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    'J. of O I
1)1. Mill It AT WANT AIH ,l
Id-mills for t I II 1 KM. lad tll .l
TaaJfht and Tueaday FA1H
No. 21 1.
DiThimt to III' to
Industry in IntrrtM if I ho
Avor.iKO Man
Soorolary of Labor
S;is No (Vtinliy
Ours a
Man a Living, lint All MuM
I law 0:pirtunily to Farn
W Sl!l(.TO. Mar. a r. p.
4iMHirlunl(ir for worker to
"make Ihrir live hnl ih
Ihcm.' mam iirui-tl ttrforr lljc con-fi-n-nri
uf maor anil ifuvrrnori.,
h I'rr.nlmt Wil.on mul Srrrr
tary of .nrMr Wilson, totliiy.
Souiiihnir wnrnin' of thr 1 to -.tit
vit ntMiiitn in S.-nttlr ntitl rNi-wlicrr
l-t ovrrthrow tli t-intiht onlrr of
tilth,', t' UU.r 3--rtjry ltt trv
I hut no country 'owr h nmn ft living"
Init lhnt Vviry country own him the
opportunity to enrn it living" !!
tjnl the "outtMk in h r if lit nflrr Wr
imv it' irnNr rniIi mcnt iluriru' th
m t frw month." Ho urrr n-minip
tion of lmilitinr mtivitv throiit'liout
tht rt.ition.
StM-rrtary WiUon, inMrrmilnir tho
(ijM'tiitu of t!jc ovirnor n. muyora
ronlVrmrc nt the White House totlny,
ilit-lurrd ttmt thr ovtrnnii-nt'ii ItuM
ni'Kii in rt'ti-lj tinting im! tin try In thr
I'mtrtl St Mr In "to Uikc council for
tin nveriH'r nmn. II rnM the whole
mntttT nmn ilown into the worker'
'm hiiJ n (h-cinion mut 1 workrH
out to ln-m-fit thon who contrihute
t'.rir priyinl an I mrntnl vnvryy to
rn-kifu the in.luRtrim ucccnnful.
In litlent Wilmn mhIiI.tIv ''ppenrrn'
p the cmfiTi-nce an hour U fore he
mi h.-,)uU tl to nMk. I! urrei! n
'Mfculon nervlntr the purposen of nil "
IN- mi Id tlie eviiine numt rvMilt Inft
tirw nlliM-ntion of Inlwr in many rnr
lit ernphniil that thr conference
f vnt welch it w'irk carefully, due to
U intermit fonnl aiimif iennre.
SAI.K (ONTINl'KS- Owinir I" "
th-r conditions tV ft week we
wilt evlend oir upeeiel unit on feed
until March Hth. M. Sender" A To.,
Inc. lm-ld
I'lAN'O IIAUCAIN' A hnn.Uome,
lirnml new, hiith (rrnde piano for
unle. Iiw iricc. Knny term If
deniri'd. Call on or leave your num
Imt for C. K. Ilicka, Hotel Alhnny.
I'OK KKNT-rlayer piano.
cookstove, hedroom
rocker, fentherted,
act, mattress,
rur, kitchen
talde, flat topped desk, oak flooring,
chicken hrcrdcr, Knryclopedia, hi
torv. dictionary typewriter, door.
Hell IMJ Ivfore Thurmlay, m.l
WANTKD If you have a 2'-'0 eye
Mct'lannhan Inculmtor for snle.
Itine up Newport, the chicken man,
Itcll phone HKM, m3
KOK ItKNT-l'lnt In Shea Apts. Call
2:il Kllsworth or phone MM J. SmR
I'OH SAI.K-in nrrea in Sunrise. All
I'chkI land. All in cultivation. Trice
$J.0I1. Half rush, lmljinco B yeara.
7 pi'r rent. Owen Ileum, 111.1 Lyon.
FOR SALE Iflfi acres, B miles from
Corvnllis, 2 miles from electric line,
station, store and irraded school.
1(1(1 acred in pood limber, balilnce
Crass. On a
pood road; runninir
wntor; fenced with wire. Price,
'J:m)(). H. R. Srhiillx, Lyon nnd
Fourth Sts., Albnny, Ore. flniB
FOR SALE A 1!IH lluick B passen
I'er rnr In pood condition. Will sell
cheap. At Ralston'a Cnrnpe.
,1m I r,
FOR SALE t span of peldlnirs 10
years old, wt. 1200 lbs. Well broke.
fiood work tenm. W. R. Newton, i
c'ifth nnd Chicnpo. Horn phono
Albany IliIi Iokom to Cherry
City I, ad h liv Koore
of 12 to IS
AlUny hifh nr)um ,.:, team
wn no mulch for the hupiky liuU from
Siileni hij-h Sntunluy evening, Ami
went down to defeat hy t)ie acorv of
l- to M. 1 he firnl half i nlei Lt to 3,
hul Kurt mi Nit, (ill. low ami Jtnyne
'n'lifl hark Htronrcr In the lint canto
ifmI Mliled I'l point. Sitlern wni heav
ht, more rxericncetl anl ilmplnyeil
more teamwork ami kill at hittlnr
the hoops, Allmny wan nervou am!
over arixiounneuM raune muny foul
to made in the firnt half. The j.'iiiic
wa clean, free from unnecrNary
roui'hneftH anl feeling prevailed
throughout. I in mid Irvine made a
splendid referee, HnnIiziiit; loth t'uh-t
with impartiHlity.'
Kr Salem the lineup wni: Ijitham,
cnter; (U atnl tirvtrv, forwards;
Shafer a fi I Inemolt, uariln.
All'any'n lineup: Itayne, center;
Kurt miller and tiildow, forward:
HtiRard, llalliT and Wilkerm.
The Junior hirh nrhmd ryninaium
iu well filleil anl a delegation from
.'Intent rooted for their team.
I Ilouver A MrNtfJil, local contractor.
I I ave In-en nwanled the contrm t for
t he construction of a $ lO.iMHl hrhool
I utldinr at St. Helena. The hu'ldinir
i to he a 2 PNun jrratle nd hirh
I rohmd atructure, equippd with the
1 itet modern npparatua for hotdn.
I Tile w ill he ued in the ronxtrurtion
1 The local men were in com petition
with nine rortland hnMcra. They re
port that pronpeet for a hijr year in
I uildinvr are Itriht all over the Mate,
runny hiiiltlin Iintf planned and con
tracU let.
y in UlTectinic Prelimin-
Pcaen Will IOave No
Stable (Jovernmenl
LONDON, Mar. a. U. P. li lay in
.'fleeting a preliminary pence with
Ccrmany may mean that the ullies
will have an unatnldc jrvcrnment
with which to ileal in thnt country.
Secretary of War Churchill dcclnred
in tho house of cummona this after
nMn. "Germany is ntnrviw;. She ii dan
ircroujily near collapse ,n he said.
1iarmainent Itcport Heard
I'AUIS. Mnr. S. The upreme wnr
council thin afternoon dUcusscd the
report of tho military, naval and ner
inl exM'rt n'Kardinu disarmament in
licrmnny. It is oMInnlly nnnounceil.
I '
Word hns Won receive! here of the
death of J. K, K. Welilier, former
Allmny man. nt the home of his dau
ghter. Mra. Cehert K. Cnpwell, in Onk
land, California, on Sundny, March 2d.
at tho uv" of r.O years.
Tho decensed was born in Alhany
and wns a Ron of Joe Wehlter, a hnrWr
in this city for a number of yenrs
1 He moved to Portland from Allnny In
j 1SS1 nnd wns superintendent of ncen
cies ror the sprmirrieid nre nml nin
rine Insurance eompnny for a num
her of years. Mr. nnd Mrs. Webhcr
went to Cnlifnrnln last fall for the
benefit of his health.
He Is survived by his widow nnd
dnui-htor in Oakland, Cnl.; his mother
and sister. Mrs. A. R. Church j 0. W
Charles nnd F. T. Webber of Portland
I. L. nml A. K. Webber of San Frnn
Cirls Ride Goaf
Mis Cnmlyn Wrlpht nnd Miss Jan
et Pnwson were Snlurdny jnitintrd in
to the mysteries of Knppn Alpha The
tn, nntionnl rolleire sorority nt Oree-on
Arriculturnl colleee. Mrs. F. E. Liv
Intend of this oily, who joined Theta
i when a rollepe plrl
wns present at
' tho Initiation.
Uil'Ut. Arthur Ix-C, Mcmlicr
of Famuli !llsl Division,
Visits Relatives in Albany
and Tells Experienees
(Irim and Uunmrrp-i Side of
Warfare Told by Soldier;
hrttrurtion in France
srtihed hv Witness
Still ufferin.r a the result of
wour.d received in the fij-htin' in
NeU'ium. rirnt Lieutenant Arthur T., of Cornpiny f. H-'lth infantry,
of the !Nt ilivjsion, h lilci n Ijs I
tiniruUhe I Sendee rronn. vited in
A lhany over Sunday rt the home of
I i uncle. Tr. Watl:n-e Howe Um.
I.ieut. l ee is on:- f the firnt wound' I
men to vinit in Al'-any K'ine Americ:i
enieretl the war, and he win brimful
of intervittintr "nd thiillinir utori-i of
American hravery and humirous in
ciiletita that occurred on the ha'ttle
fie'dn of Prance and Klandem.
I ivut Ue and hig brother, I.ieut. ''r a-v, won commissions at the
ofl C-rs training camp at San Frnn '
c'sro and were asivned to the 01st
di"iiiin at Tump T,e is. They f i r--1
w"it to the front in reserve at te bit -tlr
.,f St. Mihi.d. b-it the Yards made
h fho-t work of that affair that all
they Hid was to watch the "show"
from the Vrnndstnnd" on the hills
buck of the lines. The American ad
ance was described as most inU're-t-
" t'oiitrht at Arconne
They were then sent into notion in
the Aryonne Forest and had hard
ti1 with the Hoche in that sector.
hcloin: to win the dcisive battle of
he wnr. The Otst was then with-
Irnwn and sent around by Paris into
Fl inders to Ypres, where they saw
the most abject destruction of the war
at Wytchaote. only a sirnhoard jrivintr
eviilence that town had evr st'Mxl
there. They were thrown into action
around the River I.ys and advanced
ncross the Scheldt and had taken their
part of the line in the vicinity of
Audenarde. south of Ghent, when they
wre neain withdrawn and sent to the
orr iust l-efore the armistice was
Howewr. I.ieut. T-ee d:d not pet as
fjir as the rest of the division, for
while advancimr upon a boche machine
"tin n-'st he received bullet in the
knee that ended his fieri tint? career.
He "irot hisn about one nnd a half
niihs southeast of Voercirhem. Bel-
i irp, while ndvnncine on Spittal-
T'wt-h n Vool. There wore but two
Tcers with his eompnnv that dnv.
he fj'p'air remainin' in the rear with
the first pbttoon, while I.ieut. I,ie l"d
the cit'(;er three platoons in th rd
vnoc. They were circlintr nrounfl n
hcch. rest, ernwlintr aloiur to ret in
t' e rear r.f the obstruction that held
un the ndvnnce.
Hit hy Mnrhincpnn
When well bnc kof the place TJeut. decided that thev were In position
to attack nnd pave the eommnnd. The
Yanks arose on all sides nnd went for
the nest on the run. But instead
the nest hnvln hut two or three mn-
chinei-iins in it it had several nnd the
flanks nnd renr were protected as
well as the front. Many of his men
fell in that ndvnnce, nnd one bullet
caui'ht him in the knee. Knouirh to
snv. however, there were no Boche left
to bother anv more Yanks when Co.
C of the W Ith finished with them.
Although Lieut. I,eo requested thnt
nothinir he snid about this fenture on
account of the fact thnt It sounds In
credulous, he stated thnt he could hoar
the swish of the bullets from the pun
ns it swune In a circle tnwnrds Mm.
l!e could see the murderous littlo mis
sies stirrlne lip the enrth in pnth
"rnroncblne? him. This is quite eom
ron ind mnnv other men have reeit
- ' the sumo story. There is twallv
:me to lie do'-n and "et under the
level of fire. But In this rase It ""is
seen thnt the bullets were sMkine-
low- nnd to ret down would be tn et
n body wound; so he stood up nnd took
(Continued on Pnfre 4)
The KnirhtH of Columhij. through
it local war artivltieit committee, will
open un employment office in th- WiA
lace Huililintr on Kiit street, for the
returninif aoldwr, sailor and m;rif,
and will l in charge of IJe'itenan
AlU-rt J. Kiiu-u. U in eM'"t-il j
thnt ly Tuenlny mnrninr thin;- will
U ln .ntniiw to handle nppli-ationn.
Telephone numU-rn and other partie
ularn will he announced y the, com
miUe n on as poih!e. A general
invitation ii extended to citijnt to
take an active part, and to Inform
Lieutenant Koufneau of anything that
will he lieneficial in carry inir on thin
work. Kmployera help wantR will be
I'iven careful ronnlderation in Jur
inir auitahle help. Service men denir
inir employment In other localities
should make their wants known, us
thin office will 1 in touch dirertly or
indirectly with every community in
Ore iron.
new feature was Introduced into
Sunday evenini' services at the
ttaptint church last niirht which prom
ises to create considerable inten'st.
t earh ser'ice time is riven for tin
nwerint important questions on prob
lem alout which the people are think -in
A queationbox has been plac-d in
the vestibule and the people are Invit-
"d to drop in their questions, and they
will be answered the next Pund.'tv.
addition to the sermon Sundny
A 'ht "Patriotism Versus Religion
the pastor answered the following
questions already asked:
r i r .i-.r
st who has distributed his property
to be consistent?"
Is it possible for a wealthy man to
five generously nnd thus ntono for an
evil life?"
Does' the Rible teach thnt this will
le the last war?"
Liquor Selling C'Jianre dis
missed in Circuit Court;
Other Cases Are l'p
After d .'liucratinj; 25 minutes the
jury in the case of the city of Aliany
against John Warner returned a ver
dict of not puilty. Wnmer was chare
ed with selling lijuor in violation of
the law to A. P. Hill Inst October. The
casa was appealed from the justice
court. Judiro P. R. Kelly presided
over the court.
The case of II. A. Roberts et -il, an
Eastern advertising syndicate, lu-ainst
the Herald Printinp company, is bein
henrd this afternoon. The Roberts
company is suine to collect money
alleged due on an advert isinir sen-ice
sent to the publisher. The defendant
alleges that the service was never sent
and that the plaintiffs did not fulfill
their part of the njrTeement.
To j'lrv consists of N. II. Barber,
O. M. Puckett, R. K. Ohlintf. .1. F.
Pnu-htrn, Oreille Crr.wfonl. W. W.
Fran.'is. A. . Rocil. John Harrison.
O. A. M.Crr. A. M. Baltimore. A.
ofjW. Rt werox and T. P
aprinit Fte
The ne :f the st ito
warl Stannnrd. a farmer livinir east
I ?1 r"n, "nd Mrs. Katheryn Stev
e.s. sr vf to tx his housekeeper, who
were ane!;led Saturday on a stutu
tory chaive. will le h,-iril in the cir
cuit e-i'ir' Mrrch o. The di'fondant
nr.nti;;ned this moniine;.
(Yptnin Knox Restinr
Cn)itnin Koy R. Knox, who has been
busy durimr the wnr in e-ottiutr sup
rdh-s to the boys in the front lines
has been prnnted his first leave of
nbsence nnd is resting nt n ip-iet place
on the Mediterranean Pen. Cnntnin
Kns saw continual sen-ice durin- the
war nml xvelromes the chance to rest
ard see the country. He will visit
Italy nnd other parts of France which
l e has been too busy to see, before
his return hom.
Preached nt Kurene
Pr. Wnllnce Howe t.oe returned
this morninir from Kuirene, where'he
preached Sundny in the Central Pres
byterian church.
:0. E. Newport Swamped with
. .
i r
OiTlCt:s V.'atclhn C Rt'Cfptlon
ti (iCril'-iill (it llCrj! ilis.ei:th
by Civilians. Who "harc
"n4,k .f rA.. I II
.Auto i iie.iciai 11 nics
Present (lovernment in Life
cr Death SlnicH;Ie; CJreat
Demon-(rations Planned ;
(ienenl Strike. May Come
By Ralph J. Taylor
BKIILIV. Mar. 2. Delayed.
American officers were the target
for a hostile demonstration by
anicry G rman civilians tod.iy.
During a reception to General Von
I-ttow, the American ofTicers quietly
watf-hed the parade from the Amer
ican headouarters in the Hotel Adlon.
Tre owd mdienly bepan to jeer,
and shout at them.
Tne police experienced preat diiTi
cidty in restnrinir order. Durinp the
N'irrt of the demonstration several
civilians rjshd at General Harries'
.automobile, which stood unoccupied at
the curb, with the intention of de
stroying it. Policemen interfered.
The American as well as other al
!i"d ofTcers were ccmpelled to remain
i-s:ilo the hotel all afternoon. All el-
!li d ofTicers wre ordered to keen off
) e streets of Berlin.
Soviets Partly Rceoirnired
PKRLIN'. Mnr. 2. The German
'overnment hns partially recopnired
the Soviets. In a frantic effort to pre-1
vent the reneral strives from be-om-a
nationwide revolution, the cab
nef issued a proclamation admittin!?
eori.-il and economic control of indus.
ncs bv the workmen's council, but
,-"",isin" strincent punishment for
-er disorders.
'e workers, dissatisfied with their
wav measures, insist upon full
i't'cal recomition, threntenin an
, r;n within the week thnt will he
f sufficient power to overthrow the
"eneral Berlin strike is imminent.
rnr-ryrr.T.S. Mnr. 3 The life
nrit. of the present rovernment
,.-:M , determined this week on the
-n'er;on of nelitVnl recomition of the
so--i"s. nccordiniT to a Berlin disnatch.
The cSpartnenns are said to be e-nin-:ne-
rround even nmnnr the mnioritv
oef.)lis O-'ent demonstrations nre
planned for Berlin. A (rcneral strike
nr be rntfed.
Tili trrA rnw.irftnr B"inhrdf de
Mnro. t, f:t-es will bo SUOnrCfSed
V,. 1T TnqCl,0 means.
"The Vorw-ert. demands that the
,.ih;et r-sieTi enless t'le national s
cmMr pnts te workers their M.ius
:f:"d (Tnnds."
The e-ovemment has Issued a nroe
b."intinn statine" it will not sunnort
the soviet demands for the nationalis
ation of all industries.
'"fh Pn Wednesday
According to word received todav
f-om Bowlped the troop train bearin'
10 pV'q of the roth nrtillery will
t-rivo ir, Pr.rflTp,) Wednesdav morn-
Im t 7 o'clock. More than "0 Albany
ard L'nn eoun" bovs are with this or
"eniTation. whirl recently returned
'nt Vnes ,.ee dnvs before the nr-'ist;.-e
was .sicnel i-it did no ret in-
o action, the Cei-mans surrenderine- a
inv on soon. A numlier of Albmv
people will co down to welcome their
sns. brothers and sweethearts home
The Tnternatioml Brotherhood of
Fteetric Workers, leal ni'o of Albany,
h -Id tei- re"olnr n,eetin' vesterdnv
rftemoon at the. t. Francis hotel at 3
o'clock and at fl o'clock a fine bnnouet
ivns ser-ed. The followine new offi
cers were elected: Fred Ukle. presi
ilent; W. K. Vennble, vice-president:
Clon Willnnl. f-nancial secretary;
Clinton Archibald, reconlinj? secre
tory: Truman Bnhb, foreman: P. Wil-
bur. first inspector; Pan Mulvcr, ate-
wnrd of Albnny district.
A ht!lo nlverti-mrnt in th col
jmtn of if Democrat oll mure ihnn
ViO Whit. I-irhorn rhirt for K. O
: Ni-wptirt, it thin city. Vr. Newport
'canje dy th? f)emorrnt otti'-m Saturday
' with S'lO nwly hatched chirkii, amonf
'"t t be seen this season, re
V)rtintr th:- he nnfl hatched 520 chicks
from W0 Pt?tr"' A11 of these, with
iqAyi, , .... ,
3,000 more, were sold throtiph an ad
I in the Democrat. Mr. Newport states
that he was almost covered up with
T-rli r nrd telephone ralU for a week
ir more. He will erect a lari-e hatch
ery ne-ir Alhany the eomimr yar. He
hns purchased some hiph prade epp.
from Salem and Eupene and will po
into the business on a larper scale.
Miss Winnifred Austin, well lenowr.
Albany l-irl, ard Andrew Penson, of
Portland, were quietly married Satur
; day noon at the parsonaire of the Firs'
Presbyterian chnrch, Portland, the
Rev. John Boyd officiating. Mr. and
I Mrs. Penson came to Albany Saturday
"veninr and had dinner at ti e home
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Austin, and went to Kuirene where
they remained until Sunday erenin?,
t.i;:in? a late train for San Francisco,
where they will honeymoon for the
next two weels. Mrs. Rcnson wore a
; -ailored blue sere suit with corsage
, be iouet of orchUs, and black tailoret1
hat. Mrs. Renson has spent most o'
her l;fe in A!b.?r.r where she has a hos'
, of frierds. Mr. and Mrs. Bonson wil
ma e their home in Portland.
Yfire People- Meet
The Younir Peonle's Society of the
v.ntrclirnl church met Friday at the
one of Isnac Hadley on East Water
street. About 40 jruests enjoved eames
ta' - on vounu people's work and re-
fres. .rent:.;-. ,
Horno Cuards to Give Dinnei
unc! Dance for All Men
Who Served in War
The Albany Home Guards are
working out the pl.ins for their din
ner nr I reception to all men who have
served in the army, navy or marines
durinir ihe war, which will be held
Tuesday evening. All men who serv
ed are invited to the dinner which will
be (riven at the St. Francis hotel at '
o !ix-k, and all are asked to wea
j. cir unnorms. inose wno nave not
received invitations arc asked to tele.
!-one t';eir names to P. A. Youne as
s,ion as possible. It has not been pos
sible to i-et in touch with every re
turned soldier, but every man is wel
Followine the dinner the men will
march to the armory at 9 o'clock
There a reception will lie held until in
and an opportunity will be (riven for
the friends of all the men to pet
chance to talk with th?m.
At 10 o'clock a dance will be piven.
All men in uniform will dance free.
An admission will be chnrped for
civilians. The floor will be cleaned
and re waxed nnd placed in pood con
dition. The Revelation Jazx Orches
tra, of Corvnllis, will furnish the mu
sic. The wives nml sweethearts of t':e
service men nre requested to be at
the armory promptly at 9 or before
so that there will be no delay in (tet
tinir started.
The Home fiunnls will hold a meet
ing this evenine;. All memliers are
ordered to appear in uniform. Im
portant business will tie transacted.
The Albnny Gun club will hold a
men-i-andise shoot at their rrounds in
Hackleman's Grove Wednesday, March
Pth. Bei-irninrr nt 1 o'clock. There
will ho nine events nnd three classes
so nil will have a show, the poor
shooters as well ns tho pood. A num
i tier nre expected from Lebanon, Cor-
. vnllis, Jefferson nnd Scio.
Ix-hanon Caseadia Good
Ronds Association Formed
at .Meeting Held in Leba
non Saturday Evening
To Work for Forest Funds to
Duild Highway Over the
Mountains and to Work for
Uetter County Roads
With the Kood roads sentiment
spreading all over the state, with
more than $30,000,000 available
for roads in Oregon during the
next three years, a meeting was
held at I-e'oanon Saturday evening
to organize an association to see
that Eastern Linn county get
what is coming to it.
Hon. M. A. Miller of Portland was
n the city yesterday and reports tr.At
the meeting at Lebanon was well at
tended and much enthusiasm shown.
The organization of The Lebanon-Cas-
cadia Good Roads association was
perfected with Geo nre W. Cruson,
preKident; O.'ll. Russell, Sweet Home,
first vice-president; George M. Gei
sendorfer.s Casradia, second Tice
president and N. M. Newport, Lebanon
secretary. Another big meeting will
' e held at Lebanon soon and Sweet
Home also will hold a meeting, bring
ing speakers of statewide reputation
to talk on roads.
After Government Money
The principal object of the associa
tion is to promote the building of a
road over the Cascades. The forestry
service has $5,000,000 more to spend
ia building roads through national fr
nts in Oregon this year than they had
last. In the past Linn county has re
ceived no appropriations from the
ovemment for forest roads. T h
National Forest begins at White City,
two miles above Cascadia, and ex
tends for 50 or 60 miles across the
mountains to Black Butte. By work
ine with the forestry service it is hop
ed to get this road built, which would
not only mean easy access to Cascadia,
Linn county's one summer resort, but
would open a big trade across the
mountains from Eastern Oregon "
Willamette Valley towns.
Linn County Must Hustle
In speaking of the proposition, Mr.
Miller said:
"Within the next three years more
than $30,000,000 will be spent for
roads in Oregon. Linn county must
get her share of that money. There
must be created a sentiment for good
roads and then the county treasury
must be supplied with money to spend
on roads.
"The legislature has provided in a
bill to lie voted on by the people on
June 3 a one-mill road levy which will
raise $1,000,000. This money Is to
T.e put up against an equal amount to
be given by the counties for the Im
provement of farm roads connecting
up a ith the highways. The thing for
Linn county to do is to vote five-
mill special levy to match this money
ofTered by the state, and get every
cent of funds possible for the con
struction of more good roads.
Sentiment Is Strong
The good roads sentiment through
out the state is strong and there is
no stopping it now. Thero is a
scramble among the counties for ap
propriations from the highway com
mission. No opposition is to be found
At the meeting Saturday night a
committee was nppointed to viaif the
county court. Lebanon will give the
court their support in a road building
program and do all in its power to
put it through.
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