The Semi-weekly democrat. (Albany, Linn County, Or.) 1913-1926, July 22, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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: M BWl 0. E. SYSTEM
Warmest Day of Year Record
ed; People Feel Effect of
Sudden Heal Wave.
Farmers Glowing Cut Stumps!
' Hear Wibonvilie This Morn- !
! ing Are Blamed.
while biav
near Wihonville, !
out tuiiii).- this morn-:
iug, c.nht'l ail oi the trains on the I
Oregon Kltctric railway system to
j Members of Albany Antleied
I Herd Have Chartered a
Special Train.
Members of Northwest Asso
ciation Meet to Dispose of
Routine Business.
Intire Business Section Is Des-j Newport Resident ("Vleets with
troyed. Loss May Reach
Serious Accidei.t While
Shingling Hotel.
0ther Places Swelter Under
Higher Temperature Than
Albany and Vicinity.
tine business anr oilier minor matter:
BE HOSTS TO HUNDREDS! "vTfor an "Jour's recess'
Continued from Saturday, July 19.
The warmest day of the year was
recorded bare yesterday by local Wea
ther Observer Scth l-reiich, with a
maximum temperature of 88 degrees
at A o'clock in the a;u-rnooii. Accord
ing to the forecast it will continue
warm and fair.
However, comparing tlic record of
yesterday with mat of previous years
the temperature is far from being a
record breaker, considering that this
is ihe month of July.
The coiilra-t with the cool weather
oi' June and early July was sufficiently
great, however, to set electrical fans
whirring madly, people to gasping and
(tiling for cooling drinks and to bring
;:luntt a 50 per cent increase in the
amount of vacation talk.
The unusual heat of yesterday was
roticcd from n o'clock when the iher
lonuier made a quick jump over the
mark registered .".t X o'clock. It grad
ually went up during. Ihe rest of the
day tmlil 3 o'clock when the highest
temperature of the day was recorded.
At 7 o'clock the thermometer began
to drop.
The coolest place to be found was
at Chautauqua park and even there
during part of the day it was decided
ly uncomfortable. The lowest lem
".anire recorded yesterday was 58
degrees and that was early in the
morning. The highest temperature
Thursday was 84 degrees. .
According to a report from Eugene
the people of that city sweltered un
der a temperature of (l degrees yes
terday, which was eight degrees high
er I haii il lias been any day this sum
mer. A slight breeze all during the
day made the day tolerable and no
one considered the heat excessive.
The minimum temperature was 46.
l'o-Mland t-ffered a maximum tem
perature of 02 at, 4 o'clock yesterday
afternoon which was t J; r 1 city's hot-
1 Going into session this morning at This morning
1 It) o'clock in the Hammel Hotel grill the following:
room, twenty members of the North-: ne business section of Sheridan
!wct Crcamerv association nro 11,1. ; V' Uc1.' put, and several resi-
be held up today from 9:30 o'clock
uuiM I :Ia o clock.
Following one of the upheavals, ac
cording to word received here this
morning by Agent iloydar, caused
by one of the blasts, a big obstruc
tion struck the trolly wire, tearing it
down and causing considerable dam
age to the wire line. Linemen and a
section gang were quickly dispatched
to l he scene, where they have been
busily engaged all of the morning.
Work of repairing tfic damage was
completed shortly after 1 o'clock. The
breaking of the main trolley wire cut
off the electricity of the entire sys
tem. Traffic has been exceedingly inmcd-
I as a result ot tne accident, as an tn ,rn t m..Mu. tnmnrrnw .mil U'MIL luuu i"j'-n ine picnic, scores MVu;vilI r,..t.i a wtuu
or me irams on me roau nave oeen ; , , . . . , MeKenzie : 'f t, e v- lev , H 7' V , m,n:i' r" scnt fire h d "cws
delaved. hour trams due to arrive! . . fr . . r, , . , "t tne .iue have a)o signified their ! n fitdif thi flimoe r,.i;.1,.;it0
i. i. : :n ..... ..... nvpr :i the iMnir ni tlif lMrfs fit f i; ' iiiIpiu imw ..,i: i ... . " " - v -" -
iicre ournig me nio.iiiiiK not i : , . t-7 , """"" aim a inoai i about 14 miles nwav uul
g is anticipated. i about 22 miles. The rrnv
Picnic to Be Held on Banks of
McKenzie Will Be an
Enjoyable Affair.
Newport, Or., July 19. (Special to
Democrat.) Jesse Wheeler, aged 2S,
son of W. D. Wheeler, proprietor of
the Cliff House fell from a scaffold
thirty five feet high while shingling
and broke both legs at noon yesterday.
The right leg was broken, above the
ankle, and the left below the knee. It
will probably not be necessary to am
putate. Internal injuries are uncer
tain. Wheeler was shingling the new ho-
nP before the meeting ! ;r?v'' J? a 'iiall resr,t-r.m;. V " iV I" C hU
Prominent creamery men from all " cr.iire nusincss section there u;7i; a d ue on his feet
over the valley are in attendance, in-1 -a Vl 'e ! sveraT peo- le nw e ; cident and
eluding members of the association i "rj wo'der K1 tohe was not
.'I!!1. :Url'ncSn,em' Uhon Cor- i " - - 'Z S ;! Wiled, but that he remained conscious.
v.uii.i .inn ariuu otner towns ol tins , v., . 7 ,
section of the vallev. i so"',h s,.'!e of ,l,c nver wcre destroyed.
I lie tire rased a little mord than
itjirec hours, but was not out at mid-
hlks irom . ,,;,ri,( a -.: ...i,,,! .... i
Oregonian contains
: the monthly meeting of the orga- j '"i""5 ryva as a result ot a lire
ligation to dispose of the general rou-wl,!ch st!,rtcd to,"lu at " c ock
line, anr other minor matters i !,d . 4wu')t. '',r.ea covering three
i.iocks on tne soiitll sine ot tile Vam
hili ri-er. The loss will reach he-
I the meeting will las, the res? of the en $330,000 and S.000, with $100,-
! day, adjourning at 6 o'clock. Nothing j (Xl?r,,n5ur:",ce- , .
I of particular importance has thus far -,c ,,r.e .Ma.r!c,J lrom.. a Ji'"
come in, before il ,,.,! , -rnv,- -N.!o.lon in a small res!
P,,: , ... " . . t-t tl
I.ari;e delegations
Alhany Elks have secured a special fortlantl. Salem and Roseburg is is ' jy'
here until this afternoon.
J. K. Sha.v, of Mill City, visited ill
the city last evening.
and en-
stores were a con-
i.ane county capital. It is assured that eniovable otitin
.u te.iM i'J iue.ii tiha ui iii.iue mc ror tne entertainment nl thp vis- i . n m . , . .
rip and the number will probably be itors, there, will be a program consist-1 m"n wain'th ? w'hf't'Vo'e
'"fhe5: ec, ?ain will leave here at VV ?,-h ... o. .he hydran t. h.
b.lii, M,-Cnlh-h. of KiiL-ene. trans-1 x-.i nVl,.,-k i,. il.n r.,rnim :m.l will ! 1 1K1 ,i,i.i . :,i ' " p'-p iierce was tne neat on the . south
lifted business here this morning. reach iuigcne shortly before 10 'basis for the dinner to be served -itiS"i? i 'i- rlvcrv ..
hred Harris went to Eugene this , o'clock. Returning the train will leave 1 noon. Two motiou p"ct,,re camera 1 1 ,H i'!?,', c'1r,r''lRC"i'"''?1"
noon on a bnet biisincr.s errand. L.ugene about 3 o clock m ina even- will recoril the festival in films str-L- i i, i . .
I.. I.. Wleder wnt to r.llgene this ; ing. - -i,-ti'JL-.ti-
noon to look 'after business matters, j Included in the delegation froin Ibis
Deputy District. Attorney Dan John- city will be a number of residents!
ston went to Ilarrisburg this noon on I of Corvallis and Lebanon who arc I
a brief business errand. members of the Albany lodge The!
I'l-.mber of Albany Elks at ihe picnic
lest day of the season. will be augmented also by a large del-i
According to a statement issued by egation of llarrisbmg men who are
Ihe forestry -ervice headquarters here ! members of the local lodge. Some of
the haze seen, is from the heat, as! them will go tr Eugene direct irom!
there is not a timber (ire ill the en- i I larrisburg .-.nd ,-oinc will probably
tire northwest. I'll:.' the excursion train at Albany. :
Wheeler is attended bv Dr. Minthorn
mil is resting easy.
Frank Wills and Edwin Fortmiller,
who have been on a protracted tour
of the east, including a trip throughout
N'ew York stale, are expected home
this afternoon.
Mrs. G. Green, of Mill City, is at
tending the Chautauqua.
stant menace to the firemen and resi
dents of the city who joined in fight
ing the flames. Six of the workers
were prostrated by heat and smoke,
and fell colse in on the flames, but
they were picked up and borne to
safety before seriously Jnjured.
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weather and cultiug up your farm.
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