch engine, one of them act
ing as engineer, and opened the throt
tle, with the posse in close pursuit.
Shedd, Or., Sep. 26. (Special to
Democrat.) Al Nelson had business
calling him to Halsey Thursday.
Lon Davis of Halsey was in Shedd
L. L. Price returned from Newport
E. Dive was a shopper at Shedd
Thursday morning.
Frank Neldon, the jeweler, took
the 5:53 train for Halsey Wednesday
E. M. Stone and family returned
from Independence Wednesday even
ing. James R. Wiggens of Tacoma,
Wash., was in Shedd on business
Thursday morning.
An S. P. train hit three of C. A.
Push's horses some time last Sunday
night, killing one and crippling two.
W. XI. Beals, Jr., went to Drain last
Saturday evening to visit his wife.
The Messrs. John Halverson, F.
St. John, C. W. Kennedy. H. J. Far
well, Moro Acheson, and R. M. Ache
son, attended the I. O. O. F. lodge
in Halsey Saturday evening.
C. H. Hill, with his wife, left for
Independence Tuesday where they
they will make 'their home.
R. M. Grove is building a modern
bungalow on his ranch east of town.
School opened here Monday morn
ing with an enrollment of S3 students.
C. J. White of the Valley Lumber
Co. was in Shedd on business last
C. J. Bacon of Portland was in
Shedd Tuesday on business.
McNeil & Hoover, of Albany, were
in Shedd on business last Tuesday.
Kenneth McCune made a business
trip to Albany last Tuesday.
Mergenthau Testifies That Sul
zer Asked Kim to Be Easy
With Him on Stand.
Thaw's Lawyers Given to October 6.
(By United Press Association)
Sulzer Wins Important Point at
Morning Session by a Vote
of 49 to 2.
Body Found In Business Sec
tion of Los Angeles Covered
With Church Literature.
Robbery Not the Motive Claim
the Police. Husband Wealthy
Resident of San Diego.
Meeting Thursiliiy noon, the Albany
Hijjh School senior class of 191.1-14,
elected officers for the ensuing year,
as follows: President, Deliner Gil
dow; vice president, Miriam rage;
--t'cretary, lo!le Thompson; treanr
er, Marshall Woodworth, and class
Whirlwind editor, Dora Stewart.
Other classes will elect officers
during the coining week. 'The annual
ivtion of officers of the student
body will take place the first Mon
day in October.
Granted Twenty Days Addition
al Time In Which to Perfect
Their Appeal.
(Bv United Press Association)
Albany, X. Y., Sep. 26. Sworn
testimony that. Governor Sulzcr
asked him to commit perjury he-
fore the Frawley Senate Commit-
tee was given at the impeach-
(Si mont tri:i! this afternoon bv Sll-
t.... r..i,i: WrtrL-c (S)
TmmmiiMj.. nft,-r Culver the head with a blunt instrument.
was nominated Peck declared he I piece of gas pipe covered with brown
gave him $500 for his campaign t. paper was found near the body and
fund. On July 4th he said he iw;is evidently used by the murderer.
W Was Mllipuuilill-U ".V ink x y-
committee. "1 went to tne ex- w
ecutive offices." Peck testified,
(By United Press Association)
Los Angeles, Cat., Sep. 27. Mrs.
Rebecca P. Gray, 55 years of age, and
a well known Christian Science prac
titioner here was found mur
'dered in a downtown office building
early this morning. The body indi
cated that she, bad been beaten on
"and showed Sulzer my letter,
asking him what to do. He said.
rT 't.T., T ffcL-ofl wh.-it rniild
Concord, Sep. 26 The governor he (lo if nucr o:uh and ie an.
swered, 'Oh, do as 1 m going to w
do forget it.' "
today gave Thaw's lawyer until Oc
tober 6 to prepare briefs in support
of their claims that Thaw ought not
to be surrendered to the New York
authorities. The governor has not
officially announced its decision.
Miss Sutherland Accepts Position.
Miss Mary Sutherland, the domes
tic science teacher, has accepted a
nositioin in the state university at
Stillwater, Oklahoma, and will leave ' tbau
(By United Press Association)
Albany, X. Y., Sep. 26. The pros
ecution in the impeachment case
sprung a sensation late this afternoon
when it recalled Henry Mergenthau.
"Almost immediately after my re
turn from Europe, testified Alergen-
Governor sulzer called me ov- . r. .;:,,
fnr there next wctk. under a vear's er the lonir distance telephone. He;, , , . ... .
engagement. Miss Sutherland's sal- invited me to come to Albany
ary will be $1500. During the last
Miss Katheiine Chambers returned
this noon from a few days vacation
-pent at Xewoprt.
J. V. lloches. of Amity, was a vis
itor in the city today.
L. O, Redding, of Portland, trans
acted business here this morning.
A. B. Smith and wife, of Portland,
are gr.csts at the Vandran.
H. E. Morton slept one hour this
noon in a chair in the lobby of the
St. Francis.
County Fruit Inspector D. V. Rum
baugh went to Salem this morning to
he in attendance at the fair. He will
:ssist in installing the Linn county exhibit.
The corpse was covered with books
and Christian Science literature and
was found bv a charwoman who
screamed and fainted when she dis- j
covered the murder. The floor and
walls were spattered with blood and
there were marked evidences of a
According to detectives there was
no apparent search made of the mur
dered woman by the murderer. They
are firm in their belief that robbery
was not the motive for the deed but
arc unable to give any other theory.
Mrs. Gay came here some time ago
divorce from her
husband, John Gay, a wealthy citizen
Wayne Fronian has enrolled at
Button's Business College. He de
posited $75.00 in McCusick & Co's.
bank to be paid to Mr. Button when
he graduates and is placed m a posi
tion. Ask the hank about this guar
antee. s26-27 wk s30
(By United Press Association)
San Francisco, Sep. 27. CamincMi
and Uiggs who were convicted of
white slavery because of their elope
ment with the Xorris and Warring
ton girls to Reno, Xevada, were to
day sentenced to the penitentiary and
given an additional slay of execution
of twenty days in order to perfect
their appeal to the higher court. The
government's attorneys made no ob
jections to the granting of the ad
ditional time.
Miss Tillie Eckert returned this
noon from Xewport.
G. H. Graves of Salem, as a busi
ness visitor in the city today.
Mrs. Louis Solomon of Xorth Cove,
Wash., is .visiting her sister, Mrs.
Mead, of Portland, is a busi--iess
visitor in the city today.
E. 11. Craven left this afternoon for
Portland on a business errand. He
will lettirii Monday.
Thomas C. Fiuuean, ir:iveliug rep
resentalive of the Oregon Journal,
Portland, w;i in' the city this moru
mg. Kola Xeis, a hop merchant of Salem
is a visitor vi be city today, lie
is stopping at the llammcl.
two years she taught in the univer
sity in Dakota, but the winters there
were too severe for her.
Shedd, Or., Sep. 26. (Special to
Democrat.) J. R. Gibson, of Inde
pendence, has leased the Hotel De
Hill from C. H. Hill and will take
possession next week. It is the in
tention of Mr. Gibson to remodel the
lintel and ouen a first class' house.
Mr. Hill has leased a bop yard at be made.
Independence and leit lor that place
Manv Apply for Citizenship.
morning three made application for
second and two for first citizenship
papers at the county clerks ottice.
Those for second papers were Chris
topher Howell, Norway; Christopher
Shelvig, Norway; Paul Linbcck, Hun
gary. For first papers, Paul Shel
vig, Thos, Lien, both from Norway.
Numerous applicants have been seek
ing information and the indications
and sec him, hut I toid him that that i of San Diego, who has since re-mar-
was impossible. When Sulzer asked tied.
me whether I was going to testify in
the impeachment proceedings, I re
plied that I bad been subpoenaed.
.'I hone vou will be casv with me Sul-
This'zer said but I told him that 1 would
be forced to recite the tacts, tic men
asked me if I could treat affairs with
me as a personal matter and 1 told
him that I could not."
(By United Press Association)
Albany, X. Y., Sep. 26. By a vote
of 49 to 2, the impeachment court to
day decided it proper for the attor
neys for the defense to inquire of con-
Application of Democracy Discussed.
Valencia, Pa. Sept. 25. "The Fur
ther Application of Democracy," was
the main subject discussed at today's
sessions of the national conference of
the National Federation of Settle
ment Associations which opened a
a three day's meeting yesterday.
Cornelia Bradford, of the Whittier
settlement house, Jersey City, X. J.,
opened today's discussions. Other
speakers today were: Mary E. Mc
Dowell. University of Chicago settle
ment house: John L. Elliott. Hudson
Guild. Xew York City, and Henry
Moskowitz MadUon settlement house,
Xew York City. Some of the sub-top-pics
discussed were: -
The persona! opportunity afforded
by the settlement as a field for con
structive Democratic service: how to
engage the . people in supporting
neighborhood work: the neighborhood
as a center of community action, par-j , '
..ii.. .I.... 1 Jl, ,, h
l K 11 til 1 IV 1 1 1 1 if u 1 1 ml: if, i in i nuy'i "ii-
proveni'ert associations; relation of
the settlement to broader aspects of
political and industrial democracy;
Special group meetings and sight-seeing
trips about Pittsburg were on the
program this afternoon. Jane Adams
of Hull House. Chicago, will open the
discussion on "The Struggle for Life cation
Above the Poverty Line. Min-topics
will be. "Minimum Standard of Liv
ing and Life;" "The Pressure on the
Home Widows' Pensions minimum
wage trade unionism for women."
are mat many more applications wm . ? . . s . canmaicn fd
as to whether or not. the contribution
was intended for use exclusively for
any given purpose or as to whether
it was intended to permit the gover
nor to use it lor what purpose ho
pleased. The result is considered a
decided victory for the governor and
bis attorneys were greatly pleaded
with the ruling.
The work of the impeachment court
for the next three days will he largely
routine, consisting of the examination
of subscribers to the campaign fund.
The first excitement is expected when
Governor Sulzcr's private secretary.
Louis Sarccky takes tlvc stand.
Stung By Wasp; Dies in 20 Minutes.
(By United" Press Association)
Truro, England, Sep. 26. Stung in
the jugular vein by a wasp. Lady
Jane Molesworth today died 20 min
utes later from loss of blood. Lady
Molesworth is well known among the
Good Roads Campaign Starts
Denver, Sept. 25. Commercial and
good roads organizations of Colo
r.ifln tndav started a movement pre
paratory to launching a general west- Caught Fish Before Breakfast.
crn erw.-.ryV:! for the permanent ifn- r,.iiin.r tin e.irlv and iroinir fishin
procment of roads, simultaneously in the Willamette within the city lim
with the entry into Colorado of a j jts t j: Kcjth, advertising manager
large party of automobilists from St. j Df ,1C Hamilton store this morning
Joseph and Kansas jLity, .Missouri, j na(j i,:iss for breakfast- lie caught
1 he motorists arc inspecting i'1 string of four in le
kock island mgnway irom .n. jusupn tcrs 0r an hour.
l hey are pir.cing ma'. Kcrs
Democratic Senators Claim
Lower Rates Are Assured as
Result of Conference.
(By United Press Association)
Washington, Sep. 27. The Dem
ocratic tariff conferees plan a com
plete report today. They will hold
a final conference Monday with Re
publicans before introducing the re
port in the house. It is not believed
the measure will b- i ndy for the
president's signature i't'iV c the end
of next week, i ..c iJciiiocratic sen
ators claim a victory of two thirds ol
of the items oer which there are any
controversies. Yiicy assert that most
of tiie lower rate are assured. The
.conferees however, are expected to
!i a rrce over the cotton fi'U!re
to Denver
at all cross-roads and forks between
two cities. 1 he hignway at L-ol-Kansas,
joins the Golden , licit
Colin- follows that route to Denver. ! 1" portion m I he tninnniiR itc-
!'he motorists left St. Joseph SePiOtn-
W. R. Shlrin, M. D., diseases of
eye and car a specialty. Kvcs tested
than thrce-Mliar- I spectacles guaranteed a perfect
mi. ;ny style nt lensc or frame. Of-ti'-c
over CnsiVIt hank. wk slf
The Big Why !
The reason I am dating' so many
sales is 1 hat Auctioneering is my
specialty and not aside line. The
following" dates are taken, which
date sliall I reserve for you?
;,.ii H Walter Smith, 2 miles north of Colnirtf June. I' arm
5'lSeiit 16 E L. ilanerland, 1 mile west, 2 miles north of Shedd, 4
head of horses, 19 head high grade Jersey cows, farm implements,
'"s'lM)' ,?7vA9'Uari)cr, 3 miles norlh of Junction City, 19 high
crude' Jersey cows, 7 2-ycar old heifers; 7 2-ycar old steers; 5
calves; 11 stock hogs, wt. 140 lbs. 1'arm imp., household goods,
CScpt. 18th John Edwards, on the Harry Batcman place 4 1-2
les N W of Brownsville on the main llrownsville-Shctld road.
4'hca'd of horses, 12 head high- grade Jersey cows, sheep, hogs,
farm implements, household (roods, etc.
Sep. 19, U. H. Marks, 5 miles north of Ilarrishurg, general farm
S'llSep. 20, Belle Steele 1 1-2 miles north of Jefferson. 9 head of
horses, farm imp, household goods, etc.
Sept. 22. T. . McClure 2-12 miles south of Alhany on the
Tangent Road, general farm sale '
Sept 22, T. J. McClure, Alhany. Gen. farm sale.
Sept J W. Coleman, 1-2 mile east of I farrisliurg.
Sept! 2.i. Coleman. I larrislmrg. Gen, farm sale.
Sept 24th John A. Mcliridc estate 3 miles west of Shedd, 15
head high-grade draft horses including 2 registered Clyde marcs,
10 head high-grade Jersey cows, some hogs and general farm ma-
Cl's"epry25, Cunningham Bros., 2 miles south of Ilarrishurg. 20
head of horses, 23 head of cattle 160 sheep, hogs, farm imp etc
Sent 2ith John W. Pugh estate, 2 miles south of Shedd. 18 ,
head of high grade draft horses, 20 high grade Jersey cows,
1 complete threshing outfit, sheep, hogs, farm machinery, and
household goods.
Sept 27 Chris Widmirr, 1-12 miles east of Harnsbur.
Sept 27 Chris Widincr, Ilarrishurg. Gen. :a:m sale.
Sep 30th. Amos Ramsey, Halsey, gen. farm sale.
Oct 6th J K. Davis, 5 mi. so. of Alhany, gen. farm sale.
Oct'. 15th. J. C. Burke, 2 1-2 miles southwest of Halsey. Gen.
farm sale.
Free lunch at noon. These arc all big tin. Remember the
dates and conic early.
BEN T. SUDTELL, Auctioneer, Halsey, Ore.
1425 K. lt St'. Albany, Oregon.
I'rof. and Mrs. Wilson attended the
fair at Scio yesterday.
Mrs McBeth of Portland ha
her 23.
Mill City, Or., Sep. 26. (Special
to Democrat.) Miss N. J. Cahler
spent the week end with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. W'adsworfU and
incidentnlly celebrated her father's
71st birthday. She returned to take
up her new work of leading the
Blich orchestra.
A new roof is being built on the
Patton and Hill pool room.
kuucral services were hem today oi
the late Mrs. Helen Hays and largely
attended by old settlers.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Ma
son, a fine big boy Sepl. 23.
N'ed Richards. Cha, Broket and Carlston were in Salem on Mon
day. Robert Mlsner spent three days
with his sister in Portland.
'ohn A. Shaw and J. K- Weather
ford were up Monday on businc-s,
striving night.
I"i-e auc"d.ii'ce is expeccd at the
hi-l locul daive Wednesday evening.
partment of L. Matthews.
Mrs. V. E. Yates, formerly of Linn
& Benton Real Estate Co., and wife
ramp in vestenlav cvetiinir from their
Edmund Parker went to Portland ; ,-:irm m..,r Brownsville, where they
this morning to spend a few days va- I have bene attending to the harvesting
of their clover crop, which produced
a very satisfactory yield. They will
Mrs. S. W. Henderson has returned
from Corvallis where she attended the
state W. C. T. U. Convention.
E. Durrenberger of Lebanon, vis
ited the Democrat office this morn
ing and renewed his subscription.
Hugh Cummings, of Corvallis, at
tended business matters here yester
day. H. T. Hendryx and family of Port
tand, were visitors in the city yester
day afternoon.
R A. Elliott and wife, of Salem,
were guests over night at the Hotel
Glen Fox, hotel runner for the
Hammel, went to Portland this morn
ing. L. D. Ludy, of Salem, attended busi
ness matters here yesterday.
Edwin P. Hughes and wife of Ash
land, were guests at the Hammel last
Mayor W. K. Taylor and wife, of
Corvallis, returned home this morn
ire, after attending the K. T. conclave.
Miss Mamie Steven returned this
noon from Newport where she spent
the summer.
I.cRoy D.'Leedy. of Salem, is reg
i'trred at the St. Francis.
yiss.Vealherford left yesterday af
ternoon for her home in Olex. Orc-
"on. after two week's visit with her
tirot'-er, Mark Wcatherford.
I"t-:i Dr-ent of Mvrtle Point, at-
of Cribfe. is a drl bt-sinecs matters here this
' ,rer
be in the city a few days attending to j
business matters. j
E. A. Johnson, of the Albany Flour i
and Elevator Co. went to Tangent
this noon to attend business matters. I
Milton McGuire went to Shedd this
noon to do some electrical wiring for
the Ralston Supply Co.
F. M. Rcdficld left this noon for
W. H. Savage and wife, of Corvallis,
returned home this noon after attend
ing the conclave.
W. E. Grace, the retiring grand
commander of the Knights 1 emplar,
returned to his home in Portland this
morning, after attending the conclave.
Levi Day, of Harrisburg, transact-1
cd business here this morning. 1
C. H. Glascr, and wife, of Lebanon, ,
are guests at the Vandran hotel. j
Hugh Crogan, of Foster, is a vi-l
itor in the city today.
T. O. Redding, of Portland, is a
business visitor here today.
J. J. Langmack of Portland, trans
acted business here yesterday.
J. E. Haley, of the S. P. Co is a
visitor in the city today. He is stop
ping at the Vandran hotel.
i?. O (3 S'
Nws Beginning Wirh This Mad V
1' Fro-i th' Oiilv 'ssu' of "9
!.. '.. : i -. - o v
The Variety Is Greater Than Kver. Values Hettcr Than Kvcr Before
Women's Fine Rib Fleeced Union
Suits in white, extra good at $1.00 suit
Children's Wool Union Suits, white
or Grey, all sizes, $1.00 Suit.
Children's. Cotton Union Suits, all
sizes 50c to 75c suit.
Front Laee
The only sat
isfactory front
lace Corset at a
moderate price
$2.00 and
$3.50 pair
Agents ior
Mi Vvr.ST F1 i'.ST ST!KBT
Agents for
Kabo Reducing
U.r. :
btisirf s
itor in the civ tod-.v.